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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

March 6, 2012

James asks…

Can eye vitamins and eye exercises really improve your vision?

like the eye exercises they sell and stuff or they’re jsut scams

admin answers:

Nope. Scams. You live in the miracle age of Lasik and wet, comfortable soft lenses!! Give good sight a chance!! :)

Ken asks…

How long of periods should you repeat the hand eye coordination exercises for?

I am doing research on athleticism hand-eye-coordination. Does hand eye coordination exercises improve our athleticism. I’m going to do exercises for two weeks but need to know if there is an optimum time frame to do each exercise. Like 60 seconds, 2 min, 5min…….

admin answers:

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Ruth asks…

Where can I find more aura eye exercises?

This is an example of a site that gives me what I need.

I need to find more sites like this to help with aura eye exercises.. and any advice to helping me will be great.

I want to master reading auras, then I will move on afterwards, whenever/however long it takes, I will start to practice something else.

admin answers:

Relax your body, mind, and eyes. Choose an object or person to look at that won’t make you nervous. Look gently at the object, focusing your eyes slightly behind it.

Look with your third eye, the psychically sensitive area of your forehead. Close your eyes and feel your focus shift up slightly, so that you seem to be looking out of your forehead. Open your eyes, and your focus shifts back down to normal sight. Open and close your eyes a few times to learn how it feels. Avoid rolling your eyes upward; that will just give you a headache.

Once you are confident of the focus shift, do it gently with your eyes open. Look out of your eyes and your forehead at the same time. This shift of focus awakens psychic vision, which is used to see auras. To see the aura, look gently just past the object, using your eyes to see and keeping your focus lifted to the third eye. When you begin to see lines of color around the object, you need to find out if it’s an after-image or an actual aura.

After-images are a biological effect of your eyes, caused by eyestrain. Look at the circle image for at least 30 seconds, and then look at the empty space next to it or a blank wall. The opposite-color image you will see is an after-image. To prevent after-images, blink often and don’t look at one object too long. As you improve, you will see the aura within a few seconds, before after-images appear. When you first see color or lines around an object, look away to make sure it’s not an after-image. To eliminate after-images, close your eyes for a minute or two. When you stop seeing the image on the inside of your eyes, the after-image is gone and you can go back to seeing the aura.

You can practise this from time to time. Stay relaxed and calm as you practice. Practice often, but don’t tire yourself. Often, the moment you relax and quit trying, you will suddenly see the aura quite clearly. If things aren’t working, take a break, do something fun, and try again later when you can be more relaxed and patient.

You may also go to the following sites for more information on aura exercises:

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

February 28, 2012

Mary asks…

I was in computer 10 hours a day, wearing power glasses.doing eye exercises 15 min/day. How to improve vision.

admin answers:

Just continue to do exercises every day and spend less time on your computer. You may need to practice them for a few months to see permanent results.

I was able to improve my own vision with eye exercises. This program helped me out a lot:

Vitamins & minerals are also very important for good eyesight:

Best regards,

Jenny asks…

Is there any exercises to improver your vision?

I wear glasses and want to get rid of them. Can you provide me with some eye exercises to improve my vision. Thanx.

admin answers:

There are eye exercises that will help you improve your vision. You can find eye exercises here:

Healthy diet is also essential for good eyesight:

Best regards,

Ken asks…

Eye exercise to improve vision ØŸ?

admin answers:

I visited a doctor recently for eye checkup and she told me to -

hold a pen an arm distance from your eyes just in front of your nose and look at its upper tip , then slowly bring it closer bring it so close to your eyes than you see two images then slowly take the pen away from your eyes do it five time twice a day and eat healthy, sufficient amoutn of vitamins and minerals.

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