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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

December 24, 2012

Carol asks…

Application: Summer Drama Workshop for the Visually Impaired?

Application: Summer Drama Workshop for the Visually Impaired

Question 1:

Organisation Name: Millennium Youth Theatre

Organisation Address: 38, Gwyllyn Road, Neath, SA17 4AA

Main contact name: David Unwin

Telephone number: 01639 665577

Best time to contact: any time

Question 2:

Do you have any specific communication needs (tick boxes)


Sign language:

Other languages: Welsh

Other (give details):

Question 3:

Are you a non-profit organisation?


Have you received lottery funding previously? If so, when

Yes, 1998

Question 4: Details of project:

To fund a series of drama workshops for the visually impaired at the Millennium Youth theatre in Neath during the summer holidays.

Project Title: Summer Drama Workshop for the visually impaired.

Where is Project Based?


Question 5:

Briefly describe what the project will do and what you will spend the grant:

The theatre is proposing to use lottery funding to set up a series of drama workshops to take place over the summer holidays for the next three years. At the end of each summer workshop there will be a performance . The children will learn about drama and acting as well as the technical aspects of the theatre such as lighting, sound and direction.

Question 6:

Please tell us why you believe that your project is relevant to the Welsh heritage fund:

The project encourages visually impaired young children aged 8 to 12 to become involved in the culture and theatre of Wales and ensures that the performing arts are accessible to everyone. All levels of ability are catered for on the courses.

Approximate cost of project: £8,000

How much would you need? £6,000

Amount contributed from sponsors: £2,000

Total from own resources: £400

How long will the project last: Four hundred children are set to benefit in total over the next three years.

admin answers:

This not really a question, it’s your application form online and that’s very risky to do and probably not safe. Why would you think to do such a thing?

Linda asks…

What can one study with impaired vision/eyes closed? (Help for Brother)?

Hello peeps,

my eldest brother (19) has a progressive muscular disorder affecting his vision which is currently preventing him from reading, writing, using computers, and other such strenuous activities. He very much wishes to use his time productively for the purposes of studying or gaining new abilities in lieu of going to university – which for the foreseeable future is unlikely to happen – yet neither of us are quite sure what precisely he can do under such circumstances.

So…bearing in mind he has already long since begun studying Spanish as a second language, what else might be worth his dedicating time to? Any idea would be much appreciated!

I ought to point out that whilst his vision is compromised, so to speak, he isn’t blind.

P.S. Links to any websites offering an extensive range of audiobooks would also be much appreciated! Thank you.

admin answers:

There are state and local agencies to help the blind that you may call at Social Services to bet the specific local help that is available for your brother.

There are also seven organizations where help can be obtained for helping the blind normalize their functioning and education.

The following are national organizations that offer services or information to blind and visually impaired people in the United States. They include government agencies, private social service agencies and many other organizations of and for blind and visually impaired people.

ADAPT: American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today.

American Council of the Blind: jobs bank, “Braille Forum” online, RealAudio and .wav files of ACB speeches, reports and meetings, as well as links to other online resources for the blind; one of their affiliates is the Council of Citizens with Low Vision.

American Foundation for the Blind.

BenefitsCheckUp is a service of the National Council on the Aging “that identifies federal and state assistance programs for older Americans” by means of a simple on-line form.

Blinded Veterans Association.

Disabled Peoples’ International: “The purpose of DPI is to promote the Human Rights of People with Disabilities through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development. DPI is a grassroot, cross-disability network with member organizations in over 110 countries, over half of which are in the developing world.”

There are more organizations for helping the blind at the following web site:
NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, The Blind Readers’ Page–Main Menu, @ Good luck.

Chris asks…

Do I have ASD or any degree of it?


To first tell you guys who I am: I am an incredibly socially awkward 18-year-old guy with no friends, and with many autistic traits.

My autistic traits are as following:
1. Somewhat impaired intelligence, or so it seems. I have trouble thinking straight and keep track of my thoughts, because I tend to jump from one thought to another, a lot.
2. Been told that I have an “exceptional” verbal language. This could also be the main reason to why I don’t have any friends at all. Why I say this is because I tend to use a semi-formal language with people my age, or even younger. The words that come out of my mouth, yeah, sometimes they don’t fit in the context but when they do, they might be inappropriate for the audience. Seeing as they usually do not understand the words.
3. I have very specific interests. My interests are basically either doing math, sit infront of the computer monitor all day long or, spend a lot of money on shopping quality clothes (Hugo Boss, etc.)
4. Repetitive behavior. I listen to a song probably around 1000+ or so, before finding the song dull. Usually, people cannot stand listening to a song and instead, shift between different ones.
5. I talk to myself quite often, actually, perhaps due to the fact that I don’t anybody else to talk with and because, I find it fun.
6. Sensory issues. When something is too loud for my ears, I either protect my hearing by covering them up, or I just leave the place. I also do not enjoy when someone, randomly, touches me. It feels odd and very uncomfortable.
7. Act spontaneously and impulsively. The saying “Think before acting”, is how you can describe me. I offend/insult people without often knowing why.
8. Trouble managing anger. You irritate me and I become aggrivated and start having these meltdowns. Afterwards, I usually do not remember what happened and why I got so mad.
9. Chew my nails and cannot stop. Done this for about 8 years now and even though my parents have consistently asked me to stop, I don’t.
10. When I desire something(want something), I don’t care and just start manipulating people in order to get it. I have a natural sense of moral but in these cases, it feels as if I turn cold and ignore the fact that what I am doing is wrong.

That’s probably about it.


admin answers:

Talk to a professional, see if there’s a possibility of diagnosis.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

December 21, 2012

Sharon asks…

What Do you Think Of This Beginning? Does It Make You Want To Read More?

Harry’s date, as opposed to his other dates, went pretty well. He had pointed out the mistakes he made accidentally on the last ones and encouraged himself to build up his confidence anew; it was impaired by the girls who had turned him down. Harry was positively sure nothing could ruin it this time as he’d taken precautions against everything that might. His date had improved his temper entirely that anyone that was used to his old attitude would have noticed the change in his behavior. Harry did not think for a second that his exaggerated courage could turn out to be a lethal weapon to his relationship. His parents knew that and wanted to warn him, though he was already warned, but he tended to ignore anyone who tried to admonish him.

“Harry, I know you’re in love- I acted the same when I was in your age, but maybe you take it a bit too seriously? You sound as if you’re going to marry her.” A smile cracked his face as he thought of what he’d said. “Which I’m sure you’re not…

Billy, Harry’s father, mumbled in a low voice. Harry broke him off mid-sentence and put aside the arm his father had curled around his neck to hug him.

“Oh yes I am!” Harry said, emphasizing each word. “If you think it’s not serious- you’re incorrect!” he continued in the same level of tune.
Billy started at him for a long moment, repeating the words in his mind as if he had spoken them in a foreign language. He opened his mouth to reply but Harry pushed his palms down against the mattress to get up, angling his body towards the door.

“Sit down!” Harry commanded as Harry’s butt was lifted a few inches off the sheet. “IT’S AN ORDER” he shouted, reaching out to grab his arm. His eyebrows pulled together and darkened his stare as his forehead puckered up into tiny creases that accentuated the frown lines across it.

“Never, but never ignore me. Have I made myself clear?” Billy asked, holding up a finger as if to reprove him.

“Yes, sir” Harry answered, making a military salute and looked down at the pavement that was shaded by his father’s mighty figure. He let his right leg hang off the bed, swinging back and forth while the left one was folded under his butt, and fiddled with his necklace, pretending to be listening.

“Look son” Billy began, Harry rolled his eyes, making the “whatever-you-say” expression, could not wait for his boring lecture to come to an end. “I know it’s the first time you unexpectedly enjoy dating, but ignoring your friends? Your family? I’m sure she doesn’t want you to do that too…”

admin answers:

I am trying to be honest here so don’t try and let it get you down too much but this is not a beginning that would make me want to read the book more. It’s not a bad passage at all, it’s just not what I would use for the start of a book, there’s not reason why with a bit of tweaking you couldn’t use it later.

Who is the main character here in this book, is it harry? I don’t think many people will find a teenage boy wanting to marry a girl from a first date relatable, it’s not very realistic, sure a teenage boy a bit obsessive with his first good date but I think marry is a little bit extreme.

Also there are a few parts that are a little bit confusing, I think you needs to proof read e.g. “”Sit down!” Harry commanded as Harry’s butt was lifted” is that meant to be “sit down” bill commanded?

Another extreme section is the way his dad reacts, it’s very OTT considering his son has done nothing wrong. If he is meant to be like that, very bad tempered then that’s fine but there needs to be more of a gradual lead in perhaps harry doesn’t listen to him or he answers back a bit ETC think of fights you have had with your parents and how they escalated.

If this story is going to be focused on harry and his date personally I would start the story with one of harry’s bad dates that you mention at the start and put this passage in somewhere later. Perhaps start it with harry in a really embarrassing situation and then go back and explain to the audience what happened over the date to cause that. The more bizarre and cringworthy the situation, the bigger the laugh factor and the more the audience will want to find out what happened.

Another way of starting the story in a way that would hook the audience in would be perhaps to start it with a fight with Harry and Bill and let the plot unfold this way.

But to me at the moment a story that started with a teenage boy wanting to marry a girl he had just met would be a book shutter it just doesn’t have that hook

Thomas asks…

Is this story I wrote a good example of irony (long)?

I wrote a paper for my junior honors English class. This is the rough draft, but we are supposed to write a story that uses irony. She, my teacher also told us to write something foreign to us. We will be reading these aloud, so dont worry about the format. Please let me know if I did this correctly, and critique it as well. Thanks!

“Dancing is a Type of Love, Love without Pain”

The answer to the question you have following such an insignificant title is the hope in one individual taking something from it.

I took a night for myself. It isn’t everyday I love a stranger. I loved her for all the wrong reasons. Right?

A brilliantly dark room occupied by music is where i want to live. Her name is unimportant, but her ferocity is bold. Much like a winter night, her intentions are cold. Behind those brown eyes lies temptation, but in front of those brown eyes I found myself.

She had beauty that set her apart from everyone else at the club. Her hair was red and flowed harmoniously to every natural curve of her body. An invigorating scent flooded my nostrils and I was impaired. I was now live bait dangling from the end of desire’s hook.

“Come here often?”, I said.
As often as necessary.” Her voice penetrated my ears with such force that i was momentarily deaf.
I heard not her next few statements, but felt myself caught up in the voluptuous movements of her lips.
“Would you like to dance?”
I took the motion as a yes and followed after her swiftly.

She began moving. Well everything but her eyes, which were locked into my own. I know what I wanted from the start, which was beginning to look very possible. As if I needed to be seduced, she lightly grazed her beautiful body onto mine. The only thing in our way was paper thing clothing. All it did was prevent direct contact, besides, an imagination is what gets most men through much of their lives. The movement was quickly followed by movements of my own. Dancing isn’t it? She smiled at my inexperience on the dance floor, but what she didn’t know is that i had a lifetime of experience in other areas to make up for it.

We danced for hours, losing track of our time, body, and mind. I could not remember a single song I had heard that night. I could tell she felt as if she was in the driver’s seat. I found a devilish grin overtake my face at the thought of this. Oh how I had been here so many times before…

She was different than the other girls. I will have a hard time letting this one go.

I hadn’t yet heard a name, but she didn’t know mine either. We had spent the last 5 hours talking in a different language, body language, and it was clear what we were both saying.

The moon shone when the doors of the nightclub were behind us… still, a word hasn’t left either of our mouths. She follows me to my car and gets in.

Next thing I know we are at her apartment… I never take a woman to my apartment. As soon as I turn back around from closing and locking the door i find her body, as apparent as the sun in a clear, blue sky. The light hits half of her body, as if i was getting a preview. She was the most beautiful sight to ever hit my eyes. For the first time in my life i felt i was in love. Well with her body at least.

We spent a night above the covers… swimming like two fish out of water. Two bodies intermingled so tightly that it felt as if we were one. Hours and hours until finally it was over. I dreamed beautifully that night. Something about a dove over open water…

I awoke, happily seeing she was still asleep. I made my escape, which had became a Sunday morning ritual. As soon as I touched that door knob i felt something so fast that it was inexplicable. It doesn’t matter though, because it was a bullet through the back of my head. Dead I fell to the floor, put to sleep after years of longing for it.

Her name was temptation and i had had my final dance with her.
I am trying not to be too dramatic with it… it is a narrative expressing the main character’s night on the town.

admin answers:

I dont get it?

Joseph asks…

Does Ron Paul try to be awesome, or is he just naturally that way?

1. Ron Paul doesn’t go the gym. He stays fit by exercising his civil rights.
2. Ron Paul delivers babies without his hands. He simply reads them the Bill of Rights and they crawl out in anticipation of freedom.
3. Ron Paul doesn’t cut taxes. He kills them with his bare hands.
4. Ron Paul took a lie detector test. The lie detector tapped out.
5. When Ron Paul takes a shower, he doesn’t get wet…the water gets Ron Paul.
6. Ron Paul could lead a horse to water AND convince it to drink, but he doesn’t believe the government has the right to so he refuses.
7. Ron Paul’s midi-chlorian level is off the chart.
8. When Chuck Norris gets scared, he goes to Ron Paul.
9. Studies by the World Health Organization show that Ron Paul is the leading cause of freedom among men.
10. Ron Paul makes the U.S. dollar want to be a better currency.
11. Ron Paul CAN believe it’s not butter.
12. Ron Paul doesn’t act like a patriot…a patriot acts like Ron Paul.
13. Ron Paul turned down Superman’s job.
14. In Braveheart, Mel Gibson was supposed to scream “RON PAUL!” however, it was changed to just “Freedom!” for legal purposes.
15. Ron Paul gets high on freedom.
16. Ron Paul wasn’t born, he liberated himself from the womb.
17. The chicken crossed the road to vote for Ron Paul.
18. If you pull Ron Paul’s finger, a band will march by playing Yankee Doodle Dandy.
19. Ron Paul speaks in the universal language of love.
20. Ron Paul has so many morals, he has to pay for two seats on a plane.
21. Ron Paul is like kryptonite to Mitt Romney.
22. Ron Paul is an anagram for “Freedom” (but only he knows how).
23. Chuck Norris voted for Ron Paul in ’88…twice.
24. King Midas shook hands with Ron Paul once. Nothing happened.
25. SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Ron Paul may cause liberty, individualism, peace, prosperity, equality, and may impair tyranny.
26. Ron Paul doesn’t shop at the grocery store – he only eats fruit from the Tree of Liberty.
27. The government tried to steal once. Ron Paul made it sit in time out.
28. Ron Paul can free light from a black hole.
29. Dogs lie down with cats when Ron Paul speaks.
30. When applied directly to the brain, Ron Paul cures socialism.
31. Ron Paul doesn’t write books. The words assemble out of fear.
32. Ron Paul is the reason scientists are working so hard to perfect cloning.
33. Ron Paul was the one who let the dogs out, because they were being held without due process.
34. When fascism goes to sleep at night, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul.
35. Ron Paul can recite pi to 1776 decimal places.
36. Ron Paul can smell government spending a mile away.
37. Ron Paul can kill two birds with one stone, but he doesn’t because he is against violence.
38. Even though all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t do it, Ron Paul put Humpty back together again.
39. Ron Paul’s heart is literally made out of gold. This greatly upsets the Federal Reserve.
40. Ron Paul’s idea of gun control is both hands on the weapon.
41. Ron Paul has no alarm clock, but instead wakes up every morning to the call of freedom.
42. When Ron Paul was married, Thomas Jefferson was his best man.
43. On July 4th, there is a constellation of Ron Paul’s face in the night sky.
44. Ron Paul has been shot at more than a dozen times, but the pro-2nd amendment bullets refuse to harm him.
45. Ron Paul can find Waldo, but he won’t tap any phones or use the Patriot Act to do it.
46. The Ron Paul action figure wouldn’t sell because it didn’t change positions.
47. How can you tell when Ron Paul is telling the truth? His lips are moving.
48. The Founding Fathers didn’t write the Constitution. They predicted what Ron Paul would say in 2012.
49. Apple pie wishes it could be as American as Ron Paul.
50. If he was alive in 1776, Ron Paul’s signature would have been the only one needed to sign the Declaration of Independence.

admin answers:

That’s awesome!

I really liked number 7, the force is strong in Ron Paul – LOL.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

December 12, 2012

William asks…

Rate these rock lyrics i wrote please?

this is a hard rock song
its called Swallowing the bomb
its about being overwhelmed
with some of the problems that come
with getting older

Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
please, if you hear me
recite a silent prayer

wilted spine, from on-going time
niche of the servant
the profession somewhat crosses the line
imma pity-f**ker
stacked ten-high with more dilemmas
subjective pleaser
clutching onto my over-booked agenda

Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
force you troubles on me
seriously doubt you care

syphon from me, give to the weak
completely drained
my defiance has a very severe leak
hand down spoils, commence song & dance
insufficient funds
im not at all allowed even a second-glance

Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
please, if you hear me
recite a silent prayer

thanks for reading

admin answers:

Reminds me of Albatross by Fleetwood Mac; and Albatross by Wild Beasts. This song reminds me of Albatrosses, my favourite bird.

David asks…

Rate my rock lyrics I wrote please?

This song is called Dawn Circle
It’s a hard rock song

Verse 1:
Dawn circle
Means nothing to anyone
But me
Dawn circle
The story arc
Of my little life
Some say short
I swallow my retort
On such the weak-minded
A one track trainwreck
About to tumble over the rail
At any time
So watch out

I’ve come so far
To only take one step back
And fall straight on
To my Ian faith
Now I’ll only be
Forced to contemplate
If it was ever too late

Verse 2:
My unauthorized biography
That wasn’t written by me
Tattooed to my forehead
A word in can never see
Unless it’s read to me
I’m reminded at every mirror
A reflection
That steadly grows grimmer
In the weakest light
During the strongest night
It remains unseen
Except by anyone
That surrounds me


Verse 3:
Dawn circle
The street with an unknown name
My personal disability
The street sign rustin in the rain
My trust-worthy crutch
Has lost it’s remaining reliability
My own past
Has become my own worst enemy
Gotta face the disaster
As I set out on my Odessesy
For the correct remedy

Thanks for reading
I’m 15 btw

admin answers:

It has alot of potential. As an avid music listener and a song writer myself i can really see the talent in these lyrics and i really believe you have a talent and have great potential. You seem to relize that lyrics don’t always have to rhyme which is great. Obviously you have some kinks to work out but keep writing and improveing your old work practice makes perfect and you will evolve more as a song writer that way.
Good Luck!

Betty asks…

rate my punk rock lyrics please?

this is a punk/hard rock song
its called shell-shocked
its about how people feel that they need to be better
than who they are because of celebrities

ive had enough
of these f*cking cretins
breathing down my neck
making me question my meaning
there hypocrites
the very worst
they are the absolute
scum of this earth
feeding off the weak
reckless and irresponsible
and they are quickly forgiven
with just a quick flash of their perfect teeth

following in their footsteps i wouldn’t advise
say what you will im just being wise
self-loathed im told
if that’s what you believe
i will not
deny anything
i don’t care if im hated
maybe im the one who is just really jaded


i watch them feasting
off of my self-esteem
and i deem
that their the ones destroying our prosperity
but im not a charity
i don’t give more than i own
i show no shame
i don’t care if they forget my name
i don’t care what they do or say
i plan on staying this way

thanks for reading
i know…
i find that its easier to rate if you can think of the music that goes along with it…
did you even read what i said this song is about..
i bet you dont even know what a “cretin” is..
and you think that punk rock lyrics only have to be about throwing off control?
i dont think the song blitzgrip bop or dancing with myself are about throwng off the goverment…
punk rock is about expressing the way you feel and if you dont know that then your really closed minded on what music has to be…it doesnt have to be subjected to just one topic…
and im being whinny?
im just expressing my opinion your saying that the song i want to be sedated or longview arent whinny?
they are both about expressing how you feel and how much you hate something…
im not joey ramone?
look i love the ramones as much as the next guy but…
the ramones werent exactly a diversely complex lyrical band…
the KKK took my baby away?
i wanna be your boyfriend?

and how is this pop?
do you see kesha or lady gag or katy perry singing this?
thats what i said at the beginng in the desprciption and at the end of this song
i want to stay the way i am i dont plan on changing anytime soon

admin answers:

Theyre really cheesy try switching up some of the words, ssuch as “cretins”, they dont seem to have much depth either, sorry they arent good

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

December 2, 2012

Michael asks…

What are my chances? Rice University Early Decision Fall 2012?

Hello! So I applied early decision to Rice University and I’m having trouble dealing with the anxiety of waiting!! If anyone can give me a clue about my chances I would really appreciate it, I’m kind of a different type of applicant.

-Hearing impaired
-From Alaska
-Spanish Immersion program since kindergarten

Freshmen year- Freshmen year I didn’t do very well, I got mostly B’s, a few C’s and a couple of A’s. I still didn’t know I was hearing impaired at that point and was hating my new school where the teachers didn’t wear microphones. High school was also just a shock.
I was taking all honors/highly gifted courses though

Sophomore year- I got hearing aids and life improved drastically. Both semesters I got all A’s except for two B’s. Still all honors level

Junior year- I got straight A’s first semester including IB English and AP Spanish. Second semester I got all A’s (including the AP/IB) and two B’s.

Senior year- I didn’t have a senior year because I decided to graduate from high school in three years. So right now, I’m living in Brazil and fluent in Portuguese, and in 2 weeks I move to Ecuador to be a volunteer English teacher high in the Ecuadorian Andes for 6 months.

Tests: SAT: 2120 M700/W730/R690
SAT IIs: Spanish 770, Literature 730
AP tests: English Lang and Comp: 4, English Lit and Comp: 4, Spanish Language: 5
IB test: Spanish Higher Level 6 out of 7

Extracurriculars: Varsity Tennis and JV Soccer
Spanish tutor to 4 middle school Autistic boys 3 hours a week all three years of high school
Sophomore and Junior year volunteered as a math tutor to hearing impaired kids for 4 hours a week
Spanish club officer
Model UN
I also have taught myself Portuguese using Rosetta Stone and am currently learning German, French and Arabic with Rosetta Stone (+2000 hours over 4 years)
Sophomore Class President
Student Intern at my Otoneurologist’s office 60 hours Junior year

Essays: I wrote my commonapp essay about how my hearing impairment has taught me to view challenges rather than obstacles because I learned Spanish as a little kid when no one knew i was hearing impaired but if I had known I was hearing impaired I would have been told not to try

Supplement: What will you bring to the Rice community? And I wrote about how I’ve spent my life integrating myself into new communities, the Alaskan community, the spanish speaking community, Deaf and hard of hearing community, global community, etc. and how I have learned from my past experiences that to appreciate a community you have to immerse yourself in its culture and truly experience it (meaning I will give my all at college and be an extremely active member of the Rice community)

Future plans: I’m going to school to study Cognitive Science (psych, neuroscience, linguistics and philosophy) and then I will go on for my masters and PhD because i want to be a college professor conducting research in language acquisition particularly studying primates, deaf children, and bilingual children

admin answers:

I like your chances

Sandra asks…

Help about deafness/hearing aids in school etc?

I’m writing a short story in which the main character is deaf or hearing impaired. I haven’t decided yet, but because I know virtually nothing about the subject – though I would love to! – so, I was wondering if someone with experience, or who are deaf/hearing impaired would be able to help me? He is a 14 year old, who goes to regular school by the way!

In the story, the boy got meningitis when he was 4 and lost his hearing.

1) Would he become completely deaf or hearing impaired from this?
2) Would he use a hearing aid?
3) If you are completely deaf, do hearing aids work?
4)I would like to introduce lip reading into the story as I find it fascinating, so I was wondering does the hearing aid work for everything ir would he have to rely on reading lips sometimes?
5) In school, what support would he have – mainstreamed? How would he take down notes?

Also, his father will not approve of him learning sign language. So he relies on lip reading.

I am really interested in this topic! And it would be very much appreciated if you could answer! Thanks!

admin answers:

I had custody of a boy with hearing loss, the hearing aids helped him a lot. He became deaf because his mother never had his ear infections treated as an infant, resulting in scar tissue that built up over old scar tissue, he was prone to infections, and was not treated in time, so he became deaf.
My mother also has hearing loss due to a bone in her ear, she had to have it replaced with a prosthetic bone to prevent her hearing loss.
If someone is totally deaf then cochlear implants may work, depends on the person. Most deaf do not get them because you can not filter the volume. Hearing aids do not work if you are completely deaf, there has to be some hearing in order for them to work.
The boy that lived with me, his school provided hearing aids for him, or a special listening device with head phones like those whisper 2000′s that pick up the faintest noise. When he was younger, he learned how to read lips through deaf services, sign is taught from an early age, i cant imagine a father telling his son, he is not allowed to learn to talk, and ASL is a most primary way of a deaf person learning to speak, so you may want to rethink that one, however, a lot of parents are opposed to the cochlear implants.
In school, the boy i had, had an IEP (individualized education plan) so, he sat up front in regular classes, and when he took tests, they were tailored to what he could read and learn while he was in class. You have to remember that the deaf community speak differently, and have a hard time writing complete sentences, since, sign language is not considered complete sentences in the listening world, they also speak choppy, because its hard to teach discrepancies….they greet someone “nice me meet you” we greet “nice to meet you” they use their hand gestures to assimilate one person going “to” another. In school the boy had an aid that went to class with him, that took notes for him. He also relied heavily on reading lips, since he wanted to be considered “normal” and fit in with other kids, but it only made him louder when he spoke, and it came off pretty obnoxious, i just couldn’t make him wear his hearing aids to save my life. He missed out a lot on what people said, especially if they weren’t facing him. He would pretend to understand, but you could tell he couldn’t at times, and was too embarrassed to ask someone to repeat something.

Hope this helped.

Jenny asks…

How could a hearing impairment be diagnosed by child’s drawings?

I am doing a research project for school, and interviewed one of my friend’s mother’s, who is a speech and language pathologist. One of the answers she gave during the interview was this:

I once worked with a “boy who could not read. He was smart and memorized all the books they read aloud in class so no one knew he couldn’t read. He also had some trouble expressing himself with language and so he became my student as well. It was so puzzling, he just did not make progress even though I could see he was trying to do what I asked. I finally sat in a room with a huge blackboard and gave him some chalk. He drew for over 30 minutes and used the entire board. It was a very detailed and elaborate drawing of buildings, railroads tracks and other items. It meant nothing to me but it was striking and seemed significant so I took pictures of it and showed them to a psychologist (this is where a team is important.) Withing minutes of looking at the photos the psychologist said, “This kid has a hearing loss.” I was dumbstruck. We arranged for a comprehensive hearing test and guess what- he was hearing impaired. We would have not figured it out if he did not have the chance to express himself though art.”

My question is, how could the psychologist have known so soon that the boy had a hearing impairment? Do you think it had something to do with what he was drawing specifically? I’ve tried asking my friend’s mom too, and she said she has never understood it either. Just thought maybe somebody would have some ideas?

admin answers:

There are several things in this story that don’t add up. I work with children with hearing loss, and not a single one of them was diagnosed by their drawing ability. I doubt that you have been told the entire story. The psychologist may have talked to the SLP about his symptoms and other things she observed before ‘diagnosing’ him. Also, a proper Psychologist would never try to diagnose a hearing loss. He should have referred him to get his hearing tested.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

November 1, 2012

Ruth asks…

rock lyrics?

i am a songwriter for rock music. but i really don’t know what to write and it has been getting a little frustrating. so what can i write about for rock music? what are things that i can write about, give me some subjects please.

admin answers:

Your life experiences……

Thomas asks…

rate my rock lyrics i wrote please?

this is a hard rock/alternative rock song

this song is called Crooked
its pretty self-explanatory
(if you dont understand it your a retard)

verse 1:
im the proxy
that no one knows about
an agent of prudence
carefully prowlin’ around
anything remotely out of place
im a dirty crook myself
who is also quite two-faced

where your loyalties lie
or you’ll be next
to testify on the rickety stand
then materializes
the long lost evidence
that remains unknown
you better take out
and yield the sufficient loan

verse 2:
absence of malice
well, who would know?
sure we can find
a mutual cross-road
hurry the h*ll up i wont wait
my patience wont be renewed
so if i were you
i would get my priorities straight


verse 3:
i dont wanna
have to revert to my last resort
we’ve already been through this before
you should know by now what’s in store
be prepared to grab a shovel
if you wont meet my demands
“call the prosecutioner to the stands”


thanks for reading
and if your wondering
“prosecutioner” is a merge
between the words prosecutor
and executioner (its poetry)
im 15 btw
the reason im using unique types of words
is that it gives the song more personality and makes it more unique

admin answers:

For a 15 year old it is excellent. My constructive criticism is that it is a little too wordy and self explanatory. Try revising and being a little more metaphorical; you don’t need to tell us everything. A little interpretation by the listener goes a long way. Tightening up the rhythms a bit too.

Jenny asks…

Are these rock lyrics I wrote any good?

This song is called Dawn Circle
It’s a hard rock song

Verse 1:
I’m a catastrophe in the makin
An nightmare unnatural disaster
Peerin at the world
Throught the eye of the hurricane
No structure can support my strain
Nothin at all
Stands in my way
I’m mixin my ignorance
With a spike of belligerence
All the while fakin my innocence
Caterin to my self-indulgence
I’m so careless

I’ve come so far
To only take one step back
And fall right on
To my own faith
Now I’ll only be
Forced to contemplate
Whether or not
I should set myself straight

Verse 2:
My head-lined disobedience
Is the catalyst of it all
With “contradiction”
Tattooed to my exposed forehead
I’ve become an unstable train-wreck
With only a
“one-track” mind
About to tumble over
The rails at anytime
I refuse to believe that
Everything in the end will
Work out fine


Verse 3:
This is my story arc
The unauthorized
That was unfortunately
Not at all
Written by me


Thanks for reading
I’m 15btw

admin answers:

LOL what a morbid song! Must be the teenage angst phase, eh?

But don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty good for a start. If your band has a distinct sound and performs good quality music with consistency, I can see this song gaining an underground following in certain circles. Having said that, you’ll definitely need to grow and mature as a songwriter in order to last long in music.

I’d leave the lyrics of this song as it is, because it’s already well written and communicates clearly what you intend to say through this song. We all need some angry songs that simply serve as an expression of the doom and gloom we feel every now and then.

However, for writing more songs in the future, I suggest that you start reading the news and developing certain interests in issues that the world (or certain people groups) are wrestling with. Then write songs that serve as a sociopolitical commentary to these things that are happening. It will help you connect with your audience better, because by doing so you establish a common context in which your audience is involved. People are mostly touched by songs that say something about their world, and prefer not to hear too much of self pity when talking about these things.

I have two friends who are in the indie-rock scene, and both of them still keep their 9-5 day jobs as non-musicians. One is an accountant at a legal aid NGO, so he’s always in contact with people who are actively in the struggle to uphold justice. This job is the reason why he’s writing easy-listening rock songs with such compelling, hefty lyrics about corruption, teenage delinquency, the government’s silence about the murder of an innocent political activist, and so on. And his band has quite a cult following in my country.

The other guy is a feature journalist in my newsroom and highly esteemed both as a witty arts critic with authority as well as a fiery rock singer with a great stage presence. As a journalist he’s always up for making relevant and intelligent sociopolitical commentaries that stimulates the readers, but he always does this by relating it to pop culture and entertainment. Then when he’s moonlighting as a musician, he writes musical/poetical interpretations of those commentaries into electrifying songs that keep his fans utterly star-struck.

So yeah… Keep doing what you’re doing, I think you have the potential to be a great songwriter. But keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, cut back on lyrics with indulgent self-pity themes, and expand your horizons so you can keep growing and maturing in the right direction as a songwriter.

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