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Your Questions About Google Images

September 26, 2012

Steven asks…

How to put photos from google images to facebook?

Hey, i started a new group on facebook, and dont know how to get photos from google images, to the group’s profile picture thingy? I am new and dont really know how at all….Do I like have to download the picture from google images to my hard drive and stuff like that? Plz help!

admin answers:

1) Go on image, Click see full size image right click save as save it onto your computer somewhere

2) Go to group, Hover over the profile picture of the group you have created when it says Change Picture

3) click on change picture

4) Click Upload Picture

5) Click Browse

6) Select the image file youve saved


1) Go to image, view full size… Go to the adress bar at the top select all and Ctrl C (or just right click coppy up to u)

2)go to group Hover over the profile picture of the group you have created when it says Change Picture

3) click on change picture

4) Click Upload Picture

5) Click Browse

6) Select the image file youve saved

then click OK… And then your done

Linda asks…

How do you remove a picture from google images?

I recently tried googling my full name and I saw my picture.
It was a photo I posted on facebook.
I want to remove this photof rom google.. How do i do that?
By the way, i removed the picture from facebook, but it still apears in google images..
And why out of all the pictures of my on facebook, google chose that particular one to have in their image results?

admin answers:

You can’t. Google updates its search every so often- usually every couple of weeks, i think, to include new images and delete old ones. A representation of your picture is stored on google servers, and will continue to show up for a while longer.
As for why it did it, its a result of google’s mysterious algorithm. If anyone figured out how it worked, and why, they’d be rich. Just goes to show you how cautious you need to be on the internet.

Robert asks…

How to remove my picture of google images?

i uploaded some images to fanpop of me, then i realised they were all over google images (i’m so dum sometimes). i wanted to remove them from google images. so i removed the images from fanpop, and reported my own group to get it removed. the page is gone. but there are still images of me on google images. and the pages are still available to see on google search. any help to remove them completly?
i deleted the page 1 week ago
need them deleleted ASAP

admin answers:

Unless someone is going to be searching your name into google images I doubt you need them removed.
Anyway yes they will come off in time.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

August 26, 2012

William asks…

Would you ever balk at learning sign language? And why?

i think its beautiful…and a skill that everyone should be proud to learn..
Thu, Oct 22 08:16 PM
As governments rush to roll out mass vaccinations programmes against H1N1 swine flu, one man in eastern France has launched his own campaign to limit its spread — use sign language.
Temporarily replacing the French custom of kissing cheeks with simple greetings in sign language would reduce physical contact, said Hubert Chalet, who co-founded Fais-Moi Signe (Give me a Sign), an association for people with impaired hearing.
“What if we substituted cheek-kissing and handshakes with an imaginative and colourful language such as sign language?” Chalet told Reuters by phone from Nantes in western France.
He recommends that television news programmes broadcast the sign language for simple phrases such as “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “How are you?” and “Are you sick?”.
These phrases could then be used in group situations, he said, for example when an office worker needs to greet a group of colleagues and remove the need for “banal handshakes which are not always enthusiastic”.
Promoting sign language would also help to bring the hearing and hearing-impaired worlds closer together, Chalet added.
While some may balk at the idea of learning sign language, Chalet suggests that hearing-impaired adults could be usefully employed in schools and firms to help teach the basics.
“There are enough specialised institutions … across France to spread the basic rules of sign language,” he said, adding, “I’m allowed to dream, no?”.

admin answers:

I use makaton at work , i am still a novice though

at a school i worked in , all the children signed , whether they were hearing impaired or not

the christmas nativity brought tears to your eyes as they signed and sang

Ruth asks…

I received a vision in 2007 and cant find an answer from anyone in my church or anyone outside?

my belief is United Pentecostal but i don’t go by religion but that is the church i go to and believe… anyways the q is can anyone provide ideas or who i can go to or who i can contact? or something! :( its been haunting me.. well only when i feel like its time for to leave earth but turns out to be panic attack …
in i was baptized in December 25th 2006 and around 2007 i cant remember if its after February or not… i was reading the bible no clue what i was reading but i made an effort wanting to be with God etc.I looked up to look outside of the window and all of the sudden i got which i only heard and read once about but never knew it still exist and really surprised me… a vision… with my eyes open and i was not sleeping! all i did was look up!
it went like this
an image appeared like a fade in it was white, foggy and misty looking then it faded out

second image faded in ( not sure if i remember this had it on paper long ago cant find it)
i definitely remember the white stage outdoors a pair of feet between bottom of microphone stand ( don’t remember if male or female.. sorry) the crowd i cant quite remember if they were all or mostly dressed in black business clothing but i do remember all of the hairs were black and were Asians then the image faded out

third image faded in:
Tan colored ancient continent of china but it looks sandy ( not the color but sand) and the lettering was black cant remember the style of the lettering then it faded out…

that is all i got then next thing i know im still looking outside of the window and blinked a few times then i realized i heard and read that visions exist…

please don’t be negative of my lack of English skills is not my best language… im not typing this for fancy words im desperate… ive prayed… also another question does anyone know anything about Pentecostal or other believers living underground spread the word of God etc in some parts of China? i just heard about it not to long ago anyone know anything about or know anyone there who i can reach to see if the vision for them not for me?… also im hearing impaired i also use ASL(American sign language) (which is no longer fluent used to be my main language but been around hearing people 24/7 and hardly no deaf people…only have one friend… ) anyways if that helps any and yes i speak English just seeing if any thing like this helps to figure out what the vision is… thanks for your time to read anything will help! :) have a wonderful blessed night err morning…

admin answers:

The vision is not for someone else, it is for you.

Some visions are warnings (learned that the hard way).

Some visions are never understood.

I get my best understandings but writing down exactly what I saw, and then by reading it back outloud to myself I “hear” the important parts of it.

In your case since you use ASL this could all be different or it might work the same by whatever method you use, maybe have someone sign it back to you, for you?

What took you so long to ask? And if you belong to a Pentecostal church (which believes in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit – present day) what’s wrong with your Church that you can’t ask elders there?

Seeing the feet thing may just have been the presense of angels standing by. And that very much could have been a thing for that day only (or to give you confidence in your life).

I had a similar experience not long after I became born-again too (long ago). But the person who gives “understandings” (explainations) of these things is most often God. Ask Him and then trust Him to let you know when He wants you to understand.

Daniel asks…

Evaluate ALICC which is used for evaluating children’s conversational skills?

I’m doing an esssay and for part of it it asks us to use the ALICC (analysis of language impaired children’s conversation, Adams 2002) to analyse a child’s conversation but then asks to evaluate the ALICC as a form of evaluation??? It’s only short but I don’t understand it as it is lol. Can anyone help me?

admin answers:

Maybe your prof wants your opinion backed with facts. Are their journals which state if it’s good? Is there a better assessment.

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Your Questions About Google Images

June 23, 2012

Mandy asks…

Google images?

I want to put a picture on google images of my horse i just made an acount so how would i put a picture on? thanks

admin answers:

Upload your image to a free image host, then submit the image url to Google. Make sure you name the file something relevant, because that’s how people will find your picture from their search.

You can’t upload a file to Google Images directly.

You can upload your photo/image to one of the following:

And then submit it to Google:

Laura asks…

How do you get google images to show images instead of white boxes?

When I search for images on google images or most other search engines, the results tend to show up as just white boxes or a broken symbol, I have google chrome and internet explorer but both just show the white boxes most of the time. please help.

admin answers:

have you got the latest versions of Java and Adobe programs
if not you can install them from
. there are other sites ~cnet~major geek for example
if this is not the answer
have you got your pop up blocker on ~this can also cause this problem
it may be a problem with a temp file or a web cookie
install and run it (then at least weekly)
it will clear all temp files and browser cookies left behind every time you browse the web (normal occurrence on all PC’s ~laptops)
if it does not solve the problem it will do no harm and will improve your PC performance and give you memory back.
Best i can suggest hope this helps

Susan asks…

How does Google images determine if a picture is for adults?

In google images, you can adjust the filter to display different levels offensive imagery (i.e. nudity, profanity, etc), but with the millions maybe billions of images online, how is it managed? Is there a google department in charge of surfing the internet to flag images? Or is it simply an algorithm of some sort?

If you’re just going to guess, how about you just don’t answer!

admin answers:

Google does have a user powered program that gets people to ‘tag’ random images for fun in their spare time. The more times an image is tagged with related keywords, the more confident Google can be that the image is what people are saying it is, and eventually those tags will be used to find that picture in the search results.

This is not the only way Google does it though. They do have computer algorithms that analyze and sort images very efficiently (it’s the only way possible, even a team of hundreds of users could never tag every image out there).

Google Images also has an option to search for images with faces. I believe this uses the same algorithm used in Google Street View to identify and blur faces. Some people comment on the fact that it’s pretty good at picking up faces even when they are not real, in one case the logo for KFC was blurred.

The algorithm for safe filtering is not perfect though… There are still things that can get through, especially if you use unusual search terms. I am studying Computer Science at University and in my opinion, the safe search option is done using a combination of algorithms and human intervention to help remove offending content that was not caught by the system automatically (as I noted earlier, this can only be done for a limited number of popular search terms though, so not everything gets filtered).

The algorithm most likely uses one of two methods (or both):
A) Identify the image as safe or not by determining whether the webpage it is hosted on is ‘safe’. This is most likely done by analyzing words on the page in a similar way to how Google indexes pages in the text search. This can’t be the only way since I know of websites that have completely unrelated text that don’t have their images show up in the ‘safe’ search.
B) Attempt to identify pornography by either measuring the ratio of skin-tone colours to non skin-tones (i.e. Try to determine how much ‘skin’ is showing) or using object recognition to identify ‘offending’ areas of the human body such as breasts or genitalia.

I should also mention that there is a report feature users can utilize to report offending images. This also helps filter out much of ‘unsafe’ images from popular search terms.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

February 15, 2012

Joseph asks…

Sudden Eye Problems in One Eye.?

Hi, so I guess this is about the 4th day I’ve been dealing with this eye problem. On Sunday, I had an early shift, and when I woke up, I noticed when I looked at the clock that it was a little blurry. This was very weird to me since I’ve had perfect vision all of my life. I noticed that it was mostly the right eye and that my eyes felt tired and were watery. It also felt like there was a clear film or something on my eye that was distorting my vision. As the day went on, my right eye started feeling better, but my left eye was having the same problems the right was having. Ever since, it’s been basically my left eye with the problem.

Now I don’t think my vision is going bad since I have times in the day where my vision is perfect. It just seems like when they get watery or that film or whatever gets on my eyes, then I see a little worse. I have been using artificial tears since it started about 3x a day and doing eyes exercises, but it’s not helping much so far.

A little about my situation. I do get stressed from time to time and was under quite a bit the day before this all started. I also have some anxiety symptoms as well. There was also a sharp temperature drop where I live near the time this started. I just want people’s opinion on what this may be. I don’t need 85 answers saying to see a doctor, because I already have that planned. I just wanna get a feel for if anyone else has had this and what it might be. Thanks to all who reply.

admin answers:

Honestly I don’t mean to scare you but it might be cataracts which can be corrected. I would recommend getting dilation or an optomap when you go to the doctor just to be sure. Lenscrafters offers it for under 90 bucks. You may also just have dry eyes or glaucoma. Doesn’t matter your age. Oh another thing is I know of that happening when sun damage has occured to the cornea but it’s unlikey to happen so quickly. Good Luck!

Lizzie asks…

Glasses make eyes worse?

Ever since I got these glasses in august last year [2009] My eyes have been getting worse. I have nearsightedness I think, I always get near and far sighted mixed up. I can’t see far away[TV, board at school, posters, etc.], everything will be blurry, but I can read books fine and see close up. I started wearing them basically full time except if i’m not going to do anything requiring reading far away for a while. So I was wondering, does wearing your glasses a lot make your eyes worse, faster, than if you didn’t wear them that much?
Sometimes I have to squint with my glasses on now, that’s how much of a difference they are now. At this rate i’m going to be virtually blind when i’m 20.

Oh also, another question: I’ve read up about eye exercises online, that claim to make your eyes stronger, and therefore better vision. But wouldn’t those exercises be the same as straining your eyes? Which is bad.

admin answers:

My advice would be to use your glasses only for distance vision if you can read fine and see close up without them. Nearsightedness will tend to worsen until you are about 20 anyway. However, many do believe that using them for closework when not really necessary will increase the tendency for your eyesight to worsen.

And you’re right about eye exercises. They are no different to straining your eyes, or more precisely, the eye muscles. Farsightedness and nearsightedness have little to do with the eye muscles. Both conditions are refractive errors that are caused by the geometry and structure of the optical components of the eyes (which cannot be exercised). Exercising your eyes will neither worsen nor improve your eyesight.

George asks…

I have an eye problem question?

I have had eye problems ever since I was a born. I was first treated from crossed eyes and now I think I have have ambliopia, because my brain shuts out the eye that lacks and keeps the good eye. But I am 17 years old now, without glasses, and for the last two years I have been trying to do eye coordination exercises that have been prescribed by my psychologist/vision therapist. Both my eyes have almost 20/20 clear vision but I used to have blurry vision. It’s just that my right eye is the weaker eye and it lacks in depth and lags a little behind. I am still unable to coordinate the two eyes together into one image. I try to tie a pencil to a string and hold the string up to my nose and do eye movement exercises with it. But now, when I look left, my right eye dominates and blocks part of my left eye out, and I see my nose. When I look right, my left eye domnates and blocks out my right eye, and I see my nose. When I look forward, my right eye dominates, and I am unable to get one image. The question is, what does a normal person see when he looks forward. Is he supposed to see his nose. What about when he looks left and right?

admin answers:

Good question. I’ll tell you that when I look ahead I do see my nose, but my brain usually just ignores it so I don’t see it obstructing my view of what is right below me. If your eyes are pointing in the right direction when you look ahead your nose shouldn’t be in the way. It’s visible if you concentrate on it, but the entire area below your nose can always be seen by at least one eye so your brain ignores it. The same thing happens when I turn my eyes sideways except that this time the outline of my nose is more noticeable because my far eye (ex: left eye if I’m look right) is focused on a spot that is almost in a direct line to it (instead of the bottom corner of my vision like when I’m looking straight ahead.)

If you’re just having trouble ignoring your nose and it’s not the orientation of your eyes when you are focused on an object then there are probably many things that you can do to try to “ignore your nose”. One thing that you may not have thought of or tried already is to think about what’s behind you. Think about it. When you look around you see see a big black empty spot behind you? No, your brain doesn’t allow for that. Try closing your left eye and looking with your right eye to the right as far as you can. How far backwards can you see? Pretty far right? But, where’s the edge of your vision? You don’t see blackness, it’s just nothingness. Now, try making a big smile to push your cheeks upwards. NOW you can see blackness around the bottom and edges of your vision. That is because the light enters the front of your eye (obviously) so your brain is now showing you blackness (bottom of your eyelids) instead of nothingness (like what’s behind you). Now, try squinting. Pretend like it’s a bright summer day and you’re squinting to see a bird flying in the direction of the sun. You close your eyes to see the bird, but are you bothered by the “black bars” that are visible on top and bottom of your view? No, you concentrate on the bird subconsciously and ignore these “black bars”. Without thinking the inside of your eye lids disappear just like you don’t see blankness behind you. Perhaps you need to treat your nose like this. Yes, my nose is visible, just like the inside of my eyelids are visible when I am squinting towards the sun. But, I don’t notice the inside of my eyelids for I am concentrating on what is in my environment. Think of your nose like the inside of your eye lids and hopefully you will be able to figure out how to ignore your nose. Despite the fact that light is bouncing off of your nose and going into your eyes, your brain can still ignore it. Soon it will become an instinct and you, like most other people, will not see your nose when you look around.

I hope what I have said will help you master the art of sight. I am 17 as well and have been wearing glasses for the past couple years. I used to have 20/10 vision (very very good) until I noticed one day that my vision was suddenly worse. It was so distracting that I couldn’t look at anything without consciously thinking about the lack of detail and sharpness that I used to be able to see. It was quite annoying (probably similar to you seeing your nose). So I went to the eye doctor and got a test. They said that I had even better than 20/20 vision and that glasses wouldn’t be able to improve my vision at all. They told me I was very lucky to have such great eyes. I was upset though because I used to have even better eyes and so now I felt that I was missing out. About two years later my vision suddenly became worse again. I went to the eye doctor and this time they told me I had 20/40 in one eye and 20/70 in the other. I got glasses and was thankful for being able to read the bottom line of the vision tests again with ease. Blurry vision is not easy to get used to after being able to see wonderfully. Anyways, today with my glasses I can see somewhere between 20/20 and 20/15 and I am thankful. I play soccer and run cross country without my glasses and only see blurs, but seeing sharp details is not important for those sports.

Anyways, I hope you can use what I have said to figure out your nose issue so you can focus on the things that you really want to focus on without such distractions. I wish you lots of luck.

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

November 10, 2011

Mary asks…

Improve vision?

Is there anyway that I could make my declining vision better naturally

admin answers:

There is. I’ve experienced vision improvement firsthand. My vision used to be L: 3/20 R: 4/20 but now I have an average vision of L: 7/20 R: 10/20, after only a month.

Go to and learn about the Bates Method. Also important: read and/or post at the forums at

There are many things you can do to help your vision, but they are not the same as the misleading commercialized ‘eye exercise packages’ out there. I strongly recommend starting with this book called “Relearning to See” which you can get at through this link:

Out of the 24 reviews on this book, each single review has received 5/5 stars.

P.S. Do not listen to the naysayers posting here. They have only seen one side of the coin, not both. They have not experienced a paradigm shift in understanding how western society has been affected by misinformation on some levels.

I tried convincing my cousin about the need to separate the mind from the body. Vision is largely a mental process. For many years, psychologists have tried to emphasize that thoughts and emotions are capable of causing MOST diseases of the body to manifest in a physical sense. There is a strong bias in the medical community that makes it favor attack-the-symptom, drug-based medicine. Since the method I’m referring to involves quite a bit of psychology, it may be dismissed by some out of hand. [Western medical] “Doctors” do not deal with psychology. Now, what if vision problems are actually a disease caused by the mind? (I have overwhelming evidence that can support this)

It may not make sense to you until you read more about it, so I strongly suggest you read up about it. There has been very clear evidence revealed in the British Medical Journal of how western scientists have distorted things, giving people the mistaken impression the scientists, including optometrists, are on top of everything–but they aren’t… Citation: (go down to where it says “The fallacy of an assumption of simplicity” and you have one of the most convincing articles ever presented on the problems regarding the western mindset. This is a cultural thing…)

I tried to convince my cousin of this, but his inability to “see outside the box” posed a serious problem. You may be familiar with paradigm shift of how a single image can be interpreted two different ways: — this is an example of a paradigm shift viewpoint. A person may only be able to see the duck or the rabbit in that picture, while another person can see both the duck and the rabbit. I can see both the “duck and rabbit”, metaphorically speaking, but my cousin can’t, and neither can many people, including doctors and ODs. They are still prone to assumptions that everything they’ve taught has been sufficiently backed up. May be true in many cases, but for the optometrists, there is a serious problem.

I commented as I showed a few people what had gone wrong when I tried convincing my cousin: “It’s too bad he thinks our scientists and optometrists are smart enough to find out whatever has gone wrong, although I gave him direct evidence indicating otherwise (Helmholtz’s Theory of Accommodation reference at Wikipedia, for example). This should’ve been a “hint” to him that scientists aren’t always one step ahead on everything. One detail overlooked, especially if it has to do with something right at the optometry foundation, and just about anything is suspect to potential flaws. It seems that Helmholtz’s Theory was treated the way a cold case would be in a criminal investigation, closed from further investigation due to “limited manpower” and resources and interest. Then no one but Bates checked into it. It’s amazing how some people are unable to think outside the limits they have imposed on themselves..”

That is why things like improving vision are easily dismissed out-of-hand by many people- including doctors. But it does make sense from a true scientific perspective. Ex. The brain flips the retina’s image (which is upside down) the right way down shortly after we are born. We also have optical illusions, that are attributed to the mind. For eye doctors to address the eye as a physical-only organism is based on many misconceptions… You need to read more if you wish to understand how this has happened to society. Dismissing this possibility out-of-hand would be based on assumptions. A person needs to read closely both sides and understand what’s going on before making a judgment.

Many people don’t understand that there are different ways of seeing things, and that certain things make sense only if you take for granted certain underlying premises, which people don’t always see alternatives to.

Anyway, I suggest you check out the sites I provided. Especially the first two. There are a lot of misconceptions about eye exercises out there, and what other people may offer you may give temporary results but not permanent results. What part of your body do you move more than any other? Your eyes. Why would you need to exercise them any more? They’re fatigued and causing strain in the mind… This is opposite of what many ‘eye exercises’ products out there say, and what I’m showing you has a history to it and is based on the discovery of a very brilliant, well-respected scientist that got ostracized as soon as he made a nearly 180 degree turn after 25 years as an optometrist. He discovered there was a very bad, inconclusive mistake at the foundation of optometry understanding of how the eye works. Don’t assume that modern advancements have addressed the real problem, there are many unexplainable (or explained away) ideas about what causes diseases of the eye.

William asks…

Is there any way to naturally improve my vision? If possible i want to avoid surgery?

I have had bad vision for several years, but i haven’t gotten glasses until about a month ago. I can already tell my vision is worsening and there seems to be nothing i can do to stop it. I am an athlete (basketball player) and i dont want to wear glasses while playing because of the unnatural feel, and i would prefer not to get contacts because this would only continue the atrophy of my eyes. Are there any excersises that i can do to improve my vision? Are there any suppliments that will actually improve my vision (not ones that stop atrophy)? please help

admin answers:

Hi 2Handbanger

Here are some ideas to heal the issue.

1. Less stress (deep breathing, yoga, ect)
2. Better nutrition (more organic fruits and vegs)
3. Drink at least half a gallon of water a day
4. An herb called eyebright can improve the eyesight tremedously, if applied long enough.
5. Cleanse the body of toxins and waste with a colon and liver cleansing.

Best of health to you

Lizzie asks…

How to get 20/20 vision naturally?

Hi, I was wondering how can I improve my vision naturally. I’m nearsighted and both of my eyesoars 3.25. Is there any way I can get to like -1 diopmeter in each eye in a month or to a point where I can see the board in class without glasses? I’m only a teenager so I can’t afford to buy eye programs to improve my vision. What can i do?

admin answers:

No, you’ll have to wear glasses or contacts

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