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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

March 31, 2012

Nancy asks…

been 6 days sinse ive really used computer/xbox, but eyes are still really fatigued?

my computer vision syndrome is still pretty bad with my eyes being fatigue, i havent played any games and have been on the computer less than a half hour a day its been 6 days and my eyes still seem bad and not better at all. what am i doing wrong. i take eyedrops every day and go outside for a little bit but not that long because its cold, but i do eye exercises and stuff and watch tv and lift weights but my eyes have not improved at all. i have a computer class comming up in a week so ill have to use the computer for an hour a day or so but what am i doing wrong. my eyes wont fix. i played games over the summer and fatigued my eyes but now they wont get better what am i doing wrong how long will it take
my mom wont call she says “give it time give it time” bla bla bla. last time she called doctor just said stay off and i have been but nothing. anyone know maybe i really do need to wait longer?

admin answers:

Go and see an eye specialist, they will know whats best. But meanwhile cucumber slices on ur eyes are supposed to help. And maybe u need glasseS? They are the typical symptoms of short or long sighted

William asks…

Questions about eyes?

Ok im near sighted.
1.Is their any way i can make my eyes not get any more worse?(it has change .5diopers(i think its the spelling) in half a month) or get any better(without surgery)
2.I heard about eye exercises could you recomend me one?(list details of how do it and do not list the ones that you need to buy a book or online websites)
3.Is squinting your eyes bad(I heard it could make your nearsight vision get more worse)

4. Have you ever experience this. When i had just finish using a computer and go switch a light on i see white or yellow spots for a while like about to faint and then it goes away?(my eye doctor said nothings wrong with my eye and i only am nearsighted)what could be the problem?
5.How long should i rest my eye when using the computer(example every 5min for half an hour)?
6.Is it normal for your eyes when your out in the daylight and it seems your eyes can’t handle the sunlight(not looking directly at the sun)
Sorry for so much questions

admin answers:

Check this site for all the details

all the best

Lisa asks…

is there a chance i have cancer in my eye given..?

im getting somewhat paranoid, i would go see my local eye doctor but im not in town until for another week.

bad: my left eye is always red, even if i sleep as much as a i can, and when its not that red if i do something like exercising/working out it gets red, sometimes my left eye feels kind of how do i say, heavy?when its rly red
i noticed since maybe 5 years ago theres like a tiny small brown dot on my sclera
and just yesterday i noticed a brown patch of something thats basically touching the corner of my left eye towards the nose, its only been a day and i dont know if its going to disappear.

good: my vision isnt blurry at all

admin answers:

A malignancy of the eye would be extremely unusual.
A benign cause for your symptoms is far more likely.
Even if there might be a very low possibility of an eye malignancy,
waiting one week would not make a difference in the outcome of treatment.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

February 24, 2012

Joseph asks…

So I have horrible vision in my right eye, how can i fix it?

I have lazy eye in my right eye, but perfect 20/20 vision in my left. It’s been this as long as I can remember and every time I go to the ophthalmologist I fail miserably.

I wear glasses which do not help me at all, and I used to patch when I was younger but I think it’s a little late for that.

Is there any sort of surgery I could get? Any exercises I could do? Please let me know!!
when i say i fail i mean I fail the eye test for my right eye. I think the last time I had my eyes checked my vision was 20/100 in my right eye.

admin answers:

It is never to late to wear your eye patch. I know a guy who is 38 yrs old and the eye specialist told him to start using a eye patch again.
What do you mean you fail when you go to the ophthalmologist? They are there to help you and answer your questions, and let you know
what is happening with your eyes. No tests to fail! You need to ask him about exersizes and surgeries.

Charles asks…

what is lazy eye?

my 5 yr old kid has been diagnosed with it and doc told her for there any cure for it pranayam,medicine,dietry supplement,lazer treatment at some age,exercise etc..pls advise.

admin answers:

Hi the correct term for ‘lazy eye’ is actually called amblyopia.


From experience at the clinic i use to work at, the younger someone is diagnosed with Amblyopia the better the chances of it being corrected. Read the article and research about it.


Steven asks…

Eye problems? KILL MYSELF ! SERISOUS!?

;) now i have your attention lol … im 17 and male and i have my lazy eye in my right and it goes < into my nose only a little bit but can i do exercises? AND! do i qualify for free lazer surgery or anything that the doctors / hospitals can do for LIFE!? to make me BINOCLOUR VISION!?? i really want straight eyes. IM SOOO LOW SELF ASTEMM DONT SAY DONT WORRY CUZ I HATE MYSELF! i can see without my glasses and they pull me down TO BE THE GEEK! in my family ;( i hate my life.. can i ??xxxxxxxx
thaks guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

admin answers:

Sounds to me like your you own toughest critic. First, there are exercises that can help straighten your eyes. Contact lenses are a possibility. If you are farsighted and I am guessing you are, wearing some sort of prescription will help straighten your eyes.

Second, most people are attracted to someones personality not their looks. Believe it or not one’s attitude changes the way they look. Be interested in others and don’t worry what they think. Your true friends will like you for who you are. But you need to like yourself if you expect others to like you. Find things you are interested in and get good at them. People will respect you.

You get what you intend to get.
See an optometrist for your eyes.

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