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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

April 26, 2012

Steven asks…

Have I found the cure for near-sightedness?

Hey everyone. So basically I’m 18 years old and I’m -4.00 in each eye. Over the years I looked into how I could cure myopia (which is near sightedness) and what I found out is that myopia is cause due to the eye muscles tightening too much and therefore squishing the eye and the lens within. I read about eye exercises and there are soooo many people who keep saying they work and that they don’t, and how eye doctors would have proved if it worked by now, but I think that eye exercises may work…
In theory, if myopia is caused because of contraction of the eye muscles, doesn’t that mean that if you do eye exercises and relax the eyes, they would eventually return back to their original state?
I understand people might think it’s a hoax, but I wanted to get people’s opinions on it.

And for those who would say that eye exercises won’t work, think about this. If it were true, and eye exercises did work, do you REALLY think that eye doctors would expose that to the media? In doing so, they would be destroying their own careers, profession, and their extremely high salaries. You can’t really trust eye doctors 100%.

But yes, in theory, wouldn’t eye exercises work?

admin answers:

I admire your intentions. However, your idea on how myopia works is distorted.

No one knows entirely why myopia develops, or if there will one day be a treatment to stop it.

Here are the things we DO know:

Myopia is not caused by eye muscles tightening.

Myopia IS caused by uncontrolled AXIAL ELONGATION (growth) of the eye.

Myopic eyes grow to be longer than they should. This is well documented and peer reviewed and repeatable and is the one thing I can say for sure about the develop of myopia.

What leads to this axial elongation we dont know. Genetics certainly has a significant role, but there is good evidence that some environmental conditions contribute too.

Near work is one environental factor that is strongly linked to myopia development – but it isnt because of eye muscles tightening.

Why near work may lead to axial elongation of the eye is the question that thousands of scientists around the world are working on.

Eye excersizes to reduce myopia is a quick fix that only makes sense to people with a poor understanding of how the eye and myopia works.

You’re 18, great you should go to university and study this further

Nancy asks…


ever since i was 11, i have been wearing glasses -> and i started at -3 for both eyes
and due to the optometrists’ orders, i have been wearing them all the time, even when i
didnt need them.. rite now im 15 and my eyesight for both eyes is -7!
This is terrible and i feel my eyesight is deteriorating at an incredible rate.
what makes me wonder, my friend who had the same eysight as me in grade 6,
and it has not increased one bit.. but she only wore them when she needed them
(for copying notes in class) im soo scared and i know my eysight is extremely
severe myopia! :( i want to save/improve my eyesight PLEASE! dont mention
glasses, contacts, lasik.. i already know that.. i also heard bout eye exercises
(dont rlly know much bout it though)
please anything would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
thank you so much in advance!

ALSO: its not genetic (no one in my family has glasses, except me and my brother)

thanks so much!!!!!!!
P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)
thanks again!!!!!!
P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)
thanks again!!!!!!
P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)
thanks again!!!!!!
woah, the additional details kinda went over the line there.. weird :S
anyways, nate and david, srsly i wouldnt spend a penny on anything and
be ‘cheated’ on the internet and w/e. also, ofc i dont think that the
optometrists are hiding anything from me.. thats the dumbest think ive heard
not trying to come off as rude but im looking for someone who is willing to help me
ALL im looking for is some eye exercises that might have worked, thats it.
maybe not improve my eyesight exactly, but maybe stop the rapid deterioration
or possibly making it better SLIGHTLY.
thanks again! :D

i do appreciate ur advice though :)
kay i better stop w/the additional details

admin answers:

Myopia (nearsightedness) is when the physical length of the eye is longer than its optical length. The eyes do not focus light directly on the retina and this results in blurred vision.

Eye exercises only exercise the muscles that surround the eye – they do nothing to change the shape or length of the eyeball. Neither does any food, supplement or drug. No eye exercise has ever been substantiated to work for these conditions.

Sorry but your options are glasses, contacts and maybe surgery.

Lisa asks…

What about Orthokeratology ? Other methods of “treating” myopia?

Lately, I searched about the methods of correcting myopia. One of the methods I found is the so called “orthokeratology”, or “Ortho-K”.
I know that those are contact lenses, worn at night, and that they reshape the epithelial cells of the cornea .
However, I still have some questions about them… Mainly , those are:

1) Approximately , what is the price of those lenses? I found prices that varies from $200 to $2500. What is the correct price? I have -1.5D LE and -1.75D RE. Also, I am slight cross-eyed (I asked for surgical intervention, but the doctor told me that the deviation is too small, and is most likely a neurological cause for the deviation |am I crazy? xD| . And also, there is the risk that by not wearing my prism lenses, the strabismus would come back at full force, making me look like a weird person…).
2) Except from the infection problems, common for any contact lenses, are any other risks involved? I am quite skeptical with the whole “pressure on the eye” thing.
3) Are there any doctors outside UK and US ? I don’t live there, and if I have to travel thousands of miles to the closest doctor …
4) I guess age isn’t a problem, is it? I’m 15, turning 16 next month.
5) How often do I need to change the lenses? Once a month? Once a year? Less?

I will be grateful if any of you (who are wearing these type of contact lenses) would tell me about your experience with them.

Also, I found a lot of other types of correcting myopia, varying from surgical interventions, to contact lenses, even looking to the sun or making certain “exercises” with the eye.
The LASIK, or, mainly, any other surgery , sounds too much for me, as it is too invasive and irreversible, and they have too many complications.
Contact lenses are OK with me, but not with my parents, since they are afraid of eye infections.
I currently wear glasses (and I wear them since 3 yo), and I got bored with them, plus they are in way of about any activity I want to do. Sports? If I get a ball in my face they would break, if I don’t wear them I can’t see the ball. Playing with my little sister? She would slap them off my face (… >.>). PLUS they get scratches all the time, they get dirty, and I also had enough of the “tunnel view” (since I can only see clear through the part where the lenses are) and the aching nose…

All in all, that’s all I have to say, and I will be grateful if you could tell me about orthokeratology, or any other correcting methods.

admin answers:

Congratulations on your research. It is not easy to always find the information one needs.

You can find a lot of information about Ortho-K at

Cost does vary, just like it varies for something like braces for your teeth. The $200 figure you found was probably just for the material lens, maybe a replacement of a lens known to work. Most doctors are in the $1500 to $2000 range (including the cost of the lenses) for “normal” eyes and your prescription looks like it might fit that category if all other factors are normal.

The eye deviation is something that would have to be determined by your doctor. If the only way to correct it is with prism in your glasses, then ortho-k won’t work well for you. Often the necessity of prism can be compensated for by specific vision training exercises, but you need professional advice. Not all doctors provide vision training and sadly many don’t refer for it either. I’m not saying it would work for you – just something to determine.

To find a doctor outside the UK/US: If you are in Australia/NZ, check out this web site to find a doctor:
If you are in South Africa, try

Your age is no problem as long as you have healthy eyes and are responsible, meaning you are mature enough to take care of the lenses and your eyes as directed.

The lenses last somewhere between a year and three years on average. Some doctors have you replace them every year to reduce problems and some wait until the lenses aren’t working correctly and replace them. The only problem with waiting for problems is that the problems are then sometimes more time consuming to fix than if the lenses were just replaced routinely. Sorta like changing the oil in your car when the car is running fine.

To see other ideas to correct myopia, take a look at It talks about keeping your myopia from getting worse, which is different than making it go away.

Your parents are correct that eye infections are the biggest risk factor for contact lens wear. That’s part of the reason why I said you had to be responsible. But the risk is low and the long term complications are rare. I’ve never had a contact lens patient lose any vision from their contacts. Yes, they do occasionally get infections. You stop wear and treat the infection. No guarantees, obviously.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

March 22, 2012

Mark asks…

Eye Health Concerns (Professional Assistance Preferred)?

Hello, I have a few questions…I’d prefer advice from an optician or other eye professional or someone who’s been using glasses/contacts for a long time. This got a little long.

1. My job requires me to use a computer for long amounts of time and I’m frequently on the computer at home, sometimes late into the night. I’m a heavy computer user. I’ve read that heavy computer users are at higher risk for eye conditions like myopia and glaucoma and that this harms how well you can see far away because it’s a close-focus and high eye stress activity. I blink and look away from time to time when my eyes feel dry or stressed, but when I look in the mirror, I can see red vessels that are present only after computer use. What do those mean? I’m thinking it’s just eye strain but I’d rather be sure. I guess the sum of my question is “Does heavy computer use harm your eyes?”

2. I wear glasses. Without them words of this size on a computer screen get blurry when it’s more than 1-1.5 feet away from me. I tend to get closer to the computer, but I suspect that would only make it worse…if I keep doing this and other close-focus activities such as reading small print, will my eyeglass prescription eventually become stronger? Before I started wearing glasses, my vision wasn’t perfect (obviously), but I recall being able to make things out better. Now, it seems that my vision has worsened. I wonder if this is why.

3. Eye improvement…I’ve been looking into vision exercises that claim to improve sight…I’ve done a few of them and they seemed to improve my eyes’ focus for a short period of time but I haven’t faithfully committed to these so I can’t speak for them. In the opinion of an eye professional, can these help improve vision over time? I’ve also been wondering about eye care supplements with lutein (e.g. I-Caps). Some friends of mine had pills like these suggested by their doctors. I don’t have any serious problems like glaucoma or macular degeneration…since I don’t have any problems with my eye (that I know of), will these have any preventative effect for me? Could they improve my vision? I’m not looking for any “magic cure”, just something to help out.

4. This one’s for my daughter…she doesn’t need corrective glasses, but wants to wear this special type of contact lens. I think they’re called “circle lenses” or “big eye lenses” or something for cosmetic enhancement. I’ve looked into allowing this. They appear to be only available online. I have some doubts about the websites I’ve seen as a) none of them look even remotely professional, b) they’re manufactured in Korea, Japan, etc. and I don’t know about their safety and sanitation standards and c) I don’t know if the material they use is the same used in the U.S…they look like soft lenses, but I’ve read that they’re worse for your eye sight either because of the material they use or its larger diameter, depriving the eye of more oxygen? They run for about $30-$40 for contacts that will last a whole year or two. I’m doubting these, but if there are any safe suppliers of a similar FDA-approved version from the U.S., or whether we should just skip these all together. Her eye sight is not worth a weird eye :/ But I have read from some people who use them that they’re just like other soft lenses, which is why I’m unsure.

5. And a sort of random but related question – can you sleep in RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses? Do you just leave them on and not remove them or do they need to be taken off like soft lenses or are they worn continually until they’re due to expire?

P.S. – I can’t afford LASIK.

admin answers:

Ok, Here we go.
Question 1: Red vessels in the eye can be part of eye strain but more likely they are a sign of dry eye. Many times we get so intense on the computer that we forget to blink and even though you say you blink, you may not be blinking enough. Make sure you blink and look away from the screen every so often and that should clear up. This answer is also going to come into play later down the line here.

Question 2: No. Working on a computer with glasses is not going to make your eyesight worse as long as the Rx in the glasses is ok for you. If you start to notice blurriness where you didn’t used to, then your Rx may need to be updated. Eyesight getting worse as we age is a normal process.

Question 3: Short answer – They’re bunk. If they were ok, every optometrist and ophthalmologist would do them. I know of no one that recommends them. Don’t waste your time or money. Lutein is found in the macula and some suggest that it may help somewhat protect from macular degeneration. My doctor recommends it as long as it is in moderation and not mega doses. 5 – 10 mg is sufficient.

Question 4: Circle lenses are not FDA approved and are not made to FDA standards. They may contain impurities that could cause serious eye infection which could lead to blindness. Stay away from them until they are FDA approved. The reason you can only get them online is because they are not FDA approved and no optometrist is going to dispense them.

Question 5: No, you cannot sleep in RGP’s. You must remove them every night to allow oxygen to reach the cornea. If you don’t, then the body will realize the cornea isn’t getting enough oxygen and it will grow blood vessels into the cornea in order to provide more oxygen but when this happens, the extra vessels will begin to block your sight and you are then into the need for surgery to correct the condition. You can also develop a corneal ulcer and believe me, once a person experiences a corneal ulcer, they wake up to the fact that they must follow the eye doctors instructions on how to wear lenses properly and take care of their eyes.

Hope this has helped.

Robert asks…

will such things really improve my eyesight?

i don’t know the name, but recently i’ve seen products which claim to improve your eyesight if you look into it about 10 minutes a day for each eye, where it will show you diferent coloured patterns etc which is supposed to relax/exercise your eyes.

it looks kinda like a gigantic white binoculars but for only one eye at a time(sorry for the very bad description, but i cant think of anything else to describe it)

will such things really work at improving my eyesight? (i have myopia, around 250 degrees)

admin answers:

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) are alternatives to our natural perfect eyesight. Our understanding of eyesight is so bad that 60 to 80 percent of people have blurry vision and many of them are getting stronger prescriptions year after year.

People need to seek out those that teach Natural Eyesight Improvement face to face and read the books that they suggest. If a program does not have local teachers that teach face to face or encourage a person to find a teacher near them, THEY ARE A SCAM.

From time to time a person doing eye exercises becomes aware that they can change the way they use their eyes, but eye exercises are so far off from the principles of natural perfect eyesight that they do way more harm than good. They allow every eye doctor to say that eye exercises don’t work and therefore sway another person from the hopes of natural perfect eyesight.

We need to focus on the best of what we have which is the principles of natural perfect eyesight so that we can pull away from the huge imbalance of artificial corrections.

Sharon asks…

how to cure myopia without LASIK or LENSES?

i’ve myopia. am not able to see or read something from a distance and this problem is becoming more serious day by day. i do not use lenses neither do i want to. but i want a quick cure of it because of watching t.v. for several hours or using computer? should i reduce time i spend on tv?what are the ways or exercises that can be done to cure it as soon as possible?can it be cured without surgery or lenses? why do my eyes start watering if i watch tv for long?pls pls help! i need a simple,quick and effective cure to this problem.(pls do not ramble) thanx in advance:-)

admin answers:

Short answer: No exercises will work and no quick fix.

Ramble answer: You didn’t say your age, but generally in the teen years, vision can change yearly if not sooner in some cases. Once you hit 20 or so, it tends to level off to minor changes and at that time, corrective surgery would then be an option. Until then, or if that is not something you wish to do, glasses or contacts are your only option. You could google “ortho-k” to read up on that, but that is not widely accepted.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

February 25, 2012

David asks…

Self cured myopia?

Five months ago I’ve had such a bad myopia that I couldn’t see the TV. I did not go to an optologist though. After a month my vision became better I could see the TV clearly. Sometime after that everything in the living room got clear, I was very excited and happy but still when looking outside in the park the trees were blurry. About a month ago I started doing eye exercises and I focused a lot on the trees outside and other things in the park. After a week of doing the same routine I woke up and after not looking outside for an hour I thought about exercizing my eyes and like always took a look at the trees in the park and there was a big change! It was so much clearer, I could see the small branches and leaves. After three weeks my vision gets better and better everyday. On the other side of the park I stuck a yellow stick in the ground and focus on it, and I see changes in better vision. This is an amazing experience. The only problem is why does it worsen when it is darker outsid?
Then how do you explain this miracle that happened to me?!

admin answers:

Well that is pretty unusual, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to inprove your vision with eye exercises. However, sometimes, people’s vision just changes overtime. Your eyes could just be changing on their own.

William asks…

how can I see clearly without glasses?

I am 13 years old and I have been wearing glasses for quite some time, and my mum wont let me buy contacts (lol), and I’m obviously too young to do an operation…….so I was wondering if anyone could give my some tips on how to cure myopia either via: eye yoga, pills, eye exercises or…….anything, pls .

also, can anyone WHO HAS USED pinhole glasses, pls tell me if they work or not,

P.S. my glass lenses are +4.50 and +4.75 (just to let you know)

admin answers:

I am an ophthalmic technician and there really is not anything you can do to correct vision. Aides are aides for a reason. At the age of 13, your eye muscles are trained to act a certain way. Eye exercises and therapy really aren’t anything that can help, because the therapy and exercises correct the way an eye positions itself (ie, if it pulls to the right or left) but not the vision. Pinhole works, but it’s not practical because it eliminates your pheriphal (side vision) vision and considering that you are 13 and while you do have poor vision, there are many many cases that have worse vision than you at a younger age and there is not much you can do until you get old enough for contacts or laser correction. Your eyes can’t “get worse from sitting in front of a TV” or “reading in the dark” so they can’t get better by “training.” And by the way, you are not myopic if you have a + in front of your correction power. You are hyperopic, or farsighted. Myopic refers to nearsighted, or with a – in front of the correction power. Your eyes are part of the human body, so they react just like everything else, they act on their own, you just have to have the glasses/ surgery to correct the biological process.

Ruth asks…

The human eye and myopia?

The lens of the eye are connected to the ciliary body by connective tissue called the zonnules of zinn.
When the ciliary muscles contract then they curve the lens of the eye to focus on near objects where as when they expand or relax they flatten the lens to focus on far away objects.
I am 16 years old and wear spectacles of -4.00 diopters. I had myopia from grade 7 and didn’t get it checked out. At first it wasn’t major. I could see almost everything. I used to use the computer (I had a CRT monitor) and watched the T.V at close distances ( 10-15cm) for 6 to 7 hours. That’s where my eyes went bad. Now its only logical that by focusing at close distances for long hours the ciliary muscles in my eyes became too contracting. Now if I look at far away objects for long hours while occasionally looking at near objects, I will be exercising them to focus on far away objects. (I am willing to do this exercise for as long it takes to regain my eye sight back and I am also ready to maintain a good diet rich with vitamin and beta carotene etc. to improve my eyes because my ambition in life is to be a fighter I want nothing else. I am ready to give up anything for it. But I don’t want surgery because it is dangerous and has many side effects and I just can’t surmount enough money to go to a good doctor).
I really do think I might have Pseudo-Myopia

admin answers:

Yes.. That’s logical if your myopia is due to ‘cilliary body’ cramping/spasms… = PSEUDO MYOPIA.

However most myopia is NOT due to the cilliar body contracting.. But due the eye ball growing LONGER!!!… Or the CORNEA growing too curved.

You see.. In the case of the eyeball growing longer… The cilliary body doesn’t even contract at all, and the lens is as flat as it can be… Yet, its focus is still too short for the eye.. And so everything far away is blurry… Now the lens can’t get any flatter.. And the cilliary body can’t relax.. And so you get AXIAL MYOPIA.

Similary.. If the cornea’s (or lens) curvature is too steep.. Then, even with the lens and cilliary body relaxed.. The eye power is too high, and is focused up close… = REFRACTIVE MYOPIA.

Sorry.. But it’s most likely that your myopia is AXIAL.. And hence, only glasses/contacts/laser surgery (to flatten the cornea even more) is a corrective path for myopia.

Furthermore… Beta-carotene and vitamins help the retina convert light to electrical nerve impulses… And has nothing to do with the eyes focusing… So even if you inject carrot juice into your eye, you’ll still need glasses/CL’s or Laser surgery to treat myopia.

Lastly… All you want is to be a FIGHTER???.. As in a professional ‘sport’.. Like Boxing, Wrestling… Or that ‘rubbish’ that’s on TV now?… I wonder what ever have you been through to make you feel that all you want to do is dish out pain and suffering to a fellow human being… And ‘justifying’ it to yourself as a ‘sport’?

How about 1 month after 1 fight… You have a bleed in the brain and have a stroke… Become paralysed on your Right half of your body.. Can’t talk, can’t even swallow your own saliva, let alone any food… And seeing your crying parents, only when they’re sitting on your Left side (coz you’re completely R world blind)… As they spoon feed mush into your mouth?

Maybe you’ll be lucky, and you’ll become world champion… And after you collect your belt, you visit your oponent.. Who is in the exact condition that I described above.. Coz you’ve given him a brain injury that’s made him a paraplegic?

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