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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

October 28, 2011

Charles asks…

how do i make my lazy eye have the same vision as my other eye?

should i do eye exercises while covering my good eye and looking through my lazy eye or will that make my good eye even worse ? uh… do u think that i should just cover my good eye for t he whole weekend and use my lazy eye? do u think this will help make my vision better? im trying to make my vision super good so that i won’t have to wear glasses no more

-thanks :D

admin answers:

Occlusion therapy is generally beneficial for improvement of site and encouraging a reduction of suppression of the amblyopia. However, one weekend won’t make any difference, this takes time.. Much time to see results.

It also is highly dependent on the degree at which your ‘bad’ eye is suppressed. You will need to see your eye doctor to have both eyes measured and a determination at the best course of ‘therapy’ to attempt to restore vision in the eye being suppressed by the brain.

Sometimes an eye patch worn several hours a day is the Rx. Sometimes on weekends only, sometimes everyday for most of the day for X months.

Sometimes eye drops to blur the good eye are used to allow for one to not be embarassed about wearing an eye patch. Although the drops work by relaxing the cilliary muscles thus causing blurring vision and shifting the visual input to your “lazy” eye, so to speak.

The degree, and possibility of treatment has to be determined after thorough examination. It really is no big deal.

A Pediatric optometrist who specializes in ‘therapy’ of sorts is usually the best choice for therapy.

Also, you *can* help suppression even after you are an adult. Though you are probably still a child, which plays in your favor developmentally and for speed.

Good luck,

Sandra asks…

Is it easy for eye muscle surgery to fix intermittent exotropia (lazy eye/strabismus)?

My doctor says eye exercises won’t work at my age and that surgery is the best route for me. If it makes any difference, I have normal 20/20 vision in both eyes. One eye will drift out when looking at near objects and when focusing on objects in the distance.
I wanted to add that will send me a message who has had the same thing as me, I would love that so much. :o )

admin answers:

It can and can’t work. It really depends on how your muscles respond. I have had 3 surgeries to correct this, at first i had 20/20 but i’ve developed terrible sight. I’m not convinced it was because of the surgeries or anything but if you have perfect sight and the lazy eye doesn’t bother you to much then i wouldn’t do it because it’s not worth the risk of affecting your sight. You don’t realize how good you have it until you can’t see.. But esthetically i realize that it helps tons so if your doing it for that sole reason then i would go ahead and do it if you really want to. Hope everything works out.

Donna asks…

After a lazy eye surgery is it normal for the eye to still be a little inward?

If so how long will it take for the eye to become straight. I had the surgery 2 days ago and am worried. And also is it good to give the eyes exercise. Such as using them normally and not weaning them or easing them off the light.

admin answers:

Yes normal. Could get straighter later…BUT the #1 problem with strabismus surgery IMO is that it is *rarely* perfect. It can make an eye thats turned A LOT into an eye that turns a *little*…but its pretty rare IMO to completely eliminate the turn & make that eye totally straight. VERY RARE.

Shouldnt matter if you “exercise” it or not.

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