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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

January 5, 2013

Mary asks…

Is it a good idea for a socially impaired kid with Autism, to attempt public socialization?

I am Autistic, I have Aspergers Syndrome, and I am not a typical person. I have some social upps and downs, but I will focus on the downs.

I have trouble reading body language. I am easily distracted. I have trouble with the right words to use in public to start conversations. I have trouble feeling like I should reply to a miscellaneous comment to start a conversation. (Ex: A girl walks out of a jewelry store alone, and murmors “That guy at the counter was really rude…”) I have trouble passing messages to people through my own body language. I take a lot of things litterally, and have poor judgement on sarcastic remarks. I tend to not stick to a style, or sense of visual appeal. I have problems looking people in the eyes, or towards their bodies or faces (Especially with girls) with girls, I tend to look at their shoes, or a distant object- due to respect beliefs. I tell the truth alot sometimes, and do not respond well to questions like “Do I look fat” or “Do these clothes look good”, I can’t sugar coat things well, or pick up on a stylish garment.

I am trying to see if I can go for a walk around my hometown, and be able to talk to random people. And I also plan to be able to talk with kids, and adults alike at the upcoming coast guard festival- without seeming wierd, or out of the ordinary.

Does anybody have any guidelines, or perhaps some unwritten rules that can be written, to assist me with this?

admin answers:

Take it slow and ease into it-start by maybe finding an Aspergers group and try doing socialization practice with other aspies-may make you feel a little more comfortable and no one will judge you if you do something wrong or make a mistake-which will likely happen until you get more comfortable with socializing.

Charles asks…

Does the DWP use incompetence?

as a criteria for recruiting it’s staff.

I was trying to help a mentally impaired and physically disabled client the other day and it took me two and a half hours on the phone to get to the right department- that I found had then shut a minute before I managed to ring them.

That included: 2hrs and 15 minutes ringing completely incorrect numbers that had been provided by their staff, some of whom had a problematic grasp of the English language.
Lestat: could have done but then I would have left an extremely vulnerable individual without any source of income.
Lestat: I am ‘welfare rights’ and the CAB can take up to three weeks to see someone and then have to use a phone as opposed to telepathy or a Ouija board.

Not everyone has access to the same vampiric powers as you do- thanks for the advice though.

Rich B .Pay in Mcdonalds is not more than the Civil Service nor does McMucks offer a final salary secured pension.

admin answers:

Poor staffing of important jobs will cause failure. Why would anyone hire someone that can’t do the job?

Lisa asks…

am really sick and tired of all the foreign email I’m getting! help stop it?

I do not speak Spanish because I’m hearing impaired and never could learn it. It’s clogging up my spam email and I’m sick of it. Can you make an option available to block all foreign languages from entering our emails. I use spam guard, but still…ughhhhhhhhhhhhh this is America and I’m English, so please tell me how to stop that stuff!!!!

admin answers:

It is difficult to stop them at this stage because your e-mail id has been sold to spammers. At the most, you can do the following:
1. Set “words” in spam filter option, so that the mails containing those words are sent in the Spam filter.
2. If there are options in these unsolicited mails to “unsubscribe” , then go for them.(This, sometimes is however, dangerous because the spammers come to know that the e-mail ID is still live) .
3. Forget about this id and create a new id. Do not ever subscribe to a suspicious looking site with this id.

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Your Questions About Google

January 3, 2013

Thomas asks…

How does Google guard against creative employees taking their ideas and forming their own start-up company?

How does Google, with it’s innovative culture (personal 20% time) and creative employees, make sure it’s employees remain loyal and do not run off with a great idea and embark on their own entrepreneurial start-up? If an employee has a great proprietary idea, is the idea his or Google‘s? I don’t think confidentiality agreements and non-complete contracts are enough to prevent this from happeing. Anyone have an idea?

admin answers:

Confidentiality agreements, non-compete contracts, and professional honor ARE most certainly enough to prevent this from happening, at Google the same as at any other company. If anything, Google’s optimum working conditions would likely inspire *more* company loyalty, not less.

Helen asks…

How do you get rid of google chrome and get back to normal google?

Please, I really need help to get back to normal google. I want to get rid of google chrome immediately! I don’t want to just change my homepage back to google but the whole internet as well. Thanks!

admin answers:

People like you shouldn’t be trusted with a computer. Whenever you want to browse the internet; just launch Internet Explorer or Firefox or what have you instead of Google Chrome. To get rid of Google Chrome just hit the start button, then right click on the Google Chrome icon and hover over “Shredder” then just simply click “Shred Files”

Robert asks…

How does Google recognize what language I speak to show me ads with same language?

I am abroad and far away from my home country but the ads that I get on Google or Facebook are in my language. How do Google or other websites know where I am from and what language I speak? I have even registered my Facebook account with my new location in a different country!

admin answers:

The server you are connecting through, means your ISP (Internet Service Provider), it must be located in your country, they knew from which server you are coming from so smartly they direct you to your country site. If you don’t want Google to direct you to your countries page, click there a link named

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died Lyrics

October 1, 2012

Joseph asks…

What does the song Hello (For You I’m Dying) by 4LYN mean? Lyrics included.?

For you I’m dying
Cuz I’m so tired of fighting

Love starts with a smile
And grows with a kiss
It always ends up in tears
And someone to miss
I’ve been there before
I’ve been there before

And even if you say “It’s better this way”
Maybe it’s better for you
But what about me?

For you I’m dying
Cuz I’m so tired of fighting
And maybe will you say “It’s better this way”
But I don’t believe you
For you I’m dying

Don’t think that I’m heartless now
I already know the why and how it came that far
Because we are what we are
It starts with love
And grows with patience
And ends up in greed
And isolation
I’ve been there before
I said, I’ve been there before

And even if I hate myself from this day
It’s maybe easy for you
But what about me?

For you I’m dying
Cuz I’m so tired of fighting
And maybe will you say “It’s better this way”
But I don’t believe you
For you I’m dying

I throw away something I love
And force myself to quit because
I want to let you know…

For you I’m dying
Cuz I’m so tired of fighting
And even if I say that it’s okay
I’ll always love you
For you I’m dying

^Youtube link.

admin answers:

It’s a love song I guess but also a sad one about how he’s sick of the fighting and anguish that couples go through?

Mark asks…

What do these lyrics mean from the song Fear by Drake, and do they have any relation to the illuminati?

here are the lyrics:

I never cried when Pac died.
But I probably will when Hov does.
And if my tears hold value, then i would drop one for every single thing he showed us.
And Ill be standing in a puddle.

So, who are Pac and Hov???
I KIND OF have an idea of who Pac/Tupac is, but it’s pretty hazy still. He’s the rapper that supposedly died a while ago and that’s all i know about what was supposed to have happened. i know that there’s a conspiracy that the Illuminati killed Pac for his lyrics in songs that were very revealing…? I personally believe that. and i‘ve been doing alot of research on the topic of the Illuminati/media/masonry/symbols/etc. but anyway, i‘m confused about what Drake is saying by those lyrics. And i have no idea who Hov is. Is Drake referencing the illuminati at all?
~I‘d really like your thoughts on this, especially from people who also believe that the illuminati is real/etc. thank you in advance~

admin answers:

Hov is Jay – z and Drake is saying that Hov is like the best rapper in the game to him right now and that if his tears hold value hed cry 1 tear for every thing that jay-z has done for hip-hop and he’d be standing in a puddle because he’s done so much for it .

Susan asks…

What do you think of my story? I know it’s not lyrics but yeah…?

Late at night I hear a soft voice. I close my eyes and listen to the lyrics
Sing me a lullaby, sing me to sleep. Make me want to dream, I don’t wanna be like them. I wanna be special. So just sing me a lullaby, I really wanna dream. I just wanna be me.
She sings to only the lonely darkness, but I feel that she thinks of it as more. Her words encircle me, call to me. I wonder if she’s singing to someone or just the air. Every night her child-like voice seems to set me toward dreamland.
Sometimes I feel as though she is singing to someone lost among thousands. The sadness she puts in these songs tell a story of her hopes and wishes. Sometimes even her tears.
Her songs seem to guide someone to her, someone she has yet to meet. Her songs seem to make me feel hopeful again. Almost…alive again.
She sings a tune so lonely, yet so lovely, that it makes me shed a tear. Such beautiful lyrics and such a beautiful voice. I guess we all need something to make us feel wonderful and I guess this is just one of those things.
As long as her beautiful voice continues to sing such unexplainable lyric, I will continue to forever be bewildered by why. Funny thing, I do not want to find the girl who sings for I fear she might stop.
That is something that I would dread most horribly. I feel now that I need her to sing, I feel addicted to her voice. I would die without it. Yes, I would just die without it. By now I‘m sure you fancy me mad. Crazy, if you will. But I‘m not mad or crazy. Just in a trance by that beautiful voice..

The softness of her voice leads me. I don’t know where I am. There are greens, reds, yellows, purple, and blues surronding me. Terror strikes me, then solitude. I could listen to her voice forever.

Listen to my crying heart, listen to the tears, in my mind I hear. Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop, Drip…

I smile and lie among the shadows of this spinning room. Forever I could listen. She is an unwanted sould, a soul filled with crushed hopes and dreams. I never want to leave. Maybe my obsession with her has grown or maybe I was just this was crazy from the begininng. I don’t have a clue how crazy I really am. Maybe I just don’t care. Yes, I just don’t care. I have her now. All to myself. Mine. Mine. Mine. Wait. Where am I? No more colors…just white and black. Things are changing with her song. This time I suppose I‘ll just explore the place. Yes, I‘ll just exlore as I listen to the soft, beautiful voice…
I‘m only 13 so don’t be too harsh…
its just a prolong

admin answers:

Actually, that’s very, very good. I wouldn’t say it’s a story, it’s almost like free-verse poetry. Keep writing, by the time you’re my age you’ll be a phenominal lyricist.

I love people who love music, and i feel like your ‘story’ really encaptures the passion of listening to someone sing.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

September 21, 2012

Daniel asks…

Help me choose between two poems for class?

Okay, I’m NOT a poet so they might both suck. The assignment was to write a war poem for a project we’re doing on the novel “All quiet on the western front.” I wrote two different ones thinking “Well, if one turns out to be crap the other might be decent.” Which one should I turn in?

Poem one (I’ll probably title it as “human”)
(Btw Shrapnel is the fancy word for the shards of flying metal that goes everywhere when a shell explodes.)
It is a notion reserved
for times of peace
and innocent civilians.

beneath the endless thunder
of shells and death
and the vicious rain
of torn earth and shrapnel
That notion
is a distant dream.

There is
only us
and them
faceless and stained.

I shoot blindly,
fueled by metallic hatred
rushing from the gun
to my veins,
until I meet eyes.

For a single moment,
a human stares back.
A human
with twenty short years
flashing before
silver-blue eyes,
With a cut on his face
from which crimson life drips.

He lowers his gun
locked in the bond
all humans share.
You could be my brother”

I pull the trigger
I shoot him dead.

Because here
in the rush of bullets
where gas roams
and shells scream,
where the venom
of blind hatred
fills us,

there is
no human soul.

Depressing enough for you? The next I wasn’t really trying to rhyme, but a few things just rhymed the way they came out so I left it. I know some things don’t quite rhyme but again, I’m not really aiming for perfect rhymes. I’m not as sure about this one. (It would relate to the part of all quiet when Paul is with the headmasters and they’re talking about how the war should go, if that gives you any more insight)

Strike down another name
war is just your little game.

You see the casualty numbers,
you think you understand.

Dear headmaster.
if only
you saw the faces
lurking behind
If only you stood beside me
on the front line.

If only you had seen
the blue, shuddering, sputtering faces
drowning in the green tides
and heard them cry out
gurgling up blood
watched them reach out
for salvation they will never see

If only you had stood in the crossfire
of my worst nightmares,

You would not sit here
in safety
with good company
and make your careless demands
for me to fight out
in our war.

I cannot take it.
I cry out.
You turn to me
and you dare say,
You don’t understand what you‘re talking about.”

Strike down another name
War is just your little game.

admin answers:

I like the first one, it’s very painful and very real….

Mary asks…

Trying to choose between motorcycles, possibly a Suzuki sv650, and could use some help?

I am trying to pull the trigger on my first motorcycle.
I just completed the Motorcycle training course, and my instructor mentioned the Suzuki sv650 as a strong first bike. Unless people have other ideas, i started to just search for that model.

There seems to be multiple models that I don’t know the difference between.
There is a sv650s. There is a sv650sf. There is a sv650sf with ABS
Craigslist in St. Louis has 4 bikes. Years are 2002 thru 2004. All priced between 2,500 and 3,800

Found another 2008 sv650s with under 500 miles.
Small dent on gas hub and scratches on muffler.
Starting at 3,500 but not an accepting price
I assume between 4,000+ (not entirely sure)

Then I found a 2008 sv650 SF with ABS.
1,500 miles and asking 5,500
Perfect condition

Without knowing anymore than i do….is one of these better to zero in on?
For a beginner? For when I get more advanced? For the value of the bike?

I don’t know if the “SF and ABS brakes” are much stronger features and worth extra dollars.
I’m sure braking is important, but have no idea whether ABS is a huge difference.

I obviously don’t know how motivated either seller is….so helping me decide an offer for each person would be a big help.

Or if you have different offers based on scenarios for me to ask both buyers about….any background or details would help me soooo much.

At this point, I really don’t know what questions to ask other that previous riding history, year make and model, accidents, or other inciddents, and that’s about it.

This is a real help.
I am 35 and have struggled nearly 3 years now with a medical condition.
I lost everything and haven’t worked in 18 months.
I am now in St. Louis after losing my place this past December in Chicago.
This chance to learn to ride could be a huge break at feeling normal again.
And though all my funds are pledged towards medical bills, I promised that I ould figure out a way to make this happen. SO you help is very important, and much appreciated.

Have an awesome holiday weekend and thanks again. jp

admin answers:

I think the SV would make a great first bike. I really admire the elegant design of the engine, a 90 degree V-twin with counterbalancer, so you have the ‘character’ of a twin with more smoothness.

The second generation SV 650 goes from 2003 to present, so you want one made 2003 or later. Starting in 2007 they have dual spark, but I don’t think that improves performance or anything, it’s just for lower emissions.

They come in various styles–naked, with a little fairing, and the V-Strom which is an ‘adventure tourer’ that uses the same engine and lots of the same parts. Except for the V-Strom, all the SV 650s are very much alike, just different in certain details.

Go and look at a few of them and see what they look like for the price. For your first bike you don’t want anything too new and shiny and expensive. You’re likely to be hard on your first bike. You may very well drop it once or twice–just minor spills and parking-lot tipovers. You will very likely abuse the clutch before you get the hang of it. So you want a bike that’s old enough to be depreciated but new enough that you can still get parts (which won’t be a problem with any SV 650). After a year or so you can sell this ‘old beater’ for about what you paid for it, and by then you’ll have a better idea what you really want.

Really ‘clean’ new-looking bikes are going to be more money. But you don’t really care that much about appearance for a first bike. Just as long as it’s reliable (meaning the bike has been well cared for, oil changed regularly, etc.

Different models of the SV are sold as ‘standards’ or ‘sporty’ (not dedicated sportbikes but on the sporty side). So they might have different seats, different handlebars. If you look at a few you’ll see that you find some configurations more comfortable than others.

I know just what you mean about a motorcycle making you feel more ‘normal’. I have diabetes and sometimes my feet get a little numb from poor circulation. I get on my 1978 BMW and the footpegs vibrate just enough to feel really good on my feet! 8^) Plus, riding a motorcycle makes me feel independent and capable. In the Summer I do camping weekends, all by myself, which I totally love, they are like the high point of my Summer.

Steven asks…

If you had to choose one Gun, for Everything what would it be?

When I say everything I literally mean Everything.
-Game Big
-Small Alike
-Self Defense
-Long Range
-Short Range
-Medium Range
-Target shooting
-”Not having to pull the trigger factor”
-Durability, but I guess that kind of comes hand in hand with reliability.
I’m looking for more specifically the gun/gun system not just a manufacturer.
I’m looking for civilian versions more specifically.
I’ve been shooting guns/hunting for years, I had this conversation with someone and was wondering what other peoples opinions on it where as I came up with the 12 gauge shotgun but the range thing was the only downside. But I guess a quick interchangeable rifled slug barrel would help with that.
Also, the not pulling the trigger factor really is only for unarmed people, if they are armed, it would become a quick and easy decision of shoot first ask questions later.

admin answers:

You asking your question like that, is like me asking what wrench I should purchase to fit every bolt and nut in the world. There is just no one gun or wrench that fits all.

With that being said, I would choose an O/U 3 inch 12 gage magnum shotgun, if I was limited to only having one firearm.

I could use shot on winged fowl and for home self defense, buck shot on medium game, and slugs on large game. That pretty much cover the spectrum of shooting needs.

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Your Questions About Google Scholar

August 19, 2012

Susan asks…

is it possible to print pages of the previews on google scholar search?

I don’t think it’s easy to do since it breaches copyright but I really need to print a few of the pages. Any idea how to do it without doing a screen shot of each page?

admin answers:

If your using firefox there is an addon called PDF download you can get a pdf of it then print it once you open the document.

Betty asks…

How to use google scholar?

I am writting a paper for english class and I need to have a scholarly journal, and Im trying to do it on google scholar but I dont know how to actually see the article….if anyone could please tell me I would really appreciate it. THANKS

admin answers:

Here is a link to some help.


If there is a malfunction or problem, then contact them here.

Robert asks…

Is Google Scholar a right scholar to refer to when working on my University essays?

admin answers:

Google Scholar is just a search engine for journals and theses. You would get the same results from the main Google search, but most likely buried in the middle of other, non-peer-reviewed articles.

It’s a great way to look up articles, but they may not all be public domain. You may have more luck with the journal databases purchased by your school’s library.

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