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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

October 5, 2011

Jenny asks…

Can you improve vision naturally?

I’m sick of going to the opticians every few years only to find that my eyes have got worse!

To be honest i’m actually worried that they’ll just keep getting worse and I’m only 21 now!!

i’ve been looking on the net to find all these exercises etc that claim to improve, if not restore your vision.

One in particular is called rebuild your vision!

Has anyone used this and had any success?!

admin answers:

This statement: “Wearing glasses from when you wake to when you sleep will make your eyes worse” is completely untrue.

There is no real way to improve your vision “naturally”. The “rebuild your vision” website (i just looked at it) looks like it uses vision therapy to reduce myopia. Which does work to some limited extent for *some* people…but only if the cause of their nearsightedness is “near point stress” or “accommodative spasm”. If you have refractive myopia (cornea too curved) or axial myopia (eye too long) then those types of exercises will have absolutely zero effect.

Also, beware of anyone who tries to tell you to use “sunning” or “palming” or any of the other “Bates Method” exercises…that is old, bad science and has been clinically debunked many times:

i am not against vision therapy. It can reduce eyestrain and lessen the frequency/severity of headaches. And in SOME CASES it can minimally improve visual acuity, but again only if the myopia is due to accommodative spasm. Almost nothing can make you magically “throw away your glasses forever!”, etc.

Helen asks…

Are there ways to naturally improve my vision?

I am a Senior in high school and I want to be a state trooper in the future. The only problem is that I do not meet one of the requirements – Better than 20/100 vision uncorrected. My vision is far worse. I have already checked out the Bates’ Method and I am seeking other natural ways to improve my sight. Please help, my future depends on it!

admin answers:

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, glasses, contacts, or surgery are the only way to improve your eyesight.
I’ve been looking for other options for over 20 years since I first had to get glasses and I have found things that improve the health of your eyes (which can help them from getting worse), but they can’t make the actual visual acuity better. Most of them are natural herbs (like Lutein, Bilberry, and Eyebright) and vitamins (A and E among others) that help maintain the health of the eye, but unfortunately couldn’t improve vision.
The main reason is because vision problems are a physical problem (the physical distance between the retina and lens), not a chemical problem that can be changed with drugs, herbs, or supplements :-(

I’ve heard of eye exercises that some people try, but based on a lot of research I’ve done on them, there is no basis to say that it will improve your eyesight at all long-term. All that’s left after all that is surgery or glasses/contacts. Sorry.
Also, there is an article at that points out some of the common myths about eyes. Some of these are included in there, but it also verifies that reading in the dark or watching a TV/computer screen too close doesn’t negatively affect the vision long-term.

I know that it may seem like this is dashing your hopes for the career you’d like to pursue, but you can also talk to a career counselor or police recruiter at your school (or college/career fair) to see what other options would be open to you with glasses. In most cases, what someone wanted to be in their senior year of high school and what career they were happy in 10-15 years later were very different… Most people with college degrees have a job that is not in the field their degree is in. ;-) Good luck and I hope I helped!

Ruth asks…

I have a very bad eye condition which isn’t curable. How can I improve my vision naturally by foods, exercise?

I have a bad eye condition known as renitis pigmentosa which makes the eye worse overtime. Im hoping to obtain some knowledge on what I can do as a teen to slow this process down by eating certain foods, working out, or exercising my eyes.

admin answers:

Marijuana improves eyesight

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