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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Astigmatism

November 21, 2011

Linda asks…

What are good exercises that help correct eyesight with astigmatism?

I have been told that I can take therapy to correct my eyesight with astigmatism.
The problem is that I do not have the money nor time to participate in actual therapy at the moment, however I would like to practice some exercises at home/work/school that may help me.
Some information that may help you to determine which exercises may help me:

-Right eye = 20/15 eyesight. (No astigmatism)
-Left eye = Completely horrendous. (Astigmatism)
-Contact is worn for left eye, nothing is worn in the right eye.
-Eye doctor explained that glasses will not help my situation. (No glasses owned.)

If you could explain the exercises or link me to sites that explain them, that would be a great help.
Thank you so much!

admin answers:

Never heard of exercizes, suffer from non correctable myself and an innerested

Daniel asks…

could astigmatism blind you?

I wear contact lenses which are Toric (for astigmatism) and on the front it says -5.00 , << is that bad? Considering i am only in my early teen years? When i get older will my eyes worsen? Does anybody know of any eye exercises i can do to urgently treat my eyes before they get any worse than they already are?

- Thanks :-)

admin answers:

“Could astigmatism blind you?”

no. No refractive error can blind you. Just blurry.

“I wear contact lenses which are Toric (for astigmatism) and on the front it says -5.00 , << is that bad?"

nah. Just myopic. Just need vision correction, thats it.

"When i get older will my eyes worsen?"

no one knows, but nearsighted teens typically tend to get more nearsighted until their early 20's.

"Does anybody know of any eye exercises i can do to urgently treat my eyes before they get any worse than they already are?"

no, those dont work. Myth/scam

Michael asks…

Astigmatism and excersises that can cure it?

What are excerises that can cure astigmatism?
There are heaps of websites out there that claim there are books and things with excersises to cure astigmatism. Does anybody know a trustworthy book or any good excersises? Where can i borrow these books, obtain a copy (as in buy, i haven’t seen them in shops) or get these excersises for free?
Also i read on this website (quote) “The most notable example of eye exercises on a wide scale is that of China. Every morning, the schoolchildren and factory workers massage their eyes for a short while. And they do have a low incidence of myopia.” link
I couldn’t find the actual excersises. Do you know what the excersises are? And is it true that watching the computer screen WITHOUT glasses if you are a glasses wearer will damage your eyes more?

admin answers:

I actually tried a vision improvement program attempting to correct the astigmatism in my left eye. I was also mildly farsighted as well. My goal was to correct the astigmatism I’ve had since childhood. I did most of the exercises in the program except for the ones that required good binocular vision because they gave me headaches. I did see some improvement at my next visit to the eye doctor, but it was not what I hoped for. My right eye had normal vision and my left eye had improvement to the spherical number and went from +1.0 to +.25, however the astigmatism actually got a little worse. I do not blame the program for that. It was probably its natural progression since astigmatism runs in my family.

I chose not to correct what was left of the farsightedness so my prescription is now plano -1.50 X 50 and only in my left eye. I still do some of the eye exercises daily because they help with other aspects of my vision. I also noticed that my vision improved tremendously after the program as well. I can read the text in a book with just the light from the alarm clock.

The program I tried was at and was only $24.95. I do not regret the purchase and my logic behind trying it was that it was less expensive than eyeglasses/contacts and if it did not work I was only out $24.95 and I thought that was a small price to pay for the possibility of improving my vision.

Things to keep in mind if you try the program.

1) You may not see any improvement
2) You have to be dedicated enough to do the prescribed exercises about 30 minutes a day.
3) Many optometrists/ophthalmologists do not accept the idea that you can improve your vision and are not supportive.

It will not damage your eyes to try the program and if you do. I truly hope you see results.

Good Luck!

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