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How to Improve Your Eyesight Exercises- Forget Glasses

August 8, 2011

How to Improve Your Eyesight Exercises- Forget Glasses

Imagine being able to see everything clearing without wearing glasses. It’s possible. You don’t need contact lenses to be able to see clearly. No matter what your eye power is, you can improve it with a few eyesight exercises and some lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Changes to improve your eyesight:

Your Diet – Make changes in your diet to improve your eyesight. A healthy nutritious meal will boost our immune system which will in turn improve your vision. Eat foods that contain a lot of Lutein, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Bilberries, Spinach; Carrots are some foods that contain these essential nutrients.

Stress - Decrease the stress level you have by practicing meditation or hypnosis.


Exercise – Believe it or not, Exercise does affect your eye vision. Exercising helps improve your body posture. A better body posture prevents your eyes from having to squint. So exercise if you want to improve your eye sight.

Eyesight Exercises help strengthen the muscles of the eyes which in turn helps improve your eyesight.

Here is an exercise I suggest you do:

Palming – Rub your palms together for around twenty five seconds. Gently place the palms on the top of your closed eye lids. Hold it for around four minutes. You’ll feel different.

You need to optimistic about this article which will provide you step by step action in order improve your vision with natural exercises.

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