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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

March 14, 2012

Thomas asks…

does eye exercises and eye yoga really improve your eyesight?

im really tempted to start these daily exercises to improve my short sited/bad eyes but i need to know weather these techniques are legit and really work? also is it a to good to be true thing?

admin answers:

It’s been good for the scam artists for many years who have been selling books about it.

The exercises they list are all nonsense and make no scientific or medical sense, and if you know how the eyes function , then they don’t even make any common sense.

No legitimate eye Dr’s can be found that have actually seen results. There should be lots by now, that nonsense has been around for 85 years.

The only people who claim to have done them with success can never supply a legitimate Dr’s name who can verify the changes that have happened.
It’s also strange that anyone who claims they work always have a link to a book for sale about it.

It can’t hurt to try them, but don’t expect to ever be rid of glasses because of them, it just won’t happen.

Just like carrots won’t help either…just another myth.

Sharon asks…

Can someone tell me the eye exercises in the rebuild your vision program?

I would like to know the exercises from the rebuild your vision program. I don’t want to purchase the product but would like to first try all of the exercises. Can someone tell me them or know any websites that shows the exercises from this program? Or if there is anyway to download it please give me the link. Thanks in advnce

admin answers:

Eye exercises are a waste of time and don’t address the real issues of blurry vision.

Most people can return to natural perfect eyesight. Look for Natural Eyesight Improvement, the Bates Method, and principles of natural perfect eyesight. Avoid people or sources who do not teach or at least plan to teach Natural Eyesight Improvement face to face. Avoid anything that talks about eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga), corrective hard lenses(ortho-keratology), or vision therapy.

Richard asks…

What are some good eye strain exercises?

I’m suffering from eye strain and I need some exercises to help relieve the pain!

admin answers:

Close your eyes tightly for 2-3 seconds & then open them for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this for about 2 minutes and it should help heaps. This site - has a lot more exercises.

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Eye Yoga Exercises – A Great Way To Improve Vision

September 7, 2011

Eye Yoga Exercises – A Great Way To Improve Vision

Article by Jasmine McDaniels

From time immemorial yoga has been considered as an effective way to exercise the mind and provide a fulfilling spiritual experience. It enhances the body’s general physical health. Well, you do not have to believe in everything there is to say about yoga, especially the whole thing about spirituality. Nevertheless, it is a matter of fact eye yoga exercises are an excellent means of exercising your eyes, relieve strain, and improve your eyesight.

The eye is one of the most delicate parts of the human body and if you do not use it properly you lose it. Tension in the eyes is one of the reasons you might experience poor eyesight or blurred vision. Lack of exercises, exposure to polluted air or hazardous radiation (e.g. from a Cathode Ray Tube Monitor) may hinder proper functioning of the eyes. The eyes are affected such that ciliary and suspensory ligaments weaken leading to a condition referred to as muscle atrophy. The eyes lose elasticity and become rigid. Eye yoga exercises can be utilized to attain optimum use of the eye’s muscles and all their functionalities

A unique aspect of eye yoga exercises is motionlessness of the body. You need to be laid flat and still, head static, eyes open, spine erect and hands resting on your knees or just the lower region of your body. In eye yoga exercises, the only part of the body allowed to move is the part being exercised – the eye. This allows your brain to focus its resources on the eyes and this enhances effectiveness of the eye yoga exercises.

In the motionless state of the body, allow your open eyes to wander about in different directions but in a consistent pattern. Control your breathing while avoiding tension at the same time. Focus on the movement of the eyes. Look upwards then downwards. Identify an object or a point upwards you can see with your raised eyes without overstretching. Do this four to eight times making sure each time you raise your eyes you are able to clearly spot the object or point.

Now look downwards, again without moving any other part of your body (not even the head). While looking down identify a spot you can see clearly without causing your eye muscles to strain. Do this four times and look at the point you identified every time you lower your eyes. All this time keep your breathing under control. During eye yoga exercises, also remember to blink a little to allow your eye muscles to relax and refocus.

In order to fully work out the entire muscle structure of the eye one must also incorporate the look right, left, and diagonal eye yoga exercises. Focus your eyes to a chosen angle and keep on alternating from left to right in order to contract and extend the eye muscles. Then do the same for the diagonal axes. Repeat the eye yoga exercises four times and incorporate frequent blinking. Finally close your eyes to help relax the eye muscles.

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