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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

February 20, 2012

Robert asks…

help,I developed a software which applied to protect the eye sight.but how do i sell it?

it is a share software( has been proved to be effective for protecting the eye sight, especially for children.
how do i sell it?
descript as follows:
it will remind you of protecting your eyes or protect your eyes compulsively. The method using software to protect one’s eyes is developed in Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Cure Institute and is extended to the whole country by ten sections or departments under China’s Education Ministry. Experiments have proved that, with the combination of the Eye Exercise and eye sanitation, it is possible to control the amount of new cases of myopia, reinforce the circulation of blood around eyes, activate blood, improve the nutrition for nerve, decrease eye fatigue, protect eyesight and cure myopia.Several hundred million Chinese are adopting this method to protect their eyes.

admin answers:

Patent your idea and sell it to a pharma company.

Mark asks…

how can i reduce myopia as much as possible? URGENT please read?

first of all, i am legally blind. my vision is worse than 20/200 and i am ONLY 12 yrs old. :(
Here’s my dilemma:
Basketball season is still a long time away (near November). However my bad vision may prevent me from playing the best I can. The stuff that have failed:
1. glasses-are a hazard in a rough contact sport like basketball
2. contacts-have trouble putting them in
3. orthokeratology-even if i could wear contacts, my insurance doesnt cover it this year and basketball season is this year
4. surgery-too young
5. eye exercises-take too long to get results
6. prescription sports goggles-not comfortable w/ them
4. nutrients-i noe carrots and other nutrients are good for your eyes but they benefit another part of the eye and it wont achieve the results i want

if you have anything else please PLEASE halp!! thanks

admin answers:

It sounds like you’ve listed your options. You may want to try again with the contacts. Considering that you’re highly motivated, you may just need a little practice putting them in. (Just relax when you do it; it quickly becomes second nature.)

By the way, you aren’t legally blind. You’re only considered legally blind if your eye doctor can’t get you to see well with glasses or contacts, not without.

Mary asks…

If I get glasses for Myopia, how often do you think I’ll need to wear them?

If I did the eye vision chart test correctly, then I have 20/70 vision. I stood 20 feet away, but the chart I used didn’t say how far away to stand, so I hope that’s what I was supposed to be standing at. I think that was right.

I have Myopia…I do a lot of close-up work on the computer and things like that. I’m 15 years old.

I am currently trying several eye exercises and the Bates Method to see if that helps. But if that doesn’t, and I have to get glasses, how often will I have to wear them? I guess 20/70 is pretty bad, but I really don’t have a problem in every day life. The only time I have trouble is if I sit in the very back of a classroom and have to read the board, I can’t.

I guess I’ll need glasses for driving–if these eye exercises don’t help.

But my question is…if I get glasses to see far-away things better, how often will I need to wear them? I am assuming not much because I don’t have too many problems seeing things in every day life.

admin answers:

You better get used to the idea of glasses now, because Bates exercises won’t make any difference.

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