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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

December 24, 2012

Carol asks…

Application: Summer Drama Workshop for the Visually Impaired?

Application: Summer Drama Workshop for the Visually Impaired

Question 1:

Organisation Name: Millennium Youth Theatre

Organisation Address: 38, Gwyllyn Road, Neath, SA17 4AA

Main contact name: David Unwin

Telephone number: 01639 665577

Best time to contact: any time

Question 2:

Do you have any specific communication needs (tick boxes)


Sign language:

Other languages: Welsh

Other (give details):

Question 3:

Are you a non-profit organisation?


Have you received lottery funding previously? If so, when

Yes, 1998

Question 4: Details of project:

To fund a series of drama workshops for the visually impaired at the Millennium Youth theatre in Neath during the summer holidays.

Project Title: Summer Drama Workshop for the visually impaired.

Where is Project Based?


Question 5:

Briefly describe what the project will do and what you will spend the grant:

The theatre is proposing to use lottery funding to set up a series of drama workshops to take place over the summer holidays for the next three years. At the end of each summer workshop there will be a performance . The children will learn about drama and acting as well as the technical aspects of the theatre such as lighting, sound and direction.

Question 6:

Please tell us why you believe that your project is relevant to the Welsh heritage fund:

The project encourages visually impaired young children aged 8 to 12 to become involved in the culture and theatre of Wales and ensures that the performing arts are accessible to everyone. All levels of ability are catered for on the courses.

Approximate cost of project: £8,000

How much would you need? £6,000

Amount contributed from sponsors: £2,000

Total from own resources: £400

How long will the project last: Four hundred children are set to benefit in total over the next three years.

admin answers:

This not really a question, it’s your application form online and that’s very risky to do and probably not safe. Why would you think to do such a thing?

Linda asks…

What can one study with impaired vision/eyes closed? (Help for Brother)?

Hello peeps,

my eldest brother (19) has a progressive muscular disorder affecting his vision which is currently preventing him from reading, writing, using computers, and other such strenuous activities. He very much wishes to use his time productively for the purposes of studying or gaining new abilities in lieu of going to university – which for the foreseeable future is unlikely to happen – yet neither of us are quite sure what precisely he can do under such circumstances.

So…bearing in mind he has already long since begun studying Spanish as a second language, what else might be worth his dedicating time to? Any idea would be much appreciated!

I ought to point out that whilst his vision is compromised, so to speak, he isn’t blind.

P.S. Links to any websites offering an extensive range of audiobooks would also be much appreciated! Thank you.

admin answers:

There are state and local agencies to help the blind that you may call at Social Services to bet the specific local help that is available for your brother.

There are also seven organizations where help can be obtained for helping the blind normalize their functioning and education.

The following are national organizations that offer services or information to blind and visually impaired people in the United States. They include government agencies, private social service agencies and many other organizations of and for blind and visually impaired people.

ADAPT: American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today.

American Council of the Blind: jobs bank, “Braille Forum” online, RealAudio and .wav files of ACB speeches, reports and meetings, as well as links to other online resources for the blind; one of their affiliates is the Council of Citizens with Low Vision.

American Foundation for the Blind.

BenefitsCheckUp is a service of the National Council on the Aging “that identifies federal and state assistance programs for older Americans” by means of a simple on-line form.

Blinded Veterans Association.

Disabled Peoples’ International: “The purpose of DPI is to promote the Human Rights of People with Disabilities through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development. DPI is a grassroot, cross-disability network with member organizations in over 110 countries, over half of which are in the developing world.”

There are more organizations for helping the blind at the following web site:
NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, The Blind Readers’ Page–Main Menu, @ Good luck.

Chris asks…

Do I have ASD or any degree of it?


To first tell you guys who I am: I am an incredibly socially awkward 18-year-old guy with no friends, and with many autistic traits.

My autistic traits are as following:
1. Somewhat impaired intelligence, or so it seems. I have trouble thinking straight and keep track of my thoughts, because I tend to jump from one thought to another, a lot.
2. Been told that I have an “exceptional” verbal language. This could also be the main reason to why I don’t have any friends at all. Why I say this is because I tend to use a semi-formal language with people my age, or even younger. The words that come out of my mouth, yeah, sometimes they don’t fit in the context but when they do, they might be inappropriate for the audience. Seeing as they usually do not understand the words.
3. I have very specific interests. My interests are basically either doing math, sit infront of the computer monitor all day long or, spend a lot of money on shopping quality clothes (Hugo Boss, etc.)
4. Repetitive behavior. I listen to a song probably around 1000+ or so, before finding the song dull. Usually, people cannot stand listening to a song and instead, shift between different ones.
5. I talk to myself quite often, actually, perhaps due to the fact that I don’t anybody else to talk with and because, I find it fun.
6. Sensory issues. When something is too loud for my ears, I either protect my hearing by covering them up, or I just leave the place. I also do not enjoy when someone, randomly, touches me. It feels odd and very uncomfortable.
7. Act spontaneously and impulsively. The saying “Think before acting”, is how you can describe me. I offend/insult people without often knowing why.
8. Trouble managing anger. You irritate me and I become aggrivated and start having these meltdowns. Afterwards, I usually do not remember what happened and why I got so mad.
9. Chew my nails and cannot stop. Done this for about 8 years now and even though my parents have consistently asked me to stop, I don’t.
10. When I desire something(want something), I don’t care and just start manipulating people in order to get it. I have a natural sense of moral but in these cases, it feels as if I turn cold and ignore the fact that what I am doing is wrong.

That’s probably about it.


admin answers:

Talk to a professional, see if there’s a possibility of diagnosis.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Driver’s Eyes

October 3, 2012

Donald asks…

I have impaired vision in one eye and I need to get a driver’s license in California. Can I get a license?

I have a condition in one of my eyes that reduces my vision to 20/200 in that eye. I can see fine out of my other eye and I have been driving with a New York license for 7 years. I recently moved to California and their state laws require 20/40 vision in both eyes to obtain a driver’s license. I would like to know if I am able to get a license or if I have to do anything specific to obtain one.

admin answers:

You sound like me..i have a weaker eye then the other.

You will propably have to get glasses,or a certificatre from an optomitrist,saying your eyes are ok for driving with out glasses.

I failed the test at the Drivers license place,yet passed at the optometrits.

I dont like in calfornia though..

Joseph asks…

Can a Visually Impaired 16 Year old get a Driver’s License?

I have Microphthalmia in both eyes (unfortunately).
I also have glaucoma.
I currently live in Sydney,Australia…

… I was just curious…
- i can only see light in my left eye…

admin answers:

I’m not sure about the laws in australia, but usually it depends on the severity of the visual impairment, and if it can be corrected or aided with the use of glasses, contacts, etc…

But you might want to research that.. Ask someone at whatever department is in charge of issuing driver’s licenses in australia… Good luck.

Michael asks…

Forfeit driver’s license for medicaid?

If a visually impaired person, taking medication for eye problems, wants to apply for medicaid would she have to give up driver’s license as “proof” of disability?

Just wondering as a driver’s license is a well honoured form of ID & many applications, (such as one to send a child on a field trip), require a person’s driver license to process.
To give up a drivers license, even if not driving, would make identification of self difficult.
So if one wants to apply for or collect Medicaid, due to visual impairment, does one have to forfeit drivers license?
L&P you inferred to much into the question.
I stated that the visually impaired is not driving & I thought it was clear that the license was being used only for purposes of ID. Nor did I say the visually impaired was unwilling to take a bus. How do you think she is presently getting around if she’s not driving? The bus, the visually impaired is presently using the bus. L&P you made erroneous negative & hostile inferences from the question.

admin answers:

In many states, the DMV can issue a personal identification card, which somewhat resembles a drivers license, but is issued as ID purposes only with no driving privileges. (This will at least take care of the ID requirement.)

If the personnel at the DMV do deem the visually impaired person fit and meets the visual requirements, that person could still hold a drivers license…one just has to pass the eye test at the DMV. If one fails the eye test, they can still be issue a state certified ID card.

As for this scenario, it depends on the level of disability and impairment. I would not think if a person is qualified to be considered disabled due to visual impairment could be also deemed fit to obtain a drivers license. I think they would be mutually inclusive…one or the other, but not have both.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

September 3, 2012

James asks…

Can you check my english homework?

Part Three
Use of English

Section One: Cloze Test

Directions: Read the sentences below and for each gap circle the letter (A, B, C or D) of the word or phrase that best suits each space.

1. Some people observe an … rule not to cry in public.
A. implicitB. implied C. outspoken D. unspoken

2. It is alleged that clothes can … a lot about a person’s social status.
A. unearth B. reveal C. uncover D. point

3. We have all had that … feeling in our stomach called ‘butterflies’ which comes on us when we are very tense and frightened.
A. fluttering B. flattering C. fumbling D. flattening

4. In many villages, householders are unwilling to let strangers in when other villagers are looking in case it … gossip.
A. razes B. arouses C. rises D. erases

5. We wear gloves in cold weather, but it is still thought polite to … them when we shake hands.
A. take off B. undress C. move D. remove

6. All animals ‘cry’ when they are in … .
A. distress B. suffer C. grieve D. sad

7. Many people have fears when there is no real cause as the things they fear won’t physically … them.
A. impair B. spoil C. harm D. damage

8. Social behaviourists promote the idea that games have a role in preparing children for … life.
A. matured B. adultC. ripeD. grown

9. About twenty years ago, a group of people in West Africa, … a group of Americans, did an ‘intelligence test’.
A. insideB. besideC. alongside D. together

10. Whenever you need to learn something, make up little rhymes or phrases to help you … the information more easily.
A. disdainB. obtainC. containD. retain

11. At a concert, a scream indicates that the screamer feels an emotion asas pain.
A. loudB. vividC. strongD. vivacious

12. Your success in doing the things you are … at depends on your background, education, culture and language as well as on your natural talents.
A. godB. wellC. weakD. good

13. Sometimes we can mistake people for being stupid just because they … practice at performing a particular task.
A. lackB. missC. failD. have

14. We don’t remember everything as our memory is not perfect – it is … .
A. respectiveB. selectiveC. electiveD. reflective

15. According to scientists, only one part of our brain is in … when we use our hands or feet.
A. responsibilityB. charge C. dutyD. power

16. The inspector became … of an overwhelming urge to get to the bottom of this sad affair.
A. consciousB. conscienceC. conscientiousD. consciousness

17. In the 17th century, hobby horsing must have been very popular and people were free to ride their hobby horse as long as they didn’t … with anyone else.
A. interfere B. cut in C. hinderD. interweave

18. If we remembered every trivial event in our lives, our minds would become so cluttered that it would be impossible to … important details.
A. stand outB. sort ofC. sort out D. stand up

19. Even a little object like a button tells us a tremendous … about the history of human behaviour.
A. amountB. numberC. volumeD. measure

20. Psychologists say that most mothers … their babies on the left side of their bodies intuitively feeling that thus the baby is more settled.
A. keep upB. supportC. holdD. maintain

Section Two: Error Identification

Directions: The sentences below contain an error in grammar or usage. The error is contained in one of the underlined parts of the sentence. For each sentence, circle the letter (A, B, or C) of the underlined part that contains the error.

1. It was at ten to eight that night when Jack entered the hotel cocktail bar and,
breathing heavily, ordered a dry Martini.

2. Mendeleyev was said to have been inspired by the card game knowing as solitaire in North
America and patience elsewhere, wherein cards are arranged by suit horizontally and by
number vertically.

3. Sneezing can happen, enough curiously, when our optic nerve is stimulated by a bright

4. I was awfully hungry but as there was hardly some cake left I had to make do with a
handful of corn flakes and a glass of juice.

5. Jane said that last night everybody had been talking about John and I and our
newly approved project.

6. As I was lying in bed the other night I dreamed of making a world tour in a
brand new dark green dazzling Ford.

7. Tired as he was, John hanged his raincoat in the hall and made straight for bed.

8. The Browns were furious with us for having made them wait for us since one hour.

9. On entering the classroom the students gasped with surprise since there were no table and
no chairs, either.

10. Just when our team were winning, the electricity was cut off.

Section Three: Sentence Completion

Directions: For each of the sentences below, circle the letter (A, B, C or D) of the word or phrase that best completes its meaning.

1. Not only … at the average performance of students, but also at how many students from each country were top performers.
A. the study lookedB. the study did lookC. did the study lookD. looked the study

2. In the course of a long life Cavendish made a string of discoveries – among much else, he was the first person … hydrogen.
A. that isolatesB. who has isolatedC. to be isolatedD. to isolate
3. From time immemorial people have wondered about sneezing, and it … as an omen of some kind.
A. universally has regardedB. has been universally regarded to be
C. has universally been regardedD. has universally been regarding to

4. Lightning and thunder … among the first things about nature that mystified and frightened primitive man.
A. should have beenB. must have beenC. have to have beenD. ought to have been

5. Silver is too soft to … in its pure state, so it is combined with other metals.
A. usageB. be in useC. be usedD. using

6. Jane could have forgiven all … his rudeness.
A. butB. stillC. thoughD. however

7. John, …, is a tough guy, but I suppose even tough guys prefer not to work in the dark.
A. which I have spoken toB. that I have been spoken of
C. whom I have spokenD. of whom I have spoken

8. Apart from the fact that it is high time … something constructive, David is perfect for the job they have in mind.
A. he starts doingB. he started doing
C. for him started doingD. for him starting doing

9. Sitting there, Theodore … his toast slowly and methodically, his beard bristling, his eyes kindling with enthusiasm at each new subject that swam into our conversation.
A. used just chewingB. got just used to chewing
C. would just chewD. was used just to chew

10. The man turned out to be the champion wrestler of France, and he immediately demanded that his honour … .
A. be satisfiedB. to be satisfied
C. was satisfyingD. should satisfy

Section Four: Sentence Transformations

Directions: Complete the second sentence so that it is as close as possible in meaning to the first one.

1. Smoking is forbidden in all parts of the college.

Students are not………………………………………………………………………………….

2. The President read the report before he made a decision.

The President……….…………………………………until……………………………………

3. Although they quarrel noisily, the Flintstones are good neighbours.

In spite…………………………………………………………………………………………..

4. ‘You cheated in the exam, didn’t you, Neil?’ said the college principal.

The college principal accused……………………………………………………………………

5. They are sorry they didn’t listen to the psychiatrist.

They regret………………………………………………………………………………………

6. Their tenth wedding anniversary is on April 1st.

By April 1st ………………………………………………………………………………………

7. The government should make industries pay attention to the environmental problems.

Industries should………………………………………………………………………………..

8. The nurse may be taking his pulse, but I can’t see very well.

It looks as if he………………………………………………………………………………….

9. The rescuers couldn’t get to the injured people until the hurricane was over.


10. I’ll take some sandwiches because perhaps I shall have to work at lunchtime.

I’ll take some sandwiches in case……………………………………………………………….

Cloze Test
1. D
2. B
3. A
4. B
5. D
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. C
10. D
11. B
12. D
13. A
14. B
15. B
16. A
17. A
18. C
19. A
20. C
Error Identification
1. C
2. B
3. B
4. C
5. B
6. B
7. B
8. C
9. B
10. B
Sentence Completion
1. C
2. D
3. C
4. B
5. C
6. A
7. D
8. B
9. C
10. B
Sentence Transformation
1. Students are not allowed to smoke in all parts of the college.
2. The President didn’t make any decision until he read the report.
3. In spite of quarrelling noisily the Flintstones are good neighbours.
4. The college principal accused Neil of cheating in the exam.
5. They regret not listening to the psychiatrist.
6. By April 1st they would have been married for ten years.
7. Industries should be made pay attention to the environmental problems by the government.
8. It looks as if he’s being taken his pulse by the nurse.
9. Not until the hurricane was over could the rescuers get to the injured people.
10. I’ll take some sandwiches in case I work at lunchtime.

admin answers:

Here’s a better English test:

1) Make a sentence from the following words:
it, yourself, do

Sandy asks…

please help me with questions based on the book brave new world by aldous huxley? ?

1. Few of Huxley’s predictions have proven to be perfectly accurate, yet many aspects of the Utopia of Brave New World feel uncomfortably like our world. Talk about the book as a prophetic vision of the future. Which aspects of the book did you find most disturbing? Which hit closest to home? Which seem the most far-fetched?
2. When Brave New World was first published in 1932, the world was plunged in depression, fascism was on the rise in Western Europe, and Marxism appealed to increasing numbers of intellectuals in Europe and America. Place the book in the context of its historical moment. Which parts transcend its time and place?
3. The two greatest obscenities in the society of Brave New World are birth and mother. Why?
4. Toward the end of the book, the Controller Mustapha Mond sums up the benefits of living in the “brave new world” Utopia: “The world’s stable now. People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get.” It sounds like perfection, and yet the world Mond describes is deeply, intentionally horrifying. Why? What exactly is so bad about this society of the future? Is there anything good about it, anything we could learn from and try to adapt to our own uses?
5. As dehumanizing and oppressive as the brave new world Utopia is, the alternative in the “savage reserve” is in many ways worse – dirty, violent, unhealthy, cruel, and uncomfortable. What point is Huxley making about human nature and the nature of human communities? Is his vision totally negative – or does the book hold out some shred of hope, some alternative mode that fosters both freedom and community?
6. One of the most striking – and comic – aspects of Huxley’s Utopia is the way our sexual mores and assumptions have been turned on their head: monogamy is bad, passion is deviation, casual, meaningless sex is the socially approved norm. What is Huxley getting at here? Is there any expression of human sexuality that he finds acceptable? Is sex at the heart of the “problem” in his view of human nature?
7. Talk about the morality of the book. Is it a Christian morality? Socialist? Anarchist?
8. In many ways, the main characters of the book are cartoon figures – Helmholtz Watson the alienated superman, Bernard Marx the cowardly, hypocritical intellectual, Mustapha Mond the cynical all-knowing leader, John the doomed idealistic. Discuss the book as an allegory and elaborate on what each character stands for.
9. When John first starts reading Shakespeare, he discovers that the words make his emotions “more real” – they even make other people more real. Talk about the power of language in the book, the power of the word to influence thought and behavior. Why did Huxley choose Shakespeare as the medium of John’s intellectual awakening?
10. Huxley wrote many other books, yet this is his most popular and most enduring. What is it about this book that has captured our imaginations for so long? Are there aspects of it that seem dated?
11. If you read the book earlier in life – say in high school or college – compare the experience of reading it again later on. Does it hold up to a second reading?
12. Talk about Huxley’s use of narrator. Does the fact that Huxley’s vision was impaired for part of his life have any bearing on the way he narrates the story and sets the scenes?
13. Could anything like Brave New World really happen? Has it happened in some form that we don’t fully recognize?
14. Where does Huxley get the title of his book? Clearly explain the significance of the classical allusion.
15. In BNW, Huxley starkly contrasts freedom and high culture with happiness. Is his description of the tensions between these two values accurate, or is it a caricature? Explain.
16. Is Huxley’s satire on Utilitarianism insightful, or is it really aimed at a straw man?

admin answers:

I have not read Brave New World, but there are a number of online study guides, and quite a few other resources on the web that can help you with this question. Most of them have quite a bit of good information. Additionally, many questions have been asked about it here on Yahoo Answers so do a search for it in the Y!A search window and you will get more help. Have a look at these sites, and you should get some help with your work.


Mandy asks…

Handicap sister entering High School?

Ok so this has been something that has been bothering me for a while now so I’m hoping to ease this by getting some answers?
I have a disabled little sister who is going to be 14 this summer. they categorize her as autistic but its not like she was destined to be that way the only reason she is this way is because my mom is a drug addict and she used heroin while pregnant which resulted in her being this way.
She’s deaf and basically learning impaired. she cant learn sign language because of the way she learns i guess you can consider her a baby in the head. she learns her own way.
She has to be hand fed, she still uses a diaper, she has seizures, she doesn’t really communicate since she cant talk or use sign language.

My point is she is going to be entering high school this fall which is my old high school. but i feel like there should be someplace else she should be going. she wouldn’t benefit from the learning since she doesn’t learn that way. She just likes to play all day lol I’m not comfortable with her going there because I know how the “normal” kids view the special ed kids they tease them and laugh about them in their groups.I’ve seen it while i attended there. I don’t want her going there being teased and laughed and she would just think there playing with her.
My question is are there alternatives for someone like her instead of being forced to go to public high school? We live in San Diego county. If anyone could give me some insight as to what they would be doing with her in school there and how they handle things. I’d really really appreciate it.
Sorry I probably should have added that she is in special ed classes its not like shes in normal classes and my grandmother is our primary caretaker not our mother. It’s the idea of being in that environment is whats bothering me they take the special ed students out for lunch with the rest of the kids and i know how they look and view them. I don’t know, I guess I was hoping there was a different place she could be where they focus on kids with special needs.

admin answers:

Are you over 18 now and graduated from HS?

Does your grandmother understand the special education process or does she just do what the school tells her to do?

There might be alternatives, in my state there are many private school placements.

Many people think going to the local school is best, and a lot of the time it is, but if they don’t have the resources and the environment to provide an appropriate isn’t..

Have they ever tried using PECS (pictures to communicate)?

Are they planning on keeping her in school until age 21? There is no reason why she can’t stay in a middle school 1 more year.

The high school should have a program she can learn from and a class for students with similar needs. If she is the only one in the class with similar needs, it is not an appropriate education unless she has her own aid or teacher most of the day who actually works on ….her educational objectives…the class needs to be life skills, not academic based, although some academics should be included.

STUDENTS WHO WEAR DIAPERS CAN ATTEND PUBLIC SCHOOL!. STUDENTS WITH THIS LEVEL OF DISABILITY CAN ATTEND PUBLIC SCHOOL, if the school has the resources (technically, the school is supposed to bring in the resources, but that is not usually logistically possible).

When a school only has a small class for this type of need, it is logistically difficult to provide an appropriate education…..if there were a few classes it is a better environment…having a whole school centered around their needs can be a very good thing as there are more opportunities for outside the classroom experiences throughout the school that meet their specific needs..

Yes they should be included with non disabled peers at time, but this can still be accomplished in a special needs school with things such as a partnership with a local high school where they meet at least once a week..this can be done during a high school class period at the high school..

There have been some schools that shared a building–a special needs school in one wing, with the ability to interact with the typical school, even send the kids to some typical classes.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

August 26, 2012

William asks…

Would you ever balk at learning sign language? And why?

i think its beautiful…and a skill that everyone should be proud to learn..
Thu, Oct 22 08:16 PM
As governments rush to roll out mass vaccinations programmes against H1N1 swine flu, one man in eastern France has launched his own campaign to limit its spread — use sign language.
Temporarily replacing the French custom of kissing cheeks with simple greetings in sign language would reduce physical contact, said Hubert Chalet, who co-founded Fais-Moi Signe (Give me a Sign), an association for people with impaired hearing.
“What if we substituted cheek-kissing and handshakes with an imaginative and colourful language such as sign language?” Chalet told Reuters by phone from Nantes in western France.
He recommends that television news programmes broadcast the sign language for simple phrases such as “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “How are you?” and “Are you sick?”.
These phrases could then be used in group situations, he said, for example when an office worker needs to greet a group of colleagues and remove the need for “banal handshakes which are not always enthusiastic”.
Promoting sign language would also help to bring the hearing and hearing-impaired worlds closer together, Chalet added.
While some may balk at the idea of learning sign language, Chalet suggests that hearing-impaired adults could be usefully employed in schools and firms to help teach the basics.
“There are enough specialised institutions … across France to spread the basic rules of sign language,” he said, adding, “I’m allowed to dream, no?”.

admin answers:

I use makaton at work , i am still a novice though

at a school i worked in , all the children signed , whether they were hearing impaired or not

the christmas nativity brought tears to your eyes as they signed and sang

Ruth asks…

I received a vision in 2007 and cant find an answer from anyone in my church or anyone outside?

my belief is United Pentecostal but i don’t go by religion but that is the church i go to and believe… anyways the q is can anyone provide ideas or who i can go to or who i can contact? or something! :( its been haunting me.. well only when i feel like its time for to leave earth but turns out to be panic attack …
in i was baptized in December 25th 2006 and around 2007 i cant remember if its after February or not… i was reading the bible no clue what i was reading but i made an effort wanting to be with God etc.I looked up to look outside of the window and all of the sudden i got which i only heard and read once about but never knew it still exist and really surprised me… a vision… with my eyes open and i was not sleeping! all i did was look up!
it went like this
an image appeared like a fade in it was white, foggy and misty looking then it faded out

second image faded in ( not sure if i remember this had it on paper long ago cant find it)
i definitely remember the white stage outdoors a pair of feet between bottom of microphone stand ( don’t remember if male or female.. sorry) the crowd i cant quite remember if they were all or mostly dressed in black business clothing but i do remember all of the hairs were black and were Asians then the image faded out

third image faded in:
Tan colored ancient continent of china but it looks sandy ( not the color but sand) and the lettering was black cant remember the style of the lettering then it faded out…

that is all i got then next thing i know im still looking outside of the window and blinked a few times then i realized i heard and read that visions exist…

please don’t be negative of my lack of English skills is not my best language… im not typing this for fancy words im desperate… ive prayed… also another question does anyone know anything about Pentecostal or other believers living underground spread the word of God etc in some parts of China? i just heard about it not to long ago anyone know anything about or know anyone there who i can reach to see if the vision for them not for me?… also im hearing impaired i also use ASL(American sign language) (which is no longer fluent used to be my main language but been around hearing people 24/7 and hardly no deaf people…only have one friend… ) anyways if that helps any and yes i speak English just seeing if any thing like this helps to figure out what the vision is… thanks for your time to read anything will help! :) have a wonderful blessed night err morning…

admin answers:

The vision is not for someone else, it is for you.

Some visions are warnings (learned that the hard way).

Some visions are never understood.

I get my best understandings but writing down exactly what I saw, and then by reading it back outloud to myself I “hear” the important parts of it.

In your case since you use ASL this could all be different or it might work the same by whatever method you use, maybe have someone sign it back to you, for you?

What took you so long to ask? And if you belong to a Pentecostal church (which believes in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit – present day) what’s wrong with your Church that you can’t ask elders there?

Seeing the feet thing may just have been the presense of angels standing by. And that very much could have been a thing for that day only (or to give you confidence in your life).

I had a similar experience not long after I became born-again too (long ago). But the person who gives “understandings” (explainations) of these things is most often God. Ask Him and then trust Him to let you know when He wants you to understand.

Daniel asks…

Evaluate ALICC which is used for evaluating children’s conversational skills?

I’m doing an esssay and for part of it it asks us to use the ALICC (analysis of language impaired children’s conversation, Adams 2002) to analyse a child’s conversation but then asks to evaluate the ALICC as a form of evaluation??? It’s only short but I don’t understand it as it is lol. Can anyone help me?

admin answers:

Maybe your prof wants your opinion backed with facts. Are their journals which state if it’s good? Is there a better assessment.

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Ways to Improve Eyesight Vision

June 22, 2012
By You should start to implement these strategies immediately. The biggest hindrance, of hindered vision is putting off until tomorrow what should have been done a year ago. Of course you should get perfect information on step-by-step exactly what to do. You can get that here . I apologize if video 2 isn’t up I am just working on the technical part of the website which I don’t fully understand as of yet In video two we discuss how different routines are better depending on which type of eyesight problems you have. Equipped with the right information many have solved the problem. I hope you can be next on that list. Clunky glasses and obnoxious contacts are overrated. Being able to hear and see are advantageous in both and health and career and stress reduction. How will it feel to finally be able to see perfectly? Now imagine where you were 30 days ago and think about how your vision would be if you started then. You have nothing to risk by checking this out . I hope to see you on the other side and we’ll talk 20 a little bit further