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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

February 26, 2013

Robert asks…

How to improve eyesight naturally?

i have bad vision but unless i am not watching something far i dont wear glasses, is that healthy and what can i do so my eyes can get better without having laser eye surgery or anything? and is it bad to rub your eyes?

admin answers:

Yes, you can improve eyesight naturally, take a look at the link below.

Rubbing your eyes is not necessarily bad, but should definitely be avoided if done as a result of irritation or something in your eye.

Lisa asks…

Is it possible to correct eyesight naturally?

If so, how?

admin answers:

You have 2 approaches. (Both have evidence that they helped some people restore their eyesight)

Everything mentioned below is essentially free. The books do have a pricetag but you can still read a review of it online to judge for yourself whether its a suitable purchase. If after starting the exercises you change your mind and want to wear glasses again that will always be possible.


This is based on eye exercises, relaxation and learning what are bad vision habits. They usually suggest not wearing any glasses during the day. This might be a problem if you have a strong prescription:

Some books:

‘Natural Vision Improvement’ by Janet Goodrich
‘Relearning To See’ by Thomas R. Quackenbush
‘Improve Your Eyesight’ by Jonathan Barnes
‘Better Eyesight Without Glasses’ by W.H. Bates
‘Help Yourself to Better Sight’ by Margaret D. Corbett
‘The Art of Seeing’ by Aldous Huxley

Some sites:


You stop wearing your regular distance glasses and instead go around all day with your natural eyesight. But for 1 or 2 hours a day you wear reading glasses. Wearing them does initially create more blur but if you are wearing +1.00 strength reading glasses your eyes should be able to adjust within 10-20 minutes and there should be no more blur caused by them.

There is a book which explains this method:
‘The secret of Perfect Vision’ by David de Angelis

The author claims to have restored his vision from having a prescription of something like -4.00 ten years ago. His method has backing from the majority of scientific research on eyesight.

Other tips i have for you are to spend more time outdoors if possible, not to live in an area of the world with a high level of myopia. (Yes i know its not a nice to say but if youre serious about eyesight then you know what your priorities are). Also avoid allowing your mind to go crazy or run like a crazy horse.
Seeing is like feeling with your hand. You need patience and some time to feel something with your hand. Seeing with your eyes is a similar process.

With regards to the people (who by coincidence are people who sell glasses) telling you eye exercise is a bad thing…please consider the following example

If you wanted to know what cola is best (pepsi or cocacola) would you expect a person working for pepsi to give the answer… Cocacola???

Its all about brand loyalty

Donald asks…

is there anyway to bring down my eye-prescription naturally?

I an 19 years old and my eye prescription keeps going up every year. It is currently at 7.5 and I don’t know what to do, my family has a history of bad eyes. My family members have both astigmatism and glaucoma. What should I do besides eye surgery since the doctor said I am not old enough for it yet.
Did your eye prescription change after the surgery, and how are your eyes doing now?

admin answers:

Yes, it’s possible to improve eyesight naturally because my prescrption was almost -4 and so far I’ve reduced to less than -2 and I’m not stopping there. I’m using a method I found in a book which includes both exercises and a correct use of glasses (i.e. Undercorrections ). I’m doing it by myself and I didn’t spend anything other than the money to buy the book, because I already had undercorrections which were my old and weaker glasses . These natural methods require time and patience and I’m sure most people wouldn’t endure them for more than a month. Nowadays people want everything immediately and with no effort. Unfortunately these methods are not considered by eye-doctors except behavioural optometrists. Most doctors will always tell you that if these things worked, nobody would wear glasses. Nice reasoning… As I said these things take too much time (months when a prescription is moderate and much longer for higher prescriptions). However I decided that it was worth it and I do not regret all the time I’m spending doing that. Unfortunately I can’t really help you, because if I told you what book I used I would immediately lose my credibility. Sadly Yahoo Answers is sometimes improperly used to advertise products and that’s absolutely not my intention because I’m just the buyer of that book and I’m in no way associated with the author or the publisher. Moreover in this section there are always many angry users (opticians,optometrists and ophtalmologists) who speak of these methods with contempt (“these mehotds never work ! They are a scam !”, “They want just to steal your money !”).
These people are partly right because if you search the web you’ll find many natural methods which promise miracle. That’s exactly the point: whenever they tell you about a method that can greatly improve your eyesight in a short time and with a little effort, then it’s definitely a scam. Nothing can greatly improve your eyesight in a month and without at least some effort. Avoid expensive methods because there’s no reason to spend a lot of money. I spent just $12 and I found not only the description of the exercises but also many scientific explanations regarding nearsightedness and its causes, how the eye works, and so on.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

May 4, 2012

Charles asks…

Is there really a way to improve vision?

My vision is just getting worse and worse.
I heard about carrots being a myth…I’m not quite sure about eye exercises…and surgery is just not gonna happen….

admin answers:

Carrots aren’t a myth, they don’t improve vision but they aid in your eyes ability to see in the dark.

How old are you, what eye conditions do you have, are you wearing glasses or contacts?

Glasses are best, Contacts do little to help and may actually worsen your vision, surgery is best when your vision has stabalized usually around the age of 25.

Donna asks…

Help with my vision?

I just wanted to know if eye exercises work to improve vision and how long it will take to improve. Also have you ever heard of long hair ruining anybodys sight??I want to become a marine sniper so I need 20 20 vision. Wil laser eye surgery work and what is the cost??

admin answers:

I had Laser eye surgery done after wearing glasses for 16 years. It has been perfect for me. I have had no changes. Of course, as I age, I expect changes. I also co-manage refractive surgery and have seen hundreds of successful patients. It doesn’t hurt, generally. There is a bit of pressure, but no real pain if you have Laser eye surgery. The PRK version (where no flap is cut) is a little more uncomfortable for the first few days following the procedure. I’ve seen several people who said they were in some pain, but healed just fine. I used to wear both glasses and contact lenses. I had Laser eye surgery done and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I can see clearly, no squinting, no driving with glasses anymore. I can read road signs, see the individual leaves in the trees (they’re not just a blurry mess anymore). It’s also nice to be able to see what time it is when I wake up. The procedure is painless (although a bit uncomfortable) but takes less than 15 minutes. Highly recommended.

If you need help finding a reputed surgeon in India u can check out the ink below:

You can schedule a free appointment there and they’ll answer all your questions and see if you qualify as a good candidate or not

Nancy asks…

Can I improve my vision without surgery?

Basically, I am interested in absolutely everything (not just food and exercises) that I use to improve my vision without going to surgery. I need specific tips and advice. So if you find some eye foods, please not only say what ingredients help the vision but also recommend Best products available for purchase worldwide. Thanks.

admin answers:

Most people believe that once they are diagnosed with some vision problem and start wearing eye glasses or contact lenses to correct them, they will have to do so for life in order to see better. Those who want a permanent solution to improve eyesight typically resort to Lasik or other corrective eye surgeries. But what if we told you that you can improve your vision without surgery and can see perfectly well without using eyeglasses or contact lenses? No, we are not kidding you. Do read on to know how to improve eyesight without surgery.

Need For Eyesight Improve Naturally

Yes, LASIK eye surgery can be used to improve vision, but that too comes with its own downsides.

During laser eye surgery, small bits of corneal tissue are removed with the help of the laser, thus reshaping your cornea and improve vision.This is a very intricate procedure and requires expert precision. Thus, if the surgery is not performed by an expert surgeon (and many time seven if it is), the reshaping of the cornea may not be done correctly and the results may be less than optimum.

This may require you to undergo LASIK again after few years or even few months. Lasik also has quite a few side effects such as dry eyes,induced astigmatism, haze, and also the occurrence of halos or start bursts at night, which can be quite bothersome. Thus, natural vision correction methods, which are a far healthier option, should be considered.

About Natural Vision Improvement

Natural vision improvement is not a concept that is familiar to many. In fact,chances are you may never have heard of improving your eyesight naturally before today. But, it is indeed possible to improve eyesight naturally.

The main premise behind all natural methods of improving eyesight is that you can see only as well as you use your eyes. Thus, if you do not use your eyes properly, you will not be able to see properly and vice versa. Dr. William Bates first discovered this concept in the early part of the 20th century. He went on to devise some simple eye relaxation techniques that could be used to improve eyesight naturally. These techniques are known as the Bates Method for eyesight improve naturally.

The Bates Method For Natural Eyesight Improvement

Dr.Bates discovered that most eye problems were not due to any physical eye damage but mainly due to increased strain on the eye muscles. Seeing by fixing your eyes in one place instead of letting your eyes move from side to side, squinting to see, or straining your eyes for a clearer look are all poor vision habits that add immense strain to your eyes and consequently result in deterioration of your eyesight.

By relaxing the strain on your eyes, it is possible to restore perfect vision. The techniques that make up the Bates Method teach you just that ¨C how to relax your eyes. Thus, by practicing one or more of these techniques regularly, you can improve eyesight naturally to a considerable degree.

Here ¡s a look at the eye relaxation techniques that are included in the Bates Method and which help to enhance your vision:

Palming:Cup your eyes with your palms so as to block out the light. Do not press on your eyes. Keep your eyes covered for about 10 minutes and try to imagine complete darkness and relax your eyes.
Swinging:This involves swaying your body gently from side to side while standing up and focusing on a distant object. You have to let your eyes blink throughout the process. This helps to reduce the rigidity of your eyes and relaxes them too. About a 100 swings a day are adequate.
Sunning:Raise your head to the sun with your eyes shut. Move your head in either direction so as to ¡®sun¡¯ your eyes completely. Breathe deeply and slowly. After sunning your eyes, relax them further by palming for a couple of minutes. Sunning should only be done in the morning or evening and not in the afternoon when the sun is at its harshest. This technique will help to reduce your sensitivity to light and also enhance the sharpness of your eyes.

By practicing the above techniques as laid out in the Bates Method, you can improve eyesight naturally.

Other options that will help you in eyesight improve naturally are:

Vision improvement therapy with eye exercises.
Using eye exercise devices such as EyeRelax that help to improve your vision and treat eye problems such as myopia, presbyopia, amblyopia etc.

Thus, eye surgery is not the only solution to your vision problems. Natural methods of improving vision can be used to not only improve eyesight but also to keep your eyes from developing vision defects.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

April 21, 2012

Maria asks…

my eye vision is -4.75!! how can i restore to 2-1 or even 0?

Hi there,
My eyesight is going bad and worst since i was 8. I wear glasses and now im 15 and my eye vision is from -2 to -4.75!! Is there any eye exercise for me? i know there is something about finger or pencil thingy or palm on your eyes. Is there anyway to “clog” this endless process or to see better?
o btw i got more eye strains in the years because of sitting too much on computer.

Any tips??

admin answers:

There is no evidence taht eye exercises , eating the right food etc. Makes any difference to your eyesight. These methods mainly ask for yoru money. If there was any way of improving yoru eyesight noone would wear glasses.

Eye strain is a problem with working on computers but tehy do not damage your eyes. If they did then all computer professionals would have degenerating eyesight and this is not the case.

Your eyesight gets worse as you grow as its about the shape of your eyeball. Typically it stablizies in your early 20′s.. -4.75 is actually better than my eyesight was at 15, and whilst I know its really upsetting when your eyesight keeps getting worse it will be fully correctable with glasses/contacts. You may also have the option of lazer surgery when you are older and new things do come out all the time.
Having bad vision hasn’t stopped me doing anythign but becoming an astronaut – I do many sports, trek, camp, swim , sail etc. All courtesy of contacts I can’t find the door of the bedroom without glasses.

Charles asks…

How to get better vision?

Okay, so, I’ve heard about things like the “Bates trick”
and stuff.
On how you exercise your eyes and blah.
That doesn’t help me.
I tried going to the eye doctors and they said it’ll improve or something.
Or maybe I’ll have to get eye surgery.
My eyesight is a 5.00
for both eyes and I’m 13.
I’m blind.

admin answers:

Typically your eyesight won’t get alot better on it”s own. Now im not an expert so you might want to keep researching but one of my friends got eye surgery and she swears by it. She says she sees really good and doesn’t need her glasses or contacts at all.

Carol asks…

Why did this answer get such a low rating?

I recently have been using an eye exercise routine to get better vision and its working really well for me so when i saw a question about eye exercises i spent ages typing it up, i then saw several questions like it so i copied and pasted the same answer about 4 times each time putting that i had used the same answer before. On all of the questions i answered i then got 5 or 6 thumbs down!? it didn’t have anything rude or offensive in it or any links to websites wanting money, i made it myself using stuff from other websites so it wasn’t a copyright infringement and it actually works!! why did it get so many thumbs down????? :

admin answers:

I have found that thumbs down are usually meaningless. Other people who answer use them to make their answer look better. What really matters is the number of votes you get.

You may also want to shorten your answer and do not start by referring to a video course. Someone doing a quick scan can think it is spam.

Look at your first paragraph:
“I wear glasses and a few weeks ago i read an article about eye exercises. I looked at a ‘free video course’ and tons of eye workouts which all turned out to want a ‘token’ sum off $100000000000!
After looking at a lot of stuff i came up with with an eye exercise routine which i’ve being doing for a week now and my eyesight has got better, i only have to wear my glasses sometimes now! :)

If I read no further I would think you are selling something.

ʎəɿʞɹɐq  ̊ ͜͡● ̊

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 4, 2012

Thomas asks…

is lasik treatment better or shud i start doing eye exercises to reduce eyesight?

my eyesight is -2 and -4 thought of going for lasik but recently heard of eye exercises so wanted to know which is better

admin answers:

Lasik eye surgery is the big and new thing to do, but no one knows the long term 15-20 year effect as of yet. I am gonna wait till they have done more studies.

Linda asks…

Can I overcome reading glasses through eye exercises?

What exercises would those be?

admin answers:

Very few people (including eye doctors) know enough about this to answer the question intelligently. For examply, Pennybar, is confused. It is true that there is no evidence that eye exercises will help acuity. But that’s not what you asked. You asked whether eye exercises can improve your ability to be less dependent upon reading glasses. This question is related to vision FUNCTION not VISUAL ACUITY. There is MUCH evidence to support the idea that it is possible for people to train their visual systems to FUNCTION better (improve their ability to adjust the focus of the eyes) It is much like the idea of a weight lifter who is very strong. There is nothing wrong with him physically. But he can’t turn a flip like a gymnast. This is like saying my eyes see clearly. There is nothing wrong with them. But then why do I have trouble focusing my eyes well when I read?

Now let’s return to the analogy of the weight lift. Now ask the weight lifter to stand flat footed and jump up and turn a flip. He may look at you and say, “Sorry, I can’t do what you’ve just asked me to do. I don’t know how. No one has ever trained me to use my muscles in that manner.” Same thing some times happens with the eyes. There may not be anything wrong with the eyes but the individual doesn’t have the skills necessary to focus them correctly. But just like a weight lifter can be trained to turn a flip, an individual can be trained to focus the eyes effeciently. That’s what eye exercises do. They teach a person strugggling with their ability to focus how to focus correctly. This can in turn decrease their dependence on reading glasses.

As to what exercises to do? You need to go see an optometrist who is trained in vision development. Google College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

Nancy asks…

What are some good eye exercises to effectively improve eyesight? Should I do these exercises w/ glasses on?

I have near sighted
am i suppose to blink/squint while doing them?

admin answers:

None they dont work

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

February 19, 2012

George asks…

Lasik eye surgery questions, ….?

so i have 20/80 vision and want to get lasik in july or august. im turning eighteen the second week of july. so probably august. i want to go to maloney vision in los angeles. is this a good place to go? whats an estimate of how much it will cost? like 3,000? can i get it right after i turn 18, or will they want me to be older?, because i have had the same prescription for years, and i have taken really good care of my eyes. i even improved my vision a little with eye exercises and i take vitamin a every day.


admin answers:

Well first you should go to your eye doctor and talk to him if your a candidate for lasik. He will most likely want to do a pentacam that will measure your corneas thickness. If your corneas aren’t to thin then most likely he’ll say go for it. Lasik price ranges depending on the place, the ophthalmologist i know charges around 2500 per eye. Yes you can get it right when you turn 18. Hope everything works out for you.

Helen asks…

Can the treatment of a squint eventually cause problems with the other eye?

As a child, I had a squint in my left eye which was corrected by glasses, an operation at the age of 4 and several years of eye exercises. After this treatment, my parents were told that my sight was perfect and glasses were no longer needed. When I was about 20, I noticed that my sight was very poor in my right eye (in the eye test, I couldn’t read any part of the chart with this eye). I put off going for an eye test for about ten years because my left eye seemed normal and I reckoned that my sight was fine with just one good eye. I didn’t want to pay for glasses which I had no intention of wearing (how wrong I was – the improved vision with glasses was something of a revelation). After I started wearing glasses, my left eye deteriorated quite rapidly although it is still much stronger than my right. I have often wondered whether the squint treatment strengthened my left eye at the expense of the right. Despite my initial reluctance, I like wearing glasses now.

admin answers:

Eyes can change power over time meaning that glasses may be needed or a change in power of glasses is needed.

Treatment for squint would not affect changes in power at all.

Robert asks…

Other than carrots, what other edible thing is good for our eyes?

Other than carrots, what other edible thing is good for our eyes?
Please tell me what to eat and some exercises or any natural liquid application that would sthrengthen my vision/eye sight?

admin answers:

I have to tell you that the carrot story was created during World War II to cover up for the fact that we Brits had developed Radar to detect incoming enemy airplanes.

Ask your nutritionist and optician for advice.

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