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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

June 24, 2012

Chris asks…

What can I do about my sister?

She’s 12 years old and all she does is spend all day in her room.
She has her own laptop and she’s on the internet 24/7.
She gets absolutely no exercise.
She has no interest in anything apart from the computer.
She has wasted her entire summer on the computer.
She only has one friend she hangs out with and this friend always lets her down when they make plans and she also spends a lot of time on the computer.
Due to staying cooped up in her room all day she has become pale, has gained weight and is very irritable and lazy.
Every single day I ask her what she’s going to do and urge her to stop wasting her time on the computer and do something more productive but she won’t listen to me. She rolls her eyes and sighs and says that I’m annoying and to mind my own business.
I try to get her to come out with me into the city or to the park or the local library but she always refuses no matter how much I try to persuade her, she says all she wants to do is stay in her room and keeps telling me to mind my own business. It’s like the more I try to help her, the less she listens.
I tried encouraging her to get some exercise. She came with me for a walk about 3 times and won’t go anymore, she acts like it’s a punishment.
What is wrong with her?
we don’t really have parents to intervene.. only our mother lives with us and she’s crazy and abusive and won’t do anything

admin answers:

It could be that she’s depressed. What I would do is try spending a little time with her everyday without pressuring her to do anything “productive”. Like maybe you could watch a movie together or something. Just try to listen to her and be there for her – it sounds like she is pretty lonely/socially isolated. Eventually maybe you can find an activity that you would both enjoy doing outside, and present it to her in a way that doesn’t sound like work. Your parents should definitely consider taking her laptop away for a little while, or even limiting her time to like 2 hours a day. 12 is still young enough that she can’t be expected to make healthy decisions, it’s her parents responsibility to make sure she’s getting enough exercise, getting out of the house, etc…

Betty asks…

Scared I may have symptoms of anorexia?

So basically a year ago I was an Aus size 12/14, about 70kg give or take, had extreme body concious issues etc. I remember how I used to eat in secret (thinking it didn’t count if nobody knew) having 3 or 4 or 5 packets of chips as snacks between meals, huge meals etc.
I went to gym throughout 2011, and dropped down to 56kg by mid year, maintained between 53kg and 49kg rest of the year. I think July I got really weird with food :$

I’m now a size 6/10 Aus, 52kg average. I’m eating a fair bit more than I was Nov/Dec 2011.
Average between 800-1300cals a day, however October 2011 I developed the thought that 4digits was disgusting. I still feel like **** for eating that much, even 900 or more makes me feel crappy.
I also do these like.. binges. I’ll eat 3000cals in a day easy. I’m great at eating (I was overweight verging on obese from 8/9 to 14yrs of age) I love it. I used to binge daily. Now I do it every now and then. I don’t throw up. I just eat like 700-800cals the next day.
Example daily diet:
Brekkie- piece toast, instant coffee, fruit (avg 250 to 300cals)
Lunch- probably the same thing
Snack- usually a chai latte if I go to the shops (150cals :$) and occasionally a cookie (200cals)
or else just a piece of fruit or a instant coffe (50 to 100cals)
Dinner- vegie+chicken stirfry, or else fruit and toast, or lean cuisine meal (between 250 to 350cals)
Snack- Coffee.

I’m afraid of gaining weight. But I no longer exercise. See, I quit gym midway through November. It took up too much energy and I’m really lazy now. I find it extremely hard to walk from one end of the shopping centre to the other without trouble. I’ve always got bags under my eyes even if I get like, 12 hours sleep. More and more often when I stand up everything goes black and blurry and I have to wait for my vision to come back and I feel dizzy. I read that when you get up too quickly that happens, but is that the same when you get up from like sitting at a desk for a short time or out of the car?
Every morning I wake up and food is on my mind how much I will eat, what i will eat and how to stop myself from over eating etc.
Am I just being over-dramatic cause thats how I feel. People have real problems and here I am probably just looking for attention but I honestly can’t tell and feel worried. :$ Idk.
What do you think? Anorexia?
Or am I just an OTT drama queen narcissist?

admin answers:

You don’t have anorexia because you have not being neglecting food. Listen less to your mind and more to your body and give it the food it needs, no more, no less. You won’t binge if you listen to it, because it includes realizing what should be in your menu for the meal to satisfy your needs and recognizing when you are done eating and satisfied. Then there will be less binging to feel guilty about (and then, none)

George asks…

Cant Seem To Keep Myself Motivated?

well i have been trying to loose weight for a while but haven’t tried hard enough, so now i have been asking people how to speed up my metabolism and eat healthier and exercising and ive gotten some great answers, ive even looked at some great diets, everything has been opening my eyes and its great but, i just cant keep myself motivated, like for the past few days ive been doing 50-100 sit ups at night, depends on how lazy i am, and i have cupboards and my fridge full of healthy foods and no matter what i even remind myself not to have a t.v dinner or pop tart, but i do anyways because i tell myself its just one thing whats the harm than i regret it. Long story short, i need some motivation, anyone have any stories (btw ive even drew pictures and notes of criticism and its not working..)

admin answers:

Rest. Rest for 1-2 days and come back to it. Just like you need a rest from work, take a day off and use it to motivate yourself for the next day. Its all mental.

Keep going :-D

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