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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

April 12, 2012

Donald asks…

Can you improve your vision?

I have pretty bad vision. I’m wondering if there’s anything you can do to help improve your vision, like certain foods, or eye exercises. I know tat resting your eyes every half an hour helps.

admin answers:

-10 is really bad, but consider improvement first before considering any surgery, there will be complication.


good luck

Thomas asks…

Are there ways to improve eyesight?

I am near-sighted and I want to know if there are ways to improve eyesight so I don’t need to wear eyeglasses anymore. Some sites says that doing eye exercises can improve eyesight like this link: ( But I’ve read another article saying that there are no evidence that doing eye exercises can improve vision ( Please help me! Thanks :)

admin answers:

‘if it was simple then I’d be out of a job’
That was written by someone involved in the selling of glasses. Tells you what their priorities are. Giving you a simple life and having good health pales into insignificance when it comes to their job being on the line. How exceptionally selfish and arrogant. (and its not only her, most are the same)

The funny thing is some people say eye exercise is unnecessary. One previous answer said ‘its bad because it makes your eyes tired’. Well avoiding any eye exercise and making your eye lazy would lead to…. Having lazy eyes. (and there are plenty of girls posting questions in this site who are desperate for help in this area.)

Anyway the muscles around your eye are vital for your eyesight to function. If I were to take them away or render them useless you’d be left with eyes that are unable to close or blink. Closing your eye is important for many things. Blinking moistens the eyes and helps disinfect them. Then… If I took away your extraocular muscles you’d be powerless to move your eyes around. You’d be unable to turn your eyes to look at a object directly. You’d also be unable to converge your eyes. This would lead you to having terrible double vision whenever you try to use your near vision.
And finally if I took away your ciliary muscle you would be unable to adjust your crystalline lens. This muscle enables the switch between using near and far vision.

What we are talking about is an important area and these things aren’t guaranteed to be working correctly for everyone. But we get so called ‘experts’ like Cynthia blindly saying this area has no importance or saying anyone who asks should not be concerned with it. (But do concern yourself over Cynthia and her ability to get money out of you.)

The people who say eye exercises are 100% useless for helping vision are either saying that to ensure people only consider buying glasses or they genuinely have no idea that things exist outside their dark hole (therefore they have no idea about the outside world and real life)

For evidence of eye exercises helping people i’ll list some sites that I know of:

Some people who used eye exercises to get improvement in their vision:
Meir Schneider (was blind, now drives car)
David de Angelis (was -4.50, now 20/20 + certified)
Aldous Huxley (was blind, later able to drive car)
Jane Kabarguina (was -7.00)
Janet Goodrich
Esther Joy van de Werf

So your decision is simple. Would you rather pay no money and try something out for just one hour to see if it makes a difference to you? Eye exercises and related techniques are just that. (You can walk away at any time) With glasses you will need to pay money to see a person like Cynthia, then be pressurised on the spot to choose a frame. Not easy to walk away from…

Try this video for a run through of ‘yoga eye exercise’:

I also advise you check your posture. You should be able to stand and walk easily with no strain. You should be able to look ahead with a horizontal gaze. (ie. Face not looking down at ground or up to sky. Just a normal straight ahead gaze.) Therapy balls and ‘foam rollers’ are excellent tools for posture improvement. Prices start from $15.

Carol asks…

Do glasses improve or ruin your eyesight?

I have 20/40 vision and short sightedness my optician told me that i had to wear my glasses all the time including watching tv. What I don’t understand is why somebody who cant see into the distance clearly, would need to wear glasses when looking at something close. It seems like they are trying to make your vision worst in order to make money.
And can eye exercises improve eyesight?

admin answers:

None actually. Ur eye sight becomes worse over time, wearing glasses slows down the process
it also has never been proven that tv or pc screens ruin ur sight, but just to be safe its better to buy glasses that reflect rays. Its a bit more expensive but it doesn’t make a difference in size shape or how it works with ur eyes

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

March 9, 2012

John asks…

How should I eat in order to improve eyesight?

I have been struggling with myopia (nearsightedness) and have tried doing eye exercises that are supposedly are able to help with my problem, but I have been doing them for a year now and seen very little results. My diet consists of whole grain pasta, fruits, vegetables, and occasional lean meat and dairy sources for protein like fat free cottage cheese and lean turkey breast and egg white. The problem is, I don’t know how much of each vitamin to consume to help my eyesight, considering I am an athlete on a 4,000 calorie diet. I have been wearing glasses and contacts for 7 years and want to make a change, and I am willing to be patient and consistent. Thankyou for any response that may offer help to me.

admin answers:

Vitamin A.
Daily requirement (DR) in adult: 3000 to 4000 IU.
Rich sources: All vegetables, yellow fruits, tomatoes, ghee, butter, milk, yellow of eggs, fish oil.
Essential functions: Growth, health of eyes, health of the skin and mucose membrane.
Deficiency symptoms: Retarded growth, night blindness, susceptibility to infections, changes in skin.
Eye care professionals most commonly correct myopia through the use of corrective lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses. It may also be corrected by refractive surgery, but this does have many risks and side effects.
Practitioners and advocates of alternative therapies often recommend eye exercises and relaxation techniques such as the Bates method. However, the efficacy of these practices is disputed by scientists and eye care practitioners.

George asks…

vision exercises for mypoia – working for me so far?

I have read a lot of criticism about vision exercises. After reading the positive reviews for this book – Improve Your Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses by Steven M. Beresford – on, I decided to give them a try. I only started 3 weeks ago, but I am seeing clearly out of my old contact precription of -6.5 (I had a -7 contact before to help my -7.25 and -7.5 eyes). I am going to try to go down to a -6 soon, with the support of my eye doctor. Myopia is because the eye ball is too big, so how are these exercises working for not only me but for all the people who reviewed the book on The book does not explain how these exercises work.

admin answers:

Some portion of the myopia is attributed to the long eye, but a good chunk of the myopia is due to other things like tonus and near-point stress. The exercises help to help to alleviate the latter conditions. (Tonus is when the eye muscles become lazy as a result of using glasses all the time…think of it as a stiff muscle trying to focus.)

Laura asks…

I have cvs , can you help me ?

I work on my notebook for lots of time , and i have problems with my eyes . My vision is blurry , my eyes are wet … Overall i am shortsighted . But i don’t know if its myopia or cvs (computer vision syndrome) ? What should i do ? Should i were glasses or maybe contact lenses ? Should i do eye exercises and limit my time spent on computer . Or would a doctor help me ? Answer as quickly as you can , cause this is a dire matter .

admin answers:

My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question not even 5 days ago, but I couldn’t find the answer. If it’s possible, try getting help from someone with more knowledge/experience/expertise, like a professional if it’s possible. This can be pretty important.

I saw a forum with this online, but I didn’t have time to read it all. Try checking it out. I want to help out more, but I’m not 100% sure about the answer. Sorry I’m not much help. I hope you found your answer! Good luck! JS

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

March 1, 2012

Laura asks…

What is the method to correct myopia eye defect except for using spectacles ? ?

I have myopia eye defect and i wear -1.5 power spectacles and I have a gut feeling that my eyes are becoming weaker because it is getting difficult for me to read thing a bit far off day by day is there any way to prevent it restore my eyes back to the best vision i.e. 6/6 except by using spectacles please help urgent! Tell me any vitamin ,any exercise any remedy.
Also I have cylindrical eye sight (weakness or defect what ever you call it) please help I am scared……..

admin answers:

Myopia usually progresses through the teens and will stabilize in the twenties. It is caused by the size and shape of your eye, so there are no foods, vitamins, or exercises will change those. There are a lot of foods and vitamins good for your eye health, but myopia is not caused by an unhealthy eye. Exercises can help with eyestrain, but they will not improve your eyesight.

Your astigmatism will also change as you grow. It is caused by your eye not being completely spherical but more (American) football-shaped.

Contacts may be a possibility for you if you do not like glasses. Laser surgery may also be an option once your eyes have stabilized. Talk to your doctor about these options.

Sandra asks…

how do i improve my eyesight?

what can i do to improve my eyesight? i have myopia and i don want it to detiriorate. eye exercises are suposedly “helpful” and claims to restore the eyesight of myope people like me.

the only problem is that whenever i go to google, yahoo or even to search for eye exercise, they all need me to pay to view their site or buy some stupid product.

my question is, is there any website that offers free advice on how to improve eyesight? eye exercise? i really need my myopia degree to be reduced. is there any free method?

admin answers:

Eye exercises, such as the “Bates Method”, are completely useless as far as improving eyesight. This has been proven in studies. Even though people may claim their eyesight is improved, when actually tested there is no difference.

Whether you are near sighted (myopic) or far sighted depends on the shape and length of your eyeball. No diet, no exercise is able to correct this anatomical problem, only corrective lenses or possible something like LASIK surgery.

Diets with adequate amounts of Vitamin A help with retinal health, and especially night vision. Most people do not have a lack of Vitamin A in western societies.

Mary asks…

Can you turn cross-eyed?

I know this probably sounds stupid, but I’ve been doing these eye exercises that are supposed to cure, or at least lessen, myopia. And one of the exercises requires you to look at two objects cross-eyed for a few minutes. People keep telling me that I’ll turn cross-eyed eventually, is that possible? And has anyone had any good results with those eye exercises?

admin answers:

Reports indicate no one has ever gone cross eyed..permanantly after purposely crossing their eyes .. Just like sitting to close to t.v. Does not cause blindness

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

February 28, 2012

Mary asks…

I was in computer 10 hours a day, wearing power glasses.doing eye exercises 15 min/day. How to improve vision.

admin answers:

Just continue to do exercises every day and spend less time on your computer. You may need to practice them for a few months to see permanent results.

I was able to improve my own vision with eye exercises. This program helped me out a lot:

Vitamins & minerals are also very important for good eyesight:

Best regards,

Jenny asks…

Is there any exercises to improver your vision?

I wear glasses and want to get rid of them. Can you provide me with some eye exercises to improve my vision. Thanx.

admin answers:

There are eye exercises that will help you improve your vision. You can find eye exercises here:

Healthy diet is also essential for good eyesight:

Best regards,

Ken asks…

Eye exercise to improve vision ØŸ?

admin answers:

I visited a doctor recently for eye checkup and she told me to -

hold a pen an arm distance from your eyes just in front of your nose and look at its upper tip , then slowly bring it closer bring it so close to your eyes than you see two images then slowly take the pen away from your eyes do it five time twice a day and eat healthy, sufficient amoutn of vitamins and minerals.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

February 25, 2012

David asks…

Self cured myopia?

Five months ago I’ve had such a bad myopia that I couldn’t see the TV. I did not go to an optologist though. After a month my vision became better I could see the TV clearly. Sometime after that everything in the living room got clear, I was very excited and happy but still when looking outside in the park the trees were blurry. About a month ago I started doing eye exercises and I focused a lot on the trees outside and other things in the park. After a week of doing the same routine I woke up and after not looking outside for an hour I thought about exercizing my eyes and like always took a look at the trees in the park and there was a big change! It was so much clearer, I could see the small branches and leaves. After three weeks my vision gets better and better everyday. On the other side of the park I stuck a yellow stick in the ground and focus on it, and I see changes in better vision. This is an amazing experience. The only problem is why does it worsen when it is darker outsid?
Then how do you explain this miracle that happened to me?!

admin answers:

Well that is pretty unusual, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to inprove your vision with eye exercises. However, sometimes, people’s vision just changes overtime. Your eyes could just be changing on their own.

William asks…

how can I see clearly without glasses?

I am 13 years old and I have been wearing glasses for quite some time, and my mum wont let me buy contacts (lol), and I’m obviously too young to do an operation…….so I was wondering if anyone could give my some tips on how to cure myopia either via: eye yoga, pills, eye exercises or…….anything, pls .

also, can anyone WHO HAS USED pinhole glasses, pls tell me if they work or not,

P.S. my glass lenses are +4.50 and +4.75 (just to let you know)

admin answers:

I am an ophthalmic technician and there really is not anything you can do to correct vision. Aides are aides for a reason. At the age of 13, your eye muscles are trained to act a certain way. Eye exercises and therapy really aren’t anything that can help, because the therapy and exercises correct the way an eye positions itself (ie, if it pulls to the right or left) but not the vision. Pinhole works, but it’s not practical because it eliminates your pheriphal (side vision) vision and considering that you are 13 and while you do have poor vision, there are many many cases that have worse vision than you at a younger age and there is not much you can do until you get old enough for contacts or laser correction. Your eyes can’t “get worse from sitting in front of a TV” or “reading in the dark” so they can’t get better by “training.” And by the way, you are not myopic if you have a + in front of your correction power. You are hyperopic, or farsighted. Myopic refers to nearsighted, or with a – in front of the correction power. Your eyes are part of the human body, so they react just like everything else, they act on their own, you just have to have the glasses/ surgery to correct the biological process.

Ruth asks…

The human eye and myopia?

The lens of the eye are connected to the ciliary body by connective tissue called the zonnules of zinn.
When the ciliary muscles contract then they curve the lens of the eye to focus on near objects where as when they expand or relax they flatten the lens to focus on far away objects.
I am 16 years old and wear spectacles of -4.00 diopters. I had myopia from grade 7 and didn’t get it checked out. At first it wasn’t major. I could see almost everything. I used to use the computer (I had a CRT monitor) and watched the T.V at close distances ( 10-15cm) for 6 to 7 hours. That’s where my eyes went bad. Now its only logical that by focusing at close distances for long hours the ciliary muscles in my eyes became too contracting. Now if I look at far away objects for long hours while occasionally looking at near objects, I will be exercising them to focus on far away objects. (I am willing to do this exercise for as long it takes to regain my eye sight back and I am also ready to maintain a good diet rich with vitamin and beta carotene etc. to improve my eyes because my ambition in life is to be a fighter I want nothing else. I am ready to give up anything for it. But I don’t want surgery because it is dangerous and has many side effects and I just can’t surmount enough money to go to a good doctor).
I really do think I might have Pseudo-Myopia

admin answers:

Yes.. That’s logical if your myopia is due to ‘cilliary body’ cramping/spasms… = PSEUDO MYOPIA.

However most myopia is NOT due to the cilliar body contracting.. But due the eye ball growing LONGER!!!… Or the CORNEA growing too curved.

You see.. In the case of the eyeball growing longer… The cilliary body doesn’t even contract at all, and the lens is as flat as it can be… Yet, its focus is still too short for the eye.. And so everything far away is blurry… Now the lens can’t get any flatter.. And the cilliary body can’t relax.. And so you get AXIAL MYOPIA.

Similary.. If the cornea’s (or lens) curvature is too steep.. Then, even with the lens and cilliary body relaxed.. The eye power is too high, and is focused up close… = REFRACTIVE MYOPIA.

Sorry.. But it’s most likely that your myopia is AXIAL.. And hence, only glasses/contacts/laser surgery (to flatten the cornea even more) is a corrective path for myopia.

Furthermore… Beta-carotene and vitamins help the retina convert light to electrical nerve impulses… And has nothing to do with the eyes focusing… So even if you inject carrot juice into your eye, you’ll still need glasses/CL’s or Laser surgery to treat myopia.

Lastly… All you want is to be a FIGHTER???.. As in a professional ‘sport’.. Like Boxing, Wrestling… Or that ‘rubbish’ that’s on TV now?… I wonder what ever have you been through to make you feel that all you want to do is dish out pain and suffering to a fellow human being… And ‘justifying’ it to yourself as a ‘sport’?

How about 1 month after 1 fight… You have a bleed in the brain and have a stroke… Become paralysed on your Right half of your body.. Can’t talk, can’t even swallow your own saliva, let alone any food… And seeing your crying parents, only when they’re sitting on your Left side (coz you’re completely R world blind)… As they spoon feed mush into your mouth?

Maybe you’ll be lucky, and you’ll become world champion… And after you collect your belt, you visit your oponent.. Who is in the exact condition that I described above.. Coz you’ve given him a brain injury that’s made him a paraplegic?

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