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How to Improve Your Eyesight through Diet

September 6, 2011

How to Improve Your Eyesight through Diet

Most of us may think that diet has nothing to do with our eye sights, but health only. In fact, they are tightly related to each other. This is because healthy bodies can help us to maintain good visions.

What kind of diets can be called healthy? They should contain some proteins, vegetables and others. If you want to take in more proteins, fish is one of the best choices, for it contains a lot of Omega-3 acids. Still, sufficient proteins can benefit our brains very much. There are various sorts of vegetables, such as carrots, spinach, etc. Other products, such as Dairy products, are also very important for the health of our eyes. Be cautious about some milk, because they can be harmful for our eye circulation.

If you eat some complicatedly processed foods some time, it matters little on your vision. But eating too much can cause serious side-effects. Just follow one principle that all foods you eat should meet the demands of your body, such as, foods with plenty of Vitamins and other nutrients. As for the nutrition of food, sunflower seeds, soy beans, liver, etc, are really good alternatives.


Your body has an own PH balancing system, which can coordinate all organs of your body. If the amount of acid is more than alkaline in your body, you will suffer from some diseases, such as arthritis. What’s worse is that your eyes will also be damaged for this reason. So some elements from fruits, vegetables, and grains can help your body to maintain such balance. In this sense, if you want to keep this balance, you should eat sufficient fruits and vegetables.

A good mixture of diet can help you maintain a good health, especially in terms of digestion. If you take in just some specific foods, you will suffer from some problems of digesting. Therefore, you should eat proteins with vegetables. Good diets can help you digest well and absorb more nutrients.

If you want to have a good vision, just eat proper foods.

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Eye Exercises Can Help Regain Our Eye Sights

August 3, 2011

Eye Exercises Can Help Regain Our Eye Sights

Sometimes, we have to judge how far some objects are. But the process of judging is firmly related with eye exercises that can help improve our vision. And we can even know something of eye exercises by the way we judge distance.

The way or stance we judge how far some objects are can give us some inspirations about the mechanism of eye exercises. If we want to judge distance, we would undergo very complex process. Maybe the actions of some infants can tell the underlying meaning. It will cost them a lot of time to do something, for their vision is not converged to some specific angle until they have reach to some place.

For infants, their brains are in need of more time to get matured until they can give accurate concept of distance. When their brains are matured, they can judge in mind the two focusing points in each eye. That’s to say, they can tell distance accurately if the two focusing points converge together. Of course, each focusing point is controlled by different organs under different mechanism with one point in dominance.

Generally, if our eyes are healthy, the two focusing points will always be converged together. Even though there is any problem, they will adjust automatically. However, in modern times, most of us have to work under severe conditions, and our eyes are becoming worsened all the time. If the two focusing points are diverged, we will suffer from some eye problems. For instance, some investigations have disclosed that the two focusing points of sufferers of some eye problems, like presbyopia, nearsightedness, etc. are diverged.


As it has been said early, one of the two focusing points is dominant and the other is affiliated. With eye problems, the two points can not converge, but the brains get used to the state of normal condition. Thus, the pictures we received are different from the original forms.

If fact, our brains have their own recovering systems. If they have realized the state of divergence, they will adjust and cure automatically. However, most of us choose to wear lenses as means of treating eye problems. Lenses will conceal the fact of divergence, and brains will not realize. So the best way is to pick off lenses, and do some eye exercises. These exercises can stimulate our brains, and they will find that there are really some divergences in the two focusing points. Recovering systems will be restarted and our brains will lead the two focusing points to converge together.

Eye exercises are very practical and effective. Here are some good programs about such exercises.

The first is to refuse patches of any forms. Patches can make our eyes lazy and our brains will never realize the divergence of the two focusing points.

The second is palming. Palming can benefit a lot for our eyes.

The third is stereoscopic exercises. They are very important methods to motivate our eyes.

The fourth is scanning. If we are scanning something, our eyes will become very motivated to adapt the new environment.

The fifth is Divergence and convergence exercises. They are very important for the solution of our eye problems.

The sixth is many other exercises.

It is true that some of us are still using glasses. If so, these eye problems will never be cured, for the two focusing points will always be diverged. And as time goes time, the symptoms will worsen. So why not do exercises to regain our vision?

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