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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 18, 2012

Lisa asks…

Convergence insufficiency (CI). PLEASE, help me!?

As of November 2010 I started having some symptoms like eye strain, pain on my eyes and serious difficulties whenever I tried to read. At the moment, I saw a doctor in order to see what was happening to me. The doctor prescribed me new glasses but it didn’t solve my problem, I returned there twice more and took new glasses and eye drops but it was useless. I still had serious problems to read.
Three moths later I went to another city and saw another doctor. This doctor also precribed me new glasses and told me that the muscles of my eyes were weak. He asked to make pencil pushups and said it would solve my problem. I got new glasses for the third time and started doing the exercices. A month later I returned to my doctor’s office to tell him I wasn’t felling better. At the moment he asked me to make an orthoptic test with another doctor who worked in the same hospital. I did it at the same day but nothing was found. The doctor told me I had tendency to develop strabismus but it wasn’t important and he also told me my problem might disappear in a few months.
After that, I visited another doctor who suggested me to use contact lenses, it was horrible and useless. I also saw general practitioner who discovered that my blood pression was a little high, probably because I get too stressed with my vision problem.
About six months ago I finally found a doctor who diagnosed my problem, convergence insufficiency. Nevertheless, the treatment prescribed by this doctor isn’t working. He asked me to do do some exercises in a doctor’s office and at home too, I did it but it didn’t help me.
I have searched about this disease and it’s treatment. I discovered that some doctors use prism reading glasses, training spactacle lenses ( I don’t know what it is.) and even surgery to treat this disorder. But my doctors say that these methods are not good. In their opinion, orthoptic exercises is the solution for me.
At present I’m doing more exercises in another clinic, actually I’ve done only one session there yet. I’m not sure it will work and sometimes I get desperate when I read about people who are trying to get rid of this problem for 5 years or even more.
It’s even harder for me because I’m a student and the only thing I do is to read. I love reading but my vision problem is stopping me from doing that. If you have already had this problem or if you know someone in anywhere who can help me, please tell me!

Thank you for reading it.

My name is Paulo Ricardo and I’m from Brazil.

admin answers:

My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question not even 5 days ago, but I couldn’t find the answer. If it’s possible, try getting help from someone with more knowledge/experience/expertise, like a professional if it’s possible. This can be pretty important.

I saw a forum with this online, but I didn’t have time to read it all. Try checking it out. I want to help out more, but I’m not 100% sure about the answer. Sorry I’m not much help. I hope you found your answer! Good luck!

Linda asks…

could anyone correct this writing for me?

I’m quite tall and had lasic surgery.

So I have very good eyes.

I’m a little thin(or I’m not overweight)

I have middle hair.

I currently work for a Sam Techwin.

I’m a secretary of the CEO.

I really enjoy what I do.(working here)

I’m not married(or I’m still single) and have one sister.

I live with my sister. My parents live in Jecheon.

I am a little introversive person who has a positive attitude.

People around me say, I’m quite calm.

I think I’m a little indecisive. so I wanna be good at decision making.

Let me tell you about my boss. His name is Kim.

He is the CEO of my company. I assist him for five years.

He moved to Sam Techwin from Sam Electronics.

He is very smart and has strong leadership.

He is a very caring person.

Many people respect him and want to be like him.

He is 170cm and average build.

He has a round face and wear glasses.

He exercises everymorning and has a healthy body.

He is very good in his self- discipline and has positive thinking always.

I work for Sam Techwin. Our headquarters is in Pankyo.

All employees are about 5,000.

Our businesses are robot, security, energy, defense and so on.

Our company’s vision is The Global Leader of Safety & Energy Solutions

Our primary industry is Safety & Energy area.

admin answers:

I’m quite tall and I have had LASIK surgery, so my eyes are great.
I’m a little thin.
I have middle hair. (I don’t know what middle hair means)
I currently work for Sam Techwin.
I am secretary to the CEO. (if you are giving your job title this sentence is fine. It’s formal.)
I really enjoy what I do. (nice, natural sentence. “working here” is good too)
I am not married and have one sister. (still single is ok, but “not married” is a fact, and is simple. If you use “still single” it sounds like you have some feelings about being single)
I live with my sister, and my parents live in Jecheon.
I am a little introverted. However, I have a positive attitude.
People around me say, I am quite calm.
I think I am a little indecisive. So I would like to improve my decision making.

Let me tell you about my boss. His name is Kim.
He is the CEO of our company. I have assisted him for five years.
He came to Sam Techwin from Sam Electronics.
He is very smart and he is a good leader.
He is also a very caring person.
Many people respect him and want to be like him.
He is 170cm tall and has an average build.
His face is round and he wears glasses.
He exercises daily and likes to stay healthy.
He has self- discipline and he is a positive thinker.

I work for Sam Techwin. Our headquarters is in Pankyo.
There are about 5,000 employees.

Our businesses are robot, security, energy, defense and so on. (This sentence is unclear and I don’t know how to relate your business to robots, security, energy, defense and etc)

Our company’s vision is to be the Global Leader for Safety & Energy Solutions. (Safety and Energy Solutions is not clear. I think most native English speakers will be uncertain, and have many questions. Safety solutions for what? Making clean energy? Or providing safety solutions for employees working within the Energy producing sector. It’s unclear to me. )

Our primary industry is in the area of Energy & Safety solutions. (Same, unclear to me)

George asks…

Help understand!?

Please explain wat this means(today!)

When the room light is low, your eye adjusts in several ways. First, the rod and cone cells on the retina begin to produce more light-sensitive chemicals. These light-sensitive chemicals are the first step in detecting the light, converting it to an electrical signal and transmitting that electrical signal to the brain. Second, the iris muscles relax, which causes the opening of your eye, the pupil, to become very large. This allows your eye to collect as much light as possible. Finally, the nerve cells in the retina adapt so that they can work in low light. These three changes take about 20 minutes to 2 hours, but they increase your sensitivity to low light by about 10,000 times.
When you read, your eye must be able to focus an image of the words onto your retina. To do this, the iris, as well as the muscles that control the shape of your lens, must contract to keep the focused image on the retina. If you read in low light, your visual muscles get mixed signals: Relax to collect the most light, but at the same time, contract to maintain the focused image. When that object is poorly lit, focusing becomes even more difficult because the contrast between the words and the page is not as great, which decreases the eye‘s ability to distinguish visual detail. That ability is called visual acuity. Your eyes have to work harder to separate the words from the page, which strains your eye muscles. Consider this to be strenuous exercise for your eye muscles. So your eye muscles will ache, much as your arm muscles and leg muscles become sore after strenuous exercise.

When your eyes are working this hard for a long period of time, the strain may cause a number of physical effects. Symptoms of eye strain include sore eyeballs, headaches, back and neck aches, drooping eyelids and blurred vision. Because you often don’t blink enough when focusing on a single object, you may also experience uncomfortable dryness in your eyes. None of this damages your eyes, and all of it eventually goes away after you stop straining them. Many eye doctors leave it at that, but some note that eye strain may contribute to nearsightedness. Most people who are nearsighted were born that way, but there is evidence that prolonged eye strain can make it worse.

If you are comfortable reading with a flashlight (or other low light) and don’t experience any of the above symptoms of eye strain, it’s probably fine for you to read this way. It’s certainly easier on your eyes to read in good light, however. You can also avoid eye strain when you’re reading by blinking frequently and taking a moment to focus on something out the window or across the room every 15 to 30 minutes.
thanks soomuch

admin answers:

Ok basically what it’s saying is that there are muscles in your eyeball right around your pupil that control whether it is big or small. These are also the same muscles that make an image (whatever you are looking) stay in focus while you are looking at it.

When you read in low light, the pupil muscles want to relax to open up the pupil more and let more light in so you can see better, but at the muscles also want to tighten and contract (making the pupil smaller) so you can focus better. This causes strain on your eyes because they are trying to relax and contract at the same time — conflicting desires basically.

It is also saying that by causing this strain on your eyes, you may be causing eventual slight damage, but probably not. If you are comfortable reading with just a flashlight (aka in low light), then your eye is fine and your muscles are working together well .if this is a problem, then don’t do it. The advice about taking breaks or looking away while reading is just good advice in general, especially if you are looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time.

Google search for stuff about eyes and eye muscles and whatnot. It should help add detail if you want it.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 8, 2012

Linda asks…

Did I just see my friend’s aura?

I have been trying to learn how to see auras for the last couple of days. I have been doing eye exercises to train my eyes and this morning I was practicing with a friend of mine. I put her in front of a white wall and concentrated of her brow chakra and after a minute or two I could see a shiny outline around her head. It was in my peripheral vision and when I tried to shift my focus to look at it, it went away. I could get a good enough look to say what color it was but I THINK it was kinda bluish purple with green and yellow around it. It kinda looked like a puddle of water in a parking lot that has gasoline in it or whatever causes that iridescent sheen. If you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I’m excited! Did I see her aura? And if that’s what it was, what do those colors mean?

admin answers:

You did see her aura! Congratulations. Blue means relaxed, or at ease. Green is at peace with nature, and purple is spiritual. However it depends on the shade of the color. Yellow is happiness.

George asks…

Very sudden decline in vision? Should I be worried? (im only 14)?

In about a year and a half, my vision has gone from -2.75 in both eyes to -4 in one eye and -4.25 in the other. My opthamologist said this was very strange because i have not had any growth spurts or anything like that. He has requested i get a blood work up and be sure to have my bloodsugar checked. I am not sure if this is relevant but i have also been having stomach aches lately. I was sick on sunday and monday with what I thought was the stomach flu but I have not been able to eat anything sense then without getting an upset stomach. Last night, my stomach randomly started hurting so bad i was ready to cry. A little back-round info about me (im not sure if it will be helpful): I am just under 5ft 9 and i weigh about 105lb. I have always been tall and slim. I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade and then started wearing contacts last fall. I have gotten a few migraines before but not recently. I don’t eat the most healthy diet (i eat a lot of sugar and crap) but i get quite a bit of exercise (i ride horses and i am starting rugby). I drink A LOT of water and i normally have a pretty good appetite (i just have super high metabolism). Also, i have mitral valve prolapse but it has not caused any problems for me. My cardiologist considered the idea that i might have Marfan syndrome but that was ruled out two years ago. Any ideas about why my vision declined so quickly? Anything I should be worried about?…I will add to this if anyone has other questions. Thanks!

admin answers:

If your ophthalmologist recommends lab testing for diabetes and such, there may be other reasons beyond what you’ve stated here why he thinks you need a work up. I can’t think of why your stomach aches could be related to your increase in nearsightedness, but it does sound like you need to get it checked by a doctor. Drinking lots of water is one of several symptoms that may indicate diabetes.

That said, based on your prescription alone, and the change that you report has occurred over a year and a half, there is a very real possibility (probability) that it is completely normal. Folks who are nearsighted tend to get more nearsighted through the teenage years and usually stabilize in the late teens/early twenties. Some years there may be small changes, but some years there may be big changes. Overall, 1 to 1.5 diopters of change is not unusual for someone your age with your prescription. I see this all the time in my practice and try to prepare young patients and their parents that the magnitude of their nearsightedness will increase as they grow.

Betty asks…

Upper foreskin of the eye enlargement? Accompanied by risen temperature and occasional headaches.?

My right eye‘s upper foreskin is bigger than that of my left eye‘s.
I’ve recently been having my vision turn blurry for a few seconds before it adjusts, near-sight and far-sight. My eyes feel uncomfortable, generally. My head hurts slightly once in a while and I think I might be lagging (short pause, like ‘FPS’).
Short information: I’m a male of 17. Don’t exercise (much), don’t smoke. Rarely drink.

Well, I guess this is as much as I can say for now. Thanks, Yahoo members. Good day. *Goes to watch Sliders*

admin answers:

You may simply have a swollen eyelid. I sleep on my right side and when I awake in the morning I have slight swelling in my right eyelid. It goes away as the day wears on.

You could be rubbing your eye which can cause swelling, or allergies can do it. If you are a computer geek, or play lots of computer games, you could be suffering from eye strain which will cause the blurred vision.

Just some info for you to think about.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

April 21, 2012

Maria asks…

my eye vision is -4.75!! how can i restore to 2-1 or even 0?

Hi there,
My eyesight is going bad and worst since i was 8. I wear glasses and now im 15 and my eye vision is from -2 to -4.75!! Is there any eye exercise for me? i know there is something about finger or pencil thingy or palm on your eyes. Is there anyway to “clog” this endless process or to see better?
o btw i got more eye strains in the years because of sitting too much on computer.

Any tips??

admin answers:

There is no evidence taht eye exercises , eating the right food etc. Makes any difference to your eyesight. These methods mainly ask for yoru money. If there was any way of improving yoru eyesight noone would wear glasses.

Eye strain is a problem with working on computers but tehy do not damage your eyes. If they did then all computer professionals would have degenerating eyesight and this is not the case.

Your eyesight gets worse as you grow as its about the shape of your eyeball. Typically it stablizies in your early 20′s.. -4.75 is actually better than my eyesight was at 15, and whilst I know its really upsetting when your eyesight keeps getting worse it will be fully correctable with glasses/contacts. You may also have the option of lazer surgery when you are older and new things do come out all the time.
Having bad vision hasn’t stopped me doing anythign but becoming an astronaut – I do many sports, trek, camp, swim , sail etc. All courtesy of contacts I can’t find the door of the bedroom without glasses.

Charles asks…

How to get better vision?

Okay, so, I’ve heard about things like the “Bates trick”
and stuff.
On how you exercise your eyes and blah.
That doesn’t help me.
I tried going to the eye doctors and they said it’ll improve or something.
Or maybe I’ll have to get eye surgery.
My eyesight is a 5.00
for both eyes and I’m 13.
I’m blind.

admin answers:

Typically your eyesight won’t get alot better on it”s own. Now im not an expert so you might want to keep researching but one of my friends got eye surgery and she swears by it. She says she sees really good and doesn’t need her glasses or contacts at all.

Carol asks…

Why did this answer get such a low rating?

I recently have been using an eye exercise routine to get better vision and its working really well for me so when i saw a question about eye exercises i spent ages typing it up, i then saw several questions like it so i copied and pasted the same answer about 4 times each time putting that i had used the same answer before. On all of the questions i answered i then got 5 or 6 thumbs down!? it didn’t have anything rude or offensive in it or any links to websites wanting money, i made it myself using stuff from other websites so it wasn’t a copyright infringement and it actually works!! why did it get so many thumbs down????? :

admin answers:

I have found that thumbs down are usually meaningless. Other people who answer use them to make their answer look better. What really matters is the number of votes you get.

You may also want to shorten your answer and do not start by referring to a video course. Someone doing a quick scan can think it is spam.

Look at your first paragraph:
“I wear glasses and a few weeks ago i read an article about eye exercises. I looked at a ‘free video course’ and tons of eye workouts which all turned out to want a ‘token’ sum off $100000000000!
After looking at a lot of stuff i came up with with an eye exercise routine which i’ve being doing for a week now and my eyesight has got better, i only have to wear my glasses sometimes now! :)

If I read no further I would think you are selling something.

ʎəɿʞɹɐq  ̊ ͜͡● ̊

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

April 20, 2012

Michael asks…

Problem with eye strain, ghosting vision, star bursts…. Looking for advice.?

If I look at an alarm I get faint parts of the same image suspended horizontally above the image. Even in medium lighting conditions and looking at a sheet of paper I can see black letters suspended above the other ones. I see decent size star bursts at night and when I read a taco bell menu it’s hard to read far away because of so much blur/slight ghosting going on. Image quality is also not optimal at night reading on a computer screen. This occurs in each individual eye.

Vision over correction helps the ghosting or blur in medium to good lighting conditions but still creates ghost images in certain contrasting colors and there is still ghosting or blur when my pupils are big in the dark looking at led lights especially.

I’m 24. I’ve tried RGP contact lenses for a month and they didn’t seem much better if any better than a high prescription glasses. They also bugged my eyes and dried them out so I couldn’t get a consistent vision. Eye drops didn’t help at all. The person that prescribed my RPG contacts said my eyes were rough and my most recent optometrists with soft contacts says I don’t have dry eyes. Sometimes my eyes are really dry and sometimes they aren’t. But they usually are usually strained and sometimes dry.

I’ve had this problem since probably before 17 years old of course I don’t know when it all started because I used to avoid getting glasses even though I started having myopia around 13 years old.
I also suffer from anxiety and constant stress. I use to try to do alternative eye exercises/stress relieving techniques because I really really didn’t want to be stuck with glasses for the rest of my life. I used to be paranoid about my vision because I noticed how bad my breathing, blinking was and how strained my eyes were. That according to these alternative gurus is really bad so I’d get compulsively worried about it. I did this on an off for several years until I said enough is enough. No matter what I did I still had lots of stress and I couldn’t get rid of the annoying visual disturbances or improve my vision. I was afraid I was responsible for my vision getting worse despite my efforts.

Since then I have been stressed about my own stress (breathing and blinking poorly and other strain symptoms) OCD like. I may be OCD but I haven’t been diagnosed yet with that. I’ve tried anxiety pills of different sorts but none have worked so far.

I’ve gotten over the whole alternative medicine thing although I still feel like stress is making my vision worse. I guess it’s hard for me to get over it if I don’t know what really is the problem.

Could this problem be mostly stressed/anxiety related or is it mostly because my eye has perhaps higher order abberations? Should I do a topology on my eye or an MRI on my brain? I think the visual problems can’t just be all in my head because I see a slight difference in blurring between my eyes. I also can see better through a pinhole both near and far distances unless the lighting is really good. My eyes are always tired and stressed and don’t get better when I go through phases of trying to ignore looking at stuff or paying attention to my problem. I’ve asked several doctors about this and they’ve mostly shrugged it off. To me it really effects my life and because of my paranoia with my vision it means a lot to me to know what is the problem and then know how to deal with it or just accept what is wrong.

Sorry for the length, but just simply saying I have blurred vision and I want to know the cause of it is not descriptive enough to give the fair amount of information needed to respond appropriately to my circumstance.

admin answers:

The problem with stress is that it affects everything else and you end up in a viscous circle. Contact wearing time I’ve alwasy found goes down if I’m stressed. Also medications for anxiety can affect the eyes in particular dryness or ability to wear contacts. ITs very difficult for anyone to sort out if you have a physical problem on top of anxiety when you are suffering this degree of stress.

Dry eyes can be caused by dehydration, particularly if its intermittent and computer screens are also bad for drying out teh eyes. I’d also say that being on teh computer constantly is a wonderful way of raising your stress levels.

RGP contacts do take more than a month to get used to , but that doesn’t include vision quality. I also don’t see that ghosting can be an issue with stress unless you are imagining the problem.

My suggestion would be that you use the soft contacts outside and try and get some fresh air and exercise at least twice a day. That is quite helpful I’ve found for all sorts of eye problems as it rests the eyes and its also really good for stress. I don’t know where you live but if you can get somewhere with good views it makes a difference. If you can join a local walking group that might help as if there is something slightly off with your eyesight it helps to have someone else distract you otherwise you concentrate on it and it gets worse and tehn you start to get stressed.

I’m sure thsi problem is solvable but you need to sort one of your problems at a time. Possibly your stress levels first. After that its a question of finding a sympathetic optician prepared to trial various sorts of lenses. Not all opticians are equally helpful, but it does help them if you can present your problems in clear short sentences. Good luck.

Ken asks…

how can i reduce myopia naturally ?

i have been wearing glasses for about 5-6 years now (left eye: -1.75 right eye: -2.00)
i would like to know if there is anyway to reduce these powers, an eye exercise tips would do.
i need help, thanks in advance

admin answers:

A 2005 review of scientific papers on the subject concluded that there was “no clear scientific evidence” that eye exercises were effective in treating myopia.
In the 1980s and 1990s, biofeedback created a flurry of interest as a possible treatment for myopia.
Study Abstract:
Twelve young, low myopes were trained to control volitionally their accommodation responses and to achieve clear focus on visual targets moved progressively outward in optical distance. The trainees participated in from 15 to 40 daily training sessions (mean = 28 sessions). All demonstrated volitional control with varying degrees of control authority. Though three of the trainees were unsuccessful, the group achieved a statistically reliable extension of their far points. Post-training optometric examinations were reliably improved over pre-training examinations, but did not appear to be commensurate with the large gains in far-point extension. It was hypothesized that the learned skill may have been ‘instrument-specific’, i.e. It might not fully generalize to significantly improved post-training binocular performance unless it were accompanied by clinical assistance to transfer the training.

Also think about second sight which is an improvement in near vision that may develop in aging as a result of increasing refractivity of the lens nucleus related to development of a nuclear sclerotic cataract and with your slight myopia it is very luckily to start at the age of 40 and you wont need glaces sooner or later afterwards for a while till you need a reading glaces in older age.

Good luck

Sandra asks…

Is there a way to reverse myopia/nearsightedness (besides surgery)?

I know its caused by eye strain from reading and i know for sure that was what caused mine. Mine is only fairly minor. I dont see things super blurry but its like the difference between a standard deff tv and a HD tv. I avoided wearing glasses for years to avoid making it worse while my sisters got worse, mines stayed the same so i think its possible for me to undo the damage. Is there an easy eye exercise i could do? and do pinhole glasses work at all to make anything better? I heard its inconclusive on if they help any so the FDA doesnt support claims.
when i wear glasses i dont like the effect it has on my vison. Its hard to explain. It makes me feel like everything moves faster? Thats one reason why didnt wear them. Why has my vision not gotten worse but my sister is nearly blind without her contacts?

admin answers:

I already answered your question here:;_ylt=Agdac0W8fp3qsyrQhf3sT17sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110828220203AAoIsML

Eye strain from reading does not cause myopia. And as I said, eye exercises do not work.

I’m not sure what part of this you don’t understand. Everything you are still putting forward is wrong.

“There is no way to prevent nearsightedness. Reading and watching television do not cause nearsightedness. In the past, dilating eye drops were proposed as a treatment to slow the development of nearsightedness in children, but they have never been proven effective.

The use of glasses or contact lenses does not affect the normal progression of myopia — they simply focus the light so the nearsighted person can see distant objects clearly.”

EDIT: you are not your sister.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

March 14, 2012

Thomas asks…

does eye exercises and eye yoga really improve your eyesight?

im really tempted to start these daily exercises to improve my short sited/bad eyes but i need to know weather these techniques are legit and really work? also is it a to good to be true thing?

admin answers:

It’s been good for the scam artists for many years who have been selling books about it.

The exercises they list are all nonsense and make no scientific or medical sense, and if you know how the eyes function , then they don’t even make any common sense.

No legitimate eye Dr’s can be found that have actually seen results. There should be lots by now, that nonsense has been around for 85 years.

The only people who claim to have done them with success can never supply a legitimate Dr’s name who can verify the changes that have happened.
It’s also strange that anyone who claims they work always have a link to a book for sale about it.

It can’t hurt to try them, but don’t expect to ever be rid of glasses because of them, it just won’t happen.

Just like carrots won’t help either…just another myth.

Sharon asks…

Can someone tell me the eye exercises in the rebuild your vision program?

I would like to know the exercises from the rebuild your vision program. I don’t want to purchase the product but would like to first try all of the exercises. Can someone tell me them or know any websites that shows the exercises from this program? Or if there is anyway to download it please give me the link. Thanks in advnce

admin answers:

Eye exercises are a waste of time and don’t address the real issues of blurry vision.

Most people can return to natural perfect eyesight. Look for Natural Eyesight Improvement, the Bates Method, and principles of natural perfect eyesight. Avoid people or sources who do not teach or at least plan to teach Natural Eyesight Improvement face to face. Avoid anything that talks about eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga), corrective hard lenses(ortho-keratology), or vision therapy.

Richard asks…

What are some good eye strain exercises?

I’m suffering from eye strain and I need some exercises to help relieve the pain!

admin answers:

Close your eyes tightly for 2-3 seconds & then open them for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this for about 2 minutes and it should help heaps. This site - has a lot more exercises.

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