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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

April 28, 2012

Richard asks…

Eye Exercises know any?

I want some exercises to improve my vision over the coarse of couple of months or sooner. You know something I can do every day.

admin answers:

I don’t think there are any you can do to improve your vision in the way glasses would.. Y’know, just general vision.. But there are some that well improve your eye reflexes and things.. I have this game called ‘Sight Training’ for DS, which is alright.. Basically there are some exercises that will -apparently- help with things like reflex and uhh.. Well, I don’t know what else, I stopped playing it xD
But yeah, try playing games that require you to move your eyes quickly? If those are the sort of exercises you want, anyway.

Otherwise, things you shouldn’t do are things like go on the computer with no light on (like I am now, hah) or read with a book too close to you.. That’s what my optician used to tell me, anyway.

Michael asks…

Is there anything I can do to improve my vision?

I’m starting to worry about the effect of working on a computer all day will have on my eye sight.

Is it true that working on a computer can damage your eyes? I have no choice, it is my job.

Is there any “exercises” you can do that will improve vision?

admin answers:

Include fresh vegetables in your diet, that contains vitamin A. I do not know of exercises that improves eyesight. Get plenty of rest, don’t strain your eyes, and get a yearly checkup. Wear glasses if needed. I have been at a computer since 1992 and so far have had no problems. Eyesight normally does not improve, it gets worst as times goes. That is natural. On most computers you can enlarge the text size if needed. That would ease the strain on your eyes. I have not heard of computers damaging people eyes. Get a better monitor if that’s causing problems.

John asks…

eye exercises for bad eye sight?


I have bad vision now becuz i used 2 spend alot of time infront of the computer and i now wear glasses to see distant objects. I wanted to know if eye exercises can help me regain my vision or even improve my vision? Has any1 tried eye exercises and seen improvements in their eyesights?

admin answers:

I started getting blurry vision when I was 14 years old. I hated the thought of imperfect eyesight or wearing glasses. I did some research and found books on eye exercises. My eyes felt different in the beginning but I eventually got used to the eye exercises and nothing changed. For most people eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) don’t change the way we use our eyes, and don’t address the real issues of blurry vision.

My awesome brother, being aware of my interest in eyesight, came across a book by Dr William H Bates. He discovered that we interfere with our eyesight. I perfected my eyesight by stopping staring and diffusion, and by centralizing, moving, and relaxing my vision system.

I have a link to one of the best books on Natural Eyesight Improvement on my website. It contains most of Dr. William H. Bates book and explains Natural Eyesight Improvement very well. Finding a good Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher near you is most helpful. I have great a link to Natural Eyesight Improvement teachers around the world. I would be glad to interview teachers for people to make sure they are teaching the correct principles.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

April 23, 2012

Ruth asks…

how to improve my eye sight?

actually i am not wearing any glasses or contact lenses,i have problem when i am in 6th class now i completed my engneering, when i am in 6th class i have -0.75 eye sight and at 10th class i am having -1.5 eyesight,upto 10th class i used to wear the glasses,from inter i am not wearing it,now i am having -3.25 eye sight,i dont want to wear glasses please suggest me any exercises and diet to improve my eye vision,ya one way is there i know that laser operation but it costs a lot,i cant able to bear huge amount i belonged to middle class society.

admin answers:

Good vision is a vital part of feeling your best. We rely on sight more than any other sense to enjoy life to the fullest. Your vision changes naturally throughout your life. There are also three steps you can take to help take care of your sight:

Visit an eye doctor regularly.
Make changes to help yourself see better.
Take care of yourself.

Donna asks…

What should i do?eye problem?

i am on playing computer for like 12 hours or so a day for about 3 month and now my eyes are really and tired and sometimes they really hurt …what should i do is there any eye exercise or something…i want to improve my vision but i don’t to do those laser ,operation etc. when i was small my eyes where super good and now i ruined them can someone help me?i want eye exercise to improve vision and heal eyes…10Q
i said eyes you know the 2 balls on your face under forehead

admin answers:

Well, firstly, 12 hrs in front of a computer game, unless that is your job (and even still) then this is pretty unhealthy for your eyes and the rest of your body! Never mind exercising your eyes, try some actual exercise!

Cutting down the amount you sit in front of a computer screen ought to help first, you are probably straining your eyes.

You may need glasses to stop the strain, im not sure about exercises though, im no expert but i doubt there is anything you can do other than stop straining your eyes as much

I have to be on the computer a lot due to studying a lot. I make sure I have a 15 min break for every 45 mins. In that time i shut down the computer and do something completely different, like close my eyes and listen to some music – thus giving my eyes a rest

Maria asks…

Bates method of perfect vision?

I was reading online about bates’ method to improved vision through eye exercises and diet etc. And I want to know how true it is. I mean it seems pretty easy to do and if it’s true I will definitely try it.
What is the medicine called?

admin answers:

Yes, I used a similar method that worked well. Improving the muscles helps with eyesight as long as that is the problem.

There are also supplements to help the eyes repair themselves.

Don’t buy into the “no cure” ideology pushed by many doctors who only use drugs. Of course a drug can’t cure anything, it can only handle the symptoms.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

April 8, 2012

John asks…

is it possible for me to make my eyes wider?

I wasn’t always like this, but now for as long as I can remember, my eyes have been quite squinty. Not the Asian squinty, just lazy/tired looking. Even when I try, I can barely make them wide at all. It’s really difficult to make my iris not touch either of my eyelids. Is there a way I can make them wider? Like a daily exercise or something?

admin answers:

Sleep more
Follow this makeup tutorial video by Michelle Phan; she is the most viewed makeup artist on YouTube and in my opinion the best and most professional. Http://

Sandra asks…

I’ve got to deliver a presentation to my College Class, this week and don’t know what to do.?

I suffer from high blood pressure, and any sort of stress or anxiety increases it to Very High Levels considering it was 150 / 85 when i was totally relaxed and doing nothing.

Problem is my i get slightly nervous when standing in front of the class and My Heart Rate increases and Blood Pressure goes up, causing my Hearing to go, just a high pitch squeal; then I’ll get really bad shooting pains in my wrists and upper arm, sometimes in my chest.

Now my doctor told me not to do any Exercise or anything that will increase my Heart Rate too much, walking and stuff is fine.

Obviously not your usually you need to get out more and exercise you lazy bum :)

So can i still pass my College Course without doing my presentation? because i need it to pass otherwise i’ve done all the coursework for nothing :(

Mainly, can they allow me to pass without doing it, due to medical conditions?

Also suffer from Autism, Curvature of the spine, High Blood Pressure, My Cells have became abnormal however doesn’t really make much difference, they still work, slightly poor eye-sight and a Severe weakness on the whole of my left side; making standing-up a great challenge.

I’m only 16 and this is a really bad time for me :( got a few weeks to decide on a spinal operation, Heart Scans, MRI Scan, Blood Tests an Eye Specialist to look at why my eye-sight has been going down hill rapidly since easter this year.

admin answers:

Typically you need to register medical disabilities with an office at your school if you want to receive some sort of accommodation such as doing some alternative activity instead of the presentation. These offices have different names at different schools. At my university, it is called the Disability Resource Center. Check with your academic adviser or the Dean of Students Office if you cannot find the name of the correct office at your school.

If you have not done that already, you may be at the mercy of your instructor this semester. If you can provide documentation for your medical conditions, and you speak honestly with your instructor, you may be able to work with him or her to do an alternative project.

Chris asks…

IS Gatorade Really G00d to drink after an exausting 23 minute Run?

IM a 19 year Old Male…………………………..
I’ve been working on loosing pounds for the past month
and Its working ! ! ! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I FEEL
ALOT BETTER ABOUT MYSELF! in skool we never ran the mile we walked it the entire way lol juzt hanging out but now I really wanna be thin and built later. I’ve never exercised this much in my life. I run about 2 miles on the treadmill ever other day. When I dont have the chance to run its because my mom comes early and to me its embarassing running while she and my sister are home. I’ve been drinking plenty of water, eating VERY little or no fast food or unhealthy snacks i know are bad like chips sodas candy etc.
I work at a jamba juice so yay! I feel like that is also helping me.
I’ll sneak Carrot Juices and I hope it helps my body other than
my eye vision and skin pigment. The Irony is that a Burger King is down the Street and I get hungry! The good thing Is I’m able to control my appetite and if I buy something, I’ll buy a SPICY CHICKEN chrisp and a small Fries…. NOTHING ON THE SPICY CHICKEN. No MAYO, NO KETCHUP, nothing but plain & lettuce.
and I’ll make sure to wash it down with Water. Hey, I used to eat like 2 spicies, fries, and a small coke…. Sooo I’ve been HELLA cutting down.
At home I havent eaten much, I’ll eat fruit n shyt, and little stuff.
I kn0w I should eat proteins like fish, meat, and all that good stuff, but my mom is always working, and barely ever cooks, and IM too lazy or tired to cook. ohhh and I also take Stacker 3 Pills for energy before work so I’ll be constantly alert and moving. I kn0w they wont loose my weight but I feel like they do help at some level.

Soooo Yeah I juzt Finished my 2 mile run on the Treadmill
and im sipping on Gatorade!

I LOVE GATORAID that shyt is king.
but Im reading that theres 50 calories per Bottle
and 4 SERVINGS per bottle. 200 TOTAL CALORIES…
I burned almost 300 on that run…. I feel soo much better tho,
I actually ran the entire way without stopping cuz im getting better at running! I feel like I get stronger with every run. Before I couldnt run 5 minutes without gasping for air…. IM not super fat but I want to be un good shape now. I kn0w I’m loosing weight because I’m seeing a bunch of Stretch marks on my arms, stomach, and back! Isnt that a good thing”?

I’m still afraid of getting a scale, because I kn0w I will be shocked at home much I weight even after the 5-10 lbs i’ve lost.
I dont need a scale. I juzt need to keep focused on this goal of mine.

Can u guys give me tips/advice?

Ohhh and since I work at Jamba Juice, I get my *employee meal
at the end of my shift (like at 9-10)
and it supresses my hunger till I go to bed! If I didnt start doing taht, I’d probably drive tru Burger king for a couple snacks lol.


Sooo yeah, I kn0w that gatorade gives u energy or an extra boost
and the electrolytes or whatever… I love it. but I dont want it do the opposite of my objective. I kn0w atheletes drink it, but they are on a whole nother level. I dont wanna turn my fat into muscle. I wanna loose my fat, then build new muscle!
At jamba juice, we have WEY PROTEIN, which is the same shyt as Creatine. We Also Have Soy Protein… I’ve never used any of them because I dont want more fat! lol
But Should I? Which would be better? Soy or Wey?
Or Should I wait for when I hit a real gym to use that?


admin answers:

Well, it’s a good drink to drink but i wouldn’t suggest it right after exercise. They’re good and give you back the minerals you sweat out but they also dehydrate you. Drinking some with water as well shouldn’t harm though, as you’re rehydrating and getting the minerals back.
To be honest, i’d suggest you try supplements and water rather than energy drinks. They have caffeine loaded in them which can damage your eye sight, apparently. Drinking a lot of water will help more as it also flushes out your system. You sound like you’re doing right other than that though.
If i were you i’d just keep exercising healthily, eat about six meals a day. Small ones with a right balance of protein, carbs and fibre. Those with regular exercise should work a treat. They did for me and i lost three pounds in a week. :)

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

March 22, 2012

Mark asks…

Eye Health Concerns (Professional Assistance Preferred)?

Hello, I have a few questions…I’d prefer advice from an optician or other eye professional or someone who’s been using glasses/contacts for a long time. This got a little long.

1. My job requires me to use a computer for long amounts of time and I’m frequently on the computer at home, sometimes late into the night. I’m a heavy computer user. I’ve read that heavy computer users are at higher risk for eye conditions like myopia and glaucoma and that this harms how well you can see far away because it’s a close-focus and high eye stress activity. I blink and look away from time to time when my eyes feel dry or stressed, but when I look in the mirror, I can see red vessels that are present only after computer use. What do those mean? I’m thinking it’s just eye strain but I’d rather be sure. I guess the sum of my question is “Does heavy computer use harm your eyes?”

2. I wear glasses. Without them words of this size on a computer screen get blurry when it’s more than 1-1.5 feet away from me. I tend to get closer to the computer, but I suspect that would only make it worse…if I keep doing this and other close-focus activities such as reading small print, will my eyeglass prescription eventually become stronger? Before I started wearing glasses, my vision wasn’t perfect (obviously), but I recall being able to make things out better. Now, it seems that my vision has worsened. I wonder if this is why.

3. Eye improvement…I’ve been looking into vision exercises that claim to improve sight…I’ve done a few of them and they seemed to improve my eyes’ focus for a short period of time but I haven’t faithfully committed to these so I can’t speak for them. In the opinion of an eye professional, can these help improve vision over time? I’ve also been wondering about eye care supplements with lutein (e.g. I-Caps). Some friends of mine had pills like these suggested by their doctors. I don’t have any serious problems like glaucoma or macular degeneration…since I don’t have any problems with my eye (that I know of), will these have any preventative effect for me? Could they improve my vision? I’m not looking for any “magic cure”, just something to help out.

4. This one’s for my daughter…she doesn’t need corrective glasses, but wants to wear this special type of contact lens. I think they’re called “circle lenses” or “big eye lenses” or something for cosmetic enhancement. I’ve looked into allowing this. They appear to be only available online. I have some doubts about the websites I’ve seen as a) none of them look even remotely professional, b) they’re manufactured in Korea, Japan, etc. and I don’t know about their safety and sanitation standards and c) I don’t know if the material they use is the same used in the U.S…they look like soft lenses, but I’ve read that they’re worse for your eye sight either because of the material they use or its larger diameter, depriving the eye of more oxygen? They run for about $30-$40 for contacts that will last a whole year or two. I’m doubting these, but if there are any safe suppliers of a similar FDA-approved version from the U.S., or whether we should just skip these all together. Her eye sight is not worth a weird eye :/ But I have read from some people who use them that they’re just like other soft lenses, which is why I’m unsure.

5. And a sort of random but related question – can you sleep in RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses? Do you just leave them on and not remove them or do they need to be taken off like soft lenses or are they worn continually until they’re due to expire?

P.S. – I can’t afford LASIK.

admin answers:

Ok, Here we go.
Question 1: Red vessels in the eye can be part of eye strain but more likely they are a sign of dry eye. Many times we get so intense on the computer that we forget to blink and even though you say you blink, you may not be blinking enough. Make sure you blink and look away from the screen every so often and that should clear up. This answer is also going to come into play later down the line here.

Question 2: No. Working on a computer with glasses is not going to make your eyesight worse as long as the Rx in the glasses is ok for you. If you start to notice blurriness where you didn’t used to, then your Rx may need to be updated. Eyesight getting worse as we age is a normal process.

Question 3: Short answer – They’re bunk. If they were ok, every optometrist and ophthalmologist would do them. I know of no one that recommends them. Don’t waste your time or money. Lutein is found in the macula and some suggest that it may help somewhat protect from macular degeneration. My doctor recommends it as long as it is in moderation and not mega doses. 5 – 10 mg is sufficient.

Question 4: Circle lenses are not FDA approved and are not made to FDA standards. They may contain impurities that could cause serious eye infection which could lead to blindness. Stay away from them until they are FDA approved. The reason you can only get them online is because they are not FDA approved and no optometrist is going to dispense them.

Question 5: No, you cannot sleep in RGP’s. You must remove them every night to allow oxygen to reach the cornea. If you don’t, then the body will realize the cornea isn’t getting enough oxygen and it will grow blood vessels into the cornea in order to provide more oxygen but when this happens, the extra vessels will begin to block your sight and you are then into the need for surgery to correct the condition. You can also develop a corneal ulcer and believe me, once a person experiences a corneal ulcer, they wake up to the fact that they must follow the eye doctors instructions on how to wear lenses properly and take care of their eyes.

Hope this has helped.

Robert asks…

will such things really improve my eyesight?

i don’t know the name, but recently i’ve seen products which claim to improve your eyesight if you look into it about 10 minutes a day for each eye, where it will show you diferent coloured patterns etc which is supposed to relax/exercise your eyes.

it looks kinda like a gigantic white binoculars but for only one eye at a time(sorry for the very bad description, but i cant think of anything else to describe it)

will such things really work at improving my eyesight? (i have myopia, around 250 degrees)

admin answers:

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) are alternatives to our natural perfect eyesight. Our understanding of eyesight is so bad that 60 to 80 percent of people have blurry vision and many of them are getting stronger prescriptions year after year.

People need to seek out those that teach Natural Eyesight Improvement face to face and read the books that they suggest. If a program does not have local teachers that teach face to face or encourage a person to find a teacher near them, THEY ARE A SCAM.

From time to time a person doing eye exercises becomes aware that they can change the way they use their eyes, but eye exercises are so far off from the principles of natural perfect eyesight that they do way more harm than good. They allow every eye doctor to say that eye exercises don’t work and therefore sway another person from the hopes of natural perfect eyesight.

We need to focus on the best of what we have which is the principles of natural perfect eyesight so that we can pull away from the huge imbalance of artificial corrections.

Sharon asks…

how to cure myopia without LASIK or LENSES?

i’ve myopia. am not able to see or read something from a distance and this problem is becoming more serious day by day. i do not use lenses neither do i want to. but i want a quick cure of it because of watching t.v. for several hours or using computer? should i reduce time i spend on tv?what are the ways or exercises that can be done to cure it as soon as possible?can it be cured without surgery or lenses? why do my eyes start watering if i watch tv for long?pls pls help! i need a simple,quick and effective cure to this problem.(pls do not ramble) thanx in advance:-)

admin answers:

Short answer: No exercises will work and no quick fix.

Ramble answer: You didn’t say your age, but generally in the teen years, vision can change yearly if not sooner in some cases. Once you hit 20 or so, it tends to level off to minor changes and at that time, corrective surgery would then be an option. Until then, or if that is not something you wish to do, glasses or contacts are your only option. You could google “ortho-k” to read up on that, but that is not widely accepted.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

March 21, 2012

William asks…

How can i improve my peripheral vision for hockey?

I need to improve my vision and i was wondering if there any eye exercises i can do or if there is a vitamin i can take.

admin answers:

The best way to improve your vision is to practice handling the puck with your head up. You should still see the puck a little in your peripherals, but with your head up you can see a lot more ice, and it’s much safer (eric lindros had his career ended by multiple concussions, mostly because he kept his head down when he had the puck). This takespracticee, but it is worth it. You could also try switching facemasks.

Helen asks…

how can i improve my vision with out glasses/contacts/or anything else?

i found a program on the internet that teaches you to do eye exercises so you can improve your eye sight in just 15 min a day, and its called, improve your this program really works. i’m able to see better, and i’m seeing the improvement on my vision. if you have glasses you should try this program.hey, i’m just trying to help you live easy with out glasses or contacts.

admin answers:

I am also doing eye exercises to improve my vision. I have a blog where I am recording my progress.

You can check it out here:

Good Luck

Mark asks…

How can I improve my eye sight?

Is there anyway I can improve my eye sight? Any way at all? I have heard of some exercises out there which help improve your vision, is there any way I can do this? It doesnt have to be exercises, just anything to improve my vision. Thanks.

admin answers:

Making sure you eat enough Vitamin A will go a long way towards keeping your eyes healthy.

If you want to strengthen your eye muscles, there’s a few things you can do.

Batting practice is one example. Baseball players train their eyes by using balls that have a small letter or number written on them. They might number all the balls, and choose to hit only the balls with even numbers. Or they might use different colored inks to write on the balls, and only hit balls with a certain color of ink. This trains their eye to focus more quickly on fast moving objects, and to help discern whether or not to swing in a game situation. This is a more recently developed training technique.

Another way, and its not very common, but it would very likely work, is to patch over one eye for a short amount of time – a couple of days or so, and then patch over the other eye for the next couple days. This is often how lazy eyes are corrected in younger children – their stronger eye is patched over to force their brain to use the lazy one.

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