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Your Questions About Google

August 31, 2012

Carol asks…

What android phones is google maps with navigation available?

I just got a motorola cliq and have seen articles all over advertising the new update to google maps allowing navigation but when i go to google mobile it says to access the android market through my phone and download the latest google maps but when i do that google maps does not appear in the market. Is this becuase i am not on the Droid or is there some other problem that is not allowing me to find this new update?

admin answers:

The new phone google just released will be great for it

Michael asks…

How to fix google human check when sharing only one internet line with many user in an office?

Please help me how to solve this problem. I find that when using Google with many users in an office, google blocks us. I can’t use Google search anything now. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

admin answers:

Be honest with you, I never heard Google blocks people. Sharing one internet line and user Google is totally not related. If all computers in the office can’t use Google, check your router setting or consulate your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If only you can’t use Google. Try to clear your browser history and check you firewall, or spyware software setting, or just talk to your network administrator if you have any in your office. He blocked your access to Google?

Sandra asks…

Is Google’s announcement it will stop censoring the internet in China and possibly pull out a marketing ploy?

Or do you think Google has good intentions or a bit of both?

Keep in mind, Google does not make much money in China and this kind of publicity will probably increase revenue better than regular Chinese annual revenues for the company.

admin answers:

Google has to censor the internet in America now.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Answer This Question At Random

August 24, 2012

Maria asks…

If you choose an answer to this question at random, what is …?

… the chance you will be correct?

A) 25%
B) 50%
C) 60%
D) 25%

admin answers:

None of the above, answer is 0% since this question does not actually contain a question that could be answered correctly.

Mandy asks…

If you chose an answer to this question at random, what is the chance you will be correct?

A) 25%
B) 50%
C) 60%
D) 25%

Source: Best statistics question evar
Try not to think too hard.

admin answers:

I think my brain blew a gasket

Helen asks…

Is a random answer the answer to this question?

I found this question on google plus while trying to find out if 10% of 10 is the same percentage if ten was 100?

If you choose an answer to this question
at random, what is the chance you will be

A 25%
B 50%
C 60%
D 25%

If its asking for a random answer any answer like Tablecloth or earwig is the correct answer as they are both random answers and correct, so you would be %100 correct. Its not asking you to choose from A,B,C,D, if you did

A+B+C= 100% and is also a random answer, any answer is 100% correct. this the answer

admin answers:

Yes and C

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Your Questions About Google Voice

August 23, 2012

Joseph asks…

How does google voice work with my cell phone?

I am wanting to you google voice but I would like to know a little more about it. I want to know if someone calls my google number and I answer it on my cell phone will my cell phone company charge me for the minutes I use?

admin answers:

Yes your regurlar service minutes will kick into effect.

With Google voice however, you can add a home or office phone to be linked to that one number.
So if you answer your cell phone you can actaully seemlessly tranfer the call to the home or office and the caller will never know. That will save your cellular minutes.

Lizzie asks…

How do you use google voice to automatically forward text messages?

I heard that google voice can do this and also where do I get google voice from? (I’m on a iPhone 4)

admin answers:

Iphone apps.

Mary asks…

How can I stop calls to my regular number from forwarding to google voice?

I set up a google voice number so that I can take business calls on my personal cell phone and have a separate voicemail for business calls. However, when someone calls my personal phone number (not my google voice number) it forwards them to my google voicemail. Is there a way to have only calls from my google number forward to my google voicemail?

admin answers:

Call your cell phone provider dial 611 and ask them how to reset your voice mail to go to the the default service. If you list your provider maybe I could tell you.

For sprint dial *38, wait for the beeps and hang up. Inbound calls should now go to Sprint’s voicemail system. If not, call Sprint customer service, and ask them to remove the Google Voice feature code from your account and reset your Sprint voice mail.

Turns out the *73 turned off the “conditional call forwarding”

on android
Home screen -> Menu -> Settings -> Call -> Voicemail Service. Select the dropdown button and choose My Carrier.

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Your Questions About Google Scholar

August 19, 2012

Susan asks…

is it possible to print pages of the previews on google scholar search?

I don’t think it’s easy to do since it breaches copyright but I really need to print a few of the pages. Any idea how to do it without doing a screen shot of each page?

admin answers:

If your using firefox there is an addon called PDF download you can get a pdf of it then print it once you open the document.

Betty asks…

How to use google scholar?

I am writting a paper for english class and I need to have a scholarly journal, and Im trying to do it on google scholar but I dont know how to actually see the article….if anyone could please tell me I would really appreciate it. THANKS

admin answers:

Here is a link to some help.


If there is a malfunction or problem, then contact them here.

Robert asks…

Is Google Scholar a right scholar to refer to when working on my University essays?

admin answers:

Google Scholar is just a search engine for journals and theses. You would get the same results from the main Google search, but most likely buried in the middle of other, non-peer-reviewed articles.

It’s a great way to look up articles, but they may not all be public domain. You may have more luck with the journal databases purchased by your school’s library.

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Your Questions About Google Docs

August 18, 2012

James asks…

Is a presentation in Google docs good compared to Powerpoint?

I need to do a fairly large presentation and I need to know if the Google docs version of a presentation is as good as a Powerpoint presentation. I don’t have Powerpoint on my computer but I need to work on the presentation at home. I also already used up my free trial of Powerpoint, so that won’t work. Comparing Google docs presentation and Powerpoint, how are the features of each one different from the other?

admin answers:

Not that much, but it is good enough for most cases

Helen asks…

How do I send a Google Docs document to Word without messing up the formatting?

I copied and pasted a document off Word and put it on Google Docs to edit. Now that it’s complete, I need to print it. When I copy and paste the document on Google Docs and put it on Word, the formatting is all messed up. Is there an easier way to do this?

admin answers:

Don’t copy paste from Google Docs into Word,
instead go to File menu in Google Docs, from there select Download As, and from the menu that opens select Word
this way you will have a Word document on your computer with all the formatting

Jenny asks…

How do I make excel in Google docs stop rounding numbers?

I am using excel in google docs to add numbers together. When I input numbers (16.64) it rounds it to 17 so that the final sum is not correct. How do I turn this off?
When I select the individual cell in the formula bar it reads the correct number (16.64).

admin answers:

Select the whole spreadsheet, and either set the decimal to the desired setting ( ), or go into the menu bar, Click on , then , then the tab, then check “Precision as displayed.” This will allow for un-rounded answers to be displayed in your worksheet.

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