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Your Questions About Google Voice

December 11, 2012

Susan asks…

Why is google voice using my cell minutes?

I have an android phone on virgin mobile, and have the google voice app. It is using my minutes. I thought that google voice would use either the data (which is unlimited) or wi-fi since it makes calls over the internet.

admin answers:

If you’re using the Google Voice app, it makes calls by calling you first, then connecting you to the person. It would be free if your carrier had free incoming calls, but Virgin Mobile doesn’t. That’s why it’s using your minutes.

If you download the app called GrooVe IP for $4.99, it directs calls through Gmail’s free voice calling through the internet, which means it’d be free if you have unlimited data.

Richard asks…

Do you need anything to use google voice on a macbook pro? bluetooth headset?

I am planning on using google voice on a macbook pro, but I do I need a headset to do this? If so, would a bluetooth one work, and any recommendations on a good and clear quality one that would also work for a phone? Thank you!
Is the voice/audio quality good when on macbook pro? I am going to be using google voice for business phone calls. Thank you!

admin answers:

Macbook have all the things you want.No need to install anything.

Daniel asks…

How can I stop google voice on my phone?

So i bought a google nexus as a replacement phone and I was told I had to install this google voice nonsense to get to my voicemail. So i signup and it has taken over my texts and whenever I get a call I have to press a number to approve it. Is there a way to turn off this approve a call feature from hell? OR do i have to hard reset my phone to get rid of it?

admin answers:

Login to google voice
Removing call screening

If you’d like to answer calls to your Google number without pressing any numbers, simply disable call screening in your Google Voice settings. Here’s how:

Click the gear icon at the top right of any Google Voice page, click the Voice settings link, and select the Calls tab.
Select the ‘Off’ radio button option in the Call Screening section.
Click Save Changes.

With call screening turned off, the first phone that picks up will get the call if you have several forwarding phones.

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Your Questions About Google Translate

December 11, 2012

Betty asks…

Who else is bothered by people suggesting Google Translate on the Languages section?

Google Translate doesn’t work and they’re just making it harder for people asking the questions.

admin answers:

It is a nuisance. Why bother to post something that people are already aware of and that is unreliable?

Sandy asks…

Why is it that google translate is so terrible?

I’ve been teaching myself German and learned through trial and error that most online translators are not to be trusted; but I’ve run into the most trouble with google translate.
It doesn’t seem to register the right wording order with most languages, and when I go to check myself I’ve got nothing to do but wait for my Austrian friend to come online to correct me.
Why is it that google translate doesn’t know how to order words properly in separate languages?
And are there any online translators that do?

admin answers:

When people use a calculator to work out the answer to a mathematics problem, they will get one, correct answer if they have keyed in all the digits and operators correctly. They then go to an online translator and expect to be able to do the same with a piece of text. Mathematics has its own logic and rules that can be recreated with a calculator. Language doesn’t. Languages are constantly changing anyway through usage and sentence grammar and syntax vary widely from language to language. The online translator is only as good as the algorithms it deploys when rendering meaning from one language to another. And this is one area in which a machine still can’t compete with an appropriately trained human translator.

The best human translators are often those brought up bilingually, by say, a German-speaking father and an English-speaking mother. To be a good translator, you have to know two languages to a native level. In many Yahoo questions, non-bilingual German speakers sometimes post answers translating German text into English, putting “native” (native what?) as their source. Their knowledge of German may be impeccable, but their English will sometimes sound stilted and unidiomatic even if, technically, the grammar is accurate. If you’re not bilingual, then it’s best to stick to translating into your mother tongue because you know that language best. The United Nations Organisation tends to employ only completely bilingual linguists, which of course is an accident of birth.

Getting back to online translators, they do have their uses. Use them to translate text from a foreign language into English and read through what they produce with a critical eye. If you enter a whole text and end up with gibberish, enter a sentence or two of the text instead and see what happens. If you’re still unsatisfied, then enter the text one word at a time. You’ll get the gist of the meaning that way, but to get a wholly reliable translation, you’ll need to approach a professional translator. If you must translate from your mother tongue into a foreign language, you must always re-enter the foreign language text into the online translator and get it to translate back into your mother tongue. Then judge whether the translator has done a good job.

Finally, the best help to the linguist isn’t Google Translate but Google itself. If you want to check the grammatical accuracy of a piece of foreign language text, do an online search and see if the phrase comes up on a website in the country where the foreign language is spoken. If you do find it there, check what kind of website it is, whether a teenage, slang-oriented site or an academic site where people use formal language.

Susan asks…

How can I put hard copies of pages from a book into Google Translate or Babelfish?

These came via U S mail. I can’t find a way to cut, copy and paste any of it into Google translate or any other translation service, so I can read it in English. How else can I do this?
I will allow for differences in sentence structure and the meaning of some words. I just want the gist of what the pages are saying.

admin answers:

Aside from typing them up yourself, there is no way.
But you’ll get more than just sentence structure and word differences. You’re going to get complete and utter rubbish vomited forth.

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Your Questions About Google Maps

December 6, 2012

George asks…

How to implement google maps on web application?

For example:

1. We can add our favorite places on google maps and highlight it.
2. We can edit everything we add on it.
3. Delete also.

It concerns our web programming project, any help would greatly appreciated!

admin answers:

For hard core projects that need dynamically added content the Maps API would be used:

My Maps lets you manually create a custom map, check the video

Looks like the “My Places” button now leads you to “Create your own maps to share the places that matter to you.”

Here’s a 3rd party custom map makers

David asks…

Is there a way to import google maps to my Nokia 2710-2c navigator edition phone?

I have a Nokia 2710-2c navigator edition, it shows Timor Leste but does not show roads and detail.
Google maps show nearly all the roads etc can I import the google maps to my phone?

admin answers:

No there is no way u can’t add google maps in ur phone but u can surf through ur mobile-:) ….

And the other option is that u can download nokia maps in ur mobile enjoy

Charles asks…

How can I create a customizable map in Google Maps or other online mapping software?

I would like to be able to change the size of the location marker based on the number of times that an incident occurs at a given location. Is this possible within Google Maps? If not are there other resources available to accomplish this task? The parameters I am specifically looking for are no cost, no download, online services that can be shared to a select group of persons.

admin answers:

Google allows users to create KML (sort of like XML) that can be overlayed against the base Google Maps they provide. Duncan’s link is a good place to start. You should be able to find plenty of examples (most newspapers include police incident reports as a map overlayed against Google base maps) online.

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Your Questions About Google Chrome

November 21, 2012

Lizzie asks…

How do you get Google Chrome to remember what you have typed but without the auto complete option?


I would like Google Chrome to remember what I have typed so that I can select each fields individually but not have the auto complete option. Is this possible? Thanks

admin answers:

No it’s not possible – if autocomplete is off chrome will not be able to autocomplete anything, so it doesn’t remember anything because you’ve told it not to by turning autocomplete off

Jenny asks…

How do i prevent google chrome from being blocked by my firewall?

I am not sure how, but i stopped google chrome from being used. I have looked around on my computer, but i can’t come up with anything.

admin answers:

Go into the firewall program and add it as an exception

William asks…

How do I transfer my bookmarks from google chrome to another computer?

Hi, I would like to know how I would go about transferring the bookmarks at my Google chrome browser, to another computer,( Where I also use Google chrome). I am really confused. Please do help me. If could please lay out a step by step guide, as I am not very astute at these matters. Thank you :-)

admin answers:

Go to the “wrench menu” in chrome and select “set up sync”
log in into your google account (you need agoogle account for this) and that’s really all you need to do, because with this your bookmarks, browser themes and settings will be transferred to your google account.
If you want to use the settings transferred to your google account just do the set up sync again on each computer you’re using

here they explain it with more details

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Your Questions About Google Translate

November 17, 2012

Sandra asks…

Has anyone taught themselves a different language using google translate?

I’m talking a highschool french class (french 1&2) But I feel like were going to slow. We’ve spent the past 5 weeks going over grammar and proper use of you and I and us and we. I know how to pronounce most of the words. DO you think I could learn quicker learning french words off of google translate? And do you know of anyone whos learned a whole language using only / mostly Google Translate?

admin answers:

Hello. I have your answer. Go to this website. Its
The website is awesome and has tons of languages to learn!
ALSO you have to fill out quizzed and THEN your quizzes get sent out to people in France for THEM to grade your homework so youll know right then and there if your answers are correct.
CHeck out the website. Its free and I love it. Also you can record what you see in a sentence and the french people will correct you if you did not pronounce the words correctly. Its recommended you use a microphone while going on the website though to use the website like its supposed to be used.

Linda asks…

How to remove google translate toolbar banner?

The google translate banner at the top of certain webpages means I cannot click on links and view other pages on the site, it keeps taking me back to the home page. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this function for good as I have tried pressing tools then un-selecting translate but it still appears?

admin answers:

There is a cross button in the right of the toolbar

Thomas asks…

Google Translate redirect to standard interface instead of the iPhone optimised version?

When I access Google Translate using Safari browser on iPhone it takes me to the standard interface that is just meant for PCs, rather than the iPhone optimised interface, and this is annoying. It was working before but not anymore.

admin answers:


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