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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

February 15, 2014

Carol asks…

What is a good book to learn American Sign Language?

I am Deaf/Hearing Impaired with a Cochlear Implant, and English was my first language. I would like to learn ASL since it is so interesting, so I am interested into buying a book.

I was thinking of this book, but not too sure yet:

But do you have any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

admin answers:

That looks pretty good for a book, but, if possible, it would be much better to go to a school or take lessons at some sort of centre.

If taking lessons, private or classes, is possible, then you should start by looking places up in your phone book. Places that have to do with Sign Language, deaf/hearing impaired people might either hold classes or have possible information on where you could go.

If you are unable to take lessons, then that book would probably be an OK start for learning some of the basics, but you won’t be learning how to have actual conversations well.

Ken asks…

How do you deal with your ADD?

I tend to forget to do things like turn off the lights and don’t pay attention to detail sometimes. I was doing rosetta stone to learn another language and I do all 11 lessons at once and it was driving me crazy to concentrate and I would get things wrong that I knew the answer to. So I’m pretty sure I have adult ADD. Is there anything I can do about it besides taking medication?

admin answers:

Is it a disorder? Does it impair your daily functioning? Did you feel that way before you started labeling yourself ADD?

I was diagnosed with ADHD, which means a doctor talked to me for 5 seconds and gave me some meds. I felt like a slug. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t sleep, I lost weight (I’m scrawny by nature so that was really rough) and I felt awful all the time. Even when I used sleep aids which had never made me groggy in the past and remembered to eat, I still felt horrible.

Things that have helped me immensely:

-Take a look at your diet. When I have more magnesium in my diet I am much calmer and happier. I also have an easier time focusing. When I take flax oil regularly I also think more clearly. I don’t take some capsules and feel like Superman two seconds later, rather, after a week or two of regularly taking a few supplements and/or paying more attention to nutrition, I feel better. If you notice something has improved after you;ve taken a supplement for at least a week (mood, focus, etc) then that means you weren’t getting enough of that nutrient before. It’s not magic, it’s just treating your body right.

-Are you getting enough sleep? I need 9-10 hours a night. I rarely get more than 6, but when I get those 9 hours I’m a totally different person. (I’m 17 so I have a really high need for sleep and a really low chance of getting it.) Sleep deprivation makes it harder to focus. If you need 8 hours of sleep and get 7 every night, that sleep debt builds up. You can ‘pay back’ your sleep debt over time, which is good. Sleep is important. Don’t minimize it.

-Work out. Get your heart beating and get sweaty at least every other day. You can do bodyweight exercises which require no equipment. This also makes a huge difference in your ability to focus, and it improves the quality of your sleep.

-Avoid caffeine and other stimulants completely or as much as you possibly can. Your mind doesn’t need any help speeding up.

I also have problems remembering little details sometimes. My mind wanders, I fidget, I forget obvious things, I lose track of time, etc. I’ve done more through what I mentioned above combined with strength of will than I ever did with medication.

Two years ago, I took AP American History, immediately fell behind, and dropped the course two months in. Last year, I took the same course again, got a 5 (that’s a perfect score) on the exam and an A- in the class. According to my teacher, if my final essay hadn’t sucked (it focused on one of my weak points and the prompt was worded strangely) I would have gotten an A. There was no A+ in that class.

Two years ago I was on Concerta and that directly led to my abysmal class performance. Last year I was drug-free and feeling good.

I find that when I can manage it, scheduling to a rather extreme degree is the only way I can stay on track. Establish routines as much as you can, learn to recognize when you start to go off-track, and really engage yourself in everything you’re doing. Yes, I’m an actual ADHD person, though I don’t believe in the disorder myself. (Personality type? Yes. Disorder, like BPD or OCD? No.) You are a self-aware person and as such you’re capable of changing your actions.

But let’s look at this another way. We ADD/ADHD/whatever people have high levels of ideation which we can use to our advantage, if we can tame it. Maybe Rosetta Stone wasn’t right for you- I found it boring. Yes, I have a very low tolerance for boring things though I’ve learned to deal with them. However I consider the fact that my mind leaps around a lot to be a great advantage, since 95% of the time I can control where it goes, or at least direct it. There are plenty of downsides (I’d like it if my brain would just shut up sometimes, I wish I didn’t have to devote so much mental energy to sitting still and not doodling or daydreaming, etc) just like with everything else in life, but why would you take medication to get rid of an advantage?

George asks…

Why would people continue to insist on people first language when the group expresses they don’t want it?

Blind people say that they don’t want to be referred to as “people with blindness” “visually impaired” or “person with a visual impairment.”

Autistic people do not want to be referred to as “people with autism.” They say their autism is part of their identity and “person with autism” separates autism from the person. Yet a university professor takes off 15 points when one of her students use the term “autistic.”

Same goes for the deaf.

Why would people continue to insist on people first language for these groups if the people who have these conditions made it clear they don’t want to be referred to as “person with _____”?
@pioneer_grrrl1979: I am not talking about people with epilepsy. I am talking about the blind, deaf and autistic people.

admin answers:

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I am a person with epilepsy–and notice I did put person first language. I also researched what people with autism/autism rights groups call themselves, since you specifically wanted to know.

Generalizing about ‘the group’ ignores that there are people with disabilities who do use person first language to refer to ourselves.

It’s obvious that you are not one of us. And you’re just an observer. Plus not a very good observer either.

Yes, you are talking about people with various kinds of disabilities. I happen to be among them. And people with autism are another,. We consider ourselves person first. If you can’t deal with our being a ‘person first’. This is your problem. Not ours.

What university would honestly take off 15 points if a person uses a term—without even first giving the person a chance to at least attempt to first explain the utilized term in context of their written paper? .

Some written research papers do require the using of terms which are now considered racially/ethnically stereotypical.

For example ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” is chock-full of now-stereotypical racial terms. We do not hear/use these terms in our current day society. They are considered offensive to contemporary society merely by themselves.

But the terms as printed in the book would have to be printed in a paper to accurately and properly cite certain quotes from the characters in this particular book

Telling me (or other people) what we’re supposed to call ourselves–when you are apparently not even a part of ‘the group’ is absurd. I’ll call myself a person first, thank you very much.

Be honest and just admit if you’re in over your head with the question. .

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

June 6, 2012

Ruth asks…

Desperately need serious help … weird health problem?

I am at my obesity first stage for 2 years and I know It’s kind of serious. So i tried my best to exercise as much as I could. I cannot jog cos my body is too heavy and I walk a lot. I stay separately with my family and just rent a room where cooking is not allowed. So I’ve been eating outside food (mean unhealthy food) for 8 years!

I have Uric acid for 2 years but I could feel now It’s getting more serious. I tried to control my food but I can’t due to some reasons and I LOVE eating. I don’t have much friends and no family around here so in other words I lack of support from People around me which sometimes make me feel lazy and give up on diet and exercise. This year I could feel my knees (joint) pain when I squat and I’m not sure for what reason my lower leg around ankle pain . I tried to drink as much water as possible. Another problem is about kidney/ bladder. I always feel something pulling and very pain about 3-4 inch below my belly ? Is it prostate? uterus ? or what? STONES ? any comment?

Another funny problem occur is I’m having sleeping problem for years. I don’t have any stress and I’m very relax minded person. Sometime I can stay awake for 3 days without sleeping (just rest and close my eyes) I’m serious, no joking . I thought I’m having paranoia/ insomnia or whatever but doctor said I’m fine ? I am fat but I lack of blood … and I don’t have any chance to join any blood donation activities. If I could get better sleep the earliest I can sleep is 3 am and wake up at 7 am. Sometimes I sleep for 3 hours only for few months and I really feel like giving up my life … It’s freaking tired when I work without getting proper sleep. I tried many times to sleep early but end up I just wasting my time turning around the bed for hours. All tips I get from Internet I’ve tried but seems to be useless for me?

Now I’m having problems like getting dark spots, dry skin, low energy and pimples on the face and my skin contour/ texture getting worse and I get fine lines under my eyes at age 25! All thanks to my sleeping disorder. Since June started to hate my throat cos when I sleep I couldn’t breath so I have to sleep side ways. I thought due to my double chin but doctor said no problems and gave me some medicine. After few weeks it (my throat problem) came back 2 weeks and gone for 3 weeks and come back to visit me again (on and off). Then my hip keep on getting the skin swelling boil things (ulcerate/ abscess). My eyes keep on coming tears/ watery and it feel pains and hot. There was few times I feel like my rib cage pain and feels like pulling up and down. Sometimes my chest pain ? Or may be liver problem due to uric acid? My spine stiff and I always pain here and there and now due to the pain at my lower leg ankle , am I having diabetics? My grandma had it !! I’ve done last body check up on April this years and so far doctor said only have to watch out my Uric Acid but still no need to take any medicine. I tried to consume supplements (very good n expensive brand) but after eating I felt my heart pumping faster and I gain weight … very uncomfortable, then I stop taking any of it …. Am i alien? I’m sick keep on seeing doctor and pay for stupid unnecessary medication and consultation fee and doctors/ clinics are doing business sometime I don’t need the stupid cream I also have to pay for it. I think I’m going to die.

Any idea how to overcome all these ?

Thanks for your advise.
My obesity problem caused serious problem only for Uric Acid. Other matters (especially sleeping problem) have been occurred before I started overweight. I was size 11 last 3 years.

admin answers:

Hi – as you mention prostate, I take it that you are a guy.

ALL of your symptoms are weight related.

Consuming supplements and buying creams cannot help you in any way, until you understand this simple formulae:

*overeating + underexercising = obesity / obesity = ill health and early death*

You have sleep apnoea due to the flab at the back of your throat choking off your air supply when you try and sleep.

You cannot sleep properly because you are inactive and because your poor body is trying to digest large amounts of unhealthy food.

Your skin is swollen and boggy due to too much fat and water-retention caused by lack of exercise and too much salty processed foods. Inevitably this will lead to ulceration, or the lesions of diabetes.

ALL of the organs in your body are now coated with a thick layer of yellow glutinous fat. They cannot help but give you symptoms such as those that you describe.

Your joints are giving up because they cannot support your weight.

Your facial skin is coarse and spotty because of the lack of good healthy food and the overeating of greasy fast foods.

You need desperately to get to a Doctor (change your Doctor if you need to), and go on a healthy eating plan suitable for you.

But this cannot and will not work until you face up to the fact that the thing that you love most in the world, your food, is killing you.

Good luck for the future.

Daniel asks…

Do You Think People With Eating Disorsers (Anorexia/Bulimia) Are Selfish?

People say that people with eating disorders are just selfish and doing it to be pretty or whatever, or for attention. Well if they’re doing it for attention, why do they try SO hard to hide it so people don’t find out? And you think they’re lazy, “oh just eat healthy and exercise,” if it was that easy, don’t you think they’d do that. It’s an obsession, an addiction, a mental disease. Telling them to stop purging or to stop starving is like telling someone with depression to stop being depressed. It just annoys me how people say they’re weak and lazy and if they really cared they’d just do it the right way. How would you feel if you were bullied and people made fat jokes about you that drove you into an eating disorder. I’m 14 and I have bulimia and I cry my eyes out every night, I pull my hair out and I can’t even handle looking in mirrors anymore. A few days ago I had a small intervention and I was positive I was cured. I even went out and bought a bunch of healthy food, and that same night before I went to sleep I got all these nasty thoughts about how much better it’d be if I just starved myself. You can’t stop those thoughts… They just happen. So before you call an anorexic or bulimic selfish, actually think about what they’re going through… That’s just my opinion.

admin answers:

I’m very sorry to hear what you’re going through.
I don’t think that people with eating disorders are selfish at all. This may be because I used to suffer from bulimia when I was your age,(maybe a couple years younger) up to around the age of 17. I understand how hard it is. As I am recovered, I find it hard to even imagine how much I used to HATE myself. Every part of me I hated and I always felt like everyone else hated me too. Looking back on it, I have no idea why I even had an eating disorder. I have always been on the thinner side and always done well at school, but for some reason I just remember my whole child hood as being obsessed with weight and food.
I don’t think that people with eating disorders are selfish because I know from first hand experience how hard it is to get on with your life without thinking about food 24/7. How hard it is to look in a mirror, and just how hard it is to leave the house in fear of being judged.
Anyone who thinks people with eating disorders are selfish are just uneducated on the subject. You can’t be upset with people who think this because they simply don’t understand – and they wont understand if they haven’t experienced it.

I really hope you can find help one day and be truly happy. I am now 21 and completing my last year at university and studying my favorite subject. I don’t have to worry about food anymore and sure my life isn’t perfect and I get sad sometimes, but since I got help my life just feels, lighter. Like I’ve taken a huge weight off my shoulders and I can finally breathe. It’s hard to describe the feeling. I’m hoping you’ll experience it for yourself one day. Good luck and I genuinely hope that you get better one day – Don’t let an eating disorder control your life.
I was bullied when I was younger. The people who used to bully me aren’t HALF the person I am today. They either have no job, got hardly anything out of school or are living off of the government. Me on the other hand, I now have a great boyfriend, I am at an excellent university and will soon have a very high paid job and my eating disorder is in the past – just like yours will be one day.

James asks…

What can an inactive person do to ease his/her exercise headaches?

Okay, so, I’m 18, and for about 17 of those years I’ve been completely inactive >_> Like, typical lazy teenager kind of deal (not a chub-cake, tho. High metabolism.) Recently, I’ve decided to start exercising by starting slow with my mom’s 10 minute Pilates routine. I’m only working on my legs for now, and plan to slowly work each part of my body separately (legs, then stomach, then arms, then full body).

But anyways, that’s not the point. After only 10 minutes of working out my legs, I get a major headache on the base of my head/top of my neck, and between my eyes. Is there any way I can ease my headaches (no aspirin or Tylenol allowed in my house =/)?
Am I going too fast into these new routines? Is there an easier way to go about working out that will not result in a pounding headache that forces me to sleep?

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

You are causing pressure to you spine. You should have x-rays taken to make sure you are not having disc issues or have something else going on with your spine. Go see a osteopath or chiropractor. They will take x-rays setup exercises to help and if needed send you to a orthopedic or neurosurgeon. Massage and chiropractic care have really made a difference in my headaches. In the mean time put heat at the base of your head; never ice and when exercise put a rolled up towel under your neck.

Best wishes.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

May 9, 2012

Nancy asks…

Really paranoid I have bowel cancer? What could it be?

I’ve read lots about the symptoms online and have kinda mentally self-diagnosed myself, so I need to go to the doctor but have now made it seem far to scary because of what I fear the outcome will be! Just really need some reassurance so I can get myself there. Would prefer only medical professionals or people with some kind of experience in this to answer. Really don’t need people saying ‘go to the doctor’, you’ll just be voted down.

Basically, for about two years now I’ve had discomfort in my left side on and off. It’s usually there but I often don’t notice it and sometimes it seems to improve. I often sit badly, with my left leg bent so probably squashing all organs and things in my left side. I’ve made an effort to stop doing this so much lately but for the majority of that time I sat like it for hours and hours every day.

I eat a lottttttt of fibre and don’t exercise very much at all, keep meaning to but it doesn’t happen because I sleep badly. One of the other symptoms is tiredness but I guess I can count that out seeing as I generally don’t sleep till 4am and have a very lazy, inactive lifestyle.

I do get a bit of blood occasionally when I go to the toilet but it’s bright red and I also have what I think looks like a pile and some anal discomfort which I’ve heard is a symptom of piles?

I also get discomfort in my left hip area and occasionally in the lower middle part of my abdomen. I keep (without meaning to) convincing myself that this must be the cancer having spread and affecting other parts of my body. What are the chances of that having happened without it being blatantly obvious? Of course, this could just as easily be down to bad posture and lack of exercise I assume.

My left eye sometimes feels a bit sensitive and like there is a bit of extra pressure in it which I’ve read can be a symptom of yet another bowel related problem.

I’m 19 and female and there is no history of bowel cancer in my direct family (parents and grandparents) as far as I’m aware.

Sorry for the long question, was trying to list everything I could think of to include!

Thanks very, very much for any help and reassurance.

admin answers:

First of all stop worrying so much.Bowel cancer is very rare at your young age and would not be linked to the symptoms you describe.Its not good to read these medical online sites cause they can make you paranoid!-
You say you eat A LOT of fibre and sit around for hours and hours per day.That could be the problem- if you have a sedatory life sitting around doing nothing then you wont be tired at night.Too much fibre can give you indigestion problems.My advice would be-have a balanced diet and do some exercise daily -youll sleep better,feel better and not sit around worrying–at 19 you should be enjoying life!
I should see your gp though re the fact that you have slight piles-cream or suppositories will cure that. Above all get active!

Mary asks…

My coworkers dog is getting sick and having problems?

The dog is having digestive problems, eye issues, weight issues, and all sorts of problems. I baby sat the dog for 2 weeks and took it on walks 2x a day and all of her issues cleared up. Within a week of coming back, the dog was back to her old problems. She said she had no idea why this was happening. I asked her,”Why don’t you take the dog for a walk?” It doesn’t take that much time. She said, “bulldogs don’t need to be exercised.” Seriously?! How lazy/stupid/delusion can she be? I wish I could get that dog taken away from her. It seems like abuse. Is there anything I can do? I feel bad?

admin answers:

The dog should be exercised and taken to the vet.

Ruth asks…

Feeling heavy headed and dizzy?

So for a while now sometimes I will feel heavy headed and it makes me lazy. Also my eyes feel heavy and when I look around it sort of hard to move my eyes and my vision is sort of dizzy. I feel really dumbed down persay. And I have been having insomnia and headaches. Any advice? I always keep myself hydrated eat healthy and exercise. But I can’t say I sleep well since it’s hard now a days. I’m 16 and I don’t think it’s normal that having these problems.
I forgot to mention that whenever I’m relaxing or just laying down and I get up I feel very very dizzy. The other day I got so dizzy I couldn’t see for a couple of seconds.

admin answers:

It is normal, because a LOT of 16 year olds have sleep trouble. And the second thing you included, that’s called a headrush. TThis problem will most likely go away when you get more sleep, but if it doesn’t, you really should see a doctor.

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Eye Exercises For Fatigue – Do It Yourslf Eye Exercises

August 8, 2011

Eye Exercises For Fatigue – Do It Yourslf Eye Exercises

The use of eye exercises for fatigue can be very beneficial for both our eyes and our general wellbeing. Regardless of how tired we are sometimes it can seem impossible to relax. This can prevent us from getting a proper night’s sleep which is essential for our bodies, not to mention our eyes, to function at their best. There are lots of eye exercises designed to relax our eyes but most of the time this involves relaxing our whole body.


One exercise which works to relax our eyes and our minds is called ‘Palming’. The procedure is simple and takes less than 20 minutes, but you can do it for however long you need to. Firstly, warm your hands up by rubbing them together. Rest you elbows on a table and cup your hands. Place one palm over each eye being careful not to directly touch your eyes or put pressure on your eyelids.



The next step is to relax, fully relax. With your eyes closed beneath your palms, feel the muscles in your body start to relax. Now you want to relax your whole body starting with the top of your head and working all the way down to your toes. The blackness that you see is an indication of how relaxed you are, the darker it gets the more relaxed you are. At first, you may see a greyish colour but as you relax that grey will become a darker and darker shade of black.


Focus completely on the darkness, clear your mind and try not to think about your problems and all of your to-do lists and instead try to think about pleasant things such as the sounds of the ocean or walks through nature. Try to stay like this for 15 minutes or however long you feel relaxed. When you open your eyes you should feel much more relaxed and your eyes should be more focused and everything should seem brighter and clearer.


This is just one of many eye exercises for fatigue. Learning exercises to relax the eyes is a great way to develop lasting habits and ensure great eyesight for years to come. If you would like to learn more techniques then has many very helpful and worthwhile programs and exercises to improve your eyes and help you learn to relax your whole body.

Eoin McDonnell is an engineer who has done a lot of research into eyesight improvement methods as a less expensive alternative to laser eye surgery in a quest to cure myopia (shirtsightedness) and astigmatism which he has had since age seven.

Eye Exercises For Better Eyesight – How To Improve Sight Without Glasses

August 4, 2011

Eye Exercises For Better Eyesight – How To Improve Sight Without Glasses

You can learn various eye exercises for better eyesight. Many of them focus on reducing your habit of staring or straining which in terms of damaging your eyes are the worst possible things you can do. Your eyes need to be relaxed and in order to do this it is important to keep them mobile, moving around, taking in your surroundings. It is when they stop moving and attempt to focus on one item that they can become strained.


Have you ever heard of REM. It’s the name of a band of course but in this instance we are talking about Rapid Eye Movement. It is what our eyes do when we reach a deep sleep. At a time when our body remains still to regenerate itself while we sleep, our eyes continue to move because that is when they are most comfortable.


The next time you are out and about taking in the sites, pay some attention to your eyes movement. As you walk your eyes never stop moving unless you stop them or unless your brain doesn’t recognise something straight away. This is when you begin to focus on an object and you will notice your eyes do not feel as relaxed, they can become strained as you stare intently until you break the stare and go back to taking in the sights.


If you notice you are straining to look at certain things there are eye exercises for better eyesight which will help you to relax your eyes.


One such exercise is known as tracing. You can teach the eyes to move smoothly by tracing objects. Trace your eyes around the outline of an object, be it a car, a couch, a tree, etc. As you trace the object should get clearer and the colour brighter. Try to do this at least once daily and your eyes will remember how to look at things rather than stare.


Learning exercises to relax the eyes is a great way to develop lasting habits and ensure great eyesight for years to come. There are many more exercises which will take the strain from your eyes and allow them to relax which will help to prevent you from needing glasses. If you would like more eye exercises for better eyesight then has many very helpful and worthwhile programs and exercises to improve your eyes.

Eoin McDonnell is an engineer who has done a lot of research into eyesight improvement methods as a less expensive alternative to laser eye surgery in a quest to cure myopia (shirtsightedness) and astigmatism which he has had since age seven.