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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

March 19, 2012

Betty asks…

is their any therapy for aging eyes… an exercise …my vision is deteriorating….?

my optician is no good …he tells me what i want to eat carrots and juices with high amounts of vitamins c and d.

admin answers:

I have a friend who teaches yoga. She tells me that one of the exercises she has her class do is to have them visually focus on something far away in the room for a few seconds, then focus on something up close. Do this exercise a couple of times; it will strengthen the ocular muscles. Some blurriness is due to the changing shape of the eyeball due to aging and nothing short of surgery or glasses will correct that.

Paul asks…

How to improve my crappy eyesight?

I have a vision of 20/100 and I think -3.75. I used to have a vision of 20/60 when I was in 5th grade or something but now I am in 7th grade. The reason why my eyesight worsened was because I didn’t put them on much when I was in 6th grade because I could see a little bit words on the board. I squinted a lot and it made my eye strain. Now I have a performance coming up in about 2-3 months and I do not want to be wearing my glasses when I go on stage, it’ll make me look like a fool. I CANNOT get contacts because my mom does not approve of my getting them. Please help. I hate wearing my glasses and I regret the moments before I got glasses that made my eyesight bad. I don’t want to be as blind as a bat. I’m too young for Lasik surgery and with no doubt I cannot take any pills because my mom will also disapprove of that too. Eye exercises, nutrition, foods, anything that will help? Please. And IF my eyesight does get better, and my vision is to 20/90 or 20/80 and so on. Would I need a new perscription? If i do, I need faster ways to improve my eyesight to about 20/30 please (that’s my goal!) so that I don’t need to pay. My family’s insurance will not be covering anymore please help me. I am 12 by the way.
♥~ Thank you ~♥
And for you people who think that this is a stupid question and that there is no possible way of enhancing eyesight do not answer. I bet there is a way to all of this.
People who think that this is impossible and that I should get contacts or cannot help me…Why are you even answering this anyway?! Read the stupid paragraphs and look at the spots where I put the DONOTS. OMG!!!!!! If you’re not going to help me don’t bother answering. So far the best answer i’ve got is eat carrots!!!!
To umdbhik (why would somebody have a name like that?)
the reason why people are wearing glasses or contacts is because they could not afford surgery and other certain types of miracles. For me, I am definitely too young to get surgery and now I am trying to improve eyesight. AND YES there can be ways to improve eyesight such as eating good nutrition and eye exercises. IT TAKES TIME. And by the way, why would I do that procedure of yours when leprechauns do not exist, and angels are too high up in Heaven.
You’re just wasting your time in which you will not have much of since I am much younger than you!!

admin answers:

You could try this.

I bought a pair a glasses yesterday because am having trouble now with the computer ( I do not wear glasses nor need) and I instantly could read the monitor when I could not anymore (bought cheap glasses at the dollar store). They are supposed to improve your vision and correct your brain/eyes.

I do not know if they would work for you though..actually I do not know if they will work for me long term.

I sure do not want to wear glasses nor contacts at all…so am giving them a try. It is kind of amazing really. Whatever was blurry before became instantly readable. The cons are it is a pain really because you cannot read very fast.

I found them at a health store.


Sharon asks…

I’m 26 years old and I want to be a special operations combatant.?

- I haven’t ran (jogged, sprinted, etc) in over 6 months.
- I have glasses, although my vision has gotten better within the last 6 months due to an eye-healthy diet and eye exercises.
- I can do 50 pushups in 2 mins and 50 situps in 2 mins.
- I cannot do more than 2 pullups
- I weigh 150lbs.
- I’m a British Citizen living in Canada for the past 16 years. I’ve applied for a PR Card (3 weeks ago) AND Canadian Citizenship (5 years ago).
- I’m gonna walk/run (1 mile) after I post this question.
- I do not have a high school diploma (with absolutely NO intention of getting one), BUT I do have some college (1 successful course completed).
- I’ve never swam before, but to me, it doesn’t look that difficult to master and I’m not afraid of the water.
- I’ve completed 3 solo static-line jumps at 3000 ft, 4 years ago.
- I believe I have an above average IQ, though I’ve never been formally/officially tested.


(1) Is my objective realistic?
(2) Is my objective acheivable within the next 2 years?
(3) Where do I start with regards to physical training? Don’t say Army, I know that and am working on my Citizenship.
(4) What is an equally challenging, equally rewarding, civillian occupation that might serve as an alternative to Special Forces, IF ANY?

Please answer ALL of my questions. Rudeness is not called for and I won’t be phased by it, so please save me the time I would waste reading it.

admin answers:

Just Jeremy is an idiot and a liar .. He was never a Scout Sniper for the Marine Corps and nor was he Recon.. It shows in your “confirmed kill” claims and your verbage, Jeremy. Try being what you were and not what you wanted to be.
I’d discount everything he says.

As to your question, I’m not from Canada but I’ve worked with Canadian Special Operations Forces .. Very professional and top notch individuals.

Keep tabs on the status of your citizenship, you’ll need a clearance for any SOF work and therefore citizenship to the country’s military you’ll be joining.

Your PT scores are not horrible, but they are at the low end of minimum for even regular military. You will need to work very hard in order to improve upon them. Giving yourself 2 years to prepare physically is realistic and more than possible. Focus on all around fitness not just passing PT tests. Ie, work on strength, endurance, stamina … Run for distance not so much for time, esp. Your first year. Start rucking (walking very quick paces with a ruck on your back, no more than 35lbs and NEVER run, it increases your risk of injury) .. This will get your body used to weight on your back, also try to acquire a good pair of boots to do it in.

Lift weights and worth on your strength .. Alternate between heavy weight and short repetitions and light weight, high repititions. This will improve your strength and endurance. Don’t forget your core exercises either, push ups, sit ups, pull ups .. Many of these are simply based on muscle memory so the more you do .. The better you get.

Try to take a land navigation course, this is the biggest killer (knowledge wise) for Special Operations wannabes internationally.

I would recommend getting some type of educational equivilant to a HS Diploma, in the states we have GEDs .. I don’t know what Canada has. Also work on getting more college under your belt, you don’t want to fall short of any educational requirements. In the US, without a HS diploma, your jobs are limited .. I am not sure of the requirements for the Canadian military on that. You will need to check.

You will need to learn to swim and become comfortable in the water, take a swimming course .. Then perhaps take a diving course. These things will help you and raise your confidence level.

There are many rewarding civilian occupations, however, none will offer you the same experiences as life in Special Operations. You could look into becoming a Police Officer, RCMP, or join a SAR organization (Search and Rescue). The last one will offer you A LOT of challenges and while not military, it will keep you pushing yourself constantly.

The key to careers like Special Operations is that you have to be willing to push yourself do to things you may not want to do to achieve your ultimate goal. You have to be able to motivate yourself even when it’s easier to just quit or take the day off. You need to keep focused on your goal and not let anything distract you from it.

I don’t know the requirements to join the Canadian services as I’m from the US .. But the things I’ve told you are all general and common to militaries everywhere. For the specifics on how you can join and what qualifications you need to join, you will need to contact a Canadian military recruiter.

Good luck.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 8, 2012

Lisa asks…

Is there a cure for myopia?

Is it possible to improve eyesight naturally? If not, does lasik surgery cure myopia forever? Is it very expensive? I have myopia -2 and I hate using conatcts evcery day!

admin answers:

There is no natural cure. There might be only natural prevention, before myopia develops. Some studies have shown that children who spend more time outside in natural light are much less likely to develop myopia than children who spend a lot of time inside.

Once myopia develops, then Lasik surgery is the only cure. And information about the costs and the risks of it you can find here:

Donna asks…

eye question that desperatly needs answering?

okk so i wear glasses and im starting to get annoyed about having to constantly push it upward and it gets fogged up a lot and so many problems. i need a quick was to improve eyesight naturally without contacts or laser surgery. things to eat? things to do??

admin answers:

Glasses, contacts, refractive surgery…those are your options. Don’t you think if there was a miracle sight-fixing food the whole world would know about it. Get your glasses re-fit for your face by bending the temples down more behind your ears or get the nose pads adjusted if you have them.

George asks…

what’s the worst number you could get for your eyes in vision?

and is there anyway to naturally improve your eyesight? because… i have reallly bad eyesight and i’m only 14…. and i’m really thinking about getting laser eye surgery next year if possible to improve my eyesight….

admin answers:

Typically, you can’t get laser surgery until your vision stabilizes, usually in your early 20′s. I don’t think there is any special diet or eye exercises that are going to reverse refractive error. The strongest glasses run about -20 or -25, this isn’t seen very often.

Added: if you want the worst 20/xx number ever recorded, when you get to needing like -20 or -25 glasses, that scale doesn’t make much sense any more. If your vision is that bad, when the eye doctor says “Take off your glasses and read as far down on the chart as you can” and you reply, “um…what chart” and he says, “the one on the wall” and you say, “um…what wall!”

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 27, 2012

Mary asks…

How can you improve your eyesight naturally (Bates Method) ?

So I happened to stumble over this website: and it got my hopes up. I’ve had glasses since 3rd grade and so now my vision is really bad. It’s horrible and it keeps getting worse per year. Have anyone ever used this program of Vision Without Glasses before? The website says that it’s a success, but it doesn’t mention HOW to improve your eyesight. And I really can’t afford this right now, I’m only 14. It really sucks because I’ve always wanted to join cross country in High School and it’s a pain to run with glasses. But if I take them off, I would definitely trip over. This probably sounds kind of desperate, but I’m really hoping this program will work for me. So how do you improve your eyesight and get a 20/20 vision using this program? It’s supposed to work in about 3 months too (: And, is it a book, or something else?

Thanks a lot !!!!!

admin answers:

There is NO serious science showing that any eye exercises (Bates, etc.) will ever stop the need for eyeglasses or contacts.  The Bate’s subculture continues to propogate their concepts that boil down to old wive’s tales, really no proven science.  Watch your wallet.

On the other hand there is good science behind staying fit, not being obese, exercise regularly, eating fruit and veggies to help prevent age related blindness like macular degeneration, a serious problem

Richard asks…

Improving eyesight naturally?

My glasses always become to blurry and clash with my clothes and my contacts irritate my eyes. I can’t afford lasik surgery or ortho-k lenses and I’m worried that my vision will deteriorate more over time. My contact replacements said I have -2.00 and -1.75 vision. I want to improve that with eye exercises. I want to know if anybody on here has improved their eyesight naturally this way or has had another way of fixing their vision naturally. Does this work? How soon will I see results?

admin answers:

No amount of exercises will return your vision to 20/20. Most cases of nearsightedness are simply due to the fact that your eye doesn’t have the correct shape. So it would be like trying to exercise to correct the fact you have blonde hair. Sure exercising may make your hair appear a little healthier, but you’re still a blonde. You only have the option of wearing corrective lenses or getting lasik surgery (and that’s only if they determine you’re a good candidate). If contacts irritate your eyes, you could try different brands of contacts. When I wore contacts, some brands did irritate my eyes more than others. Some glasses can also be quite fashionable and some guys including myself find glasses on women extremely attractive. If they get blurry, just bring a microfiber cloth with you to clean them. If they’re getting scratched up, perhaps you aren’t getting the protective scratch resistant coating? It’s almost not worth getting glasses without that coating.

Joseph asks…

how do you improve your eyesight?

how do you naturally improve you eyesight?

admin answers:

There are only a couple of things available such as lasic surgery and orthokeratology gas permeable contact lenses that are proven to be effective, but they probably don’t qualify as natural. Eye exercises such as the Bates system probably qualify, but they never caught on because the results don’t live up to the hype since it is based on a faulty premise.

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

December 1, 2011

Daniel asks…

how to improve eyesight naturally?

hey, im around 15-16 years old now and i want to be a rescue swimmer. I think my chances are better with 20-20 vision… last time i was at the doctors i had 20-10… now i think im a level below that if not farther. is their any techenique to improve my vision…? thanks,

admin answers:

There’s really not much a person can do to improve their eye sight once it’s been damaged. If there were, you wouldn’t see so many people with contacts and glasses. You can still be a rescue swimmer — you just need to make sure that if you have contacts, you don’t wear them while in the water. Also, your vision isn’t too bad, so everything won’t be a complete blur once you get in the water, and you should still be able to do your job well.

Mandy asks…

How can you recover vision NATURALLY?

Does anyone know how you can recover vision naturally? I am a 13 year old boy and I CAN’T get surgery. I’m too young, the surgery is too expensive, and it’s not permanent and could cause side effects. Right now my vision is 300/350 and I really want to improve it. I can’t go anywhere without my glasses! Does anyone know how? Please tell me if you know!
I don’t really know the exact acuity of my vision or how it’s measured. Sorry if I confused you. All I know is that everything is harder to see from the distance and I can’t recognize letters or numbers clearly unless they are right in front of my face. If I am using the computer I can’t recognize the letters unless I am about a foot away or closer to the screen.

admin answers:

Have vitamin A its been known to help you with your eyesight you can get this from carrots liver milk fruits

be carefull to not have alot of this in one as it can be toxic as it is fat soluble vitamin (stays in your fat)

Jenny asks…

Can you correct your vision without surgery?

I have to wear contact lenses (or glasses) in order to see clearly, and I really wish I didn’t have to. I have -2.25 vision in my left eye and -2.75 in my right, and I’m only 14 years old. I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts (I have both) since the 5th grade, and I want to correct my vision before I turn 18, and this isn’t possible with surgery because I’m too young and because it’s expensive as shit. I’ve read in a few places that by getting a lot of certain vitamins and taking good care of your eyes can eventually improve your vision, naturally. Is this true? If it is, can it completely correct your vision or just slightly improve it? If it can completely correct your vision, how long does it take?

admin answers:

The so called easy ways of correcting vision like glasses and contacts can sure end up being a hassle. Glasses are always finding a way to get dirty, and contacts are a pain. They dry out on your eye and aren’t very sanitary, not to mention if you lose one it’s basically impossible to find it. But there is a different way to correct your vision. And no it’s not surgery. LASIK surgery is not the way to go. It is way too expensive and can have very bad consequences. The best way is simply made up of two different methods. And by following these methods you will correct your vision forever. No more trips to the optometrist and no more buying prescription eye glasses and contacts.

The first method is all about sleep. You have to allow your eyes to rest. Without rest you’re putting a big strain on your eyes. And in return only makes your eyesight worse. You will need to have around seven to eight hours of good steady sleep each night. That’s about the normal amount to fully rest your eyes from a day’s work. And as your eyes rest they very slowly start to correct themselves. Your eyelids massage your eyes as they are closed and massaging will help correct your vision.

Now the second method is all about learning how to work your eyes to their full potential. And you will do this by performing certain exercises on each eye every day. These exercises include blinking really fast then closing your eyes tight. As you keep doing this you will be allowing more circulation around your eyes which is critical for vision. So by following these simple methods you will be on your way to naturally correcting your vision in no time.

You’re not restricted to having to wear prescription eyewear or paying for LASIK eye surgery to improve your vision. There is a natural way to improve your eyesight within a few weeks. If you are tired of having to worry about glasses or contact lenses and you’re worried about the risks of surgery, there is an effective, natural way to get better vision.

If you’re tired of the cost of your glasses or contacts and you just want to have the freedom that better vision affords you, it can be done naturally. You can see better just a few weeks from now. People just like you have improved their vision through the use of eye exercises. It’s your turn now to see better.

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

November 28, 2011

Michael asks…

How to improve my vision?

I found some ways to do this naturally, but would like to hear any tips anyone out there has. I don’t have awful vision, just bad enough to need contacts. And I’m nearsighted (if that makes a difference). Just looking for something to do every morning that might eventually ween me off of contacts.

admin answers:

Laser eye surgery

Paul asks…

Is there a way to improve your eye vision getting your 20/20?

I have 20/30 vision but i don’t want lasik eye surgery or contacts, but naturally.

admin answers:

I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but if better vision was so easily achieved, Lasik surgery would not have been invented.

Mark asks…

how can i improve my eye vision?

i am short sighted. I don’t want to wear glasses. i want to improve my eye naturally.

admin answers:

Crossing and uncrossing your eyes can help. You basically need to keep them moving around to exercise the muscle, like any other muscle in the body.

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