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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept It

November 22, 2012

Ruth asks…

What do you call those types of poems and paragraphs?

Where the first letter of each line actually comes together to spell out a phrase or a word, like a hidden message inside the message?

If you know the answer to that then your next mission if you choose to accept it….is to make a poem for me that in the end spells: LAURIE AND JOHN with the first letter of each sentence.

Best one gets BEST ANSWER!

admin answers:

Love will
Always keep
Us together
Remember the
Expirences we will

Always share
Night and
Day I am

Just mesmerized
Over your kind caring
Heart that I
Now realize loves me as much as I love you

Sandy asks…

Can Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit see everyones future in exact detail?

This question is meant in the context of – can Jesus see everyones future like he could see Lottery number results or is it unknown to him? My understanding is that he is lord and can do anything, but then Im no bible student. I know he has plans for people if such people choose to accept him and follow him, however, does he actually *have* the power to give you a detailed future log of exact events or is it mysterious even to him despite the plans?

admin answers:

Yup. He knew everything about us even before we were born.

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Laura asks…

please answer!! this story any good?

When I woke up, I could feel it was too early. So, I lay in my bed and listened to the bird’s cheery song from outside my bedroom window. Whilst I listened, I tried to think through the last couple of days and what had been happening to me. I couldn’t make any sense to it; there was no point in even trying to anymore. I felt like my own sanity was at it’s end.

I checked the time on my phone, it said it was just after five a.m. Great. I sat up straight, knowing that there was no way in hell I was going to be able to get back to sleep. I headed for the bathroom hoping that a hot shower would remove the grogginess I felt.

I stood under the steaming, hot water, letting its jets remove the knots and kinks of sleep from my stiff body. I stood in the shower until the water began running cold, then I hastily stepped out and began getting ready for the day ahead.

It was coming up to six when I was finished drying and curling my hair and was dressed in my horrific school uniform. Pulling back the coats that I had hung there, I looked at myself in the full length mirror that I kept on the back of my bedroom door. I stared at my reflection, looking for any signs of a change. I didn’t look any different.

I still had my eyes. They were the same blue-green colour that could never decide whether they wanted to be blue or green, still big and round with a bold frame of thick, black lashes. I still had my hair, long golden locks that I curled every day, my cheekbones, my strong but female nose, and wide-ish mouth. I looked exactly the same. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. I mean, what did I expect? That I would change over night into to some freaky monster or something? I took one last look at myself before turning away. Nope, still me.

It sounded as if I was totally insecure about my self or something, when in reality (unless I really am going crazy) my body had been changing. Taking advantage of my spare time, I logged onto my laptop, hoping I might find a cause or some medicine or something.
Symptoms- Paling, anger, rock hard muscles when angry, dreams, when talking to someone have visions of hurting them, heard voices when near someone

I sighed as I clicked search, thinking I would find mental help services or something like that. The first few results where ads, selling anxiety medicines and mental help sessions. The Rest was more helpful, sort of. I clicked on the first link-
Are you feeling tense? Like you’re going crazy? Come and talk to Aunt Rosie! She’ll help you sort things out without judging you! Just £100 pound a session!
This was not helping me feel hopeful at all; too expensive and not helpful! I clicked on the next link, expecting more of Aunt Rosie.
Instead, I found list of terms and conditions:

I choose accept, slightly wary of these strange rules but curios as ever. I was sure what to expect, but when a chat room called DISCOVER appeared on my screen, I was shocked. A chat-room? The choice of servers available to chat on where even stranger.

*Blood lust (14 posts- 17 online)
*Physic (2 posts- 3 online)
*ghostly (32 posts- 68 online)
*where at full moon (74 posts- 0 online)
* Symptoms (9 posts- 21 online)
*Bitten (34 posts- 23 online)

I stared, dumb struck at the screen for at least five minutes, until snapping into reality. Was this… for real?

admin answers:

There is no ‘advanced’ vocabulary, however it kept me interested which in my opinion is all that matters for a story.
The only things i would change are : I couldn’t make any sense TO it ( should be OF )

They were the same blue-green colour that could never decide whether they wanted to be blue or green
(Blue and green twice in the same sentence is abit to much, try something like) They were the same blue-green colour, that could never decide exactly what hue they wanted to be.

Im not the best writer so im sure you can come up with a better sentence then that though lol.

The final bit is : YOU MUST NOT TAKE THIS UNSERIOSLY. Unseriosly is not a word, although in your story it could be seen as part of the ‘is it real’ scenario, but id probably just change it anyway.
Either You must take this seriously, or, You must not take this slightly.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

June 1, 2012

Maria asks…

Two question! PLEASE RESPOND! one is about a sprained knee and other is why do I keep like blacking out!?

Okay on August 18th or 19th I was playing tennis and hurt my knee. I went to the and he said I just had fluid and it will get better on its own. It never did so he sent me to get x-rays. They said I had a joint e-fusion, and it will get better soon. Next it never did so I was sent to go to an orthopedic surgeon. He wanted me to get an MRI because he thought I tore something. I went back today for the results and he said I had a REALLY bad sprain (one of the worsts he has seen) and that I am not aloud to do any any exercise at all (which is hard for me because I do 6 dance classes, 2 days of tennis, run 1-2 miles everyday,and workout.) So I was wondering about how long it will take to heal. He said if it isn’t better in 3 weeks he has to run more tests :( So please help me out.

Also like once every week or something like that my vision goes all black. I close my eyes and with in 10 seconds it is back to normal. I can’t figure out what is wrong. I do get migraines. I don’t want to tell my mom. Is it anything serious? I get a little shaky at first for like 3 seconds then am fine. Am I blacking out or something?
I mean knee!

admin answers:

As long as you continue stressing your knee, it cannot heal itself. You need to give it a break from running, dance, etc. It is telling you that you can’t keep doing these activities right now or it isn’t going to heal itself – you need to listen. Hopefully, you are also taking some sort of anti-inflammatory medication to help your knee heal.

Regarding the “blacking out”. In younger people, this can be related to dehydration or dieting which is the most common cause. Another cause would be your migraines. If this is a new symptom that accompanies a migraine, you need to be talking to your doctor about your symptoms.

Betty asks…

help with some glasses problems?

SO I am a 14 year old boy n the eighth grade and just got these semi rimless glasses. Now I would be asking my dad these questions but I am afraid he might get kind of mad for reasons I won’t be explaining right now. But anyway I have been having some issues with my glasses. First of all my eyes feel like they are exercising a lot when I where them. Then sometimes I can see outside the glasses zone with my normal vision and the two visions just clash together at the endings of the glasses frame making it hard to focus. Lastly I have pretty good eye sight, but needed glasses to see things farther away. So I’m on the edge of needing glasses really. But I don’t really notice all that much difference with my eyesight seeing far away. I ave a little, but its hard to tell. Is that a good thing? Any feedback would be apreciated.
I know these glasses are the right perscription. but its hard for me to notice, I do notice they are better,, but is this just from just getting them.

admin answers:

They may have given you the wrong prescription. That sounds like a progressive lens, a bifocal with out a line. You may want to tell you dad.

Laura asks…

Two question! PLEASE RESPOND! one is about a sprained ankle and other is why do I keep like blacking out!?

Okay on August 18th or 19th I was playing tennis and hurt my knee. I went to the and he said I just had fluid and it will get better on its own. It never did so he sent me to get x-rays. They said I had a joint e-fusion, and it will get better soon. Next it never did so I was sent to go to an orthopedic surgeon. He wanted me to get an MRI because he thought I tore something. I went back today for the results and he said I had a REALLY bad sprain (one of the worsts he has seen) and that I am not aloud to do any any exercise at all (which is hard for me because I do 6 dance classes, 2 days of tennis, run 1-2 miles everyday,and workout.) So I was wondering about how long it will take to heal. He said if it isn’t better in 3 weeks he has to run more tests :( So please help me out.

Also like once every week or something like that my vision goes all black. I close my eyes and with in 10 seconds it is back to normal. I can’t figure out what is wrong. I do get migraines. I don’t want to tell my mom. Is it anything serious? I get a little shaky at first for like 3 seconds then am fine. Am I blacking out or something?
yeah i guess u r right, and its my knee sorry

admin answers:

Well, im sorry about your ankle, i know how hard it is to sit out of sports, but I broke my ankle and it has been 3 months and I am not close to the finish line ugh! It should get better on its own and do what the doctor says (they always know best!) About your headaches I am not sure but I would bring it up to your mom because it is better safe than sorry!

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 28, 2012

Donald asks…

Headache for over a year and a half – 14 year old girl?!?

Right, here goes! I’m a 14 year old girl and I’ve had the same headache for over a year and a half. Straight. I’m not over exaggerating when I say, since the start of my headache, I have NEVER had a day when my head doesn’t hurt. The intensity of my headache varies from day to day, some days it’s bearable yet others I literally can not move because of the pain.

When it started, my parents thought nothing of it, that it would just go away – but it never did. So we went to a doctor, they questioned me and couldn’t find anything wrong. They said to come back in a few months’ time if the headache is still there and/or it’s gotten worse. So we did, we went to the doctors about 5 times in total because of my constant headache. They did various tests on me like checking my blood pressure or sugar level and more, but all was fine. Again, they told me to return if the headache still hasn’t gone. I’m returning in a few days’ time.

Because of the AMAZING doctors we have here in the UK, they’ve not been able to help me at all. A few times I got pain-killers prescribed so I took them. At times, I took medicine which I wasn’t prescribed, just to see if it would help – but it didn’t. No medicine or painkillers I have taken for this headache have ever helped, not even in the slightest! When I was in Germany about a month ago, my auntie gave me the second-strongest painkiller tablets known, and she guaranteed me that they would help. So I took them, and yet again – nothing changed.

Here’s the thing though. None of my family have ever experienced headaches of this intense pain nor for this long. I am short-sighted and I have started wearing glasses. I actually wore glasses when I was around 5/6 years of age and my eyesight has actually gotten worse because of them. I started wearing them again a few months ago because the doctors thought it was to do with my eyes, even though my headaches aren’t located anywhere near my eye sockets. So I got tested at the opticians and I now wear a new pair of glasses. My head still hurts when I wear them and then my eyes start hurting too, the only thing they helps really is my vision.

I have a fairly good lifestyle, I think. I have a healthy diet, I exercise, I drink a lot of water, I get enough sleep (8-9 hours a night), I’m rarely ever stressed, I don’t have mood swings or get angry for no particular reason. The doctors have thought it may be because of my hormones or the fact I’m growing up but the strange bit is none of my friends or anyone I know has or has had this, and neither have any of my family.

It’s gotten to a really serious level now and I just don’t know what it could be. I’m wondering if anyone here would be able to help me.? Any help at all would be highly appreciated and I’m sorry it’s so long – I just wanted to fit everything in.. Thank you! ^_^

admin answers:

I don’t want to scare you but have any of the doctors sent you for a CAT scan to see if there is some blockage in your head? You could have some sort of blockage that is putting pressure on your brain and causing all your symptoms.

Ask your doctor to check for that, if they find it from the ex-ray they can fix it.

The reason the pain killers don’t work any longer is you have built up an immunity to them. The only way to change that is to either get a stronger one or stop using them for awhile to lower your immunity which are not options right now.

Good Luck!

Mandy asks…

What exactly is my problem?

I’ve got many different symptoms, had most of them for a long time now. Maybe they’re related, maybe they’re not, but I can’t find any answers. I’ve been to the doctor many times, been to different specialists. I’ve had both an MRI and a CT scan of my head. They were said to come back fine. I’ve worn a 24 hour heart monitor. That test was said to come back fine. I’ve been to a nuerologist, an opthamologist, a standard eye doctor, and a family doctor. I currently have an upcoming appointment with the nuerologist again. In the mean time, I want to try to find some answers. Now, on to the actual symptoms.

- Headaches. These are not standard headaches, they’re hard to explain. I don’t know if I’d even call it a headache, but that’s all I know to call it. In a way, it’s like a lightheaded feeling where it hurts to look at anything, almost making you feel like you could pass out. I think it’s in my whole head, but it’s centered behind the eyes. It can be triggered when I do things like exercise.

- Shakiness/weakness. I hate this. I feel shaky and weak all the time. I’m always shaky to an extent (for example, not being able to hold hands completely still) but it especially happens when I do something like exercise. After exercising, my arms/legs/whatever I’m exercising will usually start shaking a lot.

- Eye problems. Other than the headaches I mentioned, I have other eye problems. I have many things in my field of vision. Something that I like to call “eye static” (don’t know the official term for it), floaters, flashes of light after blinking, lines floating by, tiny little moving dots that look like bugs, etc. All of this 24/7.

- Depression/anxiety/OCD-like symptoms. I wasn’t going to mention this, but I figure I might as well anyway. Most of this is rooted in a religious problem, so I doubt that’s related.

So, yeah. I’ve got a few other issues that I won’t mention at this point, some of which could probably be blamed on my diet and a poor immune system. I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I want to get in good shape, but I feel that these things are getting in the way of that. Any idea what the problem might be, and how to fix it?

admin answers:

If the doctors did all that and couldn’t find anything then why are you asking this?

Robert asks…

Why did I get dizzy and threw up after I exercised?

SO, my friend dragged me into physical training the other morning and I am not used to exercising that much. I really pushed myself. I wanted to eat breakfast before but my friend said not to because I might throw up. -.- (irony?) So anyways, after working out I was sitting down, and I really had to use the bathroom(like badly) but I didn’t go because we weren’t by a bathroom. Then all of a sudden, and got bad stomach pains(nauseous) and i stood up. I was really light headed and dizzy and every time I opened my eyes, I’d see a bright light and my vision had like a white light around the edges, and it started getting hard to breathe and concentrate. So I closed my eyes for a second and all of a sudden, I threw up. And I’ve never thrown up before ( i know, weird) I mean besides when I was a baby(which i don’t remember) . And then I started dry heaving since there was nothing in my stomach. It REALLY HURT. So yeah. After I threw up and walked a bit, I felt better and I didn’t have to use the bathroom. What made this happen to me?

admin answers:

If your stomach hurts after exercise may be caused by several things:

A very common after exercise is the need for food, many people can burn 500 to 700 calories in a good workout, leaving the body hungry, so the stomach may start to hurt and have cramps, it is advisable to eat something fruit or a light meal after exercise.

Dehydration is very common among athletes especially runners, dehydration can cause multiple ailments, such as overall body pain, insomnia, headache, and irritation, fatigue but can also cause some stomach pains or cramps. It is recommended to hydrate constantly as you exercise taking small amounts of water regularly.

Heartburn. People who train hard in the gym frequently have some heartburn, this is because during weight lifting in the stomach pressure increases dramatically, this pressure can cause stomach juices into the esophagus rise causing heartburn. Also, runners and other athletes can suffer from heartburn. One way to prevent this acidity is eating an antacid before exercising, eating a diet more rich in alkaline foods, like vegetables, eat less sugar, fat and irritating if the problems persist, consult a gastroenterologist.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

May 22, 2012

Mandy asks…

What should I title my short story?

It’s about a girl with a superiority complex (yes, it’s a thing) and I’m really not looking for suggestions. I know it’s crap and a lot of it doesn’t make any sense. I just need a title.

Title Goes Here

Amanda Reynolds was extraordinary. She knew that, and she considered it every day of her mortal life. Amanda was better than anyone else. Sure, she may have seemed normal to the naked eye. Every day, she woke up, brushed her teeth, ran on her treadmill, took a shower, and scarfed a banana-nut muffin before dashing off to her job as an investment banker. But her dirty little secret was that she was better than anyone else she knew, and, for that matter, anyone else in the world. Amanda didn’t mind keeping this a secret; it was not as if she couldn’t handle it. Amanda was perfect at keeping secrets. She found that she enjoyed the additional challenge of exercising her secret-keeping skills day after day. Her singing could send a baby to sleep for days; her sonatas could bring a man back to life. When Amanda drove, she drove with such precision that she had been questioned by the police as to why she wasn’t weaving. Her graceful movements far surpassed those of the most accomplished ballerina. She had all the potential to be the next great American chef, and she had once caused a hurricane merely by blowing out her birthday candles. She had memorized the encyclopedia in two days, but she could never express it to anyone. That was okay; Amanda knew that she was better than anyone, and that was all that mattered.
Amanda took the subway to work. In her company was an old man reading a book, a grungy-looking man in his thirties (clearly homeless), and a teenage boy who sat in the corner with a dopey grin on his face, listening to music with the most horrific orange headphones.
The old man sat peacefully on his seat, reading a novel far below his maturity level and expertise. Amanda had read the book years before. Then again, perhaps the man’s mind was going. He looked as if Noah gave him shotgun on the ark.
Amanda laughed at her hilarious inside joke.
Her glance shifted to the homeless man. His plaid shirt draped itself over his frail shoulders, exposing a horrendous thatch of chest hair. His shorts were full of holes that displayed so much more than Amanda was inclined to see. The man took a pocket knife out of the lining of his shirt and brought it up to his blackened, hollow, decaying teeth. He began to pick away at the mounds of tartar that had built up on and between his teeth, as if that would somehow decrease their ghastly visage. Amanda didn’t understand why the man didn’t just brush his teeth, dress himself properly, and go get a job. Well, it wasn’t so much that she didn’t understand. Amanda understood everything. She knew that the man was lazy and unbelievably unintelligent—probably psychologically challenged, as well. If she were the man, though, she would have pulled herself together, walked straight into an interview for a high-paying corporate job, and dazzled her future employers with an eloquent speech. Then again, everyone in the world couldn’t think like Amanda. A person of her caliber could only come about every once in a while.
Finally, Amanda’s gaze rested distastefully upon the intoxicated boy with the mandarin headphones. He sat in the corner, smiling and bobbing his head to the music only he could hear.
If he knew how ridiculous he looked, that boy would be bobbing his head to a different tune.
Then again, maybe he knew just how ridiculous he looked, but thought that it added some character to his persona. People could certainly be strange. Predictable, but strange.
As the subway pulled into its station, Amanda was approached by the disorderly homeless man. He drunkenly muttered a few words to her, his breath smelling of bad scotch, and asked her for her name. As the doors opened onto the station, Amanda hurriedly insisted that it was her stop and ran off the subway. The thought that a man of such filthy and despicable tendencies would approach a woman of her standing and social status was appalling.
Amanda arrived at work ten minutes later, covered in the distinct scent of Manhattan streets, and set to work. Her poise and charm persuaded each of her clients to switch from their old investment centers to InvestiCentral. She set to work on some clients’ paperwork, moved around some finances to appeal to the projected stock market trends, and finished her goal for today just in time for lunch. Some work friends invited her out to the local branch of a fast food chain, so she reluctantly accepted and went out with the three colleagues.
Sitting with the drab girls at their corner booth, Amanda couldn’t help but notice their many flaws. They considered themselves to be beautiful creatures, God’s gift to the people of Earth, really, but they were really rather boring. The plump girl ate her salad with far too much vigor; it looked as if she was attempting to inhale the thing, rather than eat it delicately, as a person should eat such a dish.
Amanda chuckled internally at her sparkling wit.
The arms of the girl across from Amanda hung limply at her sides as she placed her mouth upon the straw of her Diet Coke. Her paper-thin cheeks puckered as she noisily attempted to drain the remains of the soda from her icy glass.
Next to Amanda, the eccentric girl was blabbering on about some crisis with the cute guy at her yoga center. Her mouth moved a mile a minute, spraying spittle across anyone in the danger zone. The girl’s outlandish nature bothered Amanda more, perhaps, than any of the other girls’ glaring flaws. Her metallic stiletto pumps were paired with a skin-tight dress that stopped mid-thigh, and each time she dropped something, she stooped down to get it in what she thought was the most suggestive and attractive manner possible. Her gum smacked in her overly large mouth as she shoveled in her spaghetti while still attempting to carry on her long tangent about the yoga boy. She suddenly turned to Amanda, waiting for a response on some sort of supposedly jaw-dropping bomb she had just dropped.
“Well, if anything, that’s his fault,” Amanda said supportively.
Fueled by this dash of support, the flashy girl continued talking about the dull, insignificant details of her mundane life. Amanda f
found it surprisingly easy to carry on a conversation without listening at all. She only found it necessary to truly listen to a conversation if she was unable to predict what the person was going to say next, an instance which happened rarely. She pretended to listen intently to the girl’s dull story, interjecting in all the right places, while she mentally moved around the Henderson family’s finances and arranged a To-Do list for the afternoon.
After lunch, Amanda returned to the office and set to work on her To-Do list. She rearranged the Hendersons’ finances according to plan, went home, ate some home-cooked stir fry, and took a nice bubble bath. She alphabetized her cereal, so as to keep her mind active, and fell asleep promptly at 10:00, so as to get her recommended daily amount of sleep.

admin answers:

How about Flawless? Abnormal?

Mark asks…

How can people possibly be born gay? And not have chosen to be gay?

I am a straight man, who is trying to gain a higher understanding of gay people, because there are so many things that just do not make sense to me. Recently I just found out that most gay people seem to believe that gays are born that way, rather than choose to be that way. But I’m wondering how that can be possible? Some questions in particular

1. How can someone possibly be born gay? Since gayness is a behavior. Its not like being born with blue eyes, or dark skin, or something genetic like that. Behaviors are learned. People pick up good habbits, bad habbits, learn to have different sorts of attitudes. A robber isn’t born a robber, he learns to be. A writer isn’t born a writer, he learns it. So since being gay is a behavior, rather than something physical, how can you possibly be born with it?

2. There are so many indicators that being gay is unnatural, but few that say its natural. Gays seem to try and say that its natural, because some animals do it. But how does that make any sense at all? Since animals aren’t necessarily gay, they are just too dumb to know any better. Look at a dog for example, dogs hump your leg, they hump stuffed animals, they hump the floor, they hump other dogs heads, they just hump everything, so if a dog humps another male, its not because the dog is gay, he’s just a straight dog that was too stupid to know any better and accidentally humped another male dog.

3. Don’t a lot of people become gay after being molested? I met a gay guy about 10 years ago, and people told me that’s why he became gay, was he was molested. So although I’m sure they didn’t choose to be molested, its still a choice to become gay right, because they weren’t born that way and weren’t gay before they were molested.

4. Is it possible that some gay people just think are gay because they simply are not able to get any action from the other sex? Like a guy who simply wanted to get layed by women, but never could get one in bed, and was a virgin for so long that he started sleeping with guys?

5. Similar to above, Perhaps lots of gays are actually straight, they just don’t know it because they never had the chance to be straight?

6. Is it possible that some gay people aren’t actually gay, they are just too lazy to be straight? Kind of like fat people for example. Now sure, there is a very small percentage of fat people who do have some sort of condition, and sure genetics do affect metabolism making it easier for some and harder for others…but still 95% of fat people are that way because they are too lazy to exercise and eat proper. Of course they all want to have some sort of excuse why thats not the case, but the bottom line is the vast majority of fat people are simply too lazy to not be fat. Is it possible that maybe many gay people aren’t actually born gay, but are simply too lazy to try and not be gay? And saying they were born gay is just an excuse rather than the truth?

7. Isn’t it possible that many people are not born gay, but rather are simply confused? Perhaps a woman has been walked over by too many men, and because all the ones she met treated her bad, she just thinks that she doesn’t like men. And when she becomes friends with a girl, and really they are just best friends, perhaps she confuses it for love since the girl was nicer to her than the guys? But in reality she is straight, and would like guys even better than her lesbian lover, she just never gave a chance to meet that right guy that is nice to her? Perhaps a lot of gays confuse friendship for love, because they never experienced straight love?
Thanks for the responses so far. A lot of information to digest. Its just soooo hard for a straight person to comprehend.

There have been many good responses, keep them coming. So far the best example of lack of choice, that I understand most has been Will’s example of “I have chosen to like this food”

But one other question isn’t it possible many gays just think they are based on wrong information, or learned it subconsiously. I mean people can be mislead into making wrong decisions and think they are right.

For example a mortgage lender can give someone a bad loan, but trick them into believing they got the best loan in town.

Perhaps many gays are actually straight, but have somehow been given bad evidence to make them think they are gay when they are not?

Also, tastes do change, people can hate coffee when they are young but love it when they are old. Is it possible many gays grow out of it, and become straight?

admin answers:


This homophobic view is now outdated.

George asks…

How to lose weight when I can’t exercise Sorry it’s a block of words, I had to get it all in there.?

It’s not that I’m lazy, but recently, about a month ago, I stopped being able to go to sleep at night. Like, one day, I just stopped being able to. I sleep in the day, but the problem is, I work in the day from 7am to 4pm. I walk 8 miles to work (yes, it’s long but when you have no car and no ride, you do what you gotta do) and I fall asleep during my classes due to lack of energy. So exercising would wipe me out completely (before I could even get anywhere) and I don’t want to miss a day of work (can’t afford to). There’s the weekends, but I may as well be doing nothing if I can only get two days in (I still do them, though, when I’m not struggling to keep my eyes open). Yeah, I know, go see a doctor. Easy for someone who has insurance to say. I have none and am waiting on my healthcare coverage from work for another two months. I can’t afford to go to the hospital, but I’m a blimp and I hate it. I have been eating less, but too much less and I know it’s bad but I’m scared and desperate. I also suffer from Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and messed up both my knees when I used to run earlier this year. I have no money for a gym membership and no access to any gym equipment of any kind, and I don’t want to be restricted to muscle building exercises (I have more than enough of those, somewhere, under all the fat). So what should I do? I know my BMR is 1300. I make sure to eat no more than 800 cal a day to keep a 500 calorie deficit. I know it’s bad all over, but I was only going to do it for five weeks until I go to visit family who have gym access to share with me, then back to school with the free gym (can’t wait). Still bad, I know. Anyway, they say 1200 is best, but if I ate that I would not be losing weight. At all. I do not want to maintain, I want to lose. No, I don’t have a eating disorder. It’s hard to eat so little, until, of course, I enter starvation mode (been there, done that). Am I doomed to be fat for as long as I have these sleep issues? Eating also does not give me any energy to go on whatsoever, it’s like I’m eating the food simply for the taste. Caffeine puts me to sleep, so that doesn’t work. OTCs don’t work (tried a bunch, including Unisom). Exercising in the past only gives me agonizing abdominal cramps (which for some reason I can’t avoid no matter what I do but always suffer through anyway) so I don’t even like exercising if all I can do is writhe around in my bed for hours in agony thereafter (literally, not exaggerating, can’t stand, can’t even drink water, which I drink a lot of but seems to contribute to making me sick sometimes).

All in all, I’m asking if there is a way to not starve myself (not that I’m starving, but I’m never satisfied and I may get there yet) when I can’t exercise? Walking is not enough because I take the bus back and to be honest nothing in this house is healthy for me, so I don’t eat it, even as much as I want to. I could eat them, but they are tiny, unfulfilling meals (like, for example, a PB&J or ham/turkey/bologna and cheese sandwich, with or without mayo, bananas which are healthy but have too many calories for my liking, cooked food, which is near impossible to quantify without the tools and I don’t like to eat things I can’t count, etc) with loads of calories and I’d have to eat at least two of them just to feel satisfied, not even full. Even if I buy the healthier versions, I still have the same problem, it’s still like eating next to nothing in one serving and it’s darn hard to find filling low calories food. If it has low calories, it’s ridiculous in sodium and I’m more afraid of sodium than I am of calories. I’m not losing sleep due my eating habits, they have been the same forever up until a month ago, so don’t go there. When I eat 1200 cal now, down from 1500 when I was exercising (almost 2 months ago), I gained 5lbs in one week (I wish to g0d I was exaggerating). This is counter-intuitive as all heck. I have no clue why it’s happening (and unless I’m the virgin Mary, I’m not preggers). My caloric deficit stayed between 500 and 900 at the time I was exercising. I was doing everything right. That didn’t work, so I’m on to the wrong things. I don’t know what to do. Please don’t waste my time and tell me that my caloric intake is too low. I have a brain and I already know this. Also, don’t tell me I have to see a doctor, I know I should, but if you pay for it, maybe I can, otherwise it’s not possible at this time. By the time it is possible, I’ll be fat enough to hang myself at the rate this thing is going. When I do it right, I’m wrong. When I do it wrong, I’m wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but that’s why I’m here. I would like to know what is right and what works? About ten minutes ago I realized I was crazy tired but can’t go

admin answers:

You say you can’t exercise, but then just how do you walk 8 miles to work? Those who can’t run walk for exercise. How long does it take you? A good walk that will help to promote weight loss should take you around or a little under 2 hours for 8 miles. You might find it is more beneficial to take the bus to work and walk home. This way you can increase your pace and shower when you get home. Start from your current level and just try to make progress.

It sounds as if you have worked yourself into some rigid definitions of what “exercise” is and perhaps what you can and can’t do. In this way you are mentally defeating yourself before you even start. Start with a list of positive things you can do. Then start picking things from the list to do that may be of some help to you. This is far better than concentration on what you can’t do.

Best of luck to you.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

March 22, 2012

Mark asks…

Eye Health Concerns (Professional Assistance Preferred)?

Hello, I have a few questions…I’d prefer advice from an optician or other eye professional or someone who’s been using glasses/contacts for a long time. This got a little long.

1. My job requires me to use a computer for long amounts of time and I’m frequently on the computer at home, sometimes late into the night. I’m a heavy computer user. I’ve read that heavy computer users are at higher risk for eye conditions like myopia and glaucoma and that this harms how well you can see far away because it’s a close-focus and high eye stress activity. I blink and look away from time to time when my eyes feel dry or stressed, but when I look in the mirror, I can see red vessels that are present only after computer use. What do those mean? I’m thinking it’s just eye strain but I’d rather be sure. I guess the sum of my question is “Does heavy computer use harm your eyes?”

2. I wear glasses. Without them words of this size on a computer screen get blurry when it’s more than 1-1.5 feet away from me. I tend to get closer to the computer, but I suspect that would only make it worse…if I keep doing this and other close-focus activities such as reading small print, will my eyeglass prescription eventually become stronger? Before I started wearing glasses, my vision wasn’t perfect (obviously), but I recall being able to make things out better. Now, it seems that my vision has worsened. I wonder if this is why.

3. Eye improvement…I’ve been looking into vision exercises that claim to improve sight…I’ve done a few of them and they seemed to improve my eyes’ focus for a short period of time but I haven’t faithfully committed to these so I can’t speak for them. In the opinion of an eye professional, can these help improve vision over time? I’ve also been wondering about eye care supplements with lutein (e.g. I-Caps). Some friends of mine had pills like these suggested by their doctors. I don’t have any serious problems like glaucoma or macular degeneration…since I don’t have any problems with my eye (that I know of), will these have any preventative effect for me? Could they improve my vision? I’m not looking for any “magic cure”, just something to help out.

4. This one’s for my daughter…she doesn’t need corrective glasses, but wants to wear this special type of contact lens. I think they’re called “circle lenses” or “big eye lenses” or something for cosmetic enhancement. I’ve looked into allowing this. They appear to be only available online. I have some doubts about the websites I’ve seen as a) none of them look even remotely professional, b) they’re manufactured in Korea, Japan, etc. and I don’t know about their safety and sanitation standards and c) I don’t know if the material they use is the same used in the U.S…they look like soft lenses, but I’ve read that they’re worse for your eye sight either because of the material they use or its larger diameter, depriving the eye of more oxygen? They run for about $30-$40 for contacts that will last a whole year or two. I’m doubting these, but if there are any safe suppliers of a similar FDA-approved version from the U.S., or whether we should just skip these all together. Her eye sight is not worth a weird eye :/ But I have read from some people who use them that they’re just like other soft lenses, which is why I’m unsure.

5. And a sort of random but related question – can you sleep in RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses? Do you just leave them on and not remove them or do they need to be taken off like soft lenses or are they worn continually until they’re due to expire?

P.S. – I can’t afford LASIK.

admin answers:

Ok, Here we go.
Question 1: Red vessels in the eye can be part of eye strain but more likely they are a sign of dry eye. Many times we get so intense on the computer that we forget to blink and even though you say you blink, you may not be blinking enough. Make sure you blink and look away from the screen every so often and that should clear up. This answer is also going to come into play later down the line here.

Question 2: No. Working on a computer with glasses is not going to make your eyesight worse as long as the Rx in the glasses is ok for you. If you start to notice blurriness where you didn’t used to, then your Rx may need to be updated. Eyesight getting worse as we age is a normal process.

Question 3: Short answer – They’re bunk. If they were ok, every optometrist and ophthalmologist would do them. I know of no one that recommends them. Don’t waste your time or money. Lutein is found in the macula and some suggest that it may help somewhat protect from macular degeneration. My doctor recommends it as long as it is in moderation and not mega doses. 5 – 10 mg is sufficient.

Question 4: Circle lenses are not FDA approved and are not made to FDA standards. They may contain impurities that could cause serious eye infection which could lead to blindness. Stay away from them until they are FDA approved. The reason you can only get them online is because they are not FDA approved and no optometrist is going to dispense them.

Question 5: No, you cannot sleep in RGP’s. You must remove them every night to allow oxygen to reach the cornea. If you don’t, then the body will realize the cornea isn’t getting enough oxygen and it will grow blood vessels into the cornea in order to provide more oxygen but when this happens, the extra vessels will begin to block your sight and you are then into the need for surgery to correct the condition. You can also develop a corneal ulcer and believe me, once a person experiences a corneal ulcer, they wake up to the fact that they must follow the eye doctors instructions on how to wear lenses properly and take care of their eyes.

Hope this has helped.

Robert asks…

will such things really improve my eyesight?

i don’t know the name, but recently i’ve seen products which claim to improve your eyesight if you look into it about 10 minutes a day for each eye, where it will show you diferent coloured patterns etc which is supposed to relax/exercise your eyes.

it looks kinda like a gigantic white binoculars but for only one eye at a time(sorry for the very bad description, but i cant think of anything else to describe it)

will such things really work at improving my eyesight? (i have myopia, around 250 degrees)

admin answers:

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) are alternatives to our natural perfect eyesight. Our understanding of eyesight is so bad that 60 to 80 percent of people have blurry vision and many of them are getting stronger prescriptions year after year.

People need to seek out those that teach Natural Eyesight Improvement face to face and read the books that they suggest. If a program does not have local teachers that teach face to face or encourage a person to find a teacher near them, THEY ARE A SCAM.

From time to time a person doing eye exercises becomes aware that they can change the way they use their eyes, but eye exercises are so far off from the principles of natural perfect eyesight that they do way more harm than good. They allow every eye doctor to say that eye exercises don’t work and therefore sway another person from the hopes of natural perfect eyesight.

We need to focus on the best of what we have which is the principles of natural perfect eyesight so that we can pull away from the huge imbalance of artificial corrections.

Sharon asks…

how to cure myopia without LASIK or LENSES?

i’ve myopia. am not able to see or read something from a distance and this problem is becoming more serious day by day. i do not use lenses neither do i want to. but i want a quick cure of it because of watching t.v. for several hours or using computer? should i reduce time i spend on tv?what are the ways or exercises that can be done to cure it as soon as possible?can it be cured without surgery or lenses? why do my eyes start watering if i watch tv for long?pls pls help! i need a simple,quick and effective cure to this problem.(pls do not ramble) thanx in advance:-)

admin answers:

Short answer: No exercises will work and no quick fix.

Ramble answer: You didn’t say your age, but generally in the teen years, vision can change yearly if not sooner in some cases. Once you hit 20 or so, it tends to level off to minor changes and at that time, corrective surgery would then be an option. Until then, or if that is not something you wish to do, glasses or contacts are your only option. You could google “ortho-k” to read up on that, but that is not widely accepted.

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