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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

March 4, 2012

Helen asks…

How to improve my vision/hearing without surgery?

I have 20/20 vision, but I want it to be even better. But I cant have surgery like lasik or PKR, contacts/glasses are also out the window… someone please help? I REALLY want to be a pilot and having better than 20/20 would be excellent.

I checked out a package of eye exercises on a website, but the page looks like such B.S. plus it costs about a hundred bucks… should I trust it or not because it gave me a sample “eye workout: ‘place a pencil close to your face and move it away slowly, just concentrate on the pencil and not the blurry background’ ” ______ Does that work, or is it B.S.? I mean, should I really trust this thing?

If there’s any alternate way PLEASE tell me, and that goes for the hearing, too.

Thank you in advance

admin answers:

You don’t need to pay $100 bucks to improve your eyesight, more like you have to pay nothing

yes you can improve your vision better than 20/20

if you have a DS that’s a great start get the game call sight training and train yourself to better vision.

BE Worn, it takes time, commitment and determination.

Betty asks…

help with this aura peripheral vision concentration thing?

right, so im doing this aura thing, and i really dont care if there is such thing as an aura, but i hears the eye exercises on this site are good for your eyes. here is the link:

im fine with the first one, but im no good at the second. when i stare at my finger tip, the two circles join, but i can only see one at a time or in fragments, i cant see them fused like demo shows. is it a problem with my distance or something?
yeah, well thats all fine in good, but it appears that only one person actually understood my question.

admin answers:

I don’t know about those exercises, but the best way to see other people’s auras (as it is almost impossible to see your own) is to stand them against a light colored wall in bright sunlight and focus your gaze on the space just above their shoulder (left or right doesn’t matter). Let your gaze un-focus, and you should start to see their ‘envelope’, that part of the aura closest to their bodies. Just relax and you soon start to see the colors, often more than one, of their auric layers. As you get better and better you can see more and more colors. The first color past their envelope is their ‘root’ auric color and the one that indicates their personality.

Paul asks…

How to Somewhat Fix Nearsightedness?

I am nearsighted in my left eye. Are there any eye exercises that will possibly fix my nearsightedness?
Also how long would it take for my vision in my left eye to become more clearer? School starts in September and I don’t want to depend on my glasses to see better all the time. Help please?

admin answers:

This question gets asked a lot. There are many cures out there but independent studies show no evidence they work. If they did noone would wear glasses.

I know its hard to have to get uesd to wearing glasses to school, but there isn’t a lot of choice here. You can try and get an attractive pair of glasses and contacts are really good.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 8, 2012

Lisa asks…

Is there a cure for myopia?

Is it possible to improve eyesight naturally? If not, does lasik surgery cure myopia forever? Is it very expensive? I have myopia -2 and I hate using conatcts evcery day!

admin answers:

There is no natural cure. There might be only natural prevention, before myopia develops. Some studies have shown that children who spend more time outside in natural light are much less likely to develop myopia than children who spend a lot of time inside.

Once myopia develops, then Lasik surgery is the only cure. And information about the costs and the risks of it you can find here:

Donna asks…

eye question that desperatly needs answering?

okk so i wear glasses and im starting to get annoyed about having to constantly push it upward and it gets fogged up a lot and so many problems. i need a quick was to improve eyesight naturally without contacts or laser surgery. things to eat? things to do??

admin answers:

Glasses, contacts, refractive surgery…those are your options. Don’t you think if there was a miracle sight-fixing food the whole world would know about it. Get your glasses re-fit for your face by bending the temples down more behind your ears or get the nose pads adjusted if you have them.

George asks…

what’s the worst number you could get for your eyes in vision?

and is there anyway to naturally improve your eyesight? because… i have reallly bad eyesight and i’m only 14…. and i’m really thinking about getting laser eye surgery next year if possible to improve my eyesight….

admin answers:

Typically, you can’t get laser surgery until your vision stabilizes, usually in your early 20′s. I don’t think there is any special diet or eye exercises that are going to reverse refractive error. The strongest glasses run about -20 or -25, this isn’t seen very often.

Added: if you want the worst 20/xx number ever recorded, when you get to needing like -20 or -25 glasses, that scale doesn’t make much sense any more. If your vision is that bad, when the eye doctor says “Take off your glasses and read as far down on the chart as you can” and you reply, “um…what chart” and he says, “the one on the wall” and you say, “um…what wall!”

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Exercise

December 28, 2011

Mark asks…


Ever since i was 11, i have been wearing glasses -> and i started at -3 for both eyes
and due to the optometrists’ orders, i have been wearing them all the time, even when i
didnt need them.. rite now im 15 and my eyesight for both eyes is -7!
This is terrible and i feel my eyesight is deteriorating at an incredible rate.
what makes me wonder, my friend who had the same eysight as me in grade 6,
and it has not increased one bit.. but she only wore them when she needed them
(for copying notes in class) im soo scared and i know my eysight is extremely
severe myopia! :( i want to save/improve my eyesight PLEASE! dont mention
glasses, contacts, lasik.. i already know that.. i also heard bout eye exercises
(dont rlly know much bout it though)
please anything would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
thank you so much in advance!

ALSO: its not genetic (no one in my family has glasses, except me and my brother)

thanks so much!!!!!!!

P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)

admin answers:

This is very common for a lot of people. Do not feel like you are alone here. It may not be your immediate family that has bad eyes, but do your grandparents, cousins, uncles for it to be genetic.

Unfortunately glasses and contacts do not change the shape of your cornea like LASIK, so your eyes will never get better by using glasses or contacts. It seems as if you eyes are not stable to get LASIK either yet. I’d recommend trying eye exercises. There are a few programs like Impact Vision Training which offers RevitalVision. Http://

Charles asks…

Improving Eyesight????????

I heard that to improve it all we need to do is eye exercises. I have a -8 vision which is really bad so i want to naturally cure my bad vision. So does doing the exercise work? And when we do exercise our eyes do we wear glasses or not? I am very afraid that my vision will go up and i know it will since my glasses has been getting blurrier. PLease help me :) THX <3

admin answers:

Such exercises work to a limited extent.
But not enough to fix your eyes.

It’s probably true that it might help keep them from getting worse.
Or at least as bad as they would otherwise.

Not knowing all of your details, i surely can’t say what to do.

For folks that are a bit near or far sighted, looking at something close, then something far away, helps strengthen the muscles that are used to make that adjustment.

I’d think that if you were to do anything, you’d want your glasses on, and do the exercise i just described.
You want to be able to see, so that your eye muscles actually try to focus.
If you don’t have your glasses on, they won’t do that, and the exercise won’t help at all.

Betty asks…

How can I improve my eyesight naturally?

I heard something about exercises.Like putting your palms on your eyes for 2 minutes.Follow your fingers as they go up & down. Then stare at a color wall & move your eyes in a shape of a triangle,square,circle,etc.Then put your palms on your eyes for 2 minutes again.I dont know if this works or if there is another way.Please help!

admin answers:

I have personally found the following to be helpful:

(From Dr. Deepak Chopra’s audio tape set Magical Mind. Magical Body. Tape 5 covers sensory input to bring about changes in the physiology through the sense of sight.)

Research shows that what we take in through our sight profoundly influences our physiology, i.e. Heart rate, blood pressure, hormones, etc. Enhanced sensory perception can result in improvement in memory, creativity, attention span, and learning ability. The following procedures are designed to improve vision, the sense of color perception and access different information in consciousness.

Do everyday for 5 to 6 minutes.

Never go to a point of strain or fatigue.

Rest for 10 seconds in between exercises by closing eyes.

Do with corrective lenses removed.

Exercise to increase sensitivity to light by stimulating the rods and cones of the retina which are responsible for light perception. With eyes closed, look in the direction of the sun or a full spectrum light for 15 to 20 seconds.

Exercise to improve color perception, to make colors more vibrant and lively by stimulating cones for color perception. This exercise of watching the colors in the quantum mechanical body has a spontaneous healing effect. With eyes closed, look in the direction of the sun or a full spectrum light for 15 to 20 seconds. With eyes still closed, massage the eyeballs with the finger tips for another 15 to 20 seconds. Continuing to keep eyes closed gently turn the head away from the sun and back until the whole range of the color spectrum is exposed.

Exercise to prevent or decrease rigidity in the lens, ie decrease of fluid in the lens such as in cataracts. This exercise improves flexibility, pliability, and elasticity to the lens. Focusing – To change the focal length of the lens & improve the internal muscles of the eyeballs, look at an object up close and then at a distance. For example look at your hand 6 inches from your face and then look at an object on the horizon. Repeat this exercise for 15 times without straining.

Distant reading – Pin up on the wall some reading matter and every day move back a little bit to read it.

Close reading – Every day move up a little bit to read the pin-up on the wall.

Exercise to tone the eyelids – Blink eyelids hard and rapidly for 30 seconds.

Exercises using matras or fixed positions of the eye to strengthen the extra-ocular muscles (external muscles of the eyeball which are responsible for eye movement and coordination). This exercise allows us to access different information in consciousness. Holding these fixed positions increases brain wave coherence and strengthens memory, learning ability, increases attention span; all of which lead to a more stable physiology.

Holding the head up, looking straight ahead:

Look up and to the left. Hold this fixed position for 15 seconds. This exercise strengthens the ability of visual recall and is spontaneously made when we want to recall a visual memory.

Look down and to the left. Hold this fixed position for 15 seconds. This movement accesses auditory memory and is spontaneously made when we want to recall a musical tune.

Look up and to the right. Hold this fixed position for 15 seconds. This movement accesses the ability to create new visual forms.

Look down and to the right. Hold this fixed position for 15 seconds. This movement accesses kinesthetic recall and is spontaneously made when we want to recall an experience of touch.

Look to the directly to the right. Hold this fixed position for 15 seconds. This movement accesses the ability to create new sound forms.

Look down to the end of the nose. Hold this fixed position for 15 seconds. This movement accesses the ability to strengthen olfactory sense.

Look down toward the tongue. Hold this fixed position for 15 seconds. This movement accesses the ability to strengthen gustatory senses.

Look upward and inward trying to look at the space between the eyebrows. Hold this position for 15 seconds. This movement accesses the ability to heighten intuition.

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

December 4, 2011

Joseph asks…

Does Unleash your Vision – Evgania Mehler work?

I am 16 yrs old and have been wearing for glasses for almost 5 years. I have an
extremely high prescription (-6 in both eyes) and it increases every year rapidly.
This scares me and meanwhile i found out about Evgania Mehler’s ‘Unleash your
Vision‘ program which is a course to get rid of glasses naturally. Has anyone tried it
and did it work? I know that there are scams and things like that on the internet,
but i really am desperate to improve my vision naturally.

thanks so much in advance, i really appreciate it! :)
P.S. My family and I are not that well off and it
does not look like i am getting a job anytime soon
since i am a student. Therefore, I cannot afford this
either – so i really need to know if this works. Plus,
this is urgent since i want to stop this rapid decline
in my eyesight.
Here is the website:

So thanks again! :)
I cannot believe that you, Evgania Mehler, answered!!
I agree with you about how the cost of glasses (for a lifetime)
would definitely be a HUGE expense.
However, despite my parents understanding that, they won’t buy
anything like this on the internet.. they just don’t believe or rather trust..
PLUS, I have shown your wonderful free video series to them and
they still say that they cannot afford to take the chance.
This may be asking too much, but could you please help me out?
Pls reply, I really appreciate your help!!
Thanks!! :)

admin answers:

Hi Teresa,

I think I’ll answer you personally, since there’s a trend here on Yahoo Answers of people judging my program without ever having seen it.

Here’s the deal:

Your vision problems are getting stronger and stronger because glasses are not improving vision. They are like a crutch that help you to see, but they don’t improve anything. On the contrary, they make your eyes worse, as you experienced over the last 5 years.

(This paragraph is likely to cause negative feedback for my answer, but when was the last time anyone with glasses got weaker ones prescribed?)

Your eye problems can have root causes on 3 levels: your mind, your body, and then your eyes.

The problem why improving your vision has such a bad reputation is that most people are selling eye exercises online. These were developed in 1901 at a time when society was very different than it is today.

Eye exercises do work, but in true natural vision correction that stays with you, they are the last bit required.

Here’s what you got to look at:

1. Why exactly do you want to see clearly?
2. What are your glasses protecting you from on an emotional level? What happened between age 9 and 11 for you that you didn’t want to see? (Exp: parents fighting, divorce, trouble and bullying at school might be reasons)
3. How much processed foods and sugar are you eating daily? Your eyes are connected to your liver, and if you eat too much sugar and processed foods your liver works overtime and you’ll get problems.
4. How much are you moving and stretching your body? The more neurological impulses you experience every day, the better your eyesight will be. Every chiropractor will tell you that this is true, yet it’s overlooked by opticians…
5. Is your body aligned, or do you have a stiff neck, back, or other issues?

These are all the areas to look at. I’d strongly recommend that you watch the free video series on my website, it explains all the concepts in depth.

As for the cost: glasses for the rest of your life will be extremely costly, as you know, so the course is a bargain. Considering also that you’ll not just improve your vision, but also your health, your wellbeing, your energy, your confidence, and your self-esteem.

Check out our testimonial page to see what kind of results people are getting. You are young, you can make changes rapidly. I put the link in the resource box below.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Feel free to email me, or contact me through Facebook.

With love,


PS: Just to respond to Bernd:

There has never been any research study ever that proved that natural vision correction doesn’t work.

You are right that the ones proving it get discredited and lobbied out, but one thing is for sure; glasses do not improve vision, otherwise you’d get weaker ones every time you come. But usually you get the opposite experience…

But you can check out our testimonials and the “Share Your Results” section on our forum to read real results that opticians and eye surgeons don’t achieve. Many people who undertake eye surgery get the same vision problems again 2-5 years down the track because the root cause never gets removed.

The exact reason why the FDA is investigating the procedures again. Now that’s a scam, charging $5000 for a procedure that doesn’t last and that can’t be repeated… Something ain’t right there.

Thomas asks…

Police Officer with Unacceptable Vision…?

I am an aspiring Police Officer. There are not many barriers I can see that would stop me from joining the ranks. I’m very physically fit, in the process of obtaining post-secondary education, healthy, no criminal record and I have the drive to succeed.

However, the problem lies in my vision. My uncorrected vision is below the acceptable requirements to become a police officer. I would really be crushed if my dream had to be severely delayed or given up due to a small genetic problem I had no control over being born with. I know about LASIK, and I’m willing to get it as a last resort. But its very expensive, and I’m just a student so I can’t afford that with my part-time job.

Is there ANY other possible way to improve my vision naturally without having to do LASIK, like drinking carrot juice or something? Thanks, I really appreciate it guys.

admin answers:

No, no natural way, And i do not recommend you to do LASIK it ruins your night vision and gives you halos, and night-blindness, and these are very important to you as a police officer, what you can try and do is ortho-k, go to your optometrist and he will check if you are suitable for it, it is a contact Lens you wear it during the night, and sleep with it on and take it out in the morning, it reshapes the cornea over-night, and gives you clear vision. In the morning when taking the contacts off your vision is crystal clear.
However the effects are temporary so you have to put in the contact lens every night before going to bed, then take it off in the morning if you miss a night and forget to put it on before going to sleep, your vision will be back to normal blur in the morning.

Good luck

Robert asks…

Improve your eyes naturally and psychically?

i don’t quite understand clearly i am conscious i want to know if is it possible to take back your vision back to when it was before you know i kinda screwed my eyes you can say over looking at the computer screen and i have regretted it almost my whole life.

Cause i look like a dork with glasses, i’m alright with contacts but i want to see the natural me.

But really is there a way with out wearing contacts or having surgery to psychically restore perfect vision, mines at a -4L, -4R. I started wearing glasses for 7 years i am 16 years old.

I actually heard about these eye exercises that could improve your vision on youtube but people don’t quite make them selves really clear with the topic.

I go further by saying that, if i psychically relax. Just don’t wear the glasses that i do at -4 all the time and do some eye exercise will this improve, i don’t really like taking any advice from my optometrist, cause he was quite angry at me wanting to get a weaker degree like -3.5 when my vision was -4. I’m not very sure about this but i believe that building your eye muscles could help improve your vision but back to normal ?????

admin answers:

So, you don’t want to believe your optometrist but you ask for advice here on the web. What we really need to do is surgery on your brain to extract the disease called “Stupid”.

You should really try eye exercises, they really work. They will end up costing you a little over $100 and when you get done with them, I guarantee you will see clearly – that you have been ripped off and you see no more clearly after doing the exercises than you do right now.

Your visual acuity has nothing to do with eye muscles since it is the shape of the eye and the pupil that determine your vision. You cannot change the shape of your nose without surgery no matter how well you develop your facial muscles and you cannot change the shape of your eye no matter how well you develop your eye muscles (which only control the movement of your eye).

And why in God’s green earth would you want to wear glasses that don’t correct your vision completely? Do you think your eyes will get better by wearing a lesser Rx? What??? Whew!

Yeah, go get brain surgery to remove the Stupid from you.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

October 31, 2011

Susan asks…

Are there any eye exercises to improve vision atleast A little bit?

if so, can you give me the details? Is there anything i can eat to get better vision

admin answers:

The answer is quite simply … No.

A person has less than 20/20 eyesight because of the shape and length of their eye. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the eye do Nothing to correct the structure of ones eye. There are scams galore out there that will take your money and still leave you seeing blurry.

There is nothing you can eat to “improve” your vision. However, eating foods containing beta carotine and leutein like carrots and green leafy veggies will aid in the Health of the eye but still won’t make your vision better since it is the structure of the eye that causes less than perfect eyesight. That is why LASIK works because it changes the structure of the eye.

Betty asks…

Any eye exercises to improve my vision?

i have a really bad eyesight. I was wondering if anybody online knows any eye exercises to improve the vision?

admin answers:

Hello SuperMom Do U have I Dr. Maybe Low Vision therapist?

Thomas asks…

Can eye exercises actually improve your vision?

If so, by how much? And if not, what does it actually do? Is there any way to improve eyesight without Lasik eye surgery?

admin answers:

Short answer, no.

Long answer, also no.

Those who perpetrate this myth are frauds. You cannot manipulate the visual system into better sight. It just doesn’t work that way. If it did, manufacturers and retailers of optical corrections would have been out of business decades ago.

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