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Your Questions About Google Images

June 23, 2012

Mandy asks…

Google images?

I want to put a picture on google images of my horse i just made an acount so how would i put a picture on? thanks

admin answers:

Upload your image to a free image host, then submit the image url to Google. Make sure you name the file something relevant, because that’s how people will find your picture from their search.

You can’t upload a file to Google Images directly.

You can upload your photo/image to one of the following:

And then submit it to Google:

Laura asks…

How do you get google images to show images instead of white boxes?

When I search for images on google images or most other search engines, the results tend to show up as just white boxes or a broken symbol, I have google chrome and internet explorer but both just show the white boxes most of the time. please help.

admin answers:

have you got the latest versions of Java and Adobe programs
if not you can install them from
. there are other sites ~cnet~major geek for example
if this is not the answer
have you got your pop up blocker on ~this can also cause this problem
it may be a problem with a temp file or a web cookie
install and run it (then at least weekly)
it will clear all temp files and browser cookies left behind every time you browse the web (normal occurrence on all PC’s ~laptops)
if it does not solve the problem it will do no harm and will improve your PC performance and give you memory back.
Best i can suggest hope this helps

Susan asks…

How does Google images determine if a picture is for adults?

In google images, you can adjust the filter to display different levels offensive imagery (i.e. nudity, profanity, etc), but with the millions maybe billions of images online, how is it managed? Is there a google department in charge of surfing the internet to flag images? Or is it simply an algorithm of some sort?

If you’re just going to guess, how about you just don’t answer!

admin answers:

Google does have a user powered program that gets people to ‘tag’ random images for fun in their spare time. The more times an image is tagged with related keywords, the more confident Google can be that the image is what people are saying it is, and eventually those tags will be used to find that picture in the search results.

This is not the only way Google does it though. They do have computer algorithms that analyze and sort images very efficiently (it’s the only way possible, even a team of hundreds of users could never tag every image out there).

Google Images also has an option to search for images with faces. I believe this uses the same algorithm used in Google Street View to identify and blur faces. Some people comment on the fact that it’s pretty good at picking up faces even when they are not real, in one case the logo for KFC was blurred.

The algorithm for safe filtering is not perfect though… There are still things that can get through, especially if you use unusual search terms. I am studying Computer Science at University and in my opinion, the safe search option is done using a combination of algorithms and human intervention to help remove offending content that was not caught by the system automatically (as I noted earlier, this can only be done for a limited number of popular search terms though, so not everything gets filtered).

The algorithm most likely uses one of two methods (or both):
A) Identify the image as safe or not by determining whether the webpage it is hosted on is ‘safe’. This is most likely done by analyzing words on the page in a similar way to how Google indexes pages in the text search. This can’t be the only way since I know of websites that have completely unrelated text that don’t have their images show up in the ‘safe’ search.
B) Attempt to identify pornography by either measuring the ratio of skin-tone colours to non skin-tones (i.e. Try to determine how much ‘skin’ is showing) or using object recognition to identify ‘offending’ areas of the human body such as breasts or genitalia.

I should also mention that there is a report feature users can utilize to report offending images. This also helps filter out much of ‘unsafe’ images from popular search terms.

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Your Questions About Google Earth

June 9, 2012

John asks…

Google EARTH????

I want to download Google Earth, but I don’t want my computer to get a virus. Has anyone downloaded this program and had problems with it?

admin answers:

Google earth has no viruses…. Because i have it installed and its absolutely fine… And if you get a virus its not from google earth!!

Betty asks…

Google earth?

I want to look up Pakistan IN google earth but Whenever I fly to it, it shows nothing but rocks and mountains ive enabled the 3D buildings and other things I want to look up. my connection is on 56k modem.Please tell me how I can accurately see all the buildings in Pakistan/Quetta/Lahore.

admin answers:

You really need broadband to use Google Earth properly.

The whole Earth hasn’t yet been Googled so there are some missing bits. Where I live is just a big pixel. :-(

Paul asks…

GOOGLE Earth????

How do you download google Earth onto the ipod touch? i already jailbreaked my ipod, downloaded and i still cant find it

admin answers:

Why would you want that on your ipod?

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Your Questions About Google Chrome

May 29, 2012

Mary asks…

Google chrome !!!!!!!!!!!?

hey guys can u tell me how is the performance of Google chrome by comparing to Mozilla Firefox… Because am using Mozilla Firefox as internet browser because it maximum helps us to prevent for spywares & virus’s etc… And plz suggest me shall i download & starting Google chrome or shall i continue with Mozilla Firefox only.. Mainly i want to know will Google chrome helps us from preventing virus etc like Mozilla Firefox.. plz suggest me which will be good by comparing Mozilla & Google chrome mainly am stressing on virus’s & spywares topic.. tell me which one will be good plz………..

admin answers:

I started using google chrome because i had a virus & my internet explorer shut out constantly. Google chrome never shuts out & if anything happens: laptop dies, shuts off without notice, etc; google chrome recovers all websites, tabs & windows you had open. Saves passwords if desired.

I dont know anything about firefox but i just love google chrome & now its all i use.

Susan asks…

How come my google chrome will not allow me to access a particular website?

I decided to use Google Chrome intead of IE9, but Chrome will not allow me to access one of my business websites I need. Any suggestions why it will not go to that website?

admin answers:

Its a difference of how Google Chrome and IE are designed and view websites. IE doesn’t follow accepted protocol sometimes. Http://

Carol asks…

How can i get Google Chrome to just play online videos and not download them?

Hi,im just wondering is there any way to get google chrome to just play a selected video without downloading it.I recently swapped to chrome from internet explorer which would always just play a video and not download them too,any advice is much appreciated.

admin answers:

Sorry but what are you taking about? Every single piece of information you receive from the internet is downloaded.

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Your Questions About Google Translate

May 14, 2012

Sharon asks…

How to get Google Translate to show English meanings by hovering cursor over the Hindi words?

Previously on internet explorer I used to be able to see the English meanings by hovering the cursor over a Hindi word, without having to translate the entire page (which I’m not interested). Now I’m working on a different computer, and here it doesn’t do that anymore. I just can’t figure out what I need to do. It doesn’t happen even if I use the Google Chrome browser. Please advice.

admin answers:

You may have to install software for that..

If you know hindi then you might find this funny

Sandra asks…

How can I automatically translate a webpage using Google Translate?

I’m trying to read someones blog, but it’s in another language. My old computer used to automatically translate webpages using google translate, how do I do that?

admin answers:

Download google chrome
the translation bar

Click the Tools menu
Select Options.
Click the Under the Hood tab.
Select the “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language I read” checkbox.

Joseph asks…

How retarded would someone look if they translated a whole book using Google translate?

I know an author who wants to translate his writings into Spanish, French and Russian, but can’t afford a translator. He says he is going to use “Google Translator” which is free. He’s then going to publish the translations and try and sell them.

I told him he would appear to be extremely retarded in the translated language, but just how badly does the translation program work?

admin answers:

The translation program on google is horrible. Because it’s so generalized and offers so many languages I don’t think the people who programmed the thing realized that each language is different some languages that may have nouns for things may not use it in day to day talking or writing. Not only are the translations bad, for particular languages like korean for example the translator absolutely sucks! I have tried to use the translator for spanish when I was in high school and it worked out pretty fair but since I was kind of advanced after I ran it through the translator I saw all the mistakes that a person who doesn’t speak the language they are translating wouldn’t notice. All in all don’t use the google translator, the best solution I see here, if you’re not willing to pay for translation services, is to get a dictionary translate each word of the sentence, then find out for that language what is the order for the parts of a sentence, and put it together. But it’ll probably be very tedious but that’s the price you have to pay if you don’t want to pay the $!

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