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Your Questions About If You Choose To Take This Mission

November 13, 2012

Maria asks…

What’s a really good name for this kind of game?

I’m trying again with this question WITH the additional details from last time because 3-4 of the people who answered the question didn’t give me good suggestions but it seemed like no one took the additional details on board. But anyway, back to the point. I’m planning on making a video game in the future and I’m looking for the perfect name for it. I hope the information below helps:

Far into the future, a global virtual reality called the ‘Dream Network’ was set up. It was originally meant to be a large-scale online RPG-style social networking community, but it became more than that. People started using it to have fun and even cure the stresses of daily life in the real world. It became extremely popular with high schools around the world. But then problems began to surface. When it was discovered that the Dream Network could be used to fulfil certain causes or achieve certain ends, people started hijacking the network for their cause, while other governments feared the network would become too powerful and began blocking it, but a few have started spreading viral programs into the system. Very soon, the real problem emerges. Chaos and conspiracy begins both online and offline and society begins to fall apart. The society that used to be can never come back. Society can now only be preserved or changed. The US Government is calling upon organisations create a unifying blueprint for a new society and take charge of the world alongside it, but others have plans for the world as well. Now you play as young high-schooler, Alex, and his friends are investigating the Dream Network and once Alex discovers that the Dream Network to change the world as he sees fit, all bets are off.

What do you think the best name for a game with this plot would be? Try not to use a name that’s already been used. This game is probably not an RPG, or at least a normal RPG. In the game, you get access to powers you won’t be able use in the real world and acquire them through Mantras (which are similar to Magatama in Nocturne except that this game is not a role-player, like Nocturne is). In the real world you get to socialize, access the Dream Network and take part in covert missions if you so choose. Basically, the virtual world is a high-octane, action-packed, superpowered, fantastical world, especially for a cross between a social network and an online game, while the real world has, other than covert missions, socialization, dates and lots of elements from a visual novel. The game’s ending is dependent on the actions you take throughout the game’s plot. Whether it’s a one-off game or a series depends on a few factors, such as story and the success of the first game. The Dream Network was created to be a social network and online game community (genre not specific). But then something unexpected happened: a new program is launched called Core which gives Dream Network users superhuman powers of their desires through use of Mantra programs, but it goes far and people start discovering secrets within the network. In addition to that, it is discovered that the Dream Network could be used to create and practice blueprints for a new society and spread people’s ideologies. This is taken advantage of rapidly. The four organisations are as follows: the Righteous Order, a religious organization, the Reunion Group, an organization advocating natural principles in human society, the Crimson Phoenix Movement, an organisation that advocates a free society without law and the High Frontier, an organisation advocating an elite society. You have the option of supporting one or none.
Oh, when I said “you have the option of supporting one or none” after describing the four organisations, it meant that you can support one of the organisations or reject all of them to pursue the character’s own idea of a new society.
@Jack Richardson I think I prefer The Dream but I haven’t decided. Is The Dream taken? I was thinking Dream Hackers or Mind Hackers, which could refer to the virtual reality and the fact that high school teenagers were serving as the heroes. But now the emphasis is less on high school heroes and more on the game’s backdrop or story. How about VR, or VR Network which refers to the network itself. Or how about Reset or R3S3T, which refers to the rebirth of society and of the world.
@Roland Slight problem, apparently Dream Network is copyrighted by other companies.

admin answers:

Just before I give a name, I want to tell you that you can sell video game ideas to companies and you can make a percentage profit and have a say in the development. I think you should call it ‘The dream Network’. Good Luck.

Linda asks…

what’s a good naruto based mmorpg something u just made up but follows the realistically of the naruto series?

mine would be the basics of everyone who have ever answered this question u make ur character start off as a academy student and make it up threw the ranks taking on different missions and fighting against neighboring villages and of course the thingz that 90% of all mmorpg’s have

u would be able to make it to jounin but u wouldnt be able to make it to kage unless u beat the kage at the time and there could only be one kage of that village at one time

the blood lines would be given out randomly off of a questioner when ur making ur character(s) and it locks that bloodline into ur IP address so no going out so u can get sharingan or something like that but the down side would be if u get to be a normal nin ur normal 4 ever but lets say u kill someone with a bloodline afer kills a certain amount of people with that bloodline you get that blood line but the number would be in like the hundreds or something of course there will be good thingz to having a bloodline but there would also be the weaknesses shown in the anime and if u were just a regular nin u would have advantages and didadvantages just like the regular nin in naruto

your born into a random village

the kaze of what ever village ur in gets the most of the work like taking care of negotiations with a enemy village making war against another village and so on and so fourth but unlike in the anime the kage will have most of the power instead of the elderz but lets say the kage at the time wants to start a war but most of the people in the village refuse or one person refuses they can try and organize a coudeta but if there plan fails executed lose a rank, or exiled what ever the kage chooses…

the demon’s will roam the entire naruto mmorpg universe and if ur stong enough to take it on and seal it into u u can do that but the demon’s would be like immune to poison and have almost unlimited chakra with a healing ability thats always in afect so the best way wold be to organize a small or large squad of the villages best and go try to capture it and seal it into one person except the hokage at the time but it can be some one who was kage then lost it

lets say u answer the questioner and u dont get to be a ninja youll be the normal people that make the weapons the scrolls build monuments and stuff simple little thingz that make a big diffrence

akatsuki and other small groups would be made by anyone who decides i want to leave my village or people who want to be a spy for them of course the biggest one would be akatsuki the leader would be the same as the kage’s the strongest at that time and the same thin for the smaller ones and they choose what they want to do kill random people, take over villages, get all the demon’s, and so on

the attributes would be like ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu and what ever other type of jutsu there are and a few fake ones like for weapons smarts and what ever you would get a certain amount of abilty points that u could choose to put on/into any one you like u would start off getting a little bit of ability points at first then when u start getting to higher lvl’s(not ranks) u would start getting more and more AP at a time but to every good thing there is bad so when u make ur character u start off with a reasonable amount in every thing but not just random its based off of ur questioner so if u got sharingan most of ur starting off AP would be in ninjutsu and im not sure wether gen or tai but what ever ur questioner said u should be ur begining AP would mimic that so lets say u should be a weapon type person and most of your AP is in weapons but u dont like weapons u want to be gen jutsu u can put all of ur AP in gen till the point in witch just walking past someone puts them in a daze but ur weapons AP will NOT change almost for got ur chakra nature will be based off ur questioner just like most of the thingz so if it says ur going into what ever clan haku is/was in ur main 2 chakra nature’s would be wind and water to create ice and u can work urself from there with CP(chakra points) and u can put them into what ever nature the questioner said u have but most people will only start off with one nature and work your way up to having more but only a select few that the questioner does not selct get negan and can master all the elements but if ur not that like 1/9999 people then u can only master like 4 if there are 6 chakra nautres all to gether but if there are 99 u can only master like 97 if there are only 5 u can only master like 3 or something along them lines the jutsu them selves will have JP(jutsu points) so each time u lvl u get them and put into what ever jutsu u fell like putting it into that u can perform at the time and at some point in the game u can reset them but each jutsu has a limmiter so no putting every single JP u get sense u left the academy into shadow clones to completely over welm ur opponent by over comming him/her with like 1million clones of your self that take like 5

admin answers:

A perfect naruto mmorpg would be one like this: It is exactly like naruto ( like there are all the characters and stuff and things happen just like in naruto) but the thing is that you make and design your own character. After it is made you go through your brand new ninja life just in the naruto world. If that game is created I would pay 500 dollars to play it.

Susan asks…

What do you think Illegal immigrants a financial burden on Michigan ?

For several months now, alarm bells in Lansing have been ringing uncontrollably as we are warned of the state’s impending financial collapse should we fail to balance our budget and keep the cost of doing state business down.

Unfortunately, many in Lansing are only willing to pay lip service to the problem rather than finding solutions to it. I choose to focus on the concerns of the taxpayers from the 74th district and their agenda, rather than the Lansing agenda of raising taxes and partisan bickering. For this reason, I am happy to join other Republicans in support of the Taxpayer’s Agenda. An important part of this Taxpayer’s Agenda is the creation of several task forces to address the issues that many in Lansing choose to neglect.

I am excited to be a member of the Border Security and Immigration Reform, which focuses on homeland security and seeks ways to limit the negative impact that illegal immigration has on Michigan’s economy.

Taxpayer dollars are being used to subsidize illegal aliens in this state, and state programs are the vehicle that allows this. Medicaid costs have been increasing by millions annually, and the last thing we need is the added cost of care for people who should not be here in the first place.

Other Midwest states have gone to a system where a Medicaid applicant must prove their citizenship before receiving assistance. After doing so, those states have seen a 5 percent reduction in Medicaid expenditures. If Michigan were to implement a similar program and achieve similar results, we could see a drastic decrease in Medicaid spending totaling roughly $125 million.

Illegal immigrants who go to hospitals for emergency care rarely have the means to pay for their care. However, due to current laws, hospitals are not allowed to deny treatment based on inability to pay. As a result, the hospitals must count this “free” care as a loss, therefore passing the cost of this care onto other paying customers.

Spectrum Health incurred charges of more than $700,000 last year alone on illegal immigrant health care, and they expect that figure to increase this year.

Michigan’s employment environment is also polluted with illegal immigrants. In fact, there have been several instances in which new projects have been hijacked by illegal immigrant workers. In the Thumb area of Michigan, the Harvest Wind Farm project so highly touted by Gov. Jennifer Granholm was being staffed by a contractor who hires not only out of state workers, but employs illegal immigrants as well.

After first chiding the Republicans for forming the Immigration and Homeland Security Task Force, the Democrats have recently introduced legislation embracing some of our ideas. However, their half-hearted attempts don’t stand up under scrutiny.

Although they say they want to punish employers who hire illegals, they would only do so by canceling state contracts with these companies and requiring them to pay back incentives. No other punitive action would be taken. This is unacceptable.

The latest task force hearing held in Jenison focused on homeland security threats that Michigan is now plagued with because of illegal immigration. Testimony included representatives from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Ottawa County Sheriffs, 9/11 families for a more secure America; and Jon DeWitte from Congressman Peter Hoekstra’s office.

The discussion centered on of law enforcement personnel, security officials and other concerned community members. We were successful in our mission to conduct a frank discussion in ways that we can end the unnecessary burden of illegal immigrants on our state.

As my colleagues and I travel the state we look forward to hearing ideas from a diverse background.

– Rep. David Agema represents the 74th House District. He lives in Grandville.

admin answers:

If you go to a shopping mall in Texas on a weekend and you are anglo they outnumber you 10 to 1 and just hang around the mall not buying anything. I know they come here for a better life because they have ruined mexico but they are also ruining america. It is not the anglos fault that they have a corrupt government but should stay there and attempt to make a change. We cannot no longer afford mexicos poor to raise, send to school, pay their medical bills. The cheap labor comes at a terrible cost to Americans.

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Your Questions About Google Docs

November 11, 2012

Betty asks…

How do I add Spanish accents on my google docs presentation?

I’m making a presentation on Google docs for my Spanish project and I need to add some spanish letters.

admin answers:

You can use the Alt codes to type special characters Turn on the Num Lock, hold down the ALT key and type in the number using the numerical keypad of your computer. The sites below show you some of the major ones.


There may also be character map on your computer. You can use it as well. Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map

Mark asks…

How do you insert voice recordings in a google docs presentation?

We’re doing a project using google docs ? Were making a PowerPoint on google docs and i don’t know how to insert my voice recordings… It’s due tomorrow so I need to do it now..

admin answers:

Answer: The short answer is no. Right now, Google Presentations do not support importing audio. Also, PowerPoint files added to Google Presentations will be torn to shreds…no graphics, animations, transitions, audio, templates, etc…all gone. So moving your PowerPoint files into Google Docs for storage is one thing, converting them to Google presentations is another, and is not recommended for any reason, sorry

Robert asks…

Is there way to download google docs and save on computer?

These are not my own google docs.
There is a fanfiction novel I’ve read online that I would really like to have on my computer in case anything happens and the links no longer work. Is there a way to download the doc files to either pdf or doc files and save them on my computer from the links?

admin answers:

Yes there is! I have had to make PDFs from web pages before. The problem is that it PDFs the entire page. You will need Firefox and a plug in called “PDF It”. To get them just use Google. There are tons of plug ins available out there. You can start with my recommendations and then go from there until you find one that works for you.

Plugin: PDF It

The use is simple. Just go to the desired page, click Tools from the Top toolbar, and select the plug in. Then it gives you the option to download the entire page or visible area. In my experiences, sometimes it doesn’t work, but all you have to do is keep trying it until you get the desired effect.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Driver’s Eyes

October 5, 2012

Steven asks…

Hey, I really need help with this driving test, please help! thanks!!! will get 5 points!!!?

. If two cars get to a four-way stop intersection at the same time, the car making a left turn should always be given the right of way
A. True
B. False

2. A limit line marks a crosswalk and the beginning of an intersection.
A. True
B. False

3. When you are turning left, you must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic.
A. True
B. False

4. On the freeway, you are required to have your signal on for ______ feet before changing lanes
A. 50
B. 100
C. 150

5. At 55 MPH
A. You can stop within 150 Feet
B. A box of Kleenex could kill you
C. Your vision blurs

6. When stopped behind a school bus you cannot continue moving until:
A. You cannot see anymore children getting on or off the bus.
B. You access to a passing lane.
C. The bus stops flashing its red light and (if applicable) withdraws its stop sign.

7. Which of the following is NOT a good tip for driving at night?
A. Beware of drowsiness
B. Keep your eyes locked on the road ahead of you.
C. Increase following distance.

8. If you miss your exit on the freeway, it is legal to stop and back-up.
A. Never.
B. When the traffic is very light.
C. As much as thirty yards.

9. Refusing to submit to a sobriety test is your right by law
A. True
B. False

10. Each year over ______ people die in car crashes.
A. 15,000
B. 27,000
C. 42,000

11. A good way to control drinking at a party is to serve non-alcoholic beverages
A. True
B. False

12. White lines are always solid, never broken.
A. True
B. False

13. Traffic collisions are the number one killer of children in America?
A. True
B. False

14. Failure to stop at a crash site where your vehicle caused damage, injury or death
A. is not an offense if you make a police report within 24 hours.
B. is automatically punishable by more than 15 years in prison.
C. is considered hit and run and carries severe penalties.

15. The chance of being involved in a fatal crash is higher during the day than at night
A. True
B. False

16. Alcohol is classified as a drug
A. True
B. False

17. Driving under the influence of anger can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.
A. True
B. False

18. An aggressive driver is a person who drives:
A. A racecar
B. With a lack of courtesy
C. Slow in the fast lane

19. Each year about _________ people die in Alcohol related crashes.
A. 5,000
B. 10,000
C. 17,000

20. Pedestrians
A. Always legally have the right-of-way.
B. Never have the right-of-way.
C. Are hard to see

21. There are about ________ licensed drivers here in Florida
A. 170 million
B. 200 million
C. 15 Million

22. If your license has been suspended, you must do the following to reinstate your license:
A. Serve the period of suspension
B. Pay any service fee in addition to any fines ordered by the Court
C. All of the above

23. When you drive through deep water, you should dry out your brakes by driving slowly in low gear and apply your brakes lightly.
A. True
B. False

24. At 55 mph it will take you approximately _____ feet to stop the car.
A. 5 feet
B. 100 feet
C. 228 feet

25. The best tool to extinguish a small gasoline or diesel fire is a portable fire extinguisher.
A. True
B. False

26. The following signs will help you to spot a impaired driver
A. Driving too slow and weaving
B. Driving with the windows down on a cold night
C. All of the above

27. Two parallel white lines indicate:
A. A crosswalk
B. Indicates the time limit for a parking space
C. Marks a non-crossable point in the road

28. Most collisions are caused by:
A. Drivers falling asleep at the wheel.
B. Road Rage.
C. Driver”s Attitude

29. Traffic collisions are the number one killer of children in America.
A. True
B. False

30. Which of the following is NOT a big concern when driving on country roads.
A. Slow-moving farm equipment
B. Livestock
C. High Occupancy Lanes

31. Each year, almost __________ crashes occur.
A. 3 Million
B. 7 Million
C. 10 Million

32. A diamond shaped sign is:
A. Regulatory
B. Warning
C. Guide

33. You should always measure your following distance in
A. Seconds
B. Car lengths
C. Feet

34. Getting cited for reckless driving will result in four points on your license
A. True
B. False

35. A yellow line separates traffic moving in different directions
A. True
B. False

36. Bad weather means you will have
A. Increased stopping distance
B. Greater chance of getting a citation
C. Less traffic on the highway

37. You can maintain a proper following distance by using the three second rule.
A. True
B. False

38. Shape is indicative of the sign type
A. True
B. False

39. A collision at 30 MPH will take any loose object in your car and give it the same force as if it were:
A. Propelled by a slingshot
B. Thrown
C. Shot from a cannon

40. One drink means:
A. Shot of 80 proof alcohol
B. One Beer
C. Either of the above

admin answers:

Study the book. You should not be driving if you cannot get a passing score on your own

Laura asks…

Can somebody please help me with this questions?10 points pleaseee?

2 If you notice someone driving erratically, you should __________.

position your vehicle ahead of the impaired driver
position your vehicle in the next lane over and closely observe the driver
disregard the driver’s actions and mind your own business
let them pass you and give yourself plenty of space behind the erratic driver

3 If you are taking a prescribed drug and are going to drive, __________.

do not worry about the drug
conduct a self-inventory of all drugs consumed and their side effects
increase the dosage
stop taking the drug

4 Any DWI where your BAC is at least .08 becomes a Second Degree felony (up to 10 years in prison, and a fine up to $10,000) if __________.

you are driving a motorcycle
any serious bodily injury is caused due to your actions
you have ever served jail time in the past
you are convicted of traveling over 20 mph over the posted limit

5 If you possess an alcoholic beverage that has been opened, has a broken seal, or has had some of the contents removed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, __________.

you must offer a drink to all of your passengers
you will be charged with a fine up to $500
you are transporting the beverage within the law
you must attend traffic school

6 All drugs issued under a prescription __________.

can be refilled at any time
will not have side effects
can be taken without worry
have warning labels

7 Most state vehicle codes state that you shall not drive after taking a substance that __________.

alters the central nervous system
treats muscle pain
is prescribed by a doctor
is taken for headaches

8 Men’s bodies contain more __________ than women so they can consume slightly more alcohol to reach the same BAC.

red blood cells
white blood cells

9 Once in the brain, alcohol affects your __________.

blood type
pH balance
eye color
reasoning, judgment, and concentration

10 Depressants affect the __________.

reproductive system
digestive system
central nervous system
respiratory system

please somebody help me :(

admin answers:

2) D
3) B
4) C
5) B
6) D
7) A 8) A
9) D
10) C

John asks…

need help with DMV test (part1)?

please help, i’ve found the answers but when i submit them it does not say anything and makes me retake the test again (look for part 2) thank you

1 True or False: You don’t need to read warning labels for over-the-counter drugs.


2 Changing road conditions, traffic signals, pedestrians, changing CDs, and talking with passengers in your vehicle are examples of __________________ that you need to process every time you drive.

Unnecessary distractions
Road rage
Continuous information you receive
Driving skills

3 True or False: The higher the BAL, the higher the risk of a fatal crash


4 To obtain a disabled parking placard you must have:

Proof of eligibility
Proof of inconvenience
Proof of impairment
Proof of disability

5 You should use the _____________ parking maneuver when the parking space is on a diagonal to the curb.


6 ___________ affects your vision because your eye muscles are tired, along with the rest of your body, and it is difficult to focus.


7 In the State of Florida, the penalties for DUI become progressively more severe depending upon the number of convictions and the driver’s ________________.

Blood Alcohol Level

8 True or False: Being confronted with danger is a common reason why drivers get angry, hostile, and aggressive.


9 True or False: You can slow down to look at a collision if you’re curious.


10 ________________ affect the amount and rate the alcohol reaches the bloodstream.

Drinking rate, the temperature outside, and body weight
Time of day, type of alcohol, and body weight
Drinking rate, body weight, and the size of the drink
The size of the drink, your age, and body weight

11 In the state of Florida, passing a stopped school bus with flashing lights will result in a __________ violation.

2 point
4 point
3 point
1 point

12 True or False: Passing is prohibited when the view is obstructed or when approaching within 100 feet of any bridge, viaduct, or tunnel.


13 True or False: Unlike four-wheel motor vehicles, under certain circumstances, insurance is not required to register motorcycles.


14 A drinking driver may be able to steer or brake adequately, but studies have shown ____________________.

Drivers can still make U-turns without any difficulty
Each driver is different in the ability to drink and drive carefully
Mistakes are much more likely as the complexity of the driving situation is increased
There is no evidence of crashes from these impaired drivers

15 Interpreting the meaning of different road signs, road markings, warning signs, and directional signs are examples of _______________________.

Traffic distractions
Pedestrians warnings
Chargeable offenses
Information processing

16 ________________________ are often displayed by the way people drive.

Happiness and comfort
Tardiness and anxiety
Fear and paranoia
Stress and aggression

17 If you see a diamond-shaped sign, it will be what type of sign?


18 You will need to renew your disabled parking placard every ____ years.


19 Common effects of cocaine include __________.

Clear vision, headaches, and stomach aches
Headaches, stomach aches, and fatigue
Hallucinations, chest pains, and high anxiety
Fatigue and chest pain

20 True or False: It is legal to pass in Florida if you believe it is safe, even if your view is obstructed.


admin answers:

Getting answers from other people is cheating.

“Cheaters never prosper”

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 26, 2012

Mandy asks…

messed up military exp read?

read this tell me if it was messed up or not

For those of you who don’t know, I’m in the Delayed Entry Program for the United States Marine Corps (DEP).

I have to meet the physical requirements of the USMC, so they sent me down to Portland for my physical and ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery – A ****ing annoying but simple test).

After I passed that with flying colors, they took us (roughly 20) back to the hotel where we ate, went swimming, played PS3/360, hung out with hot Airforce chicks, and made fun of the National Guardsmen. :D

Anyways, after we had our fill of fun, my roomate and I went outside and smoked a couple ciggs, played hackysack, and went to bed.

At 4 ****ing o’clock that morning, we have to wake up, we go to the front lobby, have an all-you-can-eat bacon, sausage, egg, cereal, pancake, and fruit breakfast, then got on the bus to Portland MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station).

We go in, I get my ass chewed out by the Gunny (Gunnery Sergeant) because my name tag was on the outside of my hoody. After that I go in for my physical. This is where the REAL fun begins.

I got my picture taken, blood pressure read, hearing tested, vision, and then talked to the head doctor, who asked me about past injuries and scars.

THEN they make us (like, 15 of us) strip down to our skivvies, and do the “duck walk” across the room. 20 minutes of freaky-ass exercises later, the doctor takes us into his examination room one-by-one, and after each person came out, they looked slightly less-happy than when they went in.


So they call my name, and I go in (still in my boxers). He asks me to sit down on the table, and I do.

He listens for my heart, gets my total body fat %, looka in my eyes, ears, and mouth, then says, “Alright, take off your underwear”.

So I do, and he starts grabbing my now shriveled nuts (it’s cold in the MEPS building!) and then places his forefinger and middle finger on my groin and tells me to cough. I do, and then he says “Okay.”, so I started putting my boxers back on.

He wasn’t having that.

He said, “Turn around, bend over, and spread your cheeks.”.

I feared for my brown-cherry, but did as he said. He again said, “Okay.” and told me to put my boxers back on.

I then walked out of that room so fast I nearly tripped on my feet.

I got dressed and went to the next station.

Which wasn’t really any better.

This Cambodian guy was like, “oh here, take this cup and follow me”.

The ****er watches me while I TRY pissing in a ****ing cup, and won’t take his eyes off my Leeroy Jenkins, ya dig? So I ask him why he was checking my meat out, and he says he has to do it to make sure I’m not using an “Artificial Urination Device”.

I pissed in that cup like nobody has pissed before. I filled that ****er up to the brim and walked with honor to the (HOT) asian chick who was going to seal my urine.

They took my blood to test for the AID’s, and I got the results back. Negative. I don’t have AID’s ;3.

I ended up waiting for 10 more hours, watching Full Metal Jacket on the TV, and playing Pool.

At like, 7 pm my ride got there and I fell asleep in the van, feeling violated and abused.

I ****ing LOVE Portland MEPS.

- laffapalooza

admin answers:

Um.. Nope not messed up that’s what happens to everyone at all the MEPS stations everywhere. But your narration of it was very um…. Colorful, thanks for the laugh.

George asks…

What happens when you are first diagnosed with Diabetes Type II?

I am 29 and I am going to be tested for Diabetes soon. Here are some of the things happening.

I am seeing spots, and my vision is somewhat blurred. I can’t really see objects that aren;t close. Also (not sure if this has to do with it) My eyes always feel like theres fluid in them. Its a weird feeling.

I have tingling in my feet, especially when I sit. Its in my hands and it tingles incredibley in the left hand every morning when I wake up.

I don’t pee alot, accept at night after I’ve gone to bed. I wake up 3 times at least to pee. And again, not that this may have anything to do with it but, it always smells like cereal….?

So, my question is, if this is diabetes, what will happen? WIll they give me medications? Btw, yes I am overweight, and thats probably why I have it. I started seeing these floaters a onth ago and made an eye appointment (app. is next week) and after some research got concerned that it could be diabetes. So I started eating healthy and exercising (sad that it takes something so dangerous to motivate some people) and have lost 25lbs, but still have a ton (not literally) to go. Will loosing all of the extra weight help at all? Will I still need meds? I’m fine with medication, I want to do everything possible to get better.
I did mention that I get up a lot to urinate. I also go a lot in the day, I just didnt mention that because I drink a lot of water… I figured it may have something to do with that.

I know blurred vision is a sympton of HBP, but tingling, never heard/read that. Both ARE symptoms of diabetes.

admin answers:

First of all it is a MISCONCEPTION that diabetes is cause by being overweight. Recent research by the BDA has found that up to 20% of type 2 diabetics are overweight. Type 1 Diabetics tend to be younger but it can develop in anyone, this type of diabetes is due to a problem with the production of insulin, where as type 2 is a problem with the utilisation of sugar in the body it tends to run in families and is more likely to develop if you are overweight, but not everyone who is overweight and has a family tendancy for diabetes will develop it.
Sorry on to your question yes it could be diabetes, you doctor will do either a Glucose tolerance test or a HBa1 test the first measures how glucose is absorbed by taking blood before you have eaten (fasting blood sugar level) and then you will be given a drink with a measured amount of sugar in it and blood will be taken at intervals and the behaviour of the glucose level noted. HBa1 measures the average blood glucose level over the last 6 -8 weeks (names may vary depending where you live). |The doctor may also do a finger prick test and check the blood glucose level there and then as both the other two need to be sent to a lab for the results. If diabetes is confirmed you will be given advice on diet,exercise and medication. You will either be advised to get a blood glucose monitor or have one given to you and told how and when to check your levels.
Diabetes can be managed in various ways and depends on how severe your symptoms are and will include one or more of the following change in diet( No foods are banned but you will be encouraged to eat a healthy varied diet) more exercise and medication, normally tablets but sometimes type 2 diabetics need Insulin (not often) You may find that you changing to a healthy diet and exercising that you may not need drugs. There is a huge wealth of knowledge of diabetes about these days and it can be confusing but you will soon work out what foods affect your blood glucose levels and can avoid or limit them. I found using the Glycemic Index levels of foods to help me decide what foods to eat/try and experimented as time past.
Well done for losing the weight and keep on exercising but believe me it is a lot easier to manage diabetes these days.

Daniel asks…

HELP!! high bloodpressure?!?


I’m 15, female, 174~cm and weigh 58kg. I am fairly healthy with a good size. Exercise 3 time a week, nothing serious (just for my health).
I’m not really sure how long I’ve had this but for quite some time.
I am prone to getting head rushes, sometimes I’m just sitting down and I sill get them.
I have actually passed out from this maybe two or three times.

What happens:
- things start to spin/tilt in my head
- I have to walk very slowly and/or grab a hold of something so I won’t fall.
- I get tunnel vision or more common… blackout vision (like a darkness creeps in from the corner of my eyes)
- it feels as if I have pressure inside my head.

I have headaches sometimes (sometimes accompanied by nosebleed), I have had an extreme, stabbing headache that lasted for a while.
I think my headaches are more to the left of my head, I can sometimes feel it throbbing.
As I can see, there is no connection to this and my activities.

P.S. I wear glasses but this started way back when I still had perfect vision.

admin answers:

Go to the doctor to make sure it isn’t serious.. But the EXACT thing happens to me very often. I’ve been to the docor several times about this but my blood pressure is normal.. They say it has something to do with my sinuses and its nothing serious, but I don’t know. But try experimenting with your diet, it may have something to do with your sugar intake. I say this because with me, I’ve noticed that the more things I eat that have more sugar in it, the more I get thooseee ^^ symptoms. I’m not sure what it is… But if you haven’t been to the doctor go just to make sure its nothing serious.

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Your Questions About Google Scholar

March 29, 2012

Ruth asks…

Google scholar?

In one of my assignments, we’re required to find 3 articles that provide ideas about Google and its impact using ONLY Google Scholar. Although this sounds remotely easy, i couldnt find anything useful as opposed to using ordinary search. Thing is, we need to provide proof that what we search is actually done so using scholar so i dont have much choice. Help please? Any ideas how should i go about finding it? Or if u happen to come across one, how did u do so? Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Click on google scholar

type in quotes “ideas google” gives you 14 results

also just type in google in the search

Susan asks…

What should I typed into google scholar to find an article?

So basically my essay is about how creativity levels can benefit things later in life such as business, inventors, etc and even though other countries like china score much higher on standardized test, its only because the kids have no other choices in school but text books.
so basically what should i type in google scholar to find an article about how creativity benefits many things later in life or something else to relate to my essay.
or maybe you have an article in mind already? thank you!

admin answers:

Skills knowledge
thinking learning skills research
difference learning facts thinking implementation knowledge

Michael asks…

Apart from google scholar, are there any good search engine for free professional and good academic resources?

Apart from google scholar, are there any good search engine for free professional and good academic resources like some papers or works?
Iam going to write my paper (12000 words) in this summer but I only know how to use google scholar and sometimes it is not enough.

admin answers:

Many of them depend on the specific field. I could point you to one for astronomy and physics, but that might not be helpful. You could stop by a university library and ask the reference librarian to help you find papers.

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