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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

December 13, 2011

Paul asks…

eye exercises to improve vision, can this be done?

is really any eye exercise to improve vision? is it really possible

admin answers:

Eye exercises to improve vision are finding favor with many people who do not want to wear lenses or spectacles. Studies have shown that more people are having problems relating to their eyesight as the amount of time spent in front of TVs and computers has increased.

There are a few different eye exercises that you can regularly practice to prevent any problems with your vision. One of these simply involves more blinking. This helps to keep your eyes free from strain and removes any dust or dirt. When we are focused on an object such as a computer screen we do not blink as much as we should.

Eye exercises to improve vision also involve a technique known as the figure of eight. It will help to promote flexibility in your eye muscles. To carry this out you need to imagine an eight foot wide figure of eight that is placed onto its side approximately 10 foot in front of you. You should then trace the outline of this figure with your eyes and change the direction after every minute. It can take quite a bit of time to get use to doing this but it is worthwhile.

Nancy asks…

Eye exercises to help improve my vision?

I’ve heard that there are eye exercises that people can do to improve their vision.
I am nearsighted, and have 20/40 vision. I hate taking out my glasses every time I have to read something small on the overhead or chalkboard in school.
What are some of these eye exercises I can do to improve my vision, even a little bit. Do they actually work? Has anyone benefited from doing this?
some links or examples would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

admin answers:

There are no excercises hat can be suggested for the purpose of reducing your myopia.

Lisa asks…

Eye exercises to improve vision?

My powers are like -6 for both eyes, and I really don’t want to get new glasses. My current glasses are -2.25. Also, I can’t avoid using computers. So any eye exercises that can bring up my powers a little bit? Thanks.

admin answers:

Eye exercises are good for your eye muscles, they do nothing for your vision. Glasses, contacts, surgery are your options.

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How To Improve Eyesight, Learn It Here

November 30, 2011

How To Improve Eyesight, Learn It Here

Article by Michael P. Chan

Many people need to wear eyeglasses. It is a fact that as you get older your need for eyeglasses naturally increases. The fact is, there are other things that you can do in order to get better vision. If the prospect of wearing eyeglasses for the rest of your life just is not something that appeals to you, then you need to learn this important information on how to improve eyesight naturally and easily.

There are a lot of exercises that you can do in order to help your eyesight. They are not even very complicated. The fact is, most people’s eyes get strained and that is the main reason that they have a harder time seeing. If you can do some eye exercises to take the strain off of your eyes then you should be able to see more clearly.

When you eyes are tired, they tend to blur and can even burn a little bit. When this occurs, you will need to find a quiet spot to sit down and relax. Then relax your eyes and close them for a few minutes. This will take out a lot of the strain from your eyes.

Some of the eyesight issues is just a result of our own bad habits. Once we recognize our own bad habits we can stop doing them and see more clearly. The main thing that we should do is relax our eyes when they get stressed out and strained.

Other techniques that can really help are simple focusing exercises. One really great one is to focus on one thing that is closeup and then focus on an object that is farther away. You will need to focus on each object for a few seconds and do this exercise many times in a row.

You can also go online and buy some natural pills and vitamin that will really improve your eyesight. There are some very good products on the market. You just need to go online and research them. Get better eyesight naturally and stop the need of wearing glasses.

More information about How To Improve Eyesight go to :


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Alternatives to Improve Eyesight

November 25, 2011

Alternatives to Improve Eyesight

Article by Charles Cheow

The immediate reaction for someone experiencing problems with their vision is to think they probably need glasses. Of course eye glasses are one way to improve eyesight and further, many are taking advantage of laser surgery to do so completely and permanently. However, in some cases, it may be possible to use natural means for this task. With access to the Internet, an ample amount of information is available to anyone who wishes to try the natural way to healthier and better functioning eyes.

Often, the culprit for declining eyesight is eye strain or fatigue. As with any muscle, the eye can be easily over worked and in need of rejuvenation. Some believe that the habits we develop that cause eye strain are the sole cause of poor eyesight. While many would be skeptical about this theory, the treatment recommended by those with this belief seem to make sense and have been proven to be at least beneficial to temporarily improve eyesight. Some may approach the course of natural treatment from the perspective of “what can it hurt?” and find to their surprise that their eyes feel more fresh and their vision sharper.

It is not advised to forgo an eye exam and even purchasing glasses if needed, especially for activities such as driving for the sake of safety. However, the exercises and relaxation techniques as well as the change of habits that are recommended for a natural approach to improve eyesight are relatively easy to learn and implement. Along with the potential improvement in vision, the techniques can be beneficial in relieving stress and clearing the mind. Normally the word exercise denotes an effort to strengthen muscles. When it comes to eye exercises, however, they are done to actually relax the muscles.

Although the eye is a muscle, the muscles targeted by eye exercises are commonly those external to the eye. There is a popular theory that when these muscles are extremely tense, they not only will cause your eyes to feel strained, but will actually change the shape of them causing a distorted vision. Staring or having a limited vision field for long periods of time, such as when at a computer is the most common cause of tense muscles affecting the eyes. Making it a habit to look away from the immediate field of vision to a broader one is a great first step in relieving strain and fatigue. A good goal is to look into the distance once every fifteen minutes. Finding other exercises that promote circulation, especially to the shoulder area and above will make a world of a difference.

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Bates Vision Care for Better Eyesight Using Vision Exercises

October 31, 2011

Bates Vision Care for Better Eyesight Using Vision Exercises

Article by James Johnson

Some people have an issue getting their head around the idea of eye exercises, and not such a long time ago it was said to be a new age fad with no systematic backing. New research, has shown that bad vision is not necessarily caused by genetics; lifestyle and environment can play a serious part in the health of our eyes.Man is naturally a hunter, and the eyes of a hunter are designed to find and identify at some considerable distance. It is a known fact that people like farmers and sailors who spend a lot of time looking into the distance regularly keep good eye sight well into old age. In a natural environment we exercise our eyes all the time. When we study the horizon, for instance and then look at something close by, our eyes or automatically refocus. The tiny muscles that control our eyes are just like any other muscle in our body, they have to be exercised regularly. Unfortunately, most people when they public when they begin to be afflicted by myopia reach for the glasses. This is a good short term solution, but is really damaging in the long run. This is rather like going everywhere in an automobile instead of walking. Your health practitioner would counsel you to exercise rather than taking the auto. When you visit the optician though he’ll prescribe glasses and tell you eye exercises will not work.Our environment also has a lot to answer for when we consider some of the causes of nearsightedness. Computer screens are made from thousands of thousands of pixels. Over time this will cause strain and strain on the eyes. The American Optometric Association has labeled this condition, “computer vision syndrome”.Staring at a PC Screen for any period proscribes the blood flow and freezes the energy and muscles. The good news is that just five to ten mins spent on eye exercises every day can have a major enhancement. Get into the practice of looking away from the screen at regular intervals and if possible, look at the most distant object in your environment.For this situation there are special optical exercises and vision improvement strategies that may help to regain the flexibility and strength, restoring the clear vision previously enjoyed. Folks now enjoy better health and fitness well into old age, there is no reason why their vision should not remain clear and sharp as well.At as we become more mindful of how eye exercises can help us keep our vision and improve the health of our eyes, doing eye exercises will become an important part of our fitness regime. Most of us take our eyesight for granted and never give it any thought. Only when our eyesight starts to fail do we start to go looking for solutions, by then it is all too straightforward to use spectacles as the quick-fix option.Certain nutrients such as chromium copper gluconate and lutein can help to keep our eye sicknesses like glaucoma and muscular degeneration in check. Vegetables and vegetables which are a bright orange, red or yellow in color are a good source of lutein which explains the old theory of why carrots are so good for the eyes.Eye exercises can do much to reduce strain and improve visual acuity. It is a natural healthy way to keep vision and eye health. With consistent practice there is no reason why you should not keep good vision well into old age.

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Eight Exercises to Improve Eyesight

October 26, 2011

Eight Exercises to Improve Eyesight

Article by Ted Brumby

Many bemoan the fact that as we age our eyesight becomes poorer, but few relate this to the simple truth the eye is supported by muscles just like any other part of the body. If you do not keep them in shape they will become weaker; the muscles will lose their tone and become rigid, causing decreased elasticity in the eye which can lead to sight loss. Exercising your eyes regularly will keep them healthy and relieve eyestrain.

The increase in computer-related jobs and free time spent online has also added to many eye problems, which can be greatly aided by keeping your eyes refreshed and exercised. Eye exercises are physical therapy not just for the eye, but also the brain, due to the optic nerve which connects them both. Relieving eye tension will also ease up on your brain strain, in turn, relaxing your entire body.

The ciliary muscles of the eye tense up when we focus on nearby objects, and relax when we focus further away. Below are some exercises you can practice to not only keep your eyes healthy as you grow older, but may also improve poor vision for those already relying upon contacts or eyeglasses.

1. Sit in a chair, posture erect, spine straight, body relaxed. Keeping your body motionless while moving only your eyes, find a point you can focus on in front of you without straining and move your eyes from your lap, to this point, and back again. Repeat five times.

2. Close your eyes, placing your hands tightly over each eye so that no light gets in. The heels of your palms should rest upon your cheekbones. Breathe deeply. This relieves eye tension and strain and is very relaxing. Practice for three to five minutes.

3. Move eyes slowly upwards as far as you can, then downwards. Repeat five times. Blink rapidly to relax the eye muscles. Repeat this exercise, only now moving your eyes slowly from left to right and back again.

4. Gently squeeze eyes shut for three seconds, then open them and repeat five times. This is an excellent exercise to relieve computer strain on the eyes by stimulating the tear ducts.

5. Hold an object in front of you at arm’s length, waving it slowly back and forth in a figure eight while following it with your eyes. Do this for approximately 10-15 seconds. This helps stimulate the nutrient flow within the eye while improving eye coordination.

6. This exercise helps strengthen the iris and is best done at night, in front of a bright lamp. With no other lights on in the room, sit in a comfortable position facing the lamp with your eyes closed, switching the lamp on and off in time to your slow, relaxed breathing.

7. Focus on a small object at arm’s length, such as a pencil, inhale, then move it slowly in to touch the tip of your nose. Exhale, keeping your eyes on the pencil and move it slowly back out again. Repeat three times.

8. This is a fabulous method to relieve eye tension for those working in offices with access to windows. Focus on a distant object outside for eight seconds then slowly refocus your eyes on an object close at hand. Repeat three times, and often during the day, at least once per hour.

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