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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

December 8, 2011

Mary asks…

Improving Eyesight Question?

I was looking at ways to improve eyesight naturally and i came across a lot of websites restricting myself to wearing glasses, or wear them as little as possible. The thing is though, i have to wear my glasses. My eyesight is so poor that i do have to wear them at all times. Is this theory true that wearing glasses makes your eyesight worse and any advice? :)

admin answers:

Do a search for eyesight improving vitamins and supplements. Cant remember exactly which they are, but google should suffice. They do exist, though probably wont get rid of the glasses. Poor sight is physical like the eyes being too oval or something.

Thomas asks…

can we improve my eyesight naturally?

I have bad eye sight (far sight) and its in my genes…n i can no longer bear wearing these glasses…they make me look like a nerd!! is there any way to change it naturally…like diet or exersising…and yeah…i’m in 7th grade…wearing glasses since kindergarten

admin answers:

Unfortunately, there is nothing “natural” that can make your eyesight better. If there was, everyone would be doing it. Some things are indicated to help prevent eye disease like lutein and beta carotene but at your age, taking these supplements is counter-indicated. Try contacts then you won’t have to wear glasses. Just remember to take care of them and wear them as directed otherwise something like this – could happen.

Good luck to you

Ken asks…

Eyesight Questions?

Okay, two question:

1.) Is there any way to naturally improve eyesight?


2.) What is the strongest pescription available for contacts or glasses? (What’s the blind point?)

admin answers:

1) Exercising your eyes won’t improve your vision. Eye exercises are often prescribed by eye doctors for other eye problems, such as strengthening the ability of the two eyes to work together. “Exercising your focus” will not do anything but take up your time and tire you out.

2) There may or may not be an actual blind point. Prescriptions have been known to go up to -40.00 or greater. You probably wouldn’t be able to get that into a contact lens, but glasses could be designed.

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