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Common Foods Improve Our Eyesight

September 8, 2011

Common Foods Improve Our Eyesight

In order to prevent the pain caused by myopia, we should try our best to improve the eyesight. However, few people really know how to improve the eyesight in our daily life. In fact, some common foods can help us improve our eyesight effectively. These foods mainly include fish, broccoli, carrot, green tea and orange.

Fish contains abundant omega-3 fatty acid. We can absorb adequate omega-3 fatty acid by eating fish to prevent macular degeneration which can cause blindness. If we can not alleviate macular degeneration in time, our eyesight can become blurrier and blurrier. Therefore, we should frequently eat fish in our daily life.

Broccoli contains a lot of vitamins and lutein. We can supplement adequate vitamins to improve the eyesight and prevent various eye diseases like glaucoma. At the same time, we can absorb lutein to defer the aging of eyes and prevent blindness. Vitamins and lutein can also work together in our bodies to resist free radicals and maintain the health of our eyes. 

Carrot contains rich beta-carotene. According to the medical research, carotene plays an important role in protecting our eyesight. We need a lot of carotene to prevent dry eyes and accelerate the production of visual purple. In addition, when carotene enters human body, it can be rapidly transformed into vitamin A. It is known to all that the adequate supplementation of vitamin A can help us prevent nyctalopia. Therefore, we should frequently eat carrot in our daily life.

Green tea contains abundant catechin. Catechin can effectively resist oxidation for us. That is to say, we can supplement enough catechin to resist oxidation of eyes by drinking green tea. Thus, we can effectively prevent the occurrence of cataract and glaucoma.

Orangecontains abundant vitamin C. The crystallization of foreign molecules in the eyes can cause blurry vision. If we supplement vitamin C adequately in our daily life, we can effectively resist the crystallization of foreign molecules and prevent blurred vision. Generally speaking, women need 75 milligrams of vitamin C every day and men need 90 milligrams.

 In addition, we can also eat other foods like pork liver, pumpkin and lean meat to protect our eyes and improve the eyesight. Pork liver contains abundant vitamin A. we can absorb a lot of vitamin A to maintain normal functions of cornea and enhance our vision in the dark. Therefore, many common foods can protect the eyes for us. We should not always be picky in our daily life.

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How to Improve Your Eyesight through Diet

September 6, 2011

How to Improve Your Eyesight through Diet

Most of us may think that diet has nothing to do with our eye sights, but health only. In fact, they are tightly related to each other. This is because healthy bodies can help us to maintain good visions.

What kind of diets can be called healthy? They should contain some proteins, vegetables and others. If you want to take in more proteins, fish is one of the best choices, for it contains a lot of Omega-3 acids. Still, sufficient proteins can benefit our brains very much. There are various sorts of vegetables, such as carrots, spinach, etc. Other products, such as Dairy products, are also very important for the health of our eyes. Be cautious about some milk, because they can be harmful for our eye circulation.

If you eat some complicatedly processed foods some time, it matters little on your vision. But eating too much can cause serious side-effects. Just follow one principle that all foods you eat should meet the demands of your body, such as, foods with plenty of Vitamins and other nutrients. As for the nutrition of food, sunflower seeds, soy beans, liver, etc, are really good alternatives.


Your body has an own PH balancing system, which can coordinate all organs of your body. If the amount of acid is more than alkaline in your body, you will suffer from some diseases, such as arthritis. What’s worse is that your eyes will also be damaged for this reason. So some elements from fruits, vegetables, and grains can help your body to maintain such balance. In this sense, if you want to keep this balance, you should eat sufficient fruits and vegetables.

A good mixture of diet can help you maintain a good health, especially in terms of digestion. If you take in just some specific foods, you will suffer from some problems of digesting. Therefore, you should eat proteins with vegetables. Good diets can help you digest well and absorb more nutrients.

If you want to have a good vision, just eat proper foods.

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How To Improve Eyesight

August 15, 2011

How To Improve Eyesight

Article by Graham Duval

How To IMPROVE EYESIGHTDiscover a Simple, Yet Effective Method which Guaranteea Perfect Vision – Without any Dangerousand Expensive SurgeryGarlic is one of the most valuable foods you can eat in terms of overall health, and one of the very important foods for eye sight health Beans relax the trabecular meshwork, which can reduce glaucoma. Wheat sprouts are other important foods for eye health. They give a boost to the antioxidant enzymes, as they contain high levels of super oxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and methionine Take the time every day to give your eyes and the rest of your body the nutritive support they need. Eat the foods and take the supplements that provide the antioxidant vitamins and minerals your eyes require. You’ll protect your eyesight, ensuring years of good eye health, and increasing the odds that you’ll avoid blindness or vision loss for the rest of your life. Consider a multi-vitamin to help you obtain the needed nutrients to improve your eyesight. Your doctor can help determine which combination vitamin is right for you. Check out a “reader’s digest” article that offers creative ways for incorporating eye-healthy foods into your daily diet as well as other suggestions for protecting your eye. If you are already wearing corrective eyewear, make sure you have them updated as recommended by an ophthalmologist. With healthy eyes and eyesight, you can enjoy good vision and possibly also relief from your headaches. Eye exercises are pretty easy to perform anywhere, anytime. However, before attempting these exercises, remove your contact lenses so as not to injure your eye. Sit in a comfortable position and rub your hands briskly against each other, until they are warm. Now cup your palms and gently press them on your eyes. Without applying any pressure on your eyeballs, perform some deep breathing exercises. Repeat the procedure for about 5 to 6 minutes. Close your eyes tightly for about 10 seconds, then open them and keep them widely open for the same time. Repeat this at least 10 times. Gently massage your eye with fingertips in circular motion. Then, press your eye with three fingers, again without exerting any pressure. Roll your eyes in clockwise motion for five times, stop and continue again, this time counter clockwise. Fruits such as blueberries, persimmons, kiwis, guava, cantaloupe and apricots. Most of these fruits contain vitamin b and b complex. Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and limes contain healthy doses of vitamin c. Seafood: oily fishes rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel also improve weakened eyesight. Fish oil supplements may help to maintain healthy vision. However, the benefits accrued from eating fresh fish cannot be compared to these supplements. Meats: moderate portions of lean meats, poultry and dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese and yogurt are also good food for eyes. They provide the body with essential proteins and amino acids for muscle health. However, remember that these are fatty foods and an excessive consumption may lead to plague deposits, which restricts blood circulation. Healthy eyesight depends on unrestricted blood circulation to the delicate eye muscles. A mediterranean-style diet comprising plenty of vegetables, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, and foods cooked in olive oil is an excellent diet for eyes. Certain herbs such as dill, parsley, oregano and turmeric. Carrots, milk, beef and eggs. are also known for their positive effects on improving your vision. Eggs have proteins and eating an egg daily will keep your eyes clear of cataract. Cucumber juice is also very helpful in improving your poor eyesight. Include spinach in your daily diet as it contains iron, amino acids, vitamin a, b and c. It purifies your blood, increases the hemoglobin and improves your eyesight. Aloe vera juice is also helpful in improving weak eyesight. Rubbing aloe vera gel on your eyes helps to cool them down eyesight cannot improve naturally unless a person relearns good vision habits. Eyesight can improve, but progress depends upon the student’s application of good habits. This is why guarantees and promises of improvement can never be given: it is up to the student to practice the good habits of natural seeing in order to see better.This is not made better by the fact that you need a doctors visit to get most of them. So, you have to add that expense as well. But if you get the vision without glasses program, you are looking at a small, one time cost. And it is a very small cost, when compared to what you’d pay for just one set of glasses. These people search the internet for eye exercises for natural vision correction. Some of the myths about eyesight are that eyeglasses, even though these help people see better in the short run, in the long run, the lenses will damage your eyesight. Another is that if a person wears glasses all the time, he will not give his eyes the right kind of work out to keep them fit. Sitting in the dark or sitting too close to the television will harm the eyes. Red onions contain quercetin that can prevent cataract. In addition to this eat fish at least twice a week. Fish and oil fish contain vitamins a and d that can help to protect blood vessels in the eyes and prevent clots. They are also helpful in producing protective pigments in the eye. Blinking often can prevent dry eyes that can cause corneal abrasion and decrease eyesight ability to see sharp. Take enough breaks and adjust your computer screen for a proper viewing distance which is about 20 to 24 inches. Eye stress from looking too long at computers screen can bring harm. Eye strain may weaken eye muscles and cause blurred vision. further in to the normal ways to improve your vision. When you suffer with items like nearsightedness, cataracts, glaucoma, farsightedness, as well as a condition referred to as night vision. These healthy treatments may perhaps be of assist for you with any as well as all of these perspective ailments. are incurred naturally and can be cured naturally. Given this, the obvious question is why do so many people jump straight onto glasses without even attempting to improve their vision through eye exercises?. I really believe that people are just simply not aware just how their eyes work and how quickly it can respond to a little bit of exercise. The muscles that control and shape the lens in the eye can be worked like the bicep muscles in your arms and a little bit of daily exercise for a couple of weeks has been shown to completely fix over 45 percent of eye issues with a further 30% showing’ drastic improvement’. Given that glasses teach your eyes bad habits, commonly set off a steady decay in visual acuity and cost approximately 0 a year then it is clear that spending a short period of time running thru some eye exercises could literally be the best decision you ever made for your visual acuity. For people who have just been dependent on glasses for a few years, then i have something inspiring to claim to you too. Your eyes are so flexible that you can reverse the effects that your glasses had on your vision. In truth some folk can completely cure their vision problems in the first month of proper eye coaching. The exercises can even work on eyesight problems that have been caused by aging. Here is a few vital bits of information for you in your quest to naturally improve vision. Teaching your eyes to chill. As easy as it may sound, simply teaching your eyes to chill can have a significant impact on your vision. Refractive error is a condition in which the person can suffer from the variation of the focusing power of the eye and many people suffer from weak eyesight due to minor refractive errors. It is a problem in which the person may not need glasses to see clearly. It can be caused due to weak eye muscles. Short sightedness or myopia is a condition in which the person can see items placed close to the eyes but object at a distance is not visible clearly. Similar is the problem – long-sightedness in which people cannot focus on objects close to the eyes but they are able to see objects placed at a good distance clearly. Both the conditions are caused because of the minor variation in focusing which blurs the image. Astigmatism is a condition which can be caused in any short-sighted or long-sighted person, and it is caused when the focal power varies causing blurred vision.Some people say that poor vision is inevitable and a normal part of the aging process. Scientists have discovered the amazing healing ability of the human body. The skeletal system is replaced every 4 years. The cells of the human body are constantly in a state of renewal and repair. In the case of the eyes, eye exercises strengthen weakened eye muscles. This allows the eyes to focus on both near and distant objects clearly. Give your eyes the correct nutritional support that they need. The result is protection from eye diseases and disorders. For example, simply having one egg a day supplies the eyes with essential amino acids. An important nutrient which has been shown to prevent cataracts. Carrots are an excellent source that benefit eye sight. Dr bates exercise method and the pinhole glasses exercise method. In fact you may find this hard to believe but thousands upon thousands of people have actually been able to throw away their glasses after following these methods. Research has shown that a major cause of eye problems is muscle strain, these exercises work by gently relaxing the muscles and eliminating eye strain. This in time enables the eyes to heal and vision correction to take place naturally. Use together for quicker healing. You can choose to either use one of these methods on their own, or alternatively you can use them in conjunction with one another. They are methods which complement each other and used together, they enable the eyes to heal quicker. What’s more if you want to keep track of the progress you are making with these methods, you can do so your self in the comfort of your own home. One popular method of charting the progress in your vision improvement is to use the Snellen eye chart. This eye chart can be easily downloaded from a number of sites on the internet or you can even make your own. For more information go to

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Things to Eat to Improve your Eyesight

August 10, 2011

Things to Eat to Improve your Eyesight

Article by Osita Modozie

Looking for the things to eat to improve your eyesight naturally. The things to eat to improve your eyesight naturally are revealed below. You need to read it to learn more.

1. You need to integrate green veggies to the foods you consume. Veggies like cole, greeny collard, and spinach can help to improve eyesight. They are believed to contain good amount of carotenoids, mainly zeaxathin and xanthophyl. They aid to hinder the impairment of the eyes and the formation of cataracts.

2. You should try to consume up to two portions of fresh fish per week. It should consist of tunny, codfish, haddock and pilchards. Salubrious omega 3 oils are seen in cold water fish. This type of oil aid to keep brighter vision and fix macular degeneration.

3. You should utilize aguacates to include extra carotene into the foods you consume. Aguacate such as the green leafy ones has a good quantity of xanthophyl which aids to get rid of eye diseases. They are extraordinary type of fruits in the sense that it aids to improve the good parts of other foods. They will aid to draw out carotenoids present in other foods; this implies that they are really good when you take it with green veggies.

4. You should attempt to consume an egg every day, mainly the yolky part of the egg. It is known to increase the stages of zeaxanthin and lutein in your body by as high as 25 to 30 percent. You should purchase the types of eggs gotten from pasture-reared fowls. This is because they are more likely to be healthy as a result of their diets which has great amount of nutrients.

5. Enjoy to some extent little quantity of dark chocolate which has bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are essential for shielding the blood vessels of the eyes. You can find this type of nutritnets in red wine.

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