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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

February 25, 2013

Ken asks…

Is there any way to increase your vision naturally without contacts, etc?

Carrots don’t work for me. I want to join the air force as a fighter pilot, but my vision is pretty bad. i cant use glasses or contacts; and i cant get civilian laser surgery. any suggestions?
i know you can get lasik while ur in the service, but i want to fix it before hand if at all possible?

admin answers:

There are exercises you can do to improve your eyesight such as focusing on the horizon, then changing your focus to your hand and back again. This exercises the muscles of the eye.

Sharon asks…

What should I do about my bad eyesight?

I mean like I already have glasses and they are REALLY strong (or at least i think so) and my parents say that contacts aren’t too good and I’m scared to get lazer eye surgery.( But I probably am going to eventually, like when i turn 18 or something, I’m twelve right now)
well, should I like eat more carrots or something? lol
IS there even anything that i CAN do?
lol this was a stupid question I just felt like asking something ;P

admin answers:

How To Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses
A good number of us are not aware that rebuilding your vision naturally is possible. We’ve been told by authorities and individuals we rely on that the only answer to shortsightedness, is to either purchase specs or a LASIK surgery.
But this is truly erroneous. I have naturally rebuilt my vision and I know there’s a natural choice. Before I descent into the particulars of how I accomplished it, let me first enlighten you why this is such a top secret.
I am certain you would like to find out why you’ve in no way been told of natural vision improvement. You see, the optics industry is worth multi-billion dollars. For it to cave in is overwhelming to individuals in it. Therefore it is normal for them to defend their livelihood.
I believe whether or not rebuilding your vision naturally works or not, is for you to come to a decision. The least you must recognize is that there’s an option.
Afterall, if it as fruitless as those individuals allege it is, why are they hiding it from you?
Now for the mystery of natural vision improvement. Be prepared for a fundamental mind shift…
Effort doesn’t assist you to see clearly. If you struggled to see, your vision declines. Vision must be natural, just like all of your other senses.
Have you ever struggled to feel, taste, hear or smell? No. Even if you did, you are not capable of it.
Vision is the most critical sense for us humans. It assists us to stay alive a very long time ago and so nature has created us with the capability to direct them.
For example, when predators are close at hand, you have the capability to keep your eyes wide open for peril. You don’t blink for a prolonged period of time.
But in the present day, folks abuse these capabilities. They keep their eyes wide open watching tv. They dare one another who blinks first (the person with the poorer eyesight ordinarily wins). And so on and so forth.
And when we keep performing these detrimental activities, they are converted into a habit. They are converted into our subconscious. And while our vision deteriorates, we buy ourselves specs.
Specs assists us to see by adjusting the way light rays fall upon our eyes. It does not amend the principal difficulty – your eyes.
Accordingly, to rebuild your vision you have to pick up the correct vision habits. In my rebuild your vision blog, I’ll reveal to you how to do that. Do not procrastinate – get to it right now.
By: Andre Thomas..
Article Directory:
Katie Chan is the owner of cure myopia Naturally blog where she shares information on good vision habits, eye exercises and supplements she used to get rid of her glasses after having worn them for more than 15 years.

Mark asks…

Farsighted eye ? – How can I restore my vision ?

My vision is getting blurry when I read small prints. Is there any way that I can improve my vision so that I can and see small object without wearing reading glasses ?

admin answers:

There are ways to help you to fix your vision naturally.

Do these easy yet effective farsighted eye exercises that can bring clearer vision and you do not need to wear reading glasses to read your newspaper.

1. Train your eyes to read small prints everyday as close as you can, to keep your eyes have the ability to see from a short distance. Remember not to strain your eyes.

2. Do palming while resting. Relax your eyes often with palming exercise. How to do : sit comfortably in a chair, relax and take deep breath. Rub your hands to make them warm and cover your eyes. Try not to touch your eyes. Do palming everyday for 10 to 15 minutes to strengthen your eye muscles.

3. Blinking. If prints are getting blurred, blink your eyes gently to clear your eyesight. Blinking can moist your eyes, thus enabling farsighted eye to focus objects accurately. Blink can also refresh your eyes.

4. Changing focus. When you are looking at computer or reading a book for a length of time, take break for a while by looking at an object at least 15 – 20 feet away. Remember that your eyes need variety because eye muscles tend to get strained when they are forced to see at something for long in a constant distance. To help farsighted eye effectively, you have to change focus as often as possible. This exercise will help eye muscles flexible and strong. While doing this exercise, it is important to avoid stressing your eyes.

Reading glasses minimize the work of the eyes muscles and gradually they will become weak and difficult to focus near objects. To correct vision, eye glasses and contact lenses bend light differently into your eyes, but they do not restore eye problems.

Follow these exercises everyday and you will have a good chance of having vision skill to see object clearly even at close distance. After this point, you will need to have other exercises to have perfect vision permanently and no reading glasses will be needed for the rest of your life.

You can see more valuable information on the link below :

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 18, 2012

Michael asks…

do eye exercises really work to fix short/near sightedness?

or is it just a scam to make your eyes worse?

if true then what kind of exercises work?


admin answers:

Some exercises really do work, while some others do absolutely nothing.
In the worst case, they’re a scam because they take your money in exchange for something that doesn’t work, but they won’t make your eyesight worse. It simply will stay the same.
It’s actually quite easy to detect a scam. Just look at the way they’re advertised: if they promise to fix your vision problem quickly and without effort, they’re a scam. If they’re overly enthusiastic and it looks like they’re advertising the latest miracle diet-pill, it’s a scam. If it costs a lot, it’s surely a scam.
Since most methods have those characteristics or are a hundred years old (like the Bates method), I’ve never really thought of starting a visual training method. But one day a found a book that despite a horrible and pretentious title (“The secret of perfect vision”) was actually very serious and contained a lot of explanations not only about the exercises, but also about how the eyes work, the causes of nearsightedness and other important physiological aspects which are extremely important to know. I decided to try it and so far I’ve improved my nearsightedness a lot, from -3.75 to -1, and I’m not finished yet.
The big problem of this or of any other method that really works, is that it takes a long time and great patience, while most people want immediate results without any effort. Of course it’s much easier and quick if you’re only mildly nearsighted, but in any case you can’t expect to fix your eyesight in a month.
Here’s the book:

Nancy asks…

Is it true that you can eliminate the need for glasses through doing eye exercises?

Like many people my age I have had to wear reading glasses for some time and I hate doing so.

In recent years I have seen advertisements for training courses which classes which claim that they can teach you to do away with your glasses.

Has anyone done such a course and if so how was it ?

admin answers:

No, 66% of the eyes power comes from the cornea, which is rigid and cannot be altered. The other 33% comes from the crystalline lens which over the period of our life continues to grow and eventually inhibits our ability to see near objects (presbyopia).

Hence it is impossible to correct your vision problems by means of “exercises”

EDIT: Rajinder, no offense but you are talking absolute rubbish. There is no way that eye movement exercises, nor homoeopathic methods such as drinking your own tears will change your vision. In fact in regards to the latter, tears are drained through the nasolacrimal duct into the posterior of the nasal cavity and subsequently the throat. So everyone in effect are “drinking” there tears constantly for the duration of their lives.

I fail to see how you can discount information that is common knowledge in the optometric profession on the whim of personal experience. Optometrists & Ophthalmologists have made countless studies into this and have come up with nothing. In fact the most comprehensive study on this matter stated:

“Small controlled trials and a large number of cases support the treatment of convergence insufficiency. Less robust, but believable, evidence indicates visual training may be useful in developing fine stereoscopic skills and improving visual field remnants after brain damage.”

This implies that eye exercises have been proved to improve the motility of the eye, not the refractive error. Henceforth re-enforcing my argument.

Also if you are going to take so much time to correct me, please take the time to spell my name correctly.

Sandra asks…

Does doing eye exercises really help your vision?

I am nearsighted and was wondering if they’d work.

admin answers:

Not for nearsightedness. Nearsightedness is caused by the shape of the front of your eye and/or how long your eye is. Exercises can’t change those things, sorry. :)

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 4, 2012

Thomas asks…

is lasik treatment better or shud i start doing eye exercises to reduce eyesight?

my eyesight is -2 and -4 thought of going for lasik but recently heard of eye exercises so wanted to know which is better

admin answers:

Lasik eye surgery is the big and new thing to do, but no one knows the long term 15-20 year effect as of yet. I am gonna wait till they have done more studies.

Linda asks…

Can I overcome reading glasses through eye exercises?

What exercises would those be?

admin answers:

Very few people (including eye doctors) know enough about this to answer the question intelligently. For examply, Pennybar, is confused. It is true that there is no evidence that eye exercises will help acuity. But that’s not what you asked. You asked whether eye exercises can improve your ability to be less dependent upon reading glasses. This question is related to vision FUNCTION not VISUAL ACUITY. There is MUCH evidence to support the idea that it is possible for people to train their visual systems to FUNCTION better (improve their ability to adjust the focus of the eyes) It is much like the idea of a weight lifter who is very strong. There is nothing wrong with him physically. But he can’t turn a flip like a gymnast. This is like saying my eyes see clearly. There is nothing wrong with them. But then why do I have trouble focusing my eyes well when I read?

Now let’s return to the analogy of the weight lift. Now ask the weight lifter to stand flat footed and jump up and turn a flip. He may look at you and say, “Sorry, I can’t do what you’ve just asked me to do. I don’t know how. No one has ever trained me to use my muscles in that manner.” Same thing some times happens with the eyes. There may not be anything wrong with the eyes but the individual doesn’t have the skills necessary to focus them correctly. But just like a weight lifter can be trained to turn a flip, an individual can be trained to focus the eyes effeciently. That’s what eye exercises do. They teach a person strugggling with their ability to focus how to focus correctly. This can in turn decrease their dependence on reading glasses.

As to what exercises to do? You need to go see an optometrist who is trained in vision development. Google College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

Nancy asks…

What are some good eye exercises to effectively improve eyesight? Should I do these exercises w/ glasses on?

I have near sighted
am i suppose to blink/squint while doing them?

admin answers:

None they dont work

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

March 17, 2012

Mandy asks…

How can I prepare for an eye exam?

Is there a way to make my eyesight temporarily better or clearer for my next eye exam? I’m thirteen and I have nearsightedness AKA Myopia… Any exercises perhaps?

admin answers:

I am a Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher. I work with an optomotrist that is open to natural ways. He had me teach one of his patients who was measuring 20/40 on the eye chart. Within 10 minutes the young man was reading 20/20, measured by my optomotrist. His father who was listening and doing also noticed an improvement in his sharpness.

Why would you only want to improve your eyesight temporarily? Why not want to get rid of the crutches of glasses and artificial corrections permanently. So many people are giving up to artificial corrections and lowering our nations eyesight on a grand scale.

Kids do need to see the chalkboard and their world fairly clearly. A 20/40 prescription is plenty strong for most things. If one gets glasses they can remove them when they are not needed. Then 20/20 contacts can be used for special occasions like plays. 20/20 prescriptions tend to encourage strain and can lead to stronger blur and stronger prescriptions, so their use should be minimized.

Avoid anything that talks about eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) they do not deal with the real issues of blurry vision and are often counter to natural eyesight. Also avoid programs that don’t have teachers teaching students face to face. People don’t have a clue about guiding others to Natural Perfect Eyesight without being accountable to real people.

We can return to Natural Perfect Eyesight by upgrading our vision software for these complex times. We need to unlearn the incorrect vision habits, reintegrate the correct vision behaviors, and undo the damage of artificial corrections and blur.

Helen asks…

Blurred vision after studying do I need an eye exam or glasses?

I am in my mid 20s and have recently been studying for professional exams. I have found that at the start of each day my vision has been fine and I have been able to easily read projected slides from medium distances in the classroom but by the middle of the day after regularly combining near work I have found it difficult to see the projected slides which appear increasingly blurry. I have tried to sit marginally closer but the same thing happens, it is very frustrating not being able to see clearly.

I went to an optician a few years ago about a silmilar problem where I could not see slides from near the back of the classroom and was told my vision was fine and that it was not uncommon when studying hard and being tired that distance vision could become blurry, but it would return after rest.

I have been reading up on the problem and I think it is some sort of nearwork induced transient myopia (NITM) also called pseudo myopia, where close work causes the eye to accomodate and get locked into close vision so distance vision become blurry.

I have tried to rest and exercise the eye and they seem fine when away from the classroom, though sometimes blurry with a high correlation to if I have been studying. I am currently away from the classroom and doing much computer work but my eyes do not seem to be suffering too badly but I am worried when I go back to the classroom the problem will return.

I don’t think an eye test or glasses will help as for the majority of the time my eyes are fine and last time I was told that it was normal and my eyesight was good and I should not worry.

Has anyone suffered something similar and is there something that I can do to stop the blurriness at distance.
Thanks for your help. I have heard about this wearing of reading glasses, and understand the logic, though it would be really annoying to have to take them on and off at work.

Do you think I should go for the eye exam while my vision is good or when it is likely to be blurry and explain my problem again to the optician and say I need something done?

I am worried that if I go and they think I am short sighted, either from what I say or the results, they may give me a prescription for it and I will then have to wear glasses for everything including driving which I think you have to do legally even if the prescription is slight. I have heard stories of people becoming dependent and vision getting worse. Is there anyway to make sure this does not happen and I get prescribed glasses for reading (longsight).

admin answers:

Your problem can be easily fixed by using glasses with positive lenses, but just for near work, not when you look in the distance. They are also called reading glasses and although they are often used by older people, they can be extremely useful to young people in order to prevent problems like yours . They do one simple thing: they shift the focus of the light rays which get into your eyes exactly as if you were farther from what you’re looking at. In other words, if you want to prevent your eyesight from deteriorating, you should avoid (or reduce a lot) near work, such as computer, books, and so on. It’s not always possible, especially in your case , but reading glasses can do that for you. When you wear them and look at close things, your eyes have to accommodate much less.
As you said, the cause of pseudo-myopia is over-accommodation, i.e. A prolonged and intense effort made by the eyes to focus close things. The ciliary muscle sometimes reacts to such an effort with a spasm and that’s why your vision gets blurry. If you eliminate over-accommodation your problem will be solved and positive glasses is just what you need.. Since your eyesight is usually good, you can wear at least +1 glasses when doing near work. You could even try +1.50 and see if you can comfortably read a book or a magazine without staying too close. They are sold in drugstores and you don’t need a prescription.
You’re right, there’s one thing you must NOT do: don’t wear glasses for nearsightedness, that’s the worst thing you can do for your eyesight. They would only worsen your pseudo-myopia because they increase accommodation and it’s very likely that your pseudo-myopia would last much longer and it would probably become permanent. If those glasse are used to look far away they are not that harmful, because the farther you look the less your eyes have to accommodate (unless ,of course, you’re given glasses that are too strong). However from what you said there’s no reason whatsoever for you to wear that kind of glasses.
You may go to an optometrist or ophthalmologist (they’re better than an optician in a case like yours) and tell them about your problem. If they’re reasonable , they would never give you glasses for nearsightedness, even if in that precise moment your vision is not perfect. But if they do, tell them you refuse to use them and explain why.
In any case it’s certainly better to have an eye-exam while your eyesight is good.
If you can find a behavioral optometrist it would be great. He would surely give you reading glasses and could teach you some simple exercises to improve your condition.

Thomas asks…

Improve my eye sight?

I have myopia, near sighted -0.75 R -0.75 L i really want to get rid of this myopia as im only 13. I will consider laser eye surgery in the future but now im under-age and want to improve my eye sight. Can you tell me some exercises for my eyes or things i can do to help it. Many thanks

admin answers:

Given your very young age and your mild myopia, it’s extremely likely that you have just pseudo-myopia, i.e. A spasm of the ciliary muscle, while actual myopia is caused by the abnormal length of the eyeball. Since it’s quite difficult to tell myopia from pseudo-myopia, glasses are always prescribed, but that’s the worst thing to do.

Use your glasses only if and when you really need them but never when you’re doing near work. Whether you have actual myopia or pseudo-myopia you can definitely get rid of your problem by doing the proper exercises and by using your eyesight properly. I find the De Angelis method very useful and I’m having excellent results. The title of his book is “The secret of perfect vision”

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

March 15, 2012

Carol asks…

Mono vision @ -2.50 what happens when it gets beyond this level?

I’m a 45 years old contact lense wearer and my contacts are -3 and -2.50. This year my optician suggested mono vision as I was having problems with small print and reduced my prescription by -1.50 in one eye. I can already tell that the close up vision is not as good as it was when I first started the mono vision exercise.

My question is what happens if my near prescription gets more than 2.50, will I still be able to do monovision? I really don’t want to have to wear reading glasses – the reason I wear contacts is because I’d rather not wear glasses afterall.

Is this normal for someone of my age and is there an average ‘add’ for someone of 45 years of age?

admin answers:

Yes-It’s normal for your age. Holding small print at about 14 to 15 inches from the eye a 45 year old would normally need an add of about +1.25.

Monovision works with any strength realizing the non dominant eye will have trouble adjusting because you will have trouble suppressing the dominant eye.and will want to use the dominant eye for everything. Normally it’s best therefore to use the dominant eye for distance for safer driving at the expense of close vision which will be using the non dominant eye.

Mark asks…

Should I ditch my normal prescription glasses and only use reading glasses when I need to see something?

I’ve been wearing prescription glasses pretty much all day, every day of my life since I was 7. I am now 21, and I am sure that my vision has gotten much worse, since glasses and contact lenses are nothing but bandages, making your eyes more dependable them and worsening your vision. I’m sick of wearing them, 13 years is too long, and I look much better without them. I am seriously considering getting a system to repair my vision naturally using eye exercises, but in the meantime, I am also thinking of ditching my glasses (since it’s not like I can’t see where I am going) and only using basic reading glasses for reading music, hard to see signs, and such. It can’t hurt.

admin answers:

That is untrue. Contact lenses can actually slow down vision changes; i myself am proof of that. Since getting contacts i have been able to see almost 20/20 and my vision has not changed in quite a while.

It really depends on how bad your vision is. If you can pass the vision test without them, then go ahead and ditch them. But if you see blurry at all you should keep wearing them! Especially if you’re driving!

I’ve never heard of repairing eyes naturally, but it sounds like a hoax to me. I would get laser eye surgery, which is proven to work and has an excellent success rate with the right doctors.

James asks…

i really need help ):?

i’ve been taking off my glasses now for about half a week and i play computer all day and try to see, but i have to look closer to see better. i do eye exercises everyday and i eat healthy. i’m just so sad that my vision takes soo long to improve, i just want to find something better to do than computer because my parents just watch tv all day, can anyone help? i’m very sad and am i doing the right thing by taking off my glasses?
play a game with my parents? no, i don’t think so! they never play with me or do anything with me! i’m soo sad right now, sometimes i wish i was adopted.

admin answers:

Well,the bad part is to put your eyes infront of the screen because that will make you blind.If you want to do something else than use the computer why don’t you call some friends to meet outside with or go take a walk.She could nicely ask your parents if they would like to do something with you like play with a 500 piece-puzzle,a board game like monoply… Just try to not keep your eyes staring at one thing.Did you ever ask your parents if they can enroll you to play a sport?You can’t sit like that at home doing nothing while your parents don’t pay attention.(especially now because it’s vacation)Tell them how you feel and they’ve got to listen because they have to take good care of you…

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