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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

February 23, 2013

Ken asks…

What are some ways that you can improve your eyesight?

I’ve worn glasses for 5 yrs now and I’ve always wondered, what are some ways that I can improve my eye vision entirely?

admin answers:

Most people can perfect their eyesight naturally without the crutches of artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) In order to do this we need to unlearn the incorrect vision habits, reintegrate the correct vision behaviors, and undo the damage of artificial corrections and blur.

Avoid anything that talks about eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga). Eye exercises have nothing to do with natural perfect eyesight and can sometimes make things worse.

A good place to start is to read the best books. I have a link to one on my website. Most people have a lot more succes with the support of a local teacher. I also have a link to several of them aroun the world on my website. I’d be glad to interview on you are interested in to make sure they are teaching correct principles.

Donna asks…

Can bad eye sight be improved by eating carrots ?

I really want to see clearly without wearing glasses or contacts. Can I improve vision by eating carrots ?

admin answers:

There is some evidence that suggests eating carrots may help maintain current vision capabilities, there is no solid proof that eating carrots will improve eyesight. Carrots are high in beta-carotene (a pro-vitamin) which converts into Vitamin A. In terms of eyesight, Vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining healthy vision. When the body is deprived of Vitamin A there are risks of vision impairment.

But here are some ways that can help you to improve your vision naturally. The development of vision disorders such as myopia, presbyopia, glaucoma, astigmatism, crossed-eye, lazy eye, cataracts, macular degeneration can be stopped or eliminated through natural healing methods.

So what ways can you improve your bad eyesight? There are several methods that you can start training your vision and some of those are:

1. Sunning and palming
2. Resting and relaxing after long hours doing close work
3. Having enough sleep
4. Looking at far away objects after reading, writing or staring at computer’s monitor
5. Reducing causes of mental stress
6. Blinks more often
7. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable
8. Consume fish oil and food supplement for the eye more often
9. Relaxing and closing your eyes and imagining places you love to be around
10. Performing eye yoga exercises

Incorporate the above steps into your daily life to avoid or to eliminate vision problems. The techniques above can promote the health of your eyes and you can see the improvement within weeks. Some people have found remarkable vision improvement in just two weeks.

Mandy asks…

What happens if I stop wearing my glasses?

I was thinking that I could heal my eyes naturally some way. I just hate being dependent on my glasses.I wear them all of the time, at work, at home etc….My friend is supposed to wear glasses too but she stopped and says she is trying to see without them.

Any thoughts? I am 25.

admin answers:

Your eyesight will just get worse just get laser eye surgery but if that’s to expensive for you just where conracs like me plus you can sleep with them for a whole week but after that you should take them out a d clean them plus glasses can make vision worse cause they always get thicker contacts can actually help improve your vision trust me my vision is a lot better now that I use contacs

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

April 15, 2012

Ken asks…

Exercises, secrets, foods to eat to improve vision?

Im looking to make my vision 20/20 or at least near it. my vision is pretty bad, i cant really see much anything closer than 3 feet without it being blurry. I’ve worn glasses since i was 7-8 years old, i am now turning 15, how can i improve my vision. I’ve heard of nutrients or vitamins to eat, exercises for your eyes, not wearing your glasses to improve it, please tell me ways to help my vision out. I’ve come across websites that keep you on the tip of your toes on how to fix it but ask for you to pay a ridiculous price. Please dont give me links for them. Thanks, i would GREATLY appreciate it.

admin answers:

Maybe you knew this but carrots help your eyesight become stronger and they’re healthy for you as well!

It’s very important to get a good night’s sleep and to not stand so close to the TV screen. Try not to stare at any electronics for too long such as iPod or computers.

Last but not least, still continue to wear your glasses or even consider getting contacts! Laser eye surgery isn’t for me, but if that’s what you think is best then go for it!

Michael asks…

Has anyone tried Dr. William H Bates eye exercises??

Has anyone tried to do these eye exercises and actually improved their vision??

admin answers:

It does work, and impressively so. I used to have 20/100 ‘average’ binocular eyesight (both eyes simulateously), but after a month it was 20/40. I also get thousands of clear flashes of 20/13 or better (verified on Snellen eye chart). Nothing feels as great as being able to see strands of people’s hair from 1/5 to 1/4 mile away or even details inside a jet stream in the sky from 30 miles away!

The Bates method is about relaxation and relearning good eye habits similar to people with perfect eyesight. It is not about exercising the eye muscles, which is a common misconception. People exercise their eyes 25 minutes a day and revert to bad eye habits for the rest of the day. It just makes no sense…

Dr. Bates was simply someone with a deep understanding of how neuroscience plays a role in eyesight. He taught how to create mental imprints in the mind by visualizing something over and over as appearing perfect, leading to ‘clear flashes’. It’s a similar concept as muscle memory. You can read more about clear flashes here:,425.0.html

If you wish to learn more about the Bates Method, you can look at

For posting questions about the Bates Method, you can go to

You’re welcome to post there if you have any more questions.

Linda asks…

does yoga eye vision work?

okay so i found out theres exercises i can do to improve me eye vision any one have personel experience or know how i could reapi my eye vision?

admin answers:

Ummm i’m not sure of the actual exercises but my mom watches this one show about some yoga guy and his success stories are amazing. You sould most definitely try it

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

March 22, 2012

Mark asks…

Eye Health Concerns (Professional Assistance Preferred)?

Hello, I have a few questions…I’d prefer advice from an optician or other eye professional or someone who’s been using glasses/contacts for a long time. This got a little long.

1. My job requires me to use a computer for long amounts of time and I’m frequently on the computer at home, sometimes late into the night. I’m a heavy computer user. I’ve read that heavy computer users are at higher risk for eye conditions like myopia and glaucoma and that this harms how well you can see far away because it’s a close-focus and high eye stress activity. I blink and look away from time to time when my eyes feel dry or stressed, but when I look in the mirror, I can see red vessels that are present only after computer use. What do those mean? I’m thinking it’s just eye strain but I’d rather be sure. I guess the sum of my question is “Does heavy computer use harm your eyes?”

2. I wear glasses. Without them words of this size on a computer screen get blurry when it’s more than 1-1.5 feet away from me. I tend to get closer to the computer, but I suspect that would only make it worse…if I keep doing this and other close-focus activities such as reading small print, will my eyeglass prescription eventually become stronger? Before I started wearing glasses, my vision wasn’t perfect (obviously), but I recall being able to make things out better. Now, it seems that my vision has worsened. I wonder if this is why.

3. Eye improvement…I’ve been looking into vision exercises that claim to improve sight…I’ve done a few of them and they seemed to improve my eyes’ focus for a short period of time but I haven’t faithfully committed to these so I can’t speak for them. In the opinion of an eye professional, can these help improve vision over time? I’ve also been wondering about eye care supplements with lutein (e.g. I-Caps). Some friends of mine had pills like these suggested by their doctors. I don’t have any serious problems like glaucoma or macular degeneration…since I don’t have any problems with my eye (that I know of), will these have any preventative effect for me? Could they improve my vision? I’m not looking for any “magic cure”, just something to help out.

4. This one’s for my daughter…she doesn’t need corrective glasses, but wants to wear this special type of contact lens. I think they’re called “circle lenses” or “big eye lenses” or something for cosmetic enhancement. I’ve looked into allowing this. They appear to be only available online. I have some doubts about the websites I’ve seen as a) none of them look even remotely professional, b) they’re manufactured in Korea, Japan, etc. and I don’t know about their safety and sanitation standards and c) I don’t know if the material they use is the same used in the U.S…they look like soft lenses, but I’ve read that they’re worse for your eye sight either because of the material they use or its larger diameter, depriving the eye of more oxygen? They run for about $30-$40 for contacts that will last a whole year or two. I’m doubting these, but if there are any safe suppliers of a similar FDA-approved version from the U.S., or whether we should just skip these all together. Her eye sight is not worth a weird eye :/ But I have read from some people who use them that they’re just like other soft lenses, which is why I’m unsure.

5. And a sort of random but related question – can you sleep in RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses? Do you just leave them on and not remove them or do they need to be taken off like soft lenses or are they worn continually until they’re due to expire?

P.S. – I can’t afford LASIK.

admin answers:

Ok, Here we go.
Question 1: Red vessels in the eye can be part of eye strain but more likely they are a sign of dry eye. Many times we get so intense on the computer that we forget to blink and even though you say you blink, you may not be blinking enough. Make sure you blink and look away from the screen every so often and that should clear up. This answer is also going to come into play later down the line here.

Question 2: No. Working on a computer with glasses is not going to make your eyesight worse as long as the Rx in the glasses is ok for you. If you start to notice blurriness where you didn’t used to, then your Rx may need to be updated. Eyesight getting worse as we age is a normal process.

Question 3: Short answer – They’re bunk. If they were ok, every optometrist and ophthalmologist would do them. I know of no one that recommends them. Don’t waste your time or money. Lutein is found in the macula and some suggest that it may help somewhat protect from macular degeneration. My doctor recommends it as long as it is in moderation and not mega doses. 5 – 10 mg is sufficient.

Question 4: Circle lenses are not FDA approved and are not made to FDA standards. They may contain impurities that could cause serious eye infection which could lead to blindness. Stay away from them until they are FDA approved. The reason you can only get them online is because they are not FDA approved and no optometrist is going to dispense them.

Question 5: No, you cannot sleep in RGP’s. You must remove them every night to allow oxygen to reach the cornea. If you don’t, then the body will realize the cornea isn’t getting enough oxygen and it will grow blood vessels into the cornea in order to provide more oxygen but when this happens, the extra vessels will begin to block your sight and you are then into the need for surgery to correct the condition. You can also develop a corneal ulcer and believe me, once a person experiences a corneal ulcer, they wake up to the fact that they must follow the eye doctors instructions on how to wear lenses properly and take care of their eyes.

Hope this has helped.

Robert asks…

will such things really improve my eyesight?

i don’t know the name, but recently i’ve seen products which claim to improve your eyesight if you look into it about 10 minutes a day for each eye, where it will show you diferent coloured patterns etc which is supposed to relax/exercise your eyes.

it looks kinda like a gigantic white binoculars but for only one eye at a time(sorry for the very bad description, but i cant think of anything else to describe it)

will such things really work at improving my eyesight? (i have myopia, around 250 degrees)

admin answers:

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) are alternatives to our natural perfect eyesight. Our understanding of eyesight is so bad that 60 to 80 percent of people have blurry vision and many of them are getting stronger prescriptions year after year.

People need to seek out those that teach Natural Eyesight Improvement face to face and read the books that they suggest. If a program does not have local teachers that teach face to face or encourage a person to find a teacher near them, THEY ARE A SCAM.

From time to time a person doing eye exercises becomes aware that they can change the way they use their eyes, but eye exercises are so far off from the principles of natural perfect eyesight that they do way more harm than good. They allow every eye doctor to say that eye exercises don’t work and therefore sway another person from the hopes of natural perfect eyesight.

We need to focus on the best of what we have which is the principles of natural perfect eyesight so that we can pull away from the huge imbalance of artificial corrections.

Sharon asks…

how to cure myopia without LASIK or LENSES?

i’ve myopia. am not able to see or read something from a distance and this problem is becoming more serious day by day. i do not use lenses neither do i want to. but i want a quick cure of it because of watching t.v. for several hours or using computer? should i reduce time i spend on tv?what are the ways or exercises that can be done to cure it as soon as possible?can it be cured without surgery or lenses? why do my eyes start watering if i watch tv for long?pls pls help! i need a simple,quick and effective cure to this problem.(pls do not ramble) thanx in advance:-)

admin answers:

Short answer: No exercises will work and no quick fix.

Ramble answer: You didn’t say your age, but generally in the teen years, vision can change yearly if not sooner in some cases. Once you hit 20 or so, it tends to level off to minor changes and at that time, corrective surgery would then be an option. Until then, or if that is not something you wish to do, glasses or contacts are your only option. You could google “ortho-k” to read up on that, but that is not widely accepted.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

March 14, 2012

Thomas asks…

does eye exercises and eye yoga really improve your eyesight?

im really tempted to start these daily exercises to improve my short sited/bad eyes but i need to know weather these techniques are legit and really work? also is it a to good to be true thing?

admin answers:

It’s been good for the scam artists for many years who have been selling books about it.

The exercises they list are all nonsense and make no scientific or medical sense, and if you know how the eyes function , then they don’t even make any common sense.

No legitimate eye Dr’s can be found that have actually seen results. There should be lots by now, that nonsense has been around for 85 years.

The only people who claim to have done them with success can never supply a legitimate Dr’s name who can verify the changes that have happened.
It’s also strange that anyone who claims they work always have a link to a book for sale about it.

It can’t hurt to try them, but don’t expect to ever be rid of glasses because of them, it just won’t happen.

Just like carrots won’t help either…just another myth.

Sharon asks…

Can someone tell me the eye exercises in the rebuild your vision program?

I would like to know the exercises from the rebuild your vision program. I don’t want to purchase the product but would like to first try all of the exercises. Can someone tell me them or know any websites that shows the exercises from this program? Or if there is anyway to download it please give me the link. Thanks in advnce

admin answers:

Eye exercises are a waste of time and don’t address the real issues of blurry vision.

Most people can return to natural perfect eyesight. Look for Natural Eyesight Improvement, the Bates Method, and principles of natural perfect eyesight. Avoid people or sources who do not teach or at least plan to teach Natural Eyesight Improvement face to face. Avoid anything that talks about eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga), corrective hard lenses(ortho-keratology), or vision therapy.

Richard asks…

What are some good eye strain exercises?

I’m suffering from eye strain and I need some exercises to help relieve the pain!

admin answers:

Close your eyes tightly for 2-3 seconds & then open them for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this for about 2 minutes and it should help heaps. This site - has a lot more exercises.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

February 26, 2012

David asks…

Any eye exercises to improve my vision?

I have a really poor eyesight and was wondering if there is any eye exercises to improve it?

admin answers:

Hello SuperMom Do U have I Dr. Low Vision therapist?

Mandy asks…

Can eye exercises restore my eyesight?

I have really bad eyesight
about -4
I want my eyesight back, do eye exercises make my eyes stronger and improve my sight?

admin answers:

No, they dont. No “eye exercise” can “restore” vision.


Lizzie asks…

Do eye exercises really help to improve eyesight?

Since the cause of loss of 20/20 vision is to do with lathargic eye muscles, wouldnt doing eye exercises make those muscles more active and inturn improve ur eyesight? But a few weeks ago i heard this eye doctor on the TV saying that eye exercises wont do anything but then ive heard alot of ppl online say that they have been doing eye exercises and it has really improved their eyesight, even given them 20/20 vision. sum1 plz tell me the truth…..

admin answers:

The cause of blurry vision is not “lethargic” or “lazy” eye muscles. The eye muscles only work on internal structures so they are many times stronger then they need to be. So the theory of exercising eye muscles is comletely wrong. Eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) are a terrible deception that help keep people from natural perfect eyesight.

When I was young I tried to hit a baseball for school games. I was very bad and I was strained and tense. A friend showed me how to swing at the ball and all of a sudden I was very relaxed, and swinging and hitting were greatly improved.

Vision is very similar. People with blurry vision have learned how to use their eyes incorrectly. In fact people with blurry vision exert a whole lot more effort and tension than people with natural perfect eyesight. Because artificial corrections don’t change the way we use our eyes, our vision gets worse year after year.

One of my primary goals is to educate people on the differece between completely incorrect eye exercises, relearning to see, and temporary harmful artificial corrections.

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