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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

November 5, 2013

Susan asks…

How can mindfulness promote your health and wellness?

I know it is good for your mental health but what about physically?

admin answers:

The biggest effect that practicing a mindful lifestyle will have on your health is lowering stress levels. Stress is related to so many physical conditions, including one of the biggest… Hypertension. By being mindful the amount stress in your life is decreased (because you’re not thinking about work when you’re with your kids, for example). When you are stressed, your body releases hormones that raise BP, increase heart rate and impair the immune system. Being mindful during meals will help you to eat less, which in turn will maintain you at a healthy weight. Also, being mindful of your body in general gives you an overall sense of what’s going on in your body. Some of us don’t listen to what our bodies tell us. If you are truly mindful and in touch with your body, you will pick up on tiny things that just don’t seem normal. This can lead to early recognition and correction of disease.

Ken asks…

How much stress and anxiety can the body take before it suffers from a heart attack or a stroke?

I understand this qustion is very hard to answer, but make of it what you will and answer the best you can, thanks, appreciated.
Say a person who doesn’t smoke, has no history of ill physical health. But has been through non stop stress and anxiety and several long term traumas over the past 10 years, suffering from constant stress every second of every minute of every hour etc and has constant high level stressors which they cannot escape. They are constantly running on addrenaline, and suffer from chest pains very regularly, they are 20.
Please don’t ask questions just answer the best you can, cheers.

admin answers:

Much depends on age,sex, nature of stress/anxiety so time frame varies from sudden death or it may take years.
Lets take broken heart syndrome, once you turn on light and shout happy birthday, it is all over in 15 minutes, due to acute trauma to myocardium and its blood supply, same with sudden bad news, or sudden surprises.
Young person can tolerate better, but conditions do apply (e.g soldiers) get trauma so often that they suffer from stiff heart Sydrome and sudden death is emminant after a blast.
In anxiety adrenaline does not play that muchpart as is assumed other factors come in action:
Specify weather it is physical or mental stress, be specific. I will talk of mental stress:
Inside Homeostasis
When a danger finally passes or the perceived threat is over, your brain initiates a reverse course of action that releases a different bevy of biochemicals throughout your body. Attempting to bring you back into balance, your brain seeks the holy grail of “homeostasis,” that elusive state of metabolic equilibrium between the stimulating and the tranquilizing chemical forces in your body.
If either the one of the stimulating or tranquilizing chemical forces dominates the other without relief, then you will experience an on-going state of internal imbalance. This condition is known as stress. And it can have serious consequences for your brain cells. (… )

In healthy subjects, acute mental stress simultaneously activates coagulation (ie, fibrinogen or von Willebrand factor) and fibrinolysis (ie, tissue-type plasminogen activator) within a physiological range. In patients with atherosclerosis and impaired endothelial anticoagulant function, however, procoagulant responses to acute stressors may outweigh anticoagulant mechanisms and thereby promote a hypercoagulable state. Chronic psychosocial stressors (job strain or low socioeconomic status) are related to a hypercoagulable state reflected by increased procoagulant molecules (ie, fibrinogen or coagulation factor VII) and by reduced fibrinolytic capacity. There is also some evidence that points to hypercoagulability in depression.(… ).

There is good evidence to show that stress can increase a person’s heart rate, lower the immune system’s ability to fight colds and increase certain inflammatory markers but can stress also raise a person’s cholesterol? It appears so for some people, according to a new study that examines how reactions to stress over a period of time can raise a person’s lipid levels.


Hope answered your question.

Daniel asks…

Is it possible for mushrooms and fungi to grow on your body?

If you were gross enough to never wash and kept your body damp and warm, could fungi actually grow on your body?
And I mean something a bit bigger than athletes foot.

admin answers:

Only if you have a severely impaired immune system. I’ve seen pictures of late-stage AIDS patients with full-on mushrooms growing in their throats.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

December 28, 2012

Paul asks…

What can i do to boost my nonexistant immune system?

I had chemo shots back in 2003(methotrexate),and since then,my immune system has been low to the point that i get sick almost everytime i step foot outside of my house.
I drink OJ and eat fruits with vitamin C,but it doesn’t seem to help.
Any suggestions?

admin answers:

YOu may have to try a multi-modal approach.

Vitamin C is one approach, but you need to suppliment it with other thing to counteract any immuno suppressants

one that people do not usually think of is stress. Be sure to get a proper amount of sleep each night and to take some time out fo dealing with stress.

Also, exercise on a regular basis.

Suppliment your vitamin c with a healthy diet.

Try to think of the immune system needing energy to work, and anything that would detract from that energy or impair it would cause issues for your immune system’s performance.
Things like:
-out of shape
-poor heating (like in the house)
-self-esteem issues

Laura asks…

How does one build up their immune system?

I’m not a big believer in taking vitamins. I actually do not like taking any kind of drugs of any sort, even for a headache. Can lack of sleep and stress weaken your immune system even if you are eating properly and exercising?

admin answers:

A balenced diet, adeqate rest and physical activity will help build your immune system. Taking vitamins and nutritional supplements is a nonsence option unless one has got problems with food and fluid intake, digestion and absorption. Stress including spending too much time on non physical activities (computer, TV, computer games etc) can impair immune system. Specific immunity can be obtained through vaccinations for certain conditions.

Chris asks…

What is the best way to boost your Immune System?

What foods or liquids can you est or drink to boost your antibodies & immune system?

admin answers:

I applaud you in your interest in strengthening your immune system with food. If you are interested in great ways to boost your immune system without food, go to

Boosting with food…..
As you may know, it is a challenge today to find foods that are mineral rich without added chemicals that are toxic.
The good news is it is possible to find healthy foods that are rich in vitamins, mineral, photonutrients, ect. For you body.

A place to start is looking for raw and organically grown fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Here is a sampling.
Vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, collard greens, and spinach are the great source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber,

Fruits (like blueberries, bananas , acai,and mangoes.) are good sources of antioxidants and phytonutrients

Proteins containing amino acids aids in the growth and repair of your immune system. Some protein sources can be chlorella , eggs, organic meat and poultry, fish especially those high in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, trout and tuna.

Medicinal Mushrooms such as Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake, and Coriolus Versicolor (turkey tail) are wonderful for building your immune system up.

Drinks like Wheatgrass, Aloe vera juice, green tea, white teas, and MonaVie juice are excellent drink choices to boost your immune system.

Whole grains like brown rice, millet, buckwheat, oats, and barley are also a valuable source of the vitamins, minerals and fiber that are an essential part of keeping the immune system healthy. Fiber helps cleanse the colon of toxins and helps prevent intestinal infections.

It is also important to avoid “bad” foods (“unprocessed” and “unrefined”) that will weaken your immune system.

Here is some suggestions:
Sugar contains no nutrients. Excessive sugar intake can deplete your body of several vitamins and minerals. Sugar impairs the ability of white blood cells to sweep up and kill bacteria. It also robs the body of key nutrients such as zinc that is vital for the immune function. Sugars food to avoid include soda pop, candy, many cereals, and ice cream.

Coffee Caffeine is a diuretic that contributes to the body’s loss of important nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The acid in coffee eats away the villi of the small intestine, reducing their effectiveness in supporting nutrient assimilation.

Alcohol (when consumed in excess), is a poison to every system of your body. It depresses the nervous system, inhibits the bone marrow’s ability to regenerate blood cells, is toxic to the liver, depletes B-vitamins, and is dehydrating.

Raw foods such as clams, oysters, sushi, very rare meats, and undercooked eggs contain infectious bacteria and intestinal parasites.

With the advent of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizer and green harvesting, our fruits and vegetables lack vital nutrients. Today, it is necessary that our diet will need supplements to the food for the immune system.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

December 13, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Supervisor very unprofessional RE sickness?


The days I work are : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Last Sunday I was in work (Im a care worker) and I wasnt feeling great when I left but went in anyway. When I got to one of clients I actually vomited so I phoned in and went home. Booked a drs appointment for the earliest possible (wed). I was violently ill all the Sunday and Monday, could barely keep water down. Was ok with liquids on Tuesday but still couldnt eat. Wed morning and afternoon I was fine, managed to eat it and keep it down but I was sick again after dinner.

Anyway the Dr examined me and said I had gastroentritis and said I should leave 48 hours between the last instance of vomiting and returning to work as its quite contagious and can seem to clear then just come on all of a sudden. She also gave me a note to confirm this.

I was sick the early hours of this morning despite being fineish on Thur so I phoned in. He was quite rude to me and was short of calling me a liar “do you have a note?”. Yes. I do. Seemed to imply he was going to “get me back” or somthing. Im not being funny but his main concern should be the health of our clients, many of which have impaired immune systems due to old age so what does he expect me to do, ignore the doctors advice and put them at risk and even risk vomiting in a clients house again?

Im quite angry but Im not well enough to argue the toss with him right now. But Im right arent I?

admin answers:

Main problem you have is — not the professional conduct of your Supervisor– simply your clear lack of common sense. For after bringing up the food you ate, you need to take water until digestion is settled. You say you ate solid food soon after being sick. Then what else could you expect? Try not to be so “angry with your self”.

Jenny asks…

Are You Aware Tha Elevated Blood Sugar And Severe Stress Are The Real Enemies NOT Cholesterol In Coronary?

Are you aware that elevated blood sugar and severe stress are the REAL enemies, NOT cholesterol in coronary heart disease?

“High blood sugar promotes CHD in numerous ways; it stimulates free radical activity, reduces vitamin C uptake by our cells, impairs the immune system, decreases levels of nitric oxide in our arteries, inhibits the breakdown of blood clots, and dramatically increases glycation, a process in which glucose molecules irreversibly attach themselves to protein and lipid molecules inside the body.. Amoung other things glycation stimulates further free radical production and results in the formation of advanced glycosylation end-products (AGEs), also known as glycoxidation products.

It’s a pity so few of us would even have a clue what out fasting blood glucose is because monitoring one’s blood glucose levels is a far more useful and widely applicable predictor of one’s future mortality risk than one’s cholesterol levels. “

admin answers:

As I always answer to these questions, there’s a lot of junk “theories” from pseudo-experts that I don’t know or care about.

The last part of the question is apparently a quotation from one of the pseudo-experts.

Sandra asks…

testicle cancer causing urinary symptoms?

Can cancer of the testicle impair the immune system? Thus causing an overgrowth of yeast and urinary symptoms?

admin answers:

Testicular cancer and infection as you asked are usually not related. Cancer usually causes local mass effect and problems associated with its spread or metastasis. However, cancer can result in lack of blood supply or necrosis complicated by potential inflammation and infection. Cancer can certainly overwhelm or interfere with the immune system.
In addition, it is known that the symptoms of testicular cancer and inflammation of the testis and/or epididymis can be similar. That’s why when ones have the pain, discomfort, lump or problem with testis, they should seek medical help. The early diagnosis is the key to long-term survival.
Good luck.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

July 25, 2012

John asks…

Is sulfer involved in the immune systems of plants?

Is sulfer, in any way, related (in a somewhat direct manner) to the immune system of a plant. If I stop all sulfer intake into a plant, would a side effect be an impaired immune system?

admin answers:

Sulfolipids and secondary sulfur compounds (alliins, glucosinolates, phytochelatins), play an important role in physiology and protection against environmental stress and pests. Sulfur compounds are also of great importance for food quality and for the production of phyto-pharmaceutics. Sulfur deficiency will result in the loss of plant production, fitness and resistance to environmental stress and pests.

Daniel asks…

Is it true that the swine flu is only deadly to those with weak immune systems?

I read that the most reported deaths as a result of the swine flu have occurred in people with either severe long-term diseases or impaired immune systems although there is always risk of anyone becoming infected. So does this mean that swine flu is fatal to the elderly and to young children?
Apparently, there have been 141 deaths out of 27,737 cases.

admin answers:

That is completely correct. I currently have swine flu and I am a 14 year old American so i am expected to recover and be good as new. From my experience it has been worse than the regular flu but just the same symptoms merely stronger. But unless you have a weak immune system you should recover well

Paul asks…

What causes the symptoms of a common cold?

Is it the direct effect of the virus causing sneezing, excessive mucus, inflammation, sore throat, streaming eyes, shivering and fever, wheezing etc, or is it the immune response going into action to prevent the virus doing more serious damage, or over-reacting against the invasive pathogen, or is it neutral or pathogenic bacteria causing disease, or is it an allergic response to the toxins produced by bacteria?

Or is malignant spirits, pollution in the atmosphere, the weather, not doing enough exercise, impaired immune system, laziness, laying in bed and moaning, smoking, drinking too much, not enough chicken soup?

admin answers:

It is not typically the virus DIRECTLY. Viral infections in teh respiratory tract induce massive immune responses. Cytokines such as interferon alpha and beta, as well as various interleukins are released into the blood stream. These cytokines are immune modulators that recruit various immune cells as well as change function(s) of epithelial, endothelial, and other immune cells already present at the site of infection. For instance, mast cells (a specialized type of immune cell) release granules containing histamine. You recognize the term “antihistamine?” Histamine causes a number of problems including sneezing, watery eyes, etc. Virus infection of various cells can kill the cells, however, and lead to some problems such as excess mucous, pain, and cough. But in general, the answer is that the immune system is responding to the presence of the virus, which is where the bulk of the symptoms come from. It’s a double edged sword.

Oh and by the way, there are multiple viruses that cause ‘the common cold.’ Coryza, is not one of them as someone said earlier – it’s not even a virus. It’s the term given to symptoms of a cold. The main culprits are human rhinovirus, human coronavirus 229E, human coronavirus OC43, and parainfluenza viruses including respiratory syncytial virus.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

April 7, 2012

Donna asks…

Help with eye exercises!!!??? ***Answer only IF you believe they help your eyes!!!***?

1. I confirmed that they infact DO improve your vision.

The problem:

2. I do them and it makes my eyes vision better, but whenever I blink, it goes away? Why? Do I have to do them like thousands of times or something like that?

admin answers:

Being as you only want to hear from BELIEVERS and not the facts…you are seeing for yourself why it is all baloney.

You can trick your brain for a few minutes , but exercises won’t change the shape of your eye, which is what is causing the refractive error to begin with.

OOOPS, sorry…you don’t want medical facts.

Mark asks…

How can I improve my eyesight?

I already have really bad vision. I wear glasses with strong lenses too. I want to improve my vision so I don’t have to wear my glasses all the time. I don’t want to get contacts or have eye surgery- I’m only a teenager. I’ve hear about these books where you learn about eye exercises, which can improve your vision. Has anybody heard about it or actually tried it?
Thanks for your quick repose guys. :)

admin answers:

This is a fact that if you eat ALOT of carrots it will help but not drastically

Paul asks…

Do I do this eye exercise with my glasses on or off?

I have worn glasses for over 2 years and recently read some articles about improving vision naturally through eye exercises. I was just wondering, am I supposed to do the eye exercise in which you stare at a distant object with my glasses on or off?

What about exercises like focusing on something close and the focusing on something far, palming, zooming, etc.?

admin answers:

The idea of eye exercises is to help bring about normal function of the eye and the mind. Sure its possible to find one person, insist that they try eye exercises and find out after one year their prescription was totally unaffected.
Then again its possible to find examples of people who couldn’t drive a car without glasses, getting help and later improving their eyesight so much that they can now legally drive. ( )

One therapist (who appears regularly on tv) is well known to have been born with cataracts, glaucoma and a few other rare conditions and was declared legally blind. His name is meir schneider if you care to look him up. He was introduced to ‘eye exercises’ at the age of 17 and nowadays can be seen on tv or writing in books describing how giving up and neglecting any part of your body will definitely lead to deterioration and/or illness.
Being legally blind and then being able to drive is a clear example of how holistic methods have had a positive effect on a person’s life.

Anyway what are the issues involved with eye exercises? Technically nearsightedness is defined as having eyeballs that are elongated front to back. So if this shape remains the same and the lens and cornea remain the same then the prescription has no chance of changing.

However what is indisputable is that the muscles of the eye are there for a reason. If we had none of these muscles then our eyes would be pretty much useless. There is the extraocular muscles with which your eyeballs can turn around in their sockets (to look up down etc.) There’s the ciliary muscle which is vital for your eye to change from seeing the distance to seeing something close up.
Does everyone need these muscles in order to function normally? Yes. Is there a guarantee that EVERYONE in the public is using these muscles correctly or have them in a workable state? No.
Since when did we live in a 100% healthy population?

Sorry I forgot the orbicularis muscle. This is crucial for closing your eyes and for blinking.

So if you are sure all of these muscles are working 100% ok for you then eye exercises won’t be helpful in this area.

The other issues are how you use your eyes, stress and the mental process of eyesight.
The eye has the simple job of refraction. This means the rays of light enter the eye and are then concentrated/ pointed in the right direction. The process of actually SEEING starts with the retina and ends in the brain. This area can also be prone to problems or failure. If the existence of stress is acknowledged then we can establish the possible cause of the problem.
Does everyone suffer the same amount of stress? Is it the true that noone actually suffers from excessive stress in their lives? Well if we lived in stressless world why does the word ‘stress’ exist.

So anyway if you never suffer from stress and have a consistent level of relaxation allowing you the time and freedom to take in visual information and process it then again….eye exercises won’t do anything for you.

There is something worth noting though.
Nobody claims eye exercises are a risk to your health. Nobody claims they help or contribute to eyesight getting worse. And doing eye exercises will possibly be something that will just take up one hour of just one day of your life. There’s no price to pay and there’s always the option to go back to glasses. Being honest I made a big deal in my head whether commiting to the idea of doing eye exercises was a waste of my time. But having done that first exercise and not seriously having worn glasses since then I can say it was a pretty lousy predicament (looking back at myself). Being unprepared to experiment with anything is a very ineffective way of approaching life.

BTW its worth pointing out staring is anti social and will be a cause of strain. On your eyes as well as other people. Everyone is familiar with magnifying glasses and binoculars. We stare into them. Glasses are no different.
See for some advice in this area.

Why are there people online here spending every day of their lives trying to tell people they waste their time with eye exercises? If eye exercises were proven to never work then there is a non-issue here. A complete non-event that is not worth anyones breath. There would be no logic for anyone to put effort into attacking the idea.
The question then becomes why is it only people who SELL glasses that are the ones (online) that try as hard as they can to convince people to avoid it? Quoting from a previous answer: ‘nobody uses eye exercises because they dont work. That’s why everyone wears glasses or has lasik.’ Well if everyone is buying glasses right now this issue would then not be in dispute. However I don’t understand why there are people spending all their time online devoted to a crusade which apparently has no relevance to their business.

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