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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

January 5, 2013

Mary asks…

Is it a good idea for a socially impaired kid with Autism, to attempt public socialization?

I am Autistic, I have Aspergers Syndrome, and I am not a typical person. I have some social upps and downs, but I will focus on the downs.

I have trouble reading body language. I am easily distracted. I have trouble with the right words to use in public to start conversations. I have trouble feeling like I should reply to a miscellaneous comment to start a conversation. (Ex: A girl walks out of a jewelry store alone, and murmors “That guy at the counter was really rude…”) I have trouble passing messages to people through my own body language. I take a lot of things litterally, and have poor judgement on sarcastic remarks. I tend to not stick to a style, or sense of visual appeal. I have problems looking people in the eyes, or towards their bodies or faces (Especially with girls) with girls, I tend to look at their shoes, or a distant object- due to respect beliefs. I tell the truth alot sometimes, and do not respond well to questions like “Do I look fat” or “Do these clothes look good”, I can’t sugar coat things well, or pick up on a stylish garment.

I am trying to see if I can go for a walk around my hometown, and be able to talk to random people. And I also plan to be able to talk with kids, and adults alike at the upcoming coast guard festival- without seeming wierd, or out of the ordinary.

Does anybody have any guidelines, or perhaps some unwritten rules that can be written, to assist me with this?

admin answers:

Take it slow and ease into it-start by maybe finding an Aspergers group and try doing socialization practice with other aspies-may make you feel a little more comfortable and no one will judge you if you do something wrong or make a mistake-which will likely happen until you get more comfortable with socializing.

Charles asks…

Does the DWP use incompetence?

as a criteria for recruiting it’s staff.

I was trying to help a mentally impaired and physically disabled client the other day and it took me two and a half hours on the phone to get to the right department- that I found had then shut a minute before I managed to ring them.

That included: 2hrs and 15 minutes ringing completely incorrect numbers that had been provided by their staff, some of whom had a problematic grasp of the English language.
Lestat: could have done but then I would have left an extremely vulnerable individual without any source of income.
Lestat: I am ‘welfare rights’ and the CAB can take up to three weeks to see someone and then have to use a phone as opposed to telepathy or a Ouija board.

Not everyone has access to the same vampiric powers as you do- thanks for the advice though.

Rich B .Pay in Mcdonalds is not more than the Civil Service nor does McMucks offer a final salary secured pension.

admin answers:

Poor staffing of important jobs will cause failure. Why would anyone hire someone that can’t do the job?

Lisa asks…

am really sick and tired of all the foreign email I’m getting! help stop it?

I do not speak Spanish because I’m hearing impaired and never could learn it. It’s clogging up my spam email and I’m sick of it. Can you make an option available to block all foreign languages from entering our emails. I use spam guard, but still…ughhhhhhhhhhhhh this is America and I’m English, so please tell me how to stop that stuff!!!!

admin answers:

It is difficult to stop them at this stage because your e-mail id has been sold to spammers. At the most, you can do the following:
1. Set “words” in spam filter option, so that the mails containing those words are sent in the Spam filter.
2. If there are options in these unsolicited mails to “unsubscribe” , then go for them.(This, sometimes is however, dangerous because the spammers come to know that the e-mail ID is still live) .
3. Forget about this id and create a new id. Do not ever subscribe to a suspicious looking site with this id.

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