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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

December 3, 2011

Susan asks…

Are there any “Exercises” to help ‘lazy eye’ ?

My sister (she’s 4 years old) has lazy eye, and she has to wear glasses for four weeks. It’s supposed to help correct her eye-sight. She has something else though. I can’t remember what it was. But does anyone know of any safe excercises she can do that will help??? One more question… it safe?

admin answers:

I had a lazy eye when I was a kid, and my doctor put a patch over my “strong” eye, so that I would have to see primarily out of my “lazy” eye. It works the muscles. I can’t see why this would be anything but safe. Of course, I would still suggest that you talk to her eye doctor before you do anything that may contradict her current treatment.

Ruth asks…

lazy eye-worse with contacts?

I’ve had a lazy eye since I was small. I did a lot of eye exercises when I was younger, and it basically corrected itself. My vision is pretty bad and I’ve been wearing contacts since age 12. The last time I went to get my eyes checked, the doc adjusted my prescription a bit and gave me a new brand of contacts because apparently the contacts I’d been wearing for years were discontinued. Well, ever since I got the new prescription, my lazy eye has come back. And it’s really noticeable :( The only time my eyes don’t get lazy is when I’m not wearing contacts or glasses, but then of course I can’t see. Any ideas???

admin answers:

It is going to take a little bit of time to adjust to wearing these. Sometimes with different companies they tend to make different models, and sometimes they may be similar, but at the same time they may be very different then the other ones too. Hopefully this helps. If it doesn’t get better, then talk to your doctor again, and they might be able to suggest a different brand.

James asks…

We’re going to the eye doctor today?

I’ve noticed for the last couple of weeks that it looks like my daughter my have a lazy eye, or is cross eyed.

We’re going to the doctor today for an eye exam and also having her left eye checked out. I’ve looked it up on the net and it says that some eye problems can be corrected by glasses, patch and even eye exercises.

IF she does have a lazy eye or is cross eyed, what can i expect?

admin answers:

I took my daughter in to have her eyes checked at 9 months because she was cross eyed. It ended up that she has accomodative strabismus, which just means that she is farsighted and crosses her eyes in order to focus. Though she doesn’t have a lazy eye, the fact that my daughter crosses her eyes means that she is at high risk for developing a lazy eye. She currently wears glasses and had surgery to help correct her eye muscles.

Treatment will depend on what your daughter’s diagnosis is. If she is farsighted like my daughter, then absolutely glasses will be the first step, and they often are all that is needed. If your daughter has also developed a lazy eye, then patching and possibly eye exercises are also done. If your daughter has what mine does (partially accomodative strabismus), then there is an added component of overly strong eye muscles and she may need surgery – though I would recommend trying the glasses and possibly patching and exercises first.

Best of luck. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions (you can use the email function here)

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