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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Astigmatism

January 6, 2012

Laura asks…

Getting rid of glasses?!?

How can I get rid of glasses? I’m long sighted so I have been told it is impossible for me to get any kind of eye surgery. I wear +6 glasses and I hate it! I’m too young for contact lenses and even if I was older the eye shop says they would be super hard to make for me because I also have astigmatism, (Ithink that’s how it’s spelt). I can see and even read perfectly well without my glasses but one eye (I can change which on does) turns in really badly. I actually read online that you can get rid of your glasses using special eye exercises but they involve not wearing your glasses. My mum freaks out anytime I’m not wearing my glasses because she thinks my eyesight will get worse than what it already is! Sorry for this being so long but any ideas?

admin answers:

I do have contacts for astigmatism but I’m more around -6 not +6. I’d ask around more about this. However hard contacts are not unusable if its your only option. When I first had contacts they were the only ones available and I thought they were wonderful. However they take time to get used to and are painful initially. Some people did give up on trying to wear lenses for this reason.

Not wearing your glasses does not make your eyes worse there is no evidence for this, so you need to sit your Mum down and explain to her that this is the case. Ask her to speak to the optician if she doesnt’ believe you or ask why she thinks this. If your optician thinks that your eyesight would worsen without then he/she needs to explain this to you and say why. The situation may be different becaue of your eye turn, but you are obviously able to understand your own problems and have the right to have them explained properly to you.

There is no evidence that eye exercises improve eyesight. No neutral scientific studies have verified any claims and those saying they do improve eyesight are mainly looking for you to make soem form of payment. If you think about it , if eyesight was improved by execises would anyone wear glasses/contacts? There is no way teh information could be hidden these days.

Even if there is nothing currently which can help you to manage withotu glasses there may be something in the future. When I was in school contacts had only just come out and lazer surgery was unheard of. Advances are being made all the time and you need to keep an eye on the situation.

Robert asks…

is there a natural cure for….?

astigmatism? i had a friend who had astigmatism, never went for a opt, stopped wearing glasses and all he did was “an eye exercise” …..focusing on an object for quite some time from a distance….does it really show results?

admin answers:

There are eye exercises than can reduce astigmatism and other refractive disorders. The exact mechanism of how they work is uncertain, but they do work. It seems that through exercising extraocular muscles eye and cornea somehow change into normal shape. To what extent they can reduce astigmatism I cannot say, but you will notice improvement very quickly.

For more information about eye exercises go here:

Best regards,

Richard asks…

computers gave me myopia and astigmatism?

smh I WANT MY 20/20 BACK LOL.
any exercises to stregnthen my eye back
or its gone forever..

i know its gone FOR GOOD.

admin answers:

Working on computers will not cause myopia and/or astigmatism. These are determined by the shape of your eyeball (and the shape of your eye sockets) and the contour of your cornea, and both are determined by your genes, your inheritance. Lasik eye surgery can correct both conditions, so consider it when you are old enough and your skull has finished growing.

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