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Your Questions About If You Choose To Take This Mission

October 23, 2012

William asks…

Please help me to choose red wine from my local supermarket!?

Please take you time and help me i will give you the link please follow the steps and you will see the choices of my local supermarket red wines i want something with good value,quality staff from medium body to full body so please FROM my local list of supermarket choose the one would be the best value and recommend me please

FOLLOW this steps:


2)Start shopping now, Auckland CBD Downtown, Auckland GL, type red wine

3)click red wine

so there you are now which one do you recommend best value quality etc.. and WHY?

Also i might drink it with food like steak but probably i will drink it on it’s so yeah 90% i will probably drink it on it’s on without food so yeah

Prices in New Zealand dollars

Somebody answer me with this answer so what do you think about it do you agree or disagree or do you have any other choices any other ideas

Of the Cabernet sauvignon, I saw, understanding that you want a medium/full body, I’d recommend anything from Penfolds, Jacob’s Creek or Mission Estate (they’re all available here in Canada and they’re all good). If I were picking this up for myself, I’d order the Jacobs Creek Cabernet sauvignon reserve, especially since it is on special at the moment.

One last note, Cabernet sauvignon is intended for food, especially to balance out it’s tannins. Again, if it were me, I’d order the Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Merlot or the Wyndham Estate Cabernet Merlot bin 888 for sipping by itself. Merlot mellows out the Cab.

I just want pick something good quality good for sipping and chatting something that is not for a new wine drinker i will drink with my friend who loves red wine not sure which exactly but he likes dry and he been drinking a lot of red wine in moderation so i need something that will suit for any body at nay day or at least most of them and will not brake my bank so yeah i need something like not for beginner something like medium or little bit better quality but at the same time non of like professional quality staff if you know what i mean

admin answers:

I love the Penfold Shiraz. It’s one of my favorites, and it’s kind of nice to have something other than cabernet, merlot, etc.

George asks…

Which ethical position would you subscribe to these 3 characters?

Hey guys and girls. I’m teaching a unit on a film called ‘The Mission‘ and want to teach on a major theme in the movie which is ethical conflicts (conflicts between diff theories of ethics)

Let me explain the plot to you and then you can help me with how the characters relate to different ethical positions. The Jesuit Order is an offshoot of Roman Catholicism and they set up missions or communes for the native guarani-indian people to convert them to catholicism. Right or wrong, at the same time they were protecting them from portuguese and spanish slave hunters who wanted the indians for slave labour/working the plantations etc.

A ruthless slave hunter named Rodrigo – after killing his own brother in a dispute over a woman – goes into deep depression. A visiting Jesuit priest from the missions sees him and offers him a chance at redemption if he performs pennance. The Jesuit invites him back to the mission and Rodrigo chooses his penance – he carries up to the mission (which lies up a gruelling climb up a waterfall) a sack of all his past armour and swords that he used to use as a ruthless slave hunter. long story short the native indians ‘redeem’ rodrigo, the people he used to enslave, by cutting off the sack. Rodrigo cries and he is a new man, he joins the mission and is ordained as a Jesuit monk. He tries to live a meek life and surrenders himself to others etc.

All this time, the Portuguese and Spanish are growing anxious and eventually a order from Room is sent to take over the missions because their autonomy is harming the power of the state, and the indian labour pool/commercial resources in the missions the portuguese/spanish empires want to absorb into the colonial system and profit off.

OK IM GETTING TO THE POINT OF THE the powers that be tell the Jesuit mission they need to leave peacefully otherwise they will all be excommunicated. The native indians say they will stay and fight. Both the Jesuit priest and Rodrigo (the jesuit priest and ex slave hunter) decide to stay with the native indians. the difference is that the main jesuit priest believes in pacifity and meekness, he will not lift a sword in defence. Rodrigo in contrast – despite giving up his past life of slave hunting – sees it as the ethical thing to do to protect the community even tho he knows it is prob futile and even tho this protection entails him picking up a sword again. The Portuguese/Spanish come and war with them, killing them all

3 ethical positions which i need your help with

The Portuguese/Spanish – their ethical position is utalitarianism because the means although they involve torching and killing innocent people are justified by the ends which is the greater good. With the takeover of the missions, commerce can be expanded and the colonial system can continue unchecked and uncontested, which means the span/port empires and the people of europe who depend on its wealth and prosperity will benefit from this, not to mention the span/port settler communities in and around the mission territory

The main jesuit priest – his ethical position is virtue ethics, correct? Because he believes violence protecting the mission/indians would nullify the end..war can’t be a means to peace and love. So his virtue is meekness, courage, surrender. He dies with a cross in his hands, jesus allusions etc

Rodrigo the ex slave hunter – is his ethical position virtue ethics or utalitarianism? Utalitarianism because for him the ends – protecting the indian people, being loyal to them who gave him repentance – justify the means (picking up his sword again and using violence, which he had previously put behind him). BUT is this really utalitarianism because he is not doing it for the greater good i.e. greatest amount of people but rather for a select few, indeed his action is against the greater good (the colonial system and the empire) SO i was thinking isn’t his position also virtue ethics like the main jesuit priest? But for him the greatest virtue he believes is loyalty, courage, honor. Can both rodrigo and the main jesuit priest both be practicisng virtue ethics even if they believe in different virtues? does this nullify virtue ethics? Or does it just make both of their actions ethical in their different contxts

thanks so much!!

admin answers:

What makes this a difficult one is that the movie is very well crafted, and introduces complexity into the characters with regards to questions arising out of moral actions. First, identify the parameters you’ll be instructing within. Perhaps there should be a presentation at the beginning of the class in which you discuss, in general, several ethical systems. Some potential choices come to mind:

1. Relativism
2. Divine Command – (higher source could also be “enforcing the good”)
3. Utilitarian
4. Deontology
5. Virtue
6. Teleological

Once the systems are presented in general terms, you can use characters and scenes from the movie as particular examples for the students to relate back to the general principle.

Rodrigo – Hedonism, then Virtue, then Divine Command. He evolves.

Portuguese / Spanish – Utilitarianism to justify Imperialism.

Jesuit Priest – Divine Command (different than Rodrigo’s) & Teleological, resulting in Deontological.

John asks…

If a single trained woman can take on THIS MANY trained men,….?

click on or copy and paste the link below,

then isn’t it only logical for WOMEN to also be forced to sign up for Selective Service and for MOSTLY WOMEN to be out on the front lines of military combat?
These men in this video, like here, were ALSO trained and they had the same weaponry that she had!

So since this movie obviously showed that a trained woman is obviously a FAR SUPERIOR fighter than a trained man, then shouldn’t WOMEN be out there doing most of the dangerous military combat INSTEAD OF MEN?
Think of all the lives of men that would be saved, and since she is obviously SUPERHUMAN here, she would probably survive and come back in one piece.

And again, for the “giving birth” argument, women can be made to get pregnant by threats of punishment if they don’t before they’re 20 years old, assuming they didn’t have unprotected sex with the intention of having kids by then.
And if you remember the movie Junior(the one where a man gets something injeted into his abdomen to be become the first ever pregnant man, which was played by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger), women can also have something injected into them without actually having sex if they actually weren’t horny and didn’t want sex for some stupid, weird, odd, twisted, retarded reason since women are supposed to be just as horny as men and want sex with men JUST AS MUCH as vice versa even if it’s casual sex.
Men are supposed to be capable of MAKING women want foreplay and sex with them JUST AS MUCH as vice versa, even if it’s casual sex and it’s been only minutes since they first met.

But anyway, the bottom line of this posted question here is that if a trained woman can be THAT far superior to fighting ability than even a whole bunch of trained men, then it would be better to have women on the front lines instead of men and to choose between putting all of those men in that video on the front lines or just her, according to this video, not only would it be better to have her out on the front lines rather than those trained men in that video, but she would come back alive in one piece whereas all of those men would’ve died had they went on the same type of mission she did under the same circumstances she went through.
Out her out there, no one from that video dies. Those mens’ lives are sparred and she also lives, whereas, put them out there instead of her, they ALL die and they wouldn’t have accomplished as much as they would by herself and the mission would have been a failed one whereas with her it would have been a successfully completed one with no one in the video dies.

admin answers:

It does not logically follow, because she did not REALLY kill those men. She pretended to do so infront of a camera, and the men pretended to die.

Simply, you can’t use fiction to argue reality.

Women can NOT legally be made to get pregnant in the United States, so that argument falls flat as well.

Also, because of different hormones (and natural gender roles) male and female sexuality is not the same, not just in humans but in any species that experiences sex.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Driver’s Eyes

October 5, 2012

Steven asks…

Hey, I really need help with this driving test, please help! thanks!!! will get 5 points!!!?

. If two cars get to a four-way stop intersection at the same time, the car making a left turn should always be given the right of way
A. True
B. False

2. A limit line marks a crosswalk and the beginning of an intersection.
A. True
B. False

3. When you are turning left, you must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic.
A. True
B. False

4. On the freeway, you are required to have your signal on for ______ feet before changing lanes
A. 50
B. 100
C. 150

5. At 55 MPH
A. You can stop within 150 Feet
B. A box of Kleenex could kill you
C. Your vision blurs

6. When stopped behind a school bus you cannot continue moving until:
A. You cannot see anymore children getting on or off the bus.
B. You access to a passing lane.
C. The bus stops flashing its red light and (if applicable) withdraws its stop sign.

7. Which of the following is NOT a good tip for driving at night?
A. Beware of drowsiness
B. Keep your eyes locked on the road ahead of you.
C. Increase following distance.

8. If you miss your exit on the freeway, it is legal to stop and back-up.
A. Never.
B. When the traffic is very light.
C. As much as thirty yards.

9. Refusing to submit to a sobriety test is your right by law
A. True
B. False

10. Each year over ______ people die in car crashes.
A. 15,000
B. 27,000
C. 42,000

11. A good way to control drinking at a party is to serve non-alcoholic beverages
A. True
B. False

12. White lines are always solid, never broken.
A. True
B. False

13. Traffic collisions are the number one killer of children in America?
A. True
B. False

14. Failure to stop at a crash site where your vehicle caused damage, injury or death
A. is not an offense if you make a police report within 24 hours.
B. is automatically punishable by more than 15 years in prison.
C. is considered hit and run and carries severe penalties.

15. The chance of being involved in a fatal crash is higher during the day than at night
A. True
B. False

16. Alcohol is classified as a drug
A. True
B. False

17. Driving under the influence of anger can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.
A. True
B. False

18. An aggressive driver is a person who drives:
A. A racecar
B. With a lack of courtesy
C. Slow in the fast lane

19. Each year about _________ people die in Alcohol related crashes.
A. 5,000
B. 10,000
C. 17,000

20. Pedestrians
A. Always legally have the right-of-way.
B. Never have the right-of-way.
C. Are hard to see

21. There are about ________ licensed drivers here in Florida
A. 170 million
B. 200 million
C. 15 Million

22. If your license has been suspended, you must do the following to reinstate your license:
A. Serve the period of suspension
B. Pay any service fee in addition to any fines ordered by the Court
C. All of the above

23. When you drive through deep water, you should dry out your brakes by driving slowly in low gear and apply your brakes lightly.
A. True
B. False

24. At 55 mph it will take you approximately _____ feet to stop the car.
A. 5 feet
B. 100 feet
C. 228 feet

25. The best tool to extinguish a small gasoline or diesel fire is a portable fire extinguisher.
A. True
B. False

26. The following signs will help you to spot a impaired driver
A. Driving too slow and weaving
B. Driving with the windows down on a cold night
C. All of the above

27. Two parallel white lines indicate:
A. A crosswalk
B. Indicates the time limit for a parking space
C. Marks a non-crossable point in the road

28. Most collisions are caused by:
A. Drivers falling asleep at the wheel.
B. Road Rage.
C. Driver”s Attitude

29. Traffic collisions are the number one killer of children in America.
A. True
B. False

30. Which of the following is NOT a big concern when driving on country roads.
A. Slow-moving farm equipment
B. Livestock
C. High Occupancy Lanes

31. Each year, almost __________ crashes occur.
A. 3 Million
B. 7 Million
C. 10 Million

32. A diamond shaped sign is:
A. Regulatory
B. Warning
C. Guide

33. You should always measure your following distance in
A. Seconds
B. Car lengths
C. Feet

34. Getting cited for reckless driving will result in four points on your license
A. True
B. False

35. A yellow line separates traffic moving in different directions
A. True
B. False

36. Bad weather means you will have
A. Increased stopping distance
B. Greater chance of getting a citation
C. Less traffic on the highway

37. You can maintain a proper following distance by using the three second rule.
A. True
B. False

38. Shape is indicative of the sign type
A. True
B. False

39. A collision at 30 MPH will take any loose object in your car and give it the same force as if it were:
A. Propelled by a slingshot
B. Thrown
C. Shot from a cannon

40. One drink means:
A. Shot of 80 proof alcohol
B. One Beer
C. Either of the above

admin answers:

Study the book. You should not be driving if you cannot get a passing score on your own

Laura asks…

Can somebody please help me with this questions?10 points pleaseee?

2 If you notice someone driving erratically, you should __________.

position your vehicle ahead of the impaired driver
position your vehicle in the next lane over and closely observe the driver
disregard the driver’s actions and mind your own business
let them pass you and give yourself plenty of space behind the erratic driver

3 If you are taking a prescribed drug and are going to drive, __________.

do not worry about the drug
conduct a self-inventory of all drugs consumed and their side effects
increase the dosage
stop taking the drug

4 Any DWI where your BAC is at least .08 becomes a Second Degree felony (up to 10 years in prison, and a fine up to $10,000) if __________.

you are driving a motorcycle
any serious bodily injury is caused due to your actions
you have ever served jail time in the past
you are convicted of traveling over 20 mph over the posted limit

5 If you possess an alcoholic beverage that has been opened, has a broken seal, or has had some of the contents removed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, __________.

you must offer a drink to all of your passengers
you will be charged with a fine up to $500
you are transporting the beverage within the law
you must attend traffic school

6 All drugs issued under a prescription __________.

can be refilled at any time
will not have side effects
can be taken without worry
have warning labels

7 Most state vehicle codes state that you shall not drive after taking a substance that __________.

alters the central nervous system
treats muscle pain
is prescribed by a doctor
is taken for headaches

8 Men’s bodies contain more __________ than women so they can consume slightly more alcohol to reach the same BAC.

red blood cells
white blood cells

9 Once in the brain, alcohol affects your __________.

blood type
pH balance
eye color
reasoning, judgment, and concentration

10 Depressants affect the __________.

reproductive system
digestive system
central nervous system
respiratory system

please somebody help me :(

admin answers:

2) D
3) B
4) C
5) B
6) D
7) A 8) A
9) D
10) C

John asks…

need help with DMV test (part1)?

please help, i’ve found the answers but when i submit them it does not say anything and makes me retake the test again (look for part 2) thank you

1 True or False: You don’t need to read warning labels for over-the-counter drugs.


2 Changing road conditions, traffic signals, pedestrians, changing CDs, and talking with passengers in your vehicle are examples of __________________ that you need to process every time you drive.

Unnecessary distractions
Road rage
Continuous information you receive
Driving skills

3 True or False: The higher the BAL, the higher the risk of a fatal crash


4 To obtain a disabled parking placard you must have:

Proof of eligibility
Proof of inconvenience
Proof of impairment
Proof of disability

5 You should use the _____________ parking maneuver when the parking space is on a diagonal to the curb.


6 ___________ affects your vision because your eye muscles are tired, along with the rest of your body, and it is difficult to focus.


7 In the State of Florida, the penalties for DUI become progressively more severe depending upon the number of convictions and the driver’s ________________.

Blood Alcohol Level

8 True or False: Being confronted with danger is a common reason why drivers get angry, hostile, and aggressive.


9 True or False: You can slow down to look at a collision if you’re curious.


10 ________________ affect the amount and rate the alcohol reaches the bloodstream.

Drinking rate, the temperature outside, and body weight
Time of day, type of alcohol, and body weight
Drinking rate, body weight, and the size of the drink
The size of the drink, your age, and body weight

11 In the state of Florida, passing a stopped school bus with flashing lights will result in a __________ violation.

2 point
4 point
3 point
1 point

12 True or False: Passing is prohibited when the view is obstructed or when approaching within 100 feet of any bridge, viaduct, or tunnel.


13 True or False: Unlike four-wheel motor vehicles, under certain circumstances, insurance is not required to register motorcycles.


14 A drinking driver may be able to steer or brake adequately, but studies have shown ____________________.

Drivers can still make U-turns without any difficulty
Each driver is different in the ability to drink and drive carefully
Mistakes are much more likely as the complexity of the driving situation is increased
There is no evidence of crashes from these impaired drivers

15 Interpreting the meaning of different road signs, road markings, warning signs, and directional signs are examples of _______________________.

Traffic distractions
Pedestrians warnings
Chargeable offenses
Information processing

16 ________________________ are often displayed by the way people drive.

Happiness and comfort
Tardiness and anxiety
Fear and paranoia
Stress and aggression

17 If you see a diamond-shaped sign, it will be what type of sign?


18 You will need to renew your disabled parking placard every ____ years.


19 Common effects of cocaine include __________.

Clear vision, headaches, and stomach aches
Headaches, stomach aches, and fatigue
Hallucinations, chest pains, and high anxiety
Fatigue and chest pain

20 True or False: It is legal to pass in Florida if you believe it is safe, even if your view is obstructed.


admin answers:

Getting answers from other people is cheating.

“Cheaters never prosper”

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 10, 2012

Helen asks…

How can I improve my vision?

My eyesight has become -4.. I don’t want any glasses.. How can I improve it naturally?

admin answers:

There are many methods for naturally fixing your vision. Eye exercises, diet, vitamins, carrots, Bates method, etc.

They don’t work.

You get to use corrective lenses for now. Once your vision stabilizes, you can then consider laser surgery.

Thomas asks…

Eye sight improvement?

Does any one know how to improve eyesight naturally (without medicine, no lazer eye surgery).ALSO please give me the website where you found it!

admin answers:

Perhaps the most effective way to help your vision is by reducing eyestrain. Long uninterrupted hours spent staring at a computer monitor, television, or book lock your eye muscles in position, causing them to tire.

You may want to consider re-arranging your workstation to position your monitor correctly, reduce poor lighting and glare, and make sure your posture is squared away ergonomically. It’s also very important to take “vision breaks” — glancing across the room or out the window every 15 minutes or so. Other suggestions include closing your eyes periodically, blinking a lot, and using artificial tears.

David asks…

Hey! I have a question….?

has anyone bought a book about how to improve eyesight naturally?? If u did tell me about your results and stories. TAnks!!!

admin answers:

Eat a lot of squash or any vegetable that’s rich in vitamin A for good eyesight.

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Exercises for the Eye: The Complete Exercise Regimen For Improving Your Eyesight

January 5, 2012

Exercises for the Eye: The Complete Exercise Regimen For Improving Your Eyesight

Article by C Oh

If you had to rely on glasses or contact lenses for a long time now and finally thought you had it enough, or your eyesight has gotten bad recently, or one of your parents, kids or other family members is suffering from eye problems, is there any other option than laser eye surgeries? While these surgeries were a major and recent breakthrough in ophthalmology and worked for thousands of people, a large number of people are still averse to these because they think it’s too expensive, dangerous, and full of potential side effects. The good news is that there is another option. It doesn’t take much money or involve high risks, but only your desire to recover and only 15 to 20 minutes of your time per day. In this article, you will be presented with a complete eye exercise regimen will keep you on track towards steady eyesight recovery and even your natural 20/20 vision.

The premise of eye exercises is that adjustments for seeing are made by eye muscles (4 rectus, 2 oblique), and just like any other muscles, these can be strengthened by exercise and thus strengthening the eyesight. One of the reasons why these eye exercises are effective is that the biggest cause for eye problems is fixing your gaze at a single point for a long time. By moving your eyes around, you simultaneously strengthen your muscles and prevent further development of eye problems.

When doing these exercises, sit or stand erect and fix your head in that position. You will only be moving your eyeball. Look at the wall for your reference when indoors, and use an object at a fixed distance outdoors. Imagine there’s a clock in front of you, and this will be the reference point for the position of your eyeball for rest of this regimen.

* Warmup – move your eyes in the following manner.

1. Up-down (12 o’clock – blink – 6 o’clock – blink) x 2 2. Left-right (9 – blink – 3 – blink) x 2 3. Diagonal (11 – 5 – 1 – 7, blink in between) x 2 4. Rotate (starting from 6 o’clock, 2 x counterclockwise then 2 x clockwise, blink after each round)

* Main exercise

1. Up-down (12 – 6), 8 times without blinking 2. Down-up (6 – 12), 8 times without blinking 3. After every 8 reps, place your eye at the center and blink. 4. Repeat #1 and #2 for 2-4 sets. 5. Left-right (9 – 3, 3 – 9, same as #1-4 above) 6. Diagonal (11 – 5, 5 – 11, same as #1-4 above) 7. Diagonal (1 – 7, 7 – 1, same as #1-4 above) 8. Rotate (6 – 12 – 6, 12 – 6 – 12, alternate the two. After 4 sets of 8 reps (4 reps each), blink and switch between CW and CCW)

* Light-and-dark training

1. Cover your eyes with your palms. 2. Remove the cover as if your hands are a set of doors that opens outwards. 3. Alternate #1 and #2 for 10 seconds. – This training relaxes the eyes and trains the iris which controls the amount of light that comes into the eyes.

* Closing exercise

1. Close your eyes for 3 seconds, then open for 1 seconds. Repeat this 4 times. 2. When shutting your eyes, contract your facial muscles as much as you can so that you can feel the pressure in your eyes. 3. Warm your hands by rubbing palm against palm, then cover your eyes with them.

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Does Facial Exercise Work? How to Check Out

September 7, 2011

Does Facial Exercise Work? How to Check Out

Article by Tedd Woods

May be you’re wondering whether facial exercises work? There are many articles written about it to tell its own advantages and disadvantages, but there are a lot of feedback that facial exercises work, and many believe that its function. So, do you think this is enough? Personal experience is enough to say whether a thing is effective or not.

We face our belly without a superficial one, that we always take care of. It reflects our strong feelings of deep sadness, happiness and euphoria. Our face also reflects who we are as a person. This has always been considered to be the person’s body as the face of our visual sense, our nose is smelling sense, our mouth, teeth and tongue to eat the eyes, tasting and digestion, and grinds the teeth first prepare food for digestion. Our lips can say a thousand words. Our eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as protect your eyes from any foreign matter and dust. You see, there are features of our face, as a whole can give a lot. We face can say a thousand words, but a physical attraction starts with him. As was said before, our face is one part of the body, that we treasure, preserve and strengthen. Beauty wise, there are many cosmetic products on the market today to give more glow to the face, the blush, concealer, eye shadows, lipsticks. As the only way to know that, when your face can also be very beneficial to our health and wellness. This is something for make-ups.

We are aware that as we age, our face will become saggy and shapeless. Our jaw is never highlighted is no longer our famous temples will also obvious that even a blush can not help, and it is true, we would not be nice when we had our 20 years of age. How, for example, facial exercises can help you at some time delay the aging face and make it more robust and healthy. If you want to know more about its benefits, read more.

* Facial exercises are used to stimulate and promote blood flow and circulation, reducing stress,and improve the overall appearance of your face.* Facial exercises are struggling to promote a smooth and wrinkle-free skin aging. * Since the facial muscles lose elasticity during aging facial exercises will tone your facial muscles.* Facial Exercise helps you achieve an anti-aging, wrinkle free and youthful face.* Facial exercises are not a lot of their time and they have proved cost effective, which helps to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Thus, the facial exercises work? Why do not you try the below and see for yourself.Facial exercises not as a whole, is made in tranches, in order to ensure its effectiveness:


You submit your fingers over each eye, and then, while you raise your eyebrows, gently pull down your eyes.Do so on one side facial exercises, tightens the forehead. As, for example, repeat this exercise ten times or until you want to do more.


As comfortable as you want, sit with your eyes closed and relaxed. While you may consider to be somewhat close your eyes slowly to look and look, as far as you can possibly do. Repeat this exercise ten to fifteen times or so.

Your eyebrows, you can do with your back straight while sitting. Your eyes should be closed and relaxed, and as you slowly raise your eyebrows, your eyelids stretch as far as possible while keeping your eyes closed. Maintain its position as a possible ten reasons, stay relax and repeat ten times as long as tolerated.


First, you must ensure that your fingers are clean. When you finish cleaning your finger to your lips, suck on your finger as hard as possible and remove it slowly away from the lips, and sucking. He’s just so easy, right? Now, repeat this exercise ten times or more, as much as you can tolerate. This facial exercises can help firm your lips.


With its three center fingers, place them on the cheeks and push them as hard as you can, and at the same time, raise your cheeks with your fingers to push against smiling. You should pay attention to the fact that a manager should be held back by doing this procedure.


Using your neck, sit straight and as far as possible, tilt your head back looking at the ceiling. Your lips should be closed and relaxed. Slowly, move your lower lip over your top lip as far as possible. Hold this position and count to ten. Relax and repeat the steps again for ten times.


As the neck, sit straight in a chair and tilted his head back and look at the ceiling. Keep your lips closed and relaxed too. This time, make your lips round or make your lips pout, count to twenty and relax. Move your head back to normal and the starting position. Repeat steps as long as you can.

After each use of the face, but to relax the facial muscles. Want to know? Here’s how:

* Open your lips and mouth, as in the world, as they can now feel his chin, cheeks and lips are stretched to the limit. Hold that position, if the number of smiles 10, then release and repeat.This exercise can help to relax your facial muscles plus it improves and helps improve blood circulation,thus reducing tension and stress.* Breathe in deeply and exhale at the time determined to open his mouth (huhhhhhh..) And move your tongue as far as they go. Open your eyes and see with my head held in its position. This can help reduce stress on the face and throat, and also improves circulation and stimulates the eyes, as you are watching.* Pinch your cheeks, fat, get out of your hands and gently squeeze. It improves blood circulation.As facial exercises work will depend on how a person has and how often he performs. More, including the face to some of the strategies and healthy beauty tips, you can hit two targets: the health and beauty.

* Moisturize your skin, always before bedtime.* Before leaving home, be sure to use a high SPF sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays.* Try to eat a healthy balanced diet* Non-smoking, because it will give you a wrinkle in advance, to face it you are no longer useful. * Drink plenty of water to moisturize your skin and body. * Do not use too much alcohol, because it will cause your body to dehydrate. * Have plenty of sleep at least 6-8 hours for 24 hours. * Go and get a little sweat to get rid of fat and double chins. * Do not forget to smile and say goodbye to stress!

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