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Your Questions About If You Choose To Answer This Question At Random

December 3, 2012

George asks…

C&A: (>^.^)> Is it hard to Choose Best Answers? Anime Questions? <(^.^<)?

(>^.^)/ Hiii!!!

What do you think? When you ask a Question and you Get Really good Answers…is it hard to Choose Best Answer form all of the Great Answers you Recieved? <(^-^<)

~ I love Reading the Awesome Answers you C&A Peoples Give me, but I hate when it’s time to Choose Best Answer cuz it’s so Hard to Choose Sometimes…(>*.*)>…

+++ Random TC Survey: If you are a Top Contributor, do you have a Weekly Point Goal? In other words, do you set a Target of how many Points you have to geat at least Every Week for your TC Badge?
~ I think my Goal is around 100 Points per Week.

=== aNiMe QuEsTiOn$ ===

(>^.^)>[1] How many Characters do you know like to Crack their Fingers in an Anime? Who and Why?

(>^.^)> Who’s your Favorite Computer-Geek Anime Character?…if you don’t have one, Which Anime Characters do you know are like this?

(>^.^)> How many Anime Characters do you know have Hair that is more than One Color? Who?


d-(^__~)> Thumbs UP! Thnx for Answering!



admin answers:

What do you think? When you ask a Question and you Get Really good Answers…is it hard to Choose Best Answer form all of the Great Answers you Recieved? <(^-^>Hell Yeah, its complicated for me to choose a Best Answer to ALL of my questions, people that answer my questions are so awesome and they always give such great detailed and enthusiastic answers which makes it difficult, thats why whenever I resolve my questions I almost always end with the phrase “Thanks Everyone” becuase its a difficult decision., I often feel really guilty to because I feel like I cant show my appreciation for all of thier answers.

+++ Random TC Survey: If you are a Top Contributor, do you have a Weekly Point Goal? In other words, do you set a Target of how many Points you have to geat at least Every Week for your TC Badge?
~ I think my Goal is around 100 Points per Week.

>> I work very hard to maintain the TC badges that I recieve and sometimes my efforts are in vien because Yahoo takes away my TC badges and I have to try to get them back, I put the most effort in trying to maintain my TC status in C&A, although I have a TC badge in Video&Online Games, I work hard to keep that one to. Im trying to get a 3rd badge, but it so difficult to get the 3rd one while keeping the other two.

I usually set a weekly point quota of about 500 points, my daily quota ranges from 50 to 100 points.

=== aNiMe QuEsTiOn$ ===

(>^.^)>[1] How many Characters do you know like to Crack their Fingers in an Anime? Who and Why?

>>I dont know any….That is a trait that I have never seen in any anime.

(>^.^)> Who’s your Favorite Computer-Geek Anime Character?…if you don’t have one, Which Anime Characters do you know are like this?

>>Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and also Nina from Code Geass

(>^.^)> How many Anime Characters do you know have Hair that is more than One Color? Who?

Death The Kid from Soul Eater, his hair is Black and White.

See Ya ^_^

John asks…

Please answer these Statistics questions?

Please answer the questions and help me to understand this.

. 1. Find the indicated probability.

You are dealt two cards successively (without replacement) from a shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. Find the probability that both cards are black.

2.Find the indicated probability.

An unprepared student makes random guesses for the ten true-false questions on a quiz. Find the probability that there is at least one correct answer.

3.Find the indicated probability.

A sample of 4 different calculators is randomly selected from a group containing 15 that are defective and 30 that have no defects. What is the probability that at least one of the calculators is defective?

4. Find the indicated probability.

In a blood testing procedure, blood samples from 5 people are combined into one mixture. The mixture will only test negative if all the individual samples are negative. If the probability that an individual sample tests positive is 0.09, what is the probability that the mixture will test positive.

6. Evaluate the expression.


7. Solve the problem.

The library is to be given 3 books as a gift. The books will be selected from a list of 18 titles. If each book selected must have a different title, how many possible selections are there?

8. Solve the problem.

How many 5-digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 if repetition of digits is not allowed

9. Solve the problem.

How many ways can 6 people be chosen and arranged in a straight line if there are 8 people to choose from

10. Answer the question.

Find the odds against correctly guessing the answer to a multiple choice question with 4 possible answers.

Thank you..

admin answers:

1) p(x) = 1/2 * 25/51 = 25/102

means not all answers wrong.
2) p(x) = 1 – (1/2)^10 = 1023/1024

3) same as nr2 , means not all in order.
P(x) = 1 – ( 30/45 * 29/44 * 28/43 * 27/42)

4 p(x) = 1- (1 – 0.09)^5

6 ) 10*9*8*7

7) 18*17*16/(1*2*3)
8) 7*6*5*4*3

9) 8*7*6*5*4*3

10) how many questions??

Ken asks…

English football fans, may I hurt your brain for a second?

If you choose to answer this question at random, what are your chances of being correct?

a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 60%
d) 25%

Think about it.

Enjoy your weekend :)

admin answers:

This is easy.

The chances of picking the correct answer out of a possible 4 choices is 1/4 which equates to 25%.
But 25% appears twice in your choice of answers, which means the chances of getting the correct answer is 2/4 which equates to 1/2, and in percentage it is 50%.

Ergo, the correct answer is b)50%

-edit… Actually, doesn’t it all depend on what the question is? If so, the answer will always be 25%.
But it appears twice. There is a chance im over thinking this. Ok, nose bleed time.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

November 28, 2012

Mary asks…

What do you think about Politically Correct (PC) language? How much is too much?

Obviously, we don’t to use blatantly offense terms such as the “n -word.” But, are we getting to a point where we use so much PC language that it’s difficult to ascertain what we are even talking about?

This question was somewhat sparked by the “r-word” debate. I can understand the offensive part, of course, but it seems to me that it’s more other people’s misuse of something that was initially a benign medical term. It is kind of like the use of the word “gay” and how people keep using it to mean something bad when that was not the original intent.

The PC jumble gets so confusing. Terms like “cognitively impaired” could mean any number of conditions. The technical definition for “retarded” is delayed/slowed and isn’t one of the PC terms “cognitively delayed.”? How is that any different in meaning from “mentally retarded”?

I realize I myself am often not the most socially aware person in the world, but all this just seems a little unnecessary to me and I wonder what terms are going to be changed next. How are we going to keep up with all this?

Your thoughts please….no fights though. :)

admin answers:

What may be benign to you hurts others to the core of their being. That should be enough to not use it. Forget about what is PC or not – think about what hurts. The R-word hurts the people it is used to describe. No one wants to be called that. It has become hate speech no matter what its original intention was.

Daniel asks…

discrimination or not ?

My friend and I were at our local k mart when we were approached by the security guard and told to stop trying to shoplift ( which we weren’t doing ) and he walked away we found the store manager and told him what had happened we did not appreciate what we were accused of the manager then talked to the guard and came back to us the guard told him that we were using signals with each other to steal I told the manager no we weren’t we were using sign language which we often use with all of our friends ( we had to learn it for a play in high school. ) to communicate the manager did nothing to correct the situation. Now is this discrimination on the hearing impaired (even thou we are not.) I just don’t want this happening again especially to the real hearing impaired or should I just leave it alone and do nothing what should I do?

admin answers:

Absolutely – it happens all the time. I’ve been denied service, given poor service or just plain ignored when using sign language. I know people who have had service people try to rip them off – ring up items twice, charge them for items they didn’t eat in a restaurant, and worse – because someone saw them using sign and assumed they were an idiot who didn’t know better. Many Deaf people have stories of being out with a hearing friend, talking in sign, and having the hearing friend report that the employees of a place were saying awful things about them because they were using sign. Some of this has gotten better in recent years, but there is still far too much discrimination.

FYI: This is called audism, which means discrimination against a person or group due to their status as Deaf or hard of hearing.

Charles asks…

IEP test accommodations on standardized tests?

We are giving all of our students Aimsweb tests. This is a standardized test. I have special ed students in my class and have been told that I cannot allow them to use any accommodations because the test is standardized. I have asked and was told that my visually impaired (legally blind)student who cannot read anything without a very large font and a magnification overlay must take the test in point 12 font as it is provided. Also I was told that a student who uses sign language must read the test out loud even though he is deaf, uses sign and has no speech. Is this a violation of IDEA law or is their stand legal by stating it is a standardized test and allowing accommodations will skew with the results. It seems unfair to insist that students who need accommodations be denied these in testing situations. particularly when the accommodations are part of the IEP

It does not make sense to me either nor does it seem fair

In the state that I teach we are required by the “higherups” who sit in power, (Department of ED) to give these tests. They are used to determine if the schools and/ or district are making adiquate yearly progress.
It does not make sense to me either nor does it seem fair

In the state that I teach we are required by the “higherups” who sit in power, (Department of ED) to give these tests. They are used to determine if the schools and/ or district are making adiquate yearly progress.

admin answers:

It is absolutely a violation..

Their 504 plans or IEP should stipulate what accommodations are given for the test

the only thing you can’t do is alter the CONTENT of the test..
It can be given orally, in braille, on a special magnifyer..a person can use sign language..

They can take the test in a separate room, have extra time, ahve someone write the answers they give

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 26, 2012

Mandy asks…

messed up military exp read?

read this tell me if it was messed up or not

For those of you who don’t know, I’m in the Delayed Entry Program for the United States Marine Corps (DEP).

I have to meet the physical requirements of the USMC, so they sent me down to Portland for my physical and ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery – A ****ing annoying but simple test).

After I passed that with flying colors, they took us (roughly 20) back to the hotel where we ate, went swimming, played PS3/360, hung out with hot Airforce chicks, and made fun of the National Guardsmen. :D

Anyways, after we had our fill of fun, my roomate and I went outside and smoked a couple ciggs, played hackysack, and went to bed.

At 4 ****ing o’clock that morning, we have to wake up, we go to the front lobby, have an all-you-can-eat bacon, sausage, egg, cereal, pancake, and fruit breakfast, then got on the bus to Portland MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station).

We go in, I get my ass chewed out by the Gunny (Gunnery Sergeant) because my name tag was on the outside of my hoody. After that I go in for my physical. This is where the REAL fun begins.

I got my picture taken, blood pressure read, hearing tested, vision, and then talked to the head doctor, who asked me about past injuries and scars.

THEN they make us (like, 15 of us) strip down to our skivvies, and do the “duck walk” across the room. 20 minutes of freaky-ass exercises later, the doctor takes us into his examination room one-by-one, and after each person came out, they looked slightly less-happy than when they went in.


So they call my name, and I go in (still in my boxers). He asks me to sit down on the table, and I do.

He listens for my heart, gets my total body fat %, looka in my eyes, ears, and mouth, then says, “Alright, take off your underwear”.

So I do, and he starts grabbing my now shriveled nuts (it’s cold in the MEPS building!) and then places his forefinger and middle finger on my groin and tells me to cough. I do, and then he says “Okay.”, so I started putting my boxers back on.

He wasn’t having that.

He said, “Turn around, bend over, and spread your cheeks.”.

I feared for my brown-cherry, but did as he said. He again said, “Okay.” and told me to put my boxers back on.

I then walked out of that room so fast I nearly tripped on my feet.

I got dressed and went to the next station.

Which wasn’t really any better.

This Cambodian guy was like, “oh here, take this cup and follow me”.

The ****er watches me while I TRY pissing in a ****ing cup, and won’t take his eyes off my Leeroy Jenkins, ya dig? So I ask him why he was checking my meat out, and he says he has to do it to make sure I’m not using an “Artificial Urination Device”.

I pissed in that cup like nobody has pissed before. I filled that ****er up to the brim and walked with honor to the (HOT) asian chick who was going to seal my urine.

They took my blood to test for the AID’s, and I got the results back. Negative. I don’t have AID’s ;3.

I ended up waiting for 10 more hours, watching Full Metal Jacket on the TV, and playing Pool.

At like, 7 pm my ride got there and I fell asleep in the van, feeling violated and abused.

I ****ing LOVE Portland MEPS.

- laffapalooza

admin answers:

Um.. Nope not messed up that’s what happens to everyone at all the MEPS stations everywhere. But your narration of it was very um…. Colorful, thanks for the laugh.

George asks…

What happens when you are first diagnosed with Diabetes Type II?

I am 29 and I am going to be tested for Diabetes soon. Here are some of the things happening.

I am seeing spots, and my vision is somewhat blurred. I can’t really see objects that aren;t close. Also (not sure if this has to do with it) My eyes always feel like theres fluid in them. Its a weird feeling.

I have tingling in my feet, especially when I sit. Its in my hands and it tingles incredibley in the left hand every morning when I wake up.

I don’t pee alot, accept at night after I’ve gone to bed. I wake up 3 times at least to pee. And again, not that this may have anything to do with it but, it always smells like cereal….?

So, my question is, if this is diabetes, what will happen? WIll they give me medications? Btw, yes I am overweight, and thats probably why I have it. I started seeing these floaters a onth ago and made an eye appointment (app. is next week) and after some research got concerned that it could be diabetes. So I started eating healthy and exercising (sad that it takes something so dangerous to motivate some people) and have lost 25lbs, but still have a ton (not literally) to go. Will loosing all of the extra weight help at all? Will I still need meds? I’m fine with medication, I want to do everything possible to get better.
I did mention that I get up a lot to urinate. I also go a lot in the day, I just didnt mention that because I drink a lot of water… I figured it may have something to do with that.

I know blurred vision is a sympton of HBP, but tingling, never heard/read that. Both ARE symptoms of diabetes.

admin answers:

First of all it is a MISCONCEPTION that diabetes is cause by being overweight. Recent research by the BDA has found that up to 20% of type 2 diabetics are overweight. Type 1 Diabetics tend to be younger but it can develop in anyone, this type of diabetes is due to a problem with the production of insulin, where as type 2 is a problem with the utilisation of sugar in the body it tends to run in families and is more likely to develop if you are overweight, but not everyone who is overweight and has a family tendancy for diabetes will develop it.
Sorry on to your question yes it could be diabetes, you doctor will do either a Glucose tolerance test or a HBa1 test the first measures how glucose is absorbed by taking blood before you have eaten (fasting blood sugar level) and then you will be given a drink with a measured amount of sugar in it and blood will be taken at intervals and the behaviour of the glucose level noted. HBa1 measures the average blood glucose level over the last 6 -8 weeks (names may vary depending where you live). |The doctor may also do a finger prick test and check the blood glucose level there and then as both the other two need to be sent to a lab for the results. If diabetes is confirmed you will be given advice on diet,exercise and medication. You will either be advised to get a blood glucose monitor or have one given to you and told how and when to check your levels.
Diabetes can be managed in various ways and depends on how severe your symptoms are and will include one or more of the following change in diet( No foods are banned but you will be encouraged to eat a healthy varied diet) more exercise and medication, normally tablets but sometimes type 2 diabetics need Insulin (not often) You may find that you changing to a healthy diet and exercising that you may not need drugs. There is a huge wealth of knowledge of diabetes about these days and it can be confusing but you will soon work out what foods affect your blood glucose levels and can avoid or limit them. I found using the Glycemic Index levels of foods to help me decide what foods to eat/try and experimented as time past.
Well done for losing the weight and keep on exercising but believe me it is a lot easier to manage diabetes these days.

Daniel asks…

HELP!! high bloodpressure?!?


I’m 15, female, 174~cm and weigh 58kg. I am fairly healthy with a good size. Exercise 3 time a week, nothing serious (just for my health).
I’m not really sure how long I’ve had this but for quite some time.
I am prone to getting head rushes, sometimes I’m just sitting down and I sill get them.
I have actually passed out from this maybe two or three times.

What happens:
- things start to spin/tilt in my head
- I have to walk very slowly and/or grab a hold of something so I won’t fall.
- I get tunnel vision or more common… blackout vision (like a darkness creeps in from the corner of my eyes)
- it feels as if I have pressure inside my head.

I have headaches sometimes (sometimes accompanied by nosebleed), I have had an extreme, stabbing headache that lasted for a while.
I think my headaches are more to the left of my head, I can sometimes feel it throbbing.
As I can see, there is no connection to this and my activities.

P.S. I wear glasses but this started way back when I still had perfect vision.

admin answers:

Go to the doctor to make sure it isn’t serious.. But the EXACT thing happens to me very often. I’ve been to the docor several times about this but my blood pressure is normal.. They say it has something to do with my sinuses and its nothing serious, but I don’t know. But try experimenting with your diet, it may have something to do with your sugar intake. I say this because with me, I’ve noticed that the more things I eat that have more sugar in it, the more I get thooseee ^^ symptoms. I’m not sure what it is… But if you haven’t been to the doctor go just to make sure its nothing serious.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 11, 2012

Mary asks…

Is it a Panic attack or low blood sugar problem?

I went to my doctor last month, did a blood test and my non fasting blood sugar was 130 , around 2 hours after lunch. I thought it was too high, so i cut all calories fats and absolutely no sugar at all!!!!. I started drinking diet sodas, no sweats, no candies . Anyways 3 days ago, i was on my computer , and suddenly i started to feel that my brain is getting weaker and i cant breath at all, suddenly my eyes went blurry, i panicked so much that i opened my room window to let some air in. Then my hands and feet get cold and started to sweat, suddenly my heart started to have a drowning feeling . I was very light headed, blurred vision , severe shortness of breath, felt like oxygen is not going into my brain. I usually spend 8 to 9 hours on my laptop. Anyways, i took some honey and felt better. These episodes really annoyed me for the next 3 days, all the time i thought that i was going to die, loosing consiousness and going faint, feels like my brain was so weak, too much eye strain . Anyways, i started to take some sugar and now i feel much better now, much better, but my eye strain is not going away. I cant work on my laptop, and if i do after sometime, my eyes and head start to pain. i thought 130 blood sugar level was high , so i was also doing some heavy dumbbell exercises and some running on treadmill ? any ideas what it was ? what caused it? why is my eye strain and headache not going and why i am feeling so tired and weak? Plz any help.

admin answers:

Anyone’s blood sugar will decrease if they sit hours in front of a pc and not eat. A moderate amount of non-simple sugars is beneficial, but if I were you I’d talk to your doctor about your symptoms and maybe get tested for hypoglycemia. Then you’ll know for sure if you have it. No one here can diagnose based on symptoms since there can be so many causes. Lab test will give you your definitive answer.

Mark asks…

I have not exercised for awhile but exercised today and my vision turned black…what should I do?

I have not exercise since October. (Yeah I know that’s really bad) and today while I was conditioning for a school sport I think I became so overworked (than I was accustomed to) and every time I blinked I saw funny colors when I opened my eyes again. One minute after that began my eyesight went completely black for a good 5-6 seconds. I tried blinking and it would not go away. After my eyesight came back I got super dizzy. I was told that this happened because of my lack of oxygen.

I am going to be at this exercising thing for a while, and will continue to do so even after my school sport season is over. But I do not want to feel like that EVER again.

How do I stop it from happening again?
Note: I did not lose consciousness. I was awake but “blacked out” and could not see anything

admin answers:

There are many reasons for losing consciousness. A lot of times it has to do with distribution of blood. If you have too much blood in your head or not enough, you may pass out. This is commonly seen in exercising that involve getting on the ground.

Or as you said, also commonly seen in runners, you’re not getting enough oxygen causing your blood to move to your brain in an attempt to prepare for your body to save yourself.

Sandra asks…

What could these symptoms mean?

Okay so, ever since early December I have been having these weird symptoms and some have completely disappeared, some have gotten more stronger and obvious – and new symptoms have come into charge as well.

So now, for the symptoms!
• Odd scents (not as strong – nor does it happen too often anymore).
• Pulsating in my head, mostly in the back of my head.
• Nose bleeding (like, thrice so far?).
• Headaches – pretty much everywhere around my head; lately it has been the back of my head, but it changes place.
• Tingly feelings in my head.
• Sometimes I may feel a bit dizzy, but it lasts only a couple seconds.
• Black dots (blackening areas) in the side of my eye vision – in the left eye (kinda hard to explain).
• Shivers/chills at sometimes (odd example, but it’s the same one would have during an orgasm).

That’s it for the symptoms (or the ones that I can remember at the moment), and speaking of orgasms I was wondering if this could have something to do with masturbating? Or maybe I don’t exercise enough? Before we go into that, let me give you a bit of background story…

Well obviously since I have had these symptoms for quite long time, I have been to the doctor a couple times (like 4 to 5), and I finally got an appointment to an MRI, which would be this Friday 27th – and also I’ll pay a visit to an ophthalmologist as well to see if there’s something wrong with my eyes. Well there is, I have a pretty bad vision and an optician stated that I need glasses (they are in the works atm). So that’s for that.

And by the way, I have had a diagnosed migraine since I was like 2-years-old, but if you ask me I’d say they have gotten a bit more rare (which is good)! And why am I telling all this? So that you experts can put this all together and come up with something.

And yes, I have a fairly high blood pressure too, I’m aware of that. Maybe it could be the reason to all this?

Right now I can’t come up with anything else but I’m sure this is enough information for you to put your heads together and analyze it. If it sounds like something serious, approach me carefully… I’m scared of serious things, and they worry me deeply.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Sorry for the text of wall, by the way, I wanted to provide as much as information as possible!

admin answers:

Just a possible:

Have you had your thyroid tested? You need testing for thyroid ANTIBODIES as well as TSH. TSH ‘norm’ should be .3 – 3 (w/ most feeling best at < 2) but, for diagnosis, may not mean much if ANTIBODIES are present which is indicative of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis (cycles between HYPER & HYPO at start)…it is the main cause of eventual HypOthyroidism but worse (…OR Graves Disease – HypERthyroid).

WARNING: Doctors seem not to want to find/treat thyroid disease. You may have to go to more than one doctor before you get the right tests, interpretation, and treatment. Best wishes.

Ck these:

God bless you

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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

November 5, 2011

Joseph asks…

How to improve vision?

My vision is getting worse as I age and I’m only 15. It’s gotten to the point where, without glasses on, words this size get blurry at closer than an arms length. I hate wearing glasses, and even though I’m getting contacts very soon I would like to know some ways to naturally improve eyesight.

admin answers:

Eat lots of carrots! They really help your eyes.

Sharon asks…

How can I improve my eyesight?

Hi i can carely not pass my permit test for a day liscence i have a nystagmus and 20-70 in the left eye and 20-200 in my right with corrected glasses i have an eye appointment in a few days but are there any ways to improve vision naturally?
I know carrots improving your eyes is a myth but they do help preserve good eyesight or something
Any help? thanks.

admin answers:


Here is good guide which you can read on how to improve your eyesight its called “How to Improve Eyesight Without Surgery”

Thomas asks…

Is there anyway to improve your eyesight to 20/20 without glasses?

Over the past few years my eyesight has gone from 20/20 to 20/40 probably from being on the computer too much, and I’ve read that there are ways to improve you vision naturally and was wondering if anyone had any experience with or knew anything about this.

admin answers:

Beta carotene rich vegetables. Carrot juice. Any red or purple fruits. Etc

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