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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 9, 2012

Sandra asks…

How many people has/had any kind of eye problems, and succeeded in taking care of it with eye exercises?

Please tell me if you succeeded with eye exerising, and what eye problem u had.

admin answers:

Found the free eye exercises for Myopia from Wikipedia.

I tried them for few weeks. Showing results slowly – but you need to be disciplined to do the exercises daily.

I didn’t follow all the eye exercises sequence. I only pick those that I like. Not sure if that’s the right thing to do. :)

Laura asks…

do eye exercises help your eye sight improve?

do eye exercises help your eye sight improve yes or know and don’t answer i you haven’t tried any exercises please. thank you. and if they work please give me names of the product and how much they cost and if there are different packages or bonuses things like that. please thank you.

admin answers:

**********Happy New Year!*********

Ken asks…

Does anyone know where I can find some free eye exercises online?

I have been doing research on them, and want to see if they work. Unfortunately I can only find advertisements for books. Any one know where I can find some ones online for free?

admin answers:


But if you google eye exercise there are many other webs with some.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

February 27, 2012

Richard asks…

I have a question about diabetes and eye problems?

my mother has diabetes and also the things that go along with diabetes such as high blood pressure, hyper tension all of those, and she really doesn’t exercise. She has had it for about 4 years now. Recently just out of nowhere, her eye muscles gave out and her left eye was becoming cross eyed. its like a lazy eye but it doesn’t move. when she sees, she sees as if she was cross eyed, she can see fine if she turns her head and she is looking sideways. her eye Doctor said that it might be because of her diabetes and it her eye will be healed in time. I was not able to find anything like that on he internet. so I decided to make a question online to see if anyone ever experienced that or know of someone who has experienced that while having diabetes. do you know what i’m talking about, can you help? thanks

admin answers:

You didn’t say if the doctor was your regular family MD or an ophthalmologist. Family MD’s are great but for something like this I would consult with an ophthalmologist who would know more about disease of the eyes. Also a second opinion is not a bad idea.

Linda asks…

What’s Wrong With My Right Eye?

Is it being lazy? Because everytime I look straight, it goes to the left. When people look they think I’m looking at the right. My left eye is very perfect. But not my right. What can I do to make it straight? Does eye exercise really work? How long does it take for the affects?

admin answers:

I already answered your question very similar to this one.

Your eye may or may not be a “lazy eye”, also called amblyopia. Do you have much worse vision in your right eye? If yes, then it is a lazy eye. If no, then your condition is not called amblyopia or lazy eye, but instead strabismus.

Here are good sites to explain the difference between strabismus and amblyopia:

Steven asks…

Why am i having problems in my right eye?

Some basic info:
- I am 15 years old, and a girl
- I usually have my hair covering my right eye (I have darkish hair [ginger with black bangs], if it has any relevence)
- I have blondish eyelashes and eyebrows, which dont block out the sun as well as darker ones.
- My eyes are blue (I heard lighter eyes are more prone to damage)

New things since this started:
- I started track for my school, two hours of strict exercise monday-friday.
- I got an ipod touch, and i use it a lot
- We got a new house, which is really dusty (I highly doubt that’s helpful, but ill throw it out just in case)
- On the second day of this, i was getting into the car, and i couldnt see the door, and the corner stabbed my bad eye. No blood, or headaches, just hurt for a few minutes and i woke up with a bruize

The Problem:
For the past four-six days, my right eyes vision has rapidly been getting worse. I have a large blindspot that changes from white to black, depending what my eye wants to block out (It blurrs the whiteboard at school out with a white blindspot, it will blur out stars with a black blindspot). Other than the blindspot, everything is blurry, and has a pinkish brownish tint. Ironically, a week before this started, i got a physical, my good eye is 20/20 and the other one was 20/25 (Which wasnt bothering me at that point).

My dad and biology teacher both checked my eye with a flashlight, it looks the exact same, and my eyes dialate the same.

My dad thinks its from staring at my ipod (Im not sure about that, cuz i used my DS the same way and as often, before i got the ipod touch.) Ive done some research, and it kinda seems like a burn in my retina (Solar Retinopathy) but i dont stare at the sun, i dont do drugs that make me wanna stare at the sun, or anything like that. My biology teacher (he is also my track coach) thinks its a retinal tear, but that primarily occurs in age 60+.

If i cover my bad eye, i see fine, but i dont want to get a lazy eye, and it gives me a small headache. If i cover my good eye, i can barely see anything, and if i use them both, the contrast of vision makes me slightly dizzy and i cant focus.

I want some opinions before i go to the doctor, cuz i dont wanna pay hundreds of dollars for something that can possibly be fixed with a home remedy.

BTW, sorry for any typos, im kinda in a rush

admin answers:

You portray yourself as intelligent for a 15 year old so it should go without saying that you just need to go to an optometrist and have your eyes checked by a professional who knows what to look for. Large spots can be indicative of many serious eyes issues. Your eye sight is not something you should screw around with. And your symptoms would seem to indicate something more than can be fixed with a home remedy.

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Exercises for the Eye: The Complete Exercise Regimen For Improving Your Eyesight

January 5, 2012

Exercises for the Eye: The Complete Exercise Regimen For Improving Your Eyesight

Article by C Oh

If you had to rely on glasses or contact lenses for a long time now and finally thought you had it enough, or your eyesight has gotten bad recently, or one of your parents, kids or other family members is suffering from eye problems, is there any other option than laser eye surgeries? While these surgeries were a major and recent breakthrough in ophthalmology and worked for thousands of people, a large number of people are still averse to these because they think it’s too expensive, dangerous, and full of potential side effects. The good news is that there is another option. It doesn’t take much money or involve high risks, but only your desire to recover and only 15 to 20 minutes of your time per day. In this article, you will be presented with a complete eye exercise regimen will keep you on track towards steady eyesight recovery and even your natural 20/20 vision.

The premise of eye exercises is that adjustments for seeing are made by eye muscles (4 rectus, 2 oblique), and just like any other muscles, these can be strengthened by exercise and thus strengthening the eyesight. One of the reasons why these eye exercises are effective is that the biggest cause for eye problems is fixing your gaze at a single point for a long time. By moving your eyes around, you simultaneously strengthen your muscles and prevent further development of eye problems.

When doing these exercises, sit or stand erect and fix your head in that position. You will only be moving your eyeball. Look at the wall for your reference when indoors, and use an object at a fixed distance outdoors. Imagine there’s a clock in front of you, and this will be the reference point for the position of your eyeball for rest of this regimen.

* Warmup – move your eyes in the following manner.

1. Up-down (12 o’clock – blink – 6 o’clock – blink) x 2 2. Left-right (9 – blink – 3 – blink) x 2 3. Diagonal (11 – 5 – 1 – 7, blink in between) x 2 4. Rotate (starting from 6 o’clock, 2 x counterclockwise then 2 x clockwise, blink after each round)

* Main exercise

1. Up-down (12 – 6), 8 times without blinking 2. Down-up (6 – 12), 8 times without blinking 3. After every 8 reps, place your eye at the center and blink. 4. Repeat #1 and #2 for 2-4 sets. 5. Left-right (9 – 3, 3 – 9, same as #1-4 above) 6. Diagonal (11 – 5, 5 – 11, same as #1-4 above) 7. Diagonal (1 – 7, 7 – 1, same as #1-4 above) 8. Rotate (6 – 12 – 6, 12 – 6 – 12, alternate the two. After 4 sets of 8 reps (4 reps each), blink and switch between CW and CCW)

* Light-and-dark training

1. Cover your eyes with your palms. 2. Remove the cover as if your hands are a set of doors that opens outwards. 3. Alternate #1 and #2 for 10 seconds. – This training relaxes the eyes and trains the iris which controls the amount of light that comes into the eyes.

* Closing exercise

1. Close your eyes for 3 seconds, then open for 1 seconds. Repeat this 4 times. 2. When shutting your eyes, contract your facial muscles as much as you can so that you can feel the pressure in your eyes. 3. Warm your hands by rubbing palm against palm, then cover your eyes with them.

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Food for Sight: How Your 20/20 Vision Diet Can Help You Improve Your Eyesight

December 4, 2011

Food for Sight: How Your 20/20 Vision Diet Can Help You Improve Your Eyesight

Article by C Oh

In terms of maintaining good eyesight and preventing eye problems, the saying “you are what you eat” cannot be more relevant. Your eye is one of the most complex and delicate organs, even among the sensory organs. Just as a bodybuilder cannot succeed without a proper diet, your vision cannot be maintained or sustained without proper nutrients. In this article, you can find out how you can literally build your way back to your natural 20/20 vision by providing the right fuel and building blocks for your incredible seeing machine.

The two key nutrients that help your eyesight are protein and vitamins. Protein is the main constituent of essential eye parts such as eyeball and lens, and is essential in stimulating the synthesis of collagen, which forms cornea, retina and sclera. The magic ingredient here is taurine, a kind of amino acid which consists protein. It helps the development of retina and repairs cornea damages resulting from ultraviolet light and dust. Fish and clams are rich in taurine, yet it is recommended that you get protein from various sources such as tofu, soybeans, cheese, eggs, and meat.

Vitamin A helps your eye recuperate and ease fatigue. Insufficient intake might result in not only eyesight problems, but also diseases and ailments such as nyctalopia(night blindness), xerophthalmia(dry eyes) and conjunctivitis. Animal liver, eel, egg yolk, carrots, spinach, and other green vegetables contain carotene, which is converted to vitamin A inside the body. Vitamin E prevents oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids which are good for eye health. It is contained in mushroom, almond, milk and liver.

Vitamin B’s are also vital for visual neurons in that they help the body absorb protein and carbohydrates and stimulate cell growth. Vitamin B1 and B12, which converts glucose into energy and prevents anemia respectively, are found in pork, mackerel, and brown rice. B2 is contained in liver, egg, and mushrooms. B6, which is indispensable in metabolizing protein and fat, is richly found in soybeans, dairy, mackerel, and salmon.

Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which helps prevent cataract, is contained in sweet potato, fruits, and green vegetables. It is recommended that you don’t cook these foods for too long, since vitamin C is easily degenerated under heat. The caveat here is that, since vitamin B’s and C are water-soluble and therefore not stored in the body for a long period of time, you need to make sure you eat these foods regularly.

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Eight Exercises to Improve Eyesight

October 26, 2011

Eight Exercises to Improve Eyesight

Article by Ted Brumby

Many bemoan the fact that as we age our eyesight becomes poorer, but few relate this to the simple truth the eye is supported by muscles just like any other part of the body. If you do not keep them in shape they will become weaker; the muscles will lose their tone and become rigid, causing decreased elasticity in the eye which can lead to sight loss. Exercising your eyes regularly will keep them healthy and relieve eyestrain.

The increase in computer-related jobs and free time spent online has also added to many eye problems, which can be greatly aided by keeping your eyes refreshed and exercised. Eye exercises are physical therapy not just for the eye, but also the brain, due to the optic nerve which connects them both. Relieving eye tension will also ease up on your brain strain, in turn, relaxing your entire body.

The ciliary muscles of the eye tense up when we focus on nearby objects, and relax when we focus further away. Below are some exercises you can practice to not only keep your eyes healthy as you grow older, but may also improve poor vision for those already relying upon contacts or eyeglasses.

1. Sit in a chair, posture erect, spine straight, body relaxed. Keeping your body motionless while moving only your eyes, find a point you can focus on in front of you without straining and move your eyes from your lap, to this point, and back again. Repeat five times.

2. Close your eyes, placing your hands tightly over each eye so that no light gets in. The heels of your palms should rest upon your cheekbones. Breathe deeply. This relieves eye tension and strain and is very relaxing. Practice for three to five minutes.

3. Move eyes slowly upwards as far as you can, then downwards. Repeat five times. Blink rapidly to relax the eye muscles. Repeat this exercise, only now moving your eyes slowly from left to right and back again.

4. Gently squeeze eyes shut for three seconds, then open them and repeat five times. This is an excellent exercise to relieve computer strain on the eyes by stimulating the tear ducts.

5. Hold an object in front of you at arm’s length, waving it slowly back and forth in a figure eight while following it with your eyes. Do this for approximately 10-15 seconds. This helps stimulate the nutrient flow within the eye while improving eye coordination.

6. This exercise helps strengthen the iris and is best done at night, in front of a bright lamp. With no other lights on in the room, sit in a comfortable position facing the lamp with your eyes closed, switching the lamp on and off in time to your slow, relaxed breathing.

7. Focus on a small object at arm’s length, such as a pencil, inhale, then move it slowly in to touch the tip of your nose. Exhale, keeping your eyes on the pencil and move it slowly back out again. Repeat three times.

8. This is a fabulous method to relieve eye tension for those working in offices with access to windows. Focus on a distant object outside for eight seconds then slowly refocus your eyes on an object close at hand. Repeat three times, and often during the day, at least once per hour.

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