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Vision Exercises Improve Eyesight Naturally! Seriously?

August 21, 2011

Vision Exercises Improve Eyesight Naturally! Seriously?

Article by Wendy Evans

Vision disorders are so common that we barely think about them as real health issues. For instance, according to the American Optometric Association nearsightedness is having an effect on “nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population”. To explain, every 3rd person you know can’t see well far away objects.

Well, right now I am that 3rd person wearing correction glasses because of nearsightedness. There’s only so much that medication can do for my declining eyesight. If you are like me, you most likely looked for alternative vision therapies. That’s what I did as well and there they’re – easy vision exercises, eye movement and targeting routines all claiming to improve vision naturally. “Vision exercises can improve vision naturally! Seriously?” I though and decided to discover more about these alternative approaches to vision improvement.

It all began with a book printed just about a hundred years ago. William Bates MD “The Cure of Imperfect Eyesight by Treatment Without Glasses” paved the road to quick profits for many corporations and self-pronounced vision therapists. Bates concepts are the backbone of just about all current vision therapies promising to naturally improve vision.

Contrary to scientific evidence, Bates visual acuity improvement strategies are primarily based on the postulate that some of the most typical eyesight disorders (myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism) are caused, not to the basic shape of the eye and its elements, but to functional problems of the action of the eye muscles. The reality is there is very small medical evidence to back up such claims.

I discovered that modern medicine knows for sure what the reasons for the most common eye diseases are. The bitter reality is that very few eyesight conditions are only caused by malfunction of the eye muscles and thus can be fixed naturally by “training” these muscles. Just one sane method of eye training and eye exercises – orthoptics, when carried out under professional optometric and clinical supervision can correct coordination or binocular eyesight issues such as crossed eyes and amblyopic eyes. For all else, although there might be individual success stories, the outcome of such methodologies are highly controversial.

On the other hand, I came across systematic evidence that many vision problems are strongly related to diet and way of life. For instance, the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS), sponsored by the NEI, found age-related macular degeneration as a “nutrition-responsive disorder”. Various other smaller medical trials and medical research find that individual diet and lifestyle patterns together with hereditary traits are among the top contributors to the development of specific eyesight problems. The keys to prevention, slowing their development or reducing their symptoms are also in correct nourishment and healthful way of life.

So, is there a one hundred percent warranted strategy to improve vision naturally? Reading half-truths about eyesight and the “magical” outcomes of eye exercises, I made a decision that something should be done. The primary idea of the new blog I have created,, is to raise awareness about that debatable subject. It is an fair info source about the trustworthiness and effectiveness of the most common therapeutic techniques that claim to improve eyesight naturally.

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Eye Exercises – Introduction to Medical Qi Gong

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How to Improve Your Eyesight – Tips on How to Enhance Vision

August 13, 2011

How to Improve Your Eyesight – Tips on How to Enhance Vision

Do you know that your vision’s health deteriorates with the weakening of your eye muscles? A single eye possesses six external muscles that hold up the eyeball and aid it in moving in several directions. When these muscles are stressed, the ability to move your eyes, as well as your vision, can suffer greatly. However, you can learn how to improve your eyesight and enhance your vision via several tips.

Just like the muscles in the rest of your body, your eye muscles need to exercise to keep them fit, and to ensure they can do a proper job of supporting your eye ball. Tense eye muscles can constrict your eyeball and cause it to flatten and elongate, thus giving rise to problems like myopia, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

It is imperative that you exercise your eyes in several ways while relaxing your body to help these six eye muscles learn to relax, as well. You can learn how to improve your eyesight by sitting comfortably, taking deep breaths, and stretching your eyes up as you inhale. When you exhale, stretch your eye muscles downwards, and repeat these exercises for the period of three breaths.

Likewise, you can perform these exercises from left to right while you continue breathing deeply. Make sure you aren’t stretching your eye muscles to the point of straining them, but continue to keep them relaxed.

With more relaxed eye muscles, you’ll be surprised at the difference in your vision. You can perform these eye exercises daily to learn how to improve your eyesight gradually, and you’ll be delighted at your enhanced vision in the long-term.

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Improve Your Eyesight

August 9, 2011

Offers eye exercises to improve vision and eye health. See clearly fast without glasses, contacts or surgery using this amazingly simple natural improve your eyesight method.