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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

February 15, 2012

Joseph asks…

Sudden Eye Problems in One Eye.?

Hi, so I guess this is about the 4th day I’ve been dealing with this eye problem. On Sunday, I had an early shift, and when I woke up, I noticed when I looked at the clock that it was a little blurry. This was very weird to me since I’ve had perfect vision all of my life. I noticed that it was mostly the right eye and that my eyes felt tired and were watery. It also felt like there was a clear film or something on my eye that was distorting my vision. As the day went on, my right eye started feeling better, but my left eye was having the same problems the right was having. Ever since, it’s been basically my left eye with the problem.

Now I don’t think my vision is going bad since I have times in the day where my vision is perfect. It just seems like when they get watery or that film or whatever gets on my eyes, then I see a little worse. I have been using artificial tears since it started about 3x a day and doing eyes exercises, but it’s not helping much so far.

A little about my situation. I do get stressed from time to time and was under quite a bit the day before this all started. I also have some anxiety symptoms as well. There was also a sharp temperature drop where I live near the time this started. I just want people’s opinion on what this may be. I don’t need 85 answers saying to see a doctor, because I already have that planned. I just wanna get a feel for if anyone else has had this and what it might be. Thanks to all who reply.

admin answers:

Honestly I don’t mean to scare you but it might be cataracts which can be corrected. I would recommend getting dilation or an optomap when you go to the doctor just to be sure. Lenscrafters offers it for under 90 bucks. You may also just have dry eyes or glaucoma. Doesn’t matter your age. Oh another thing is I know of that happening when sun damage has occured to the cornea but it’s unlikey to happen so quickly. Good Luck!

Lizzie asks…

Glasses make eyes worse?

Ever since I got these glasses in august last year [2009] My eyes have been getting worse. I have nearsightedness I think, I always get near and far sighted mixed up. I can’t see far away[TV, board at school, posters, etc.], everything will be blurry, but I can read books fine and see close up. I started wearing them basically full time except if i’m not going to do anything requiring reading far away for a while. So I was wondering, does wearing your glasses a lot make your eyes worse, faster, than if you didn’t wear them that much?
Sometimes I have to squint with my glasses on now, that’s how much of a difference they are now. At this rate i’m going to be virtually blind when i’m 20.

Oh also, another question: I’ve read up about eye exercises online, that claim to make your eyes stronger, and therefore better vision. But wouldn’t those exercises be the same as straining your eyes? Which is bad.

admin answers:

My advice would be to use your glasses only for distance vision if you can read fine and see close up without them. Nearsightedness will tend to worsen until you are about 20 anyway. However, many do believe that using them for closework when not really necessary will increase the tendency for your eyesight to worsen.

And you’re right about eye exercises. They are no different to straining your eyes, or more precisely, the eye muscles. Farsightedness and nearsightedness have little to do with the eye muscles. Both conditions are refractive errors that are caused by the geometry and structure of the optical components of the eyes (which cannot be exercised). Exercising your eyes will neither worsen nor improve your eyesight.

George asks…

I have an eye problem question?

I have had eye problems ever since I was a born. I was first treated from crossed eyes and now I think I have have ambliopia, because my brain shuts out the eye that lacks and keeps the good eye. But I am 17 years old now, without glasses, and for the last two years I have been trying to do eye coordination exercises that have been prescribed by my psychologist/vision therapist. Both my eyes have almost 20/20 clear vision but I used to have blurry vision. It’s just that my right eye is the weaker eye and it lacks in depth and lags a little behind. I am still unable to coordinate the two eyes together into one image. I try to tie a pencil to a string and hold the string up to my nose and do eye movement exercises with it. But now, when I look left, my right eye dominates and blocks part of my left eye out, and I see my nose. When I look right, my left eye domnates and blocks out my right eye, and I see my nose. When I look forward, my right eye dominates, and I am unable to get one image. The question is, what does a normal person see when he looks forward. Is he supposed to see his nose. What about when he looks left and right?

admin answers:

Good question. I’ll tell you that when I look ahead I do see my nose, but my brain usually just ignores it so I don’t see it obstructing my view of what is right below me. If your eyes are pointing in the right direction when you look ahead your nose shouldn’t be in the way. It’s visible if you concentrate on it, but the entire area below your nose can always be seen by at least one eye so your brain ignores it. The same thing happens when I turn my eyes sideways except that this time the outline of my nose is more noticeable because my far eye (ex: left eye if I’m look right) is focused on a spot that is almost in a direct line to it (instead of the bottom corner of my vision like when I’m looking straight ahead.)

If you’re just having trouble ignoring your nose and it’s not the orientation of your eyes when you are focused on an object then there are probably many things that you can do to try to “ignore your nose”. One thing that you may not have thought of or tried already is to think about what’s behind you. Think about it. When you look around you see see a big black empty spot behind you? No, your brain doesn’t allow for that. Try closing your left eye and looking with your right eye to the right as far as you can. How far backwards can you see? Pretty far right? But, where’s the edge of your vision? You don’t see blackness, it’s just nothingness. Now, try making a big smile to push your cheeks upwards. NOW you can see blackness around the bottom and edges of your vision. That is because the light enters the front of your eye (obviously) so your brain is now showing you blackness (bottom of your eyelids) instead of nothingness (like what’s behind you). Now, try squinting. Pretend like it’s a bright summer day and you’re squinting to see a bird flying in the direction of the sun. You close your eyes to see the bird, but are you bothered by the “black bars” that are visible on top and bottom of your view? No, you concentrate on the bird subconsciously and ignore these “black bars”. Without thinking the inside of your eye lids disappear just like you don’t see blankness behind you. Perhaps you need to treat your nose like this. Yes, my nose is visible, just like the inside of my eyelids are visible when I am squinting towards the sun. But, I don’t notice the inside of my eyelids for I am concentrating on what is in my environment. Think of your nose like the inside of your eye lids and hopefully you will be able to figure out how to ignore your nose. Despite the fact that light is bouncing off of your nose and going into your eyes, your brain can still ignore it. Soon it will become an instinct and you, like most other people, will not see your nose when you look around.

I hope what I have said will help you master the art of sight. I am 17 as well and have been wearing glasses for the past couple years. I used to have 20/10 vision (very very good) until I noticed one day that my vision was suddenly worse. It was so distracting that I couldn’t look at anything without consciously thinking about the lack of detail and sharpness that I used to be able to see. It was quite annoying (probably similar to you seeing your nose). So I went to the eye doctor and got a test. They said that I had even better than 20/20 vision and that glasses wouldn’t be able to improve my vision at all. They told me I was very lucky to have such great eyes. I was upset though because I used to have even better eyes and so now I felt that I was missing out. About two years later my vision suddenly became worse again. I went to the eye doctor and this time they told me I had 20/40 in one eye and 20/70 in the other. I got glasses and was thankful for being able to read the bottom line of the vision tests again with ease. Blurry vision is not easy to get used to after being able to see wonderfully. Anyways, today with my glasses I can see somewhere between 20/20 and 20/15 and I am thankful. I play soccer and run cross country without my glasses and only see blurs, but seeing sharp details is not important for those sports.

Anyways, I hope you can use what I have said to figure out your nose issue so you can focus on the things that you really want to focus on without such distractions. I wish you lots of luck.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

October 31, 2011

Susan asks…

Are there any eye exercises to improve vision atleast A little bit?

if so, can you give me the details? Is there anything i can eat to get better vision

admin answers:

The answer is quite simply … No.

A person has less than 20/20 eyesight because of the shape and length of their eye. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the eye do Nothing to correct the structure of ones eye. There are scams galore out there that will take your money and still leave you seeing blurry.

There is nothing you can eat to “improve” your vision. However, eating foods containing beta carotine and leutein like carrots and green leafy veggies will aid in the Health of the eye but still won’t make your vision better since it is the structure of the eye that causes less than perfect eyesight. That is why LASIK works because it changes the structure of the eye.

Betty asks…

Any eye exercises to improve my vision?

i have a really bad eyesight. I was wondering if anybody online knows any eye exercises to improve the vision?

admin answers:

Hello SuperMom Do U have I Dr. Maybe Low Vision therapist?

Thomas asks…

Can eye exercises actually improve your vision?

If so, by how much? And if not, what does it actually do? Is there any way to improve eyesight without Lasik eye surgery?

admin answers:

Short answer, no.

Long answer, also no.

Those who perpetrate this myth are frauds. You cannot manipulate the visual system into better sight. It just doesn’t work that way. If it did, manufacturers and retailers of optical corrections would have been out of business decades ago.

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Eye Exercises for Speed Reading Level 2

August 19, 2011

The second level of speed reading eye exercises. By focusing on the image as it moves around the screen, you’re building up the muscular structure surrounding your eyes, which makes it much easier for you to move your eyes across the page when speed reading. Don’t know how to speed read? Our website at will show you how it’s done…free!