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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

March 1, 2012

Laura asks…

What is the method to correct myopia eye defect except for using spectacles ? ?

I have myopia eye defect and i wear -1.5 power spectacles and I have a gut feeling that my eyes are becoming weaker because it is getting difficult for me to read thing a bit far off day by day is there any way to prevent it restore my eyes back to the best vision i.e. 6/6 except by using spectacles please help urgent! Tell me any vitamin ,any exercise any remedy.
Also I have cylindrical eye sight (weakness or defect what ever you call it) please help I am scared……..

admin answers:

Myopia usually progresses through the teens and will stabilize in the twenties. It is caused by the size and shape of your eye, so there are no foods, vitamins, or exercises will change those. There are a lot of foods and vitamins good for your eye health, but myopia is not caused by an unhealthy eye. Exercises can help with eyestrain, but they will not improve your eyesight.

Your astigmatism will also change as you grow. It is caused by your eye not being completely spherical but more (American) football-shaped.

Contacts may be a possibility for you if you do not like glasses. Laser surgery may also be an option once your eyes have stabilized. Talk to your doctor about these options.

Sandra asks…

how do i improve my eyesight?

what can i do to improve my eyesight? i have myopia and i don want it to detiriorate. eye exercises are suposedly “helpful” and claims to restore the eyesight of myope people like me.

the only problem is that whenever i go to google, yahoo or even to search for eye exercise, they all need me to pay to view their site or buy some stupid product.

my question is, is there any website that offers free advice on how to improve eyesight? eye exercise? i really need my myopia degree to be reduced. is there any free method?

admin answers:

Eye exercises, such as the “Bates Method”, are completely useless as far as improving eyesight. This has been proven in studies. Even though people may claim their eyesight is improved, when actually tested there is no difference.

Whether you are near sighted (myopic) or far sighted depends on the shape and length of your eyeball. No diet, no exercise is able to correct this anatomical problem, only corrective lenses or possible something like LASIK surgery.

Diets with adequate amounts of Vitamin A help with retinal health, and especially night vision. Most people do not have a lack of Vitamin A in western societies.

Mary asks…

Can you turn cross-eyed?

I know this probably sounds stupid, but I’ve been doing these eye exercises that are supposed to cure, or at least lessen, myopia. And one of the exercises requires you to look at two objects cross-eyed for a few minutes. People keep telling me that I’ll turn cross-eyed eventually, is that possible? And has anyone had any good results with those eye exercises?

admin answers:

Reports indicate no one has ever gone cross eyed..permanantly after purposely crossing their eyes .. Just like sitting to close to t.v. Does not cause blindness

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