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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 12, 2012

Daniel asks…

Anyone read this book? amazon readers gave it 5 stars? is it any good?

admin answers:

I’ve not read it but from the reviews perhaps i should – my eyesight is failing, if that book works it could save me a fortune in glasses!

Joseph asks…

Improve eye sight to 20/20 from doing eye excercises?

ive read an article about this, and i want to see if anyone has tried it, and has succeeded in getting better eyesight naturally by doing eye exercises , i am tired of my glasses

admin answers:

These “eye exercise” schemes do NOT work!

Think about it logically; say there really was a way for people to fix their vision themselves at home by doing some kind of “eye exercises”, taking special “eye vitamins” etc. You would be hearing about it on all the talk shows, it would be in the news, etc and you wouldn’t have all these people pending hundreds/thousands for contacts, glasses and laser surgery!

Sandy asks…

eyesight techniques?

techniques to help my vision improve naturally and as quick as possible

admin answers:

If your reduced vision is due to myopic refractive error there is almost nothing you can do to improve your visual acuity. See an optometrist interested in these things.

Do not waste time on methods you may find in books or on the internet.

If there is pathology involved see your Ophthalmologist.

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