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Your Questions About Carnitine

December 17, 2012

Jenny asks…

How much amino acids should I take in supplement form daily, as I am working out and trying to make gains?

I take 1 – 1000 mg L-Arginine
1 – 250 mg L-carnitine
1 – 500 mg L – lysine

Also, I take Centrum, a 1200 mg Lecithin, 30 mg Zinc, and a 500 mcg of B-12, all in either tablet or capsule form. I think all I am missing now is Glutamine? I also take Creatine monohydrate , 5 mg powder daily in my drink, and I consume protein shakes after working out, and on days I don’t lift, to recover. I work out like 4 days a week. Does this sound like a good regimen to you.

admin answers:

I stay away from the acid these days just mushrooms , and weed and a little coke everynow and then, some paote, oh ya and mescaline, one time i did heroin , oh shit what was the question

Helen asks…

What are some good vitamins to take to help with energy and muscle building?

Im already slim and taking a multivitamin twice a day. I need more energy and something to help my overall growth. Im, 16, 5″10, 160lbs
Ive heard about L carnitine but i dont know a lot.

admin answers:

The energy comes as a result of greater stress to the body. For example, to become more energetic, run faster or lift higher weights. This causes a need for more oxygen and growth of more muscle tissue and blood vessels for every cell in the body to distribute the Oxygen. It also strengthens the heart. I have used that pills and I know many different ones are recommended. Early humans evolved without pills, hunted animals and survived without synthetic supplementation. As you are very lean and a good height for your age, just be sure to get enough sleep and proper meals, enough to satisfy a growing male. If you want to try them, it can’t hurt. I had no results. As for the vitamin, if it says once a day, don’t take it twice, as you will get too much iron in your body, which is not healthy. Follow the directions. I have bought lots of others as well, and notice various gurus write books, but also sell supplements. My BIL is an amateur bodybuilder and sells them. My sister is a health expert with credentials. She will sell supplements, as well. So, if you have money, someone will sell something. The science is still out, but you can research. Just make sure the research was funded by another source besides the company itself. Also, look at how the energy increase was measured, and if the percentage of increase is considered significant. Although, you are a junior in HS, you can still read adult, academic level studies with a little effort, and the conclusions usually say, “More research is needed”, or that there was no significant difference.

Joseph asks…

Will an aloe vera and collagen drink do my skin good?

There is a drink in the supermarket which claims to have natural aloe vera bits, 500 mg of collagen, vitamin e, and 200 mg l-carnitine in every 350ml bottle. They say its really good, but is it safe to drink and will it be good on my skin?

admin answers:

I will tell a little about the Aloe Vera that I use.

Aloe-Vera-Benefits the skin. When used on the skin, Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate the deepest body tissues, some seven layers deep, unlike most lotions, liquid substances and water that penetrates only two layers of the skin.

It has been proven by research that the Aloe-Vera-Benefits comes from its active ingredients. Aloe Vera has over 75 known active ingredients that include: Vitamins, Mineral, Enzymes, Sugars, Anthraquinones, or Phenolic compounds, Sterols, Amino Acids that perform specific functions in the human body.

Explore more on aloe vera’s uses, health benefits, side effects by visiting:

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

December 12, 2012

Mark asks…

Human language questions?

Can you affirm, more concretely then, that both biological capacity and cultural invention contribute to the formation of language? Would these concepts be utilized differently from a person that is hearing impaired? How?

If non-verbal language is non-spoken gestures used to communicate a message, then is sign language considered to be a spoken language or a non-verbal language? Consider their differences in regard to structure and grammar.

admin answers:

Biological capacity contributes to the formation of language. Spoken language requires the biological capacities to speak and hear. Sign language requires hands.

Cultural invention also contributes. The Inuit famously have many words for snow, while the Arabs have several words for camels in different stages of life and of different genders. We have a word for studying by candlelight (“lucubration”), which only makes sense in a culture that has candles.

Obviously, a person that is hearing impaired has a very different biological capacity from a person whose language depends wholly on hearing certain sounds. Similarly, a person who is hearing impaired probably would be inclined to have many fewer words for various sounds and sound qualities (“high-pitched,” “mellow,” “reedy,” “breathy,” “said with a Boston accent,” “metallic,” “clangy,” “sharp,” “smooth,” etc.), but they may have many more words for various gestures and physical movements that contribute to their language. This is the cultural aspect of things.

I would say that sign-language should be considered a verbal language. Not a non-verbal language, because it isn’t mere gestures, and not a spoken language, because it isn’t actually physically spoken. But it is verbal, and does have a proper grammar. Thus, I’d say verbal and deny the question altogether.

Susan asks…

Muslims Please: is the following a true statement?


The name of God in Arabic.

It is a compound word from the article, ‘al, and ilah, divinity, and signifies “the god” par excellence. This form of the divine name is in itself a sure proof that ilah was at one time an appellative, common to all the local and tribal gods. Gradually, with the addition of the article, it was restricted to one of them who took precedence of the others; finally, with the triumph of monotheism, He was recognized as the only true God.

In one form or another this Hebrew root occurs in all Semitic languages as a designation of the Divinity; but whether it was originally a proper name, pointing to a primitive monotheism, with subsequent deviation into polytheism and further rehabilitation, or was from the beginning an appellative which became a proper name only when the Semites had reached monotheism is a much debated question. It is certain, however, that before the time of Mohammed, owing to their contact with Jews and Christians, the Arabs were generally monotheists.

The notion of Allah in Arabic theology is substantially the same as that of God among the Jews, and also among the Christians, with the exception of the Trinity, which is positively excluded in the Koran, cxii: “Say God, is one God, the eternal God, he begetteth not, neither is he begotten and there is not any one like unto him.”

His attributes, denied by the heterodox Motazilites, are ninety-nine in number. Each one of them is represented by a bead in the Moslem chaplet, while on the one hundredth and larger bead, the name of Allah itself is pronounced.

It is preposterous to assert with Curtiss (Ursemitische Religion, 119) that the nomadic tribes of Arabia, consider seriously the Oum-el-Gheith, “mother of the rain”, as the bride of Allah and even if the expression were used such symbolical language would not impair, in the least, the purity of monotheism held by those tribes. (Cf. Revue Biblique, Oct., 1906, 580 sqq.)

Let it be noted that although Allah is an Arabic term, it is used by all Moslems, whatever be their language, as the name of God.

admin answers:

I’m not Muslim… But getting ready to go on a mission trip to Israel, I’ve been studying the Koran so I will know how to approach the Muslims we will encounter there. So to answer your question, God in Arabic is “Allah,” but that doesn’t make the Christian God Allah. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek, and in Hebrew, the word is “YWHW,” which is meant to imitate the sound of breathing. The bible sometimes refers to God’s spirit as a wind. You’ve probably heard the term “Yaweh,” which is about as close as we can get to pronouncing His name. There’s also Jehovah, but I’m really not sure about that one.

Also… I don’t know what your background is. But if you’re at all curious to know, it is not unheard of for a Muslim to read the bible and notice immediately how different it is from the bible, both in God’s love and mercy, and how much more detailed it is. While archaeology has disproven the Koran repeatedly, the Bible has yet to be disproven. There are also multiple other ancient texts, like Athenic court records, that correlate exactly with Scripture. And while the Koran was written by one author, the bible was written by over 40 different authors over the course of thousands of years. The texts didn’t meet each other until much later, and early theologians and scholars recognized very quickly that prophecy was always fulfilled, and the bible never contradicted itself. (Some argue this last fact, but careful study reveals that it does not. It stays very consistent.)

James asks…

How should I go about tutoring a hearing impaired adult?

The subject I am tutoring is Earth and Space Science, so I use a lot of visuals (pictures, models, rocks, that kind of stuff). I dont know sign-language but there will be an interpreter. What I would like to know is if there is any advice when dealing with the hearing impaired that may help me communicate between me, the interpreter, and most importantly the student.

admin answers:

I’d start by not using the term “hearing impaired” unless the student uses it first. Then second what the last guy said, ask the interpreter about working with an interpreter. Generally speaking, introduce yourself to your client and to the interpreter and then talk to the client as if the interpreter weren’t there (meaning, don’t direct your speech to the interpreter). And don’t lean your mouth into your hand while you’re talking. ;-)

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Your Questions About Google Docs

December 9, 2012

Joseph asks…

Can you do a mail merge with google docs?

In google docs I have a form that inputs data into a google docs excel file. I would like to mail merge that excel file with a google docs word document. How can I do this?


admin answers:

No Dear it is not possible for mail merge with google docs you can try Microsoft Word

Nancy asks…

How to ad different special effects in Google Docs Presentations?

I did a little presentation with Google docs presentation and thought it was OK but it wasn’t near to Power Point.How can i add special effects between slides? How can i add charts, And add more beautiful themes? Please help understand G Docs better.Thanks in Advance

admin answers:

I’m so sorry, but according to Google Docs help “There are no animation effects in Google Docs presentations.”

Betty asks…

How do you make a brochure using google docs?

I need to make a brochure for Anatomy and I don’t have anything else, besides google, on my computer. I’m not allowed to download anything to the computer. Is there a way to use google docs?
I just asked, and I may be able to download something depending on how much space it would take up.

admin answers:

You might try the templates in Google Docs.

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Your Questions About Carnitine

September 28, 2012

Chris asks…

Which is the most effective to help metabolize the fat (into energy),L-Carnitine or a-lipolic?

I want to take a dietary supplement but i dont know which one is the most effective.Dietary Supplement with L-Carnitine or Lipolic Q10? or some goodway to help metabolize the fat.(coz im busy to my job no time to exercise or workout)

admin answers:

From what I get the only thing is exercises, Ask the Dr. If there is anything, I would like it too.==

Mary asks…

What does the “L” stand for in L-carnitine and L-tryptophan?

These are naturally occurring chemicals in nature but also can be produced. Which is what I think the L stands for, Im just not sure. I have also seen D-carnitine, which is banned in the US apparently.

admin answers:

It goes to the concept of stereoisomerism: Stereoisomers are isomeric molecules that have the same molecular formula and sequence of bonded atoms (constitution), but which differ only in the three-dimensional orientations of their atoms in space.

One form of an isomer may bend polarized light to the right, and is labeled the D- form (D for dextro-, Latin root for right). The other isomer bends polarized light to the left, and is labeled L (Levo- or left).
Many such stereoisomers are biologically active in only one form, usually the L- isomer, such as L-DOPA.

Of interest historically, Louis Pasteur was the first to describe this, but he became involved in other matters.

David asks…

Is it safe for me to go over the recommended dose of triple strength l-carnitine?

I was thinking about taking 2 tablespoons a day, instead of one. What would this do?

admin answers:

No, you should not do that.

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Your Questions About Carnitine

August 7, 2012

Joseph asks…

Would you recommend taking l-carnitine when having a kidney stone?

I was recently diagnosed with an uric kidney stone and I am not sure if I can still take liquid l-carnitine before exercise. Can anyone help?? Would l-carnitine hurt my kidneys?
P.S. I am not taking any supplements other than l-carnitine 30 min before exercise.

admin answers:

Have you ever seen the cartoon where they roll a snowball down a hill the size of a pea and it becomes the size of a beach ball when it reaches the bottom? Well, keep taking the supplements and you will find out in true life how that feels to push that through your p*e*n*i*s*.
Take the kidney stone as a wake up call. You are probably taking supplements incorrectly, too much for your body weight…too much is giving you kidney stones and not enough water to thoroughly distribute it throughout your body and eliminate through your urine without becoming a stone.

Richard asks…

What is the difference between L-Carnitine and Acetyl L-Carnitine supplements?

Considering L-Carnitine to help assuage muscle fatigue during exercise – is there a difference between Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine? I see supplement offerings of both. Is one better than the other? Thanks in advance for your advice.
Thanks, Joe – my question came partly from this info: Research shows that people who supplement with L-carnitine while engaging in an exercise regimen are less likely to experience muscle soreness. – found at web link Any further comments are welcome.

admin answers:

L carnitine won’t really help you here in any form.L carnitine is involved in more lipid metabolism and cardio vascular function and acetyl l carnitine is supposed to have more benefits for the brain.To reduce muscle fatigue you can just consume more carbohydrates the day before or use creatine.I don’t know of any studies linking any form of carnitine to increased performance.Potassium and calcium are a much safer bet.Stay well hydrated.

Donald asks…

What is the Difference between Liquid L-Carnitine and the Pill form of L-Carnitine?

I’m trying to lose weight and someone suggested L-Carnitine. I’m going to order from the Vitamin Shoppe and they offer L-Carnitine in Liquid Raspberry flavor and in the Tablet form. Which one is better?

admin answers:

Before you begin taking any supplement, please do your own research rather than take the word of “someone” who, in all likelihood, knows very little about it. It’s your body, so do your due diligence before introducing something which may be harmful in the short or long run.

Our bodies manufacture carnitine using two amino acids, lysine and methionine. Carnitine is used in cells for the transport of fatty acids from the cytosol into the mitochondria during the breakdown of lipids (fats) for the generation of metabolic energy.

Carnitine exists in two stereoisomers, or mirror images of each other. The biologically active form is L-carnitine, while its enantiomer, D-carnitine, is biologically inactive.

According to research at the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Although L-carnitine has been marketed as a weight-loss supplement, there is no scientific evidence to date to show that it improves weight loss.” Click on the second link below for more information.

You can get plenty of L-carnitine from food, rather than take a supplement. The best sources are beef steak and ground beef. Go to the first link below for a list of foods rich in L-carnitine.

If you still insist on taking the supplement after doing research on the topic, the body absorbs liquids easier than pills, especially as we age. Click on the third link for current research regarding nutrient absorption via liquid or pill.

A happy, healthy 2010 to you.

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