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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

November 22, 2011

Ruth asks…


Hello everybody. I have a big problem on my hands. I can’t see thing very well from far away. They all seem blurry. Like today in my geography class, we were writing things down from the projector, and i couldn’t see it well. It all just looked blurry, so i had to copy of my friend. I need something that will help to improve my vision naturally. I CAN NOT get glasses, I play a lot of sports, and they’re mostly violent, so I would probably just break them constantly, so glasses are a BIG NO. I have thought about wearing contacts, but I’m not sure. I would have to constantly keep buying new one’s, are there a type of contacts that you can wear for a very long time, like over months? But I would REALLY like a natural solution, I will not get laser eye surgery, and most importantly, are there types of food that you can eat which will help your eyes. Please I really need help.

admin answers:

Sounds like you are starting to become nearsighted which is best suited for contact lenses. The ones that last the longest are gas permeable hard contacts or extended wear soft contacts.

Carol asks…

Can your vision improve?

My prescription is 150 and I was wondering if I can naturally improve my vision. If there is a way, please share it!

admin answers:

Not really. What they say about carrots improving your eyesight is not true. They can’t make you see better. They contain some substance that is important for the body to create new eye-cells. But that only means that it could make a situation stable, not improve it.

Lisa asks…

Can your eyes naturally heal from bad vision?

well not from extremely bad vision, but where:
your seat in the classroom is in the middle, and all you can make out on the board is a few words, nd u have to strain your eyes to see it?

are there any excercises OR SOMETHING NATURAL that can help improve my vision?

admin answers:

There DEFINATELY is a natural remedy, and do NOT get your eyes lasered.

I know a guy who manages the dance class I go to, his eyes got lasered, but after 10 years, he’s 55 now, he’s suffering from the breakdown of the retina… Which is supposed to occur at 70. Laser surgery will greatly decrease the longevity of your vision in the long run.

Your eyes have low numbers, which is easyy to fix.
The natural remedy, which I SWEAR TO GOD works, is this:
-Splash your eyes with colddd water everyday in the sink for about 3 minutes a day. This will cool the eyes, hydrate and let them relax from daily strain and within 8-12 months, you’ll have perfect vision.

My family. B/c of genetics has bad eyesight… God didn’t make us perfect. The numbers are genetically supposed to be around 4-6. There’s a fruit called “aamla” or in english known as “gooseberry” it’s very sour. But it has magic in it. Get a juice machine, juice 8-10 of them, and it’ll make about 100mL of juice. Drink it…everyday, for 4 months. Your eyes will become 20-20. My guarantee. My mom in 8th grade has 5.5 on both her eyes… That’s like you can’t read the time on your wristwatch without glasses. She drank it for 4 months a year, because it’s a seasonal fruit, every year. Her numbers are 0.75. I had 4.75, and now they’re 0.5, in 4 months.

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