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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 9, 2013

George asks…

short-sightedness: best options?

this is random why I decided to ask this but:

Ive been wearing glasses for the past 5 years. Im now 16>17.

im -325* shortsighted (it has been staying like this for a long time) so i can do without glasses but i just wont be able to read anything.

ive heard that contact lenses are bad for eyes especially im not over 18 and so as laser eye surgery (not good for young ppl and expensive and risky).

is there actually some way of me getting my eyesight back, naturally, or do i have to continue wearing glasses?

admin answers:

You can try doing exercises to improve your vision. I recently started doing eye exercises to try to improve my vision. I created a blog where I record my progress with the exercises.

My vision is 20/400, which is really poor.

Other people have posted comments about their experiences as well. You can check it out at:

Here are some articles with some useful tips:

And here is a good vitamin/nutrient supplement for your eyes:

Hope this helps…

Sharon asks…

I got punched in the eye, is it normal for the vision to be blurry?

Saturday night I was punched in the eye, the punch hit my eye glasses, and it broke some of the bones around my eye-socket and some sinus bones. Half of my face swelled up, and the swelling is now receding and I can open the eye again (I wasn’t able to after it happened), but the eyesight out of that eye is considerably more blurry then it is out of the other eye.

I look in the mirror and there is a stripe of blood inside the eye outside the pupil, I figured that’s probably just a broken blood vessel. I’m naturally near-sighted which is why I wear glasses, but normally without glasses i can see things close fine, but now even near things are blurry (but it seems to improve with time) out of that eye.

admin answers:

I’d strongly recommend getting that looked at.

There are a number of structures that can be damaged by excess pressure in the eye.

John asks…

Should i wear glasses or not?

i heve 0.5 negative dioptre lenses on both eye some people say if you wear glasses your defect will be permanent

admin answers:

It depends on how you feel (headaches, etc.), see and the cause of it. Some people only have pseudo myopia because they are using their near vision too much (computer without blinking, staying too close to the screen, reading book at less than 30cm).

If you have bad habits (use your near vision too much), you could just see if it improves with time by changing them.

Wearing glasses or not wearing them will not change your eyesight, it will change naturally. If it improves, it wasn’t real myopia, if it worsens, it’s what happens for most people who are nearsighted no matter what they do with their glasses.

Don’t wear them for near vision though, if you feel the need to use them. It is not necessary.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 8, 2013

Steven asks…

Is -5.00 bad eyesight for a 13 year old?

My parents are really worried about my eyesight and so am I. Are there any ways to improve eyesight?

admin answers:

That’s pretty bad, and is likely to get worse. However, you needn’t worry. You won’t become blind from being more nearsighted. You’ll just need stronger glasses/contacts.

Your nearsightedness is caused by your eye being too long, front-to-back, for it to focus properly. The reason it’s getting worse is that your eye is changing shape as you grow. When you finish growing, your vision should stabilize. When that happens, you can consider laser surgery, but until then, you will be using glasses or contacts.

There are many methods for naturally improving eyesight – eye exercises, diet, Bates method, supplements, carrots, etc. THEY DON’T WORK. If they did, no one would wear glasses.

So, for now, wear your glasses/contacts.

[Jay is incorrect. "Legally blind" means visual acuity of 20/200 or worse WITH YOUR GLASSES ON. "Legally blind without glasses" is nonsensical. My prescription is -6.00, and my visual acuity is something like 20/600 (6/180) with my glasses off, but 20/20 with my glasses on. I am not "legally blind".]

Betty asks…

How to improve my eyesight?

so, my eyesight has been slowly deteriorating because I always go on my laptop, my iPod, and watch TV a lot. just today i tried to look at the clock that is about 15-20 feet away and it was very blurry. this is really not normal, because i’ve always been looking up at that clock without any difficulties. anyways, i want to be able to improve my eyesight naturally, because i really don’t want glasses, even though i think i might need them. this is because i sit at the back of the class and i can’t see a thing and i always complain about it to my friend next to me. so one day she just gave me her glasses to borrow, and they were a huge help. her lens is like 0.25, which is hardly anything so i figure my sight cant be that bad. what should i do?

admin answers:

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, glasses, contacts, or surgery are the only way to improve your eyesight.
I’ve been looking for other options for over 20 years since I first had to get glasses and I have found things that improve the health of your eyes (which can help them from getting worse), but they can’t make the actual visual acuity better. Most of them are natural herbs (like Lutein, Bilberry, and Eyebright) and vitamins (A and E among others) that help maintain the health of the eye, but unfortunately couldn’t improve vision.
The main reason is because vision problems are a physical problem (the physical distance between the retina and lens), not a chemical problem that can be changed with drugs, herbs, or supplements :-(

I’ve heard of eye exercises that some people try, but based on a lot of research I’ve done on them, there is no basis to say that it will improve your eyesight at all long-term. All that’s left after all that is surgery or glasses/contacts. Sorry.
Also, there is an article at that points out some of the common myths about eyes. Some of these are included in there, but it also verifies that reading in the dark or watching a TV/computer screen too close doesn’t negatively affect the vision long-term. Good luck and I hope I helped!

William asks…

How to improve eyesight? Above average eyesight.?

For a couple of years I’ve been wearing glasses. I wasn’t very happy about wearing them but I found that they vastly improved my eyesight. I am naturally short-sighted and have astigmatism. I also squint quite a lot when I can’t make out some words/letters, signs, pictures, etc. The squinting isn’t a huge problem. Even with my glasses, I still wish that my eyesight was better, but the opticians have said that the glasses I currently wear are the right power for my eyes.

I find wearing glasses tiresome and frustrating. Whenever I play sports (I take off my glasses), my eyesight doesn’t have the clarity, depth or detail that I have with my glasses. I have contemplated laser eye surgery, but I don’t know much about it. If you could give me some details about it, that would be great! The only thing I have against laser eyes is that it is a surgery, which I am generally against, but I would consider it if it is worth it.

I’ve also heard about natural eye exercises that will restore eyesight back to normal without any form of surgery, medication, etc. Details on that would be appreciated as well.

Lastly, I really would like to find a way to not only restore my natural eyesight but to improve it, making it above average. Super sharp eyesight. Any foods, exercises, things I should do less of – watching TV, using the computer, etc.

P.S. My parents say my bad eyesight is due to my excessive use of the computer, TV and interactive technology. Do you think it’s true?

Thanks for your hepl

admin answers:

Hi there. Well computer and tv screens can damage your eyesight but not getting enough Vitamin A and to get enough of this you should eat lots of carrots and leafy veggies. I wear glasses for the board at school and it is true that I do spend loads of time on the computer and looking at screens but my mum also wears glasses so if any of your parents or grandparents wear glasses then it has probably been passed down to you.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 6, 2013

Carol asks…

how can i stop being nearsighted?

how i improve my eyesight without wearing glasses since my mom can’t afford contact lenses and I’m too young to get laser surgery, but i hardly wear glasses but my doctors told me that i don’t have to wear them all the time but use them for the board or when i drive i need your help

admin answers:

One way to help eyesight is to hang around people who have natural perfect eyesight. People who have blurry vision radiate their incorrect vision habits to others. Others pick up on these incorrect vision habits and get blurry vision themselves. People with good vision are less stressed and more easy going. They tend to be a bit more spontaneous and out going. Avoiding challenging seeing activities like computers, tv, and reading can help, but is not really practical. It is better to learn how to use our eyes during these activities.

The best place to start improving eyesight naturally is to read the best books. I have a referral link to one of them on my website. Most people do best by getting the help of a local teacher. I also have a link to a very good list of teachers around the world. I can interview a teacher you may be interested in to make sure that they are teaching correct principles and not eye exercises or potions.

Richard asks…

Poll: Can vision be improved naturally?

What do you think? What are your experiences with trying to improve vision naturally? Which technique is most effective? For example bates or an eye exercises video such as eyerobics, link here:

It looks like a scam but has a refund guarantee if it doesn’t work so if it didn’t work for everyone they’d be out of buisness now.

I personally think they can work at least to a degree and certainely on some people.

For example “The secret of perfect vision” book and other vision improvement books have got many positive reviews on amazon:

Bates book-

Relearning to see-

There are a few negative reviews but remember that nothing works the same way for everyone. And they cannot all be made up as they mention good and bad points unlike the websites from which the products originate and thier testimonials are all very positive.

Rebuild your vision-

Some people on this site have said it’s a scam but i’m still not sure.

On the reviews I have found many different mixed opinions. A few on “secret of perfect vision” said that the + lenses were harmful but on other websites such as this one:

+ lenses actually reduced the progression of myopia. So I’m still unsure about plus lenses. I’m reading this book online:

It says that myopia is caused by close work and that the eye cannot shrink once it has grown. However the ciliary spasm can be and it can cause up to 1.25 D of myopia. My myopia is 1D and it hasn’t got worse (test my vision every few days). So all I could have is a spasm (which happens before the eye grows) and that I could completely reverse my myopia. I do a lot of close work BTW but I always look brief periods into the distance and that relaxes my eye.

Even on other website, they say that there is growing eveidence myopia is caused by close work. And I also like how the book “the myopia myth” shows how ignorant the health profession is, not just eye doctors.

So, I know that there must be something that works in some/most people but what are the best methods?

Please advise. Any eye doctors with the typical response “if they worked then everyone would be doing it” are not welcome. The reason that is is because previous studies have been ignored. The book “myopia myth” explains this.
Hippo 37, No it isn’t despicable on what I’m doing. Just read the book “myopia myth” I put in the description. The book CLEARLY explains that many scientific studies to prove preventive measures on myopia but they have been ignored by eye doctors, organizations, government ect. I think it will be only be a matter of time before the public know the truth. Soon it will be a major breakthrough in history, we will see documentarys such as “The great myopia scam”. It is the eye professionals who are dispicable, and you aren’t helping. PLZ take you ignorance elsewhere, and stop giving the wrong message that nothing can be done to prevent or cure referactive eye conditions. GOOD DAY. I hope you end up with a detached retina because your eye has grown too long and you haven’t listened to my advice.

admin answers:


Steven asks…

what can i do to imrove my eyesight????

i don’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses… i just want to imrove naturally…. is their anything i can do, maybe some exercises or something??

admin answers:

Eat carrots

Do eye exercises…

Hold your finger about 6 in from your face, look between your finger and an object more than 10 feet away, in a straight line, focus on your finger then focus on the object, repeat.

When you get tired of that.. Look as far as you can right, left, up, and down without turning your head, roll your eyes in a circle.

Another one you could try would be to close your eyes and squeeze (not too hard, lol)

Rapid blinking.

Also check out this website

If you feel like spending money you can get a video

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 5, 2013

Laura asks…

Is there any way to regain my eyesight ?

I don’t want to wear glasses and I know that wearing contact lenses will be a burden for me. Can you please give me some advice how to improve my eyes ?

admin answers:

I looked into virtualbucks with “eyevisionimprovement” and Moonbeam with “visionbetter” and they both lead to the same scammy website with popups and they appear to be pushing “eye exercises”. Most eye exercises(eye push-ups, eye drills, eye yoga) have nothing to do with returning to clarity. Eye exercises do not strengthen eye muscles and eye muscles do not need to be strengthened for clarity. Eye exercises can increase circulation which is good, but without an understanding of blurry vision habits and clear vision behaviors, they can often lead to effort, strain, diffusion, and blurry eyesight.

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) give us instant clarity, but do not address the real issues of blurry vision, so our vision usually gets worse year after year. There are great professionals that are very good at giving very accurate prescriptions for blur and at helping you when you get disease. These professionals protect us from the scams of most eye exercises and eye potions but they also deny that we can have clear vision without their system let alone naturally.

I have improved my eyesight and many of my students are improving their eyesight. Some already no longer need glasses. The best way to start relearning to see is to read from the best books. The best way to return to natural perfect eyesight is with the help of a great teacher. If a program doesn’t offer or lead you to a great Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher or at least some kind of direct support, they are not going to be very successful and are more likely depending upon you not taking the effort to get your money back.

Susan asks…

How Can I Restore Eye Sight?

how can i regain my eye sight?
i have 20/40 vision
i heard some food helps but are there other ways?

ps- please dont say get off the computer i know that, i need help with this, ya i have glasses also

admin answers:

Your visual acuity being 20/40 is really not all that bad!

Oh and sorry to break it to you…. But no foods or exercises will actually improve your eyesight.
Different foods contain vitamins/nutrients that promote eye health but they do not actually improve vision.

Eyesight is found to be mainly genetic and there is nothing you can do to change your genetics.
The best thing you can do is just take care of your eyes to preserve their health.
You can do this by always wearing UV protected eyewear when outside to prevent photokeratitis, such growths like pingeucula and pterygium and the early onset of cataracts and macular degeneration. Always maintain a healthy well balanced diet and prevent eyestrain by wearing corrective eyewear and taking breaks while reading and on the computer.
There is nothing you can do to restore your eyesight without the aid of some sort of corrective devices. Corrective devices only help you while you are wearing them they do not improve or worsen vision.
Your vision will naturally change on its own over time and really there is not much you can do to prevent this!!!

Sandra asks…

How do yu improve your eyesight??????????

I noe eating carrots desn’t wrk, but are there any wayz whatsoever that you can ACTUALLY improve yur eyesight?

admin answers:

Eye doctors are trained to say that “eye exercises don’t” work. This is correct, eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) have nothing to do with natural perfect eyesight and are a complete waste of time. What thay have no comprehension of, is that everyone is supposed to natural perfect eyesight without the crutches of artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery).

If I can’t make baskets in basketball do I make a machine that makes them for me? If I can’t hit balls in baseball do I make a machine that hits them for me? No, of course not. I practice, and learn the principles of shooting baskets and hitting baseballs. I also unlearn any behaviors that interfered with my performance.

Blurry vision is a learned behavior. Most people can return to natural perfect eyesight by unlearning the incorrect vision habits, reintegrating the correct vision behaviors, and undoing the damage of artificial corrections and blur.(squinting is definitely an incorrect vision habit)

The best place to start improving eyesight naturally is to read the best books. I have a referral link to one of them on my website. Most people do best by getting the help of a local teacher. I also have a link to a very good list of teachers around the world on my website. I can interview a teacher you may be interested in to make sure that they are teaching correct principles and not eye exercises or potions.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 2, 2013

Sharon asks…

How bad is my eyesight?

I got an eye test done today and I was told I have to wear glasses now and I am short-sighted (near-sighted) and my eyesight was -0.75
So is -0.75 really bad? What about that 20/20 vision, what would mine be? Also, can my eyesight get worse over time? I only recently noticed my eyesight is bad.
When I’m asking how bad I mean I want to know what -0.75 means and how it is compared to other numbers like for example -0.2.

admin answers:

I don’t know about how bad -0.75 is and I can’t compare it since i don’t know, but since they told you that you had to wear glasses it should be around 20/40 which is kind of bad but not terrible vision.

Maybe you’re reading a book with tiny print too much or reading in the darkness, or sitting near the TV and the computer too much. I don’t know, but those are some things that cause near sightedness. They can get worse if you continue to do things like these.

But Instead of spending lots of money on glasses, there is a way to improve your eyesight right in your home without spending a penny.

Eye exercises improve your vision naturally and you just do it all by yourself, no eye doctors. Go up to google or some good search engine and type in eye exercises. They will have eye exercises for you. It will take a few days but it’s worth it instead of spending a ton of money.

Good luck

Maria asks…

Is there a way I can get better vision naturally ?

Without surgery or contact lenses . I have glasses and I am the kind of person who has a personality that doesn’t fit with glasses and I need it for school to see the board and my parents won’t let me get contacts so I go to school without glasses and wear glasses at home is there a way to improve my vision by like eating carrots or something if so then for how long before I see results thanks :)

admin answers:

I don’t think carrots will improve your eyesight, except for maybe night vision.

Instead why don’t you try this: There are many natural methods out there to improve your eyesight. You’ve just got to look. There’s this thing called “bates method” for example. Google “bates method” to find out more. Also there’s basic eye exercises. Try this, google “eyerobics”, click the first link, go to the bottom of the page and buy the dvd, make sure to give them your address, so they know where to post it! Expensive I know, but cheaper than glasses or contacts, and think of the money you’ll save in the long run. Beware though, that many of these programs are false and are SCAMS. This program called eyerobics has a refund so if it doesn’t work you have nothing to lose! GOOD LUCK!!!! Eyerobics here:

There’s also this book called “The Secret of Perfect Vision”. It’s got a lot of good reviews and not just testimonials from it’s own site, it’s got many positive reviews from amazon, how can so many people be wrong????? Despite the dodgy off-putting too-good-to-be-true title, many people say they have improved their eyesight with it, people on here in fact. I say again: How can sooooooooooo many people be wrong????????????? But the book is only for near-sighted people so if you have reading glasses or astigmatism or another eye condition that warrants glasses, then this book is not for you.
Link here:

There is also another method I’ve researched. It’s called The “Janet Goodrich” method. From what I’ve read, it’s like a modern version of the bates method. Link here:

And I can prove this method works too, at least for 98.11% of people who tried the Janet Goodrich method. According to statistics, only 1.89% of people asked for a refund. And this data comes from a source other than the people who created the product. Don’t beleive me, the proof is here:

If any opticians try to talk you out of eye exercises, like Footprintz, just ignore them. They say that because they are so filled with knowledge from medical school that they are not open to alternatives. They say stuff like: “If eye exercises did exist, then no one would be wearing glasses”. No it’s because very few people know about them. I DON’T KNOW A SINGLE PERSON WHO EVEN KNOWS ABOUT EYE EXERCISES!!!!!!!

Even if you think they won’t work you will never know until you’ve tried, so you might as well just go for it. Through my research I’ve never seen such a hot debate and such different opinions on whether natural vision improvement works or not, it’s not clear who is right and who is wrong. So do your research like I have done and purchase a method or 2.

Don’t want to spend money? Just go on ehow or something and type “how to improve vision” or something like that. Theres a page on how to on thier website.

One day I’m sure the truth will be out to everyone. And the opticians won’t like it…..

Daniel asks…

how can you cure your eyesight naturally?

i know, i know, doctors say its impossible but i dont believe them there have been cases and there are known methods

i try to exercise my eyes by rotating them sometimes and ive heard of palming, where you cup your eyes with your hands for a while to block out all the light and give your eyes a little rest and time to readjust or something but that just gives me acne

i’d like to know if the methods i just mentioned actually work and/or have some benefits and i’d like to hear about things i can do to help my vision.

if youve heard of anything, know anything, or have any inspiring eyesight-cured stories you can share, PLEASE DO

i really CANT stand having to depend on my glasses and contacts. hate them both.
ok something besides carrot juice and such, as i understand it they keep your eyes healthy, not repair your vision. thanks for the help though.

admin answers:

Unfortunately, there have been no scientifically and medically proven methods to improve eyesight naturally without correction.

The rotating exercises you do strengthens your extraocular muscles, but will have no effect on your cornea, lens, retina.

The block-out that you mentioned works wonders for eyestrain (I do that myself for short breaks from computer work), but there again, it’s not truly improving your vision…only giving your eyes a break.

Carrot juice, antioxidants…you’re right…they keep they eye healthy, but, again, do not improve vision.

My myopia was ‘cured’ with my first pair of glasses. I didn’t know what I wasn’t seeing until the day my new glasses were in. I put them on and couldn’t believe it! I remember so clearly that I could actually see the individual leaves on trees…when before on the trees it looked like a big green blob. It was like a whole new world and I was the sponge just soaking it all in.

Three years later, my first contacts…and I didn’t have the distortion around the periphery of my vision that I had with the glasses…I didn’t get dizzy or feel off balance anymore.

Three weeks ago, 25 years after getting my first contacts, I had PRK…and that feeling of wonder and awe of seeing for the first time without any correction came back.

Now, I understand hating to depend on glasses or contacts, but with the shape of the cornea and the length of your eye from front to back is what really determines the need for glasses for most people. We cannot reshape our eyeball. The cornea can be reshaped (for those who are candidates) by laser correction, but you do have to have a stable prescription for 2-3 years AND my surgeon preferred his patients to be 21 or older.

As for homeopathic or natural, noninterventional methods of improving eyesight, I have never heard of any that have been scientifically proven to change myopia (nearsighted) or hyperopia (far sighted). Amblyopia (one eye is strong, one is weak) sometimes can be corrected before age 13 with patching, drops, sometimes glasses. Sorry to give you that news.

See the article below. I have a feeling with this one consumer fraud lawsuit in the state in the article…many more will follow across the country. The lawsuit was filed in 11/2006.

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