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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

January 28, 2012

Donald asks…

can you tell me what eye exercises to improve vision and some vegs or fruits be serious and how long it takes.?

admin answers:

Eat carrots, take vitamin supplements, not sure of any exercises but staring at computer screens probably doesn’t help

David asks…

Is there any way you can improve eye vision without having to spend money?

i kinda have bad eye vision for a teen, so is there a way to improve your eye vision without spending money?
btw, do those eye exercises on the internet work?

admin answers:

Yes and not for eye exercise, if people just use eye exercise it won’t work, just like our body if we keep exercising and never stop to rest, it will not be good for you

eye exercise works if you use it correctly and know which one to use for the problem you have, if you use a wrong exercise it will not help your condition

another things is. You must be committed, i mean 100% committed no half hearted, you have to do your best to not wear glasses, only wear it when there is a life or death situation, other condition you don’t need it.

Here’s the websites –
or if you want to spend money use eyerelax, eyepower from japan, eye exercise device from china or accommotrac – –

good luck it’s free and it works, it worked on me, so you must try and see

Steven asks…

Can eye exercises improve eyesight? Did anybody ever try, and improve their eyesight?

I was wondering because my 12 year old sister cant see far, and i wanted to know if some eye exercises will improve her vision. Did anybody ever try eye exercising and actually have their eyesight improved?

admin answers:

Wow sumbody actually asked. Yes it does work. After only two months my doctor saw a significant improvement. My eyes go a little worse but he said the results were amazing! Since i am still a preteen, most myopic kids my age would have had almost added half of their already existing prescription. But i have a theory of why my eyes did not improve. Last year, i was check with -3.15 . However, i was at that stage when i hated wearing glasses because of my ugly look. So i went completely without my glasses for the whole summer. When i was checked in september 05, my doctor had said i had strained my eyes so much. After two months of eye exercises, my myopia had improved from my state of strain in the summer to what i am now even though it is still a little worse than my prescription 2 yrs ago

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

September 23, 2011

Jenny asks…

How to improve Nearsightedness (myopia) vision naturally?

I’m a little nearsighted, left eye 20/50, right 20/80. I’ve heard of eye excercises to help improve the vision, to get it at least close to 20/20.
I hate glasses, going to avoid them as much as possible. So is it possible to improve vision naturally? What eye excercises can I do?

admin answers:

Girl! Omg i have the same thing! Lol, however i’m trying to find the solution as well. I’m sorry to say but i don’t think there is a solution according to :(

Donald asks…

Is there a way to improve vision naturally?

1-4 hours* <– typo
Yeah, I used to be an online gamer and I usually played 104 hours without eyerest. I wasn't very careful back then and sometimes I played in the night without lights on. I've stopped and came to think, wow, my vision is pretty bad compared to others. Now I feel like I want to improve my vision and and keep it good. Is there any natural way to do this without medications or glasses??? My family can’t afford anything.

admin answers:

Healthy food and exercises are two important factors that play a role in the eye health.

A. Healthy food
1. Vitamin A very important to keeping your eyes healthy. You can find good source of vitamin A in chicken liver, milk, cheese,
2. Essential fatty acids (such as the omega-3 EFA’s) which are important for good vision, among other things.
3. Beans and legumes. Many beans and legumes are rich in important nutrients for vision.
4. Garlic and onions. Garlic and onions are rich in sulfur, which is necessary for the production of glutathione, an important antioxidant for the eye.
5. Blueberries, grapes and raisins. These foods contain anthocyanins, which improve night vision.
6. Eat more fish. Fish is a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, including DHA. DHA is known to be very important for the eyes and the brain. You can obtain it naturally in such fatty cold-water fish as salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines.

B Exercise
• Close both the eyes very tightly by shutting the lids firmly. Open them suddenly which allows you to feel the stretch. Once open arch your brows and stretch your face. Repeat this several times a day.

• Look as far as possible and inhale then look down as far as possible and exhale. Blink your eyes more than dozen times. Do the same procedure by turning to your left and right then diagonally up to left, down to right, up to right and down to left followed by rapid blinking.

• Rotate your eyes in all the directions. Slowly and steadily concentrate one eye at a time. Do this exercise more than dozen times and try doing this with your eyes shut.

Sandy asks…

How do you improve your vision naturally?

I have myopia and my prescription is -5.25 for my right eye and -5.75 for my left eye. I need to improve my vision because I’m joining the air force.
I can’t do laser surgery because it’s bad for my eyes.
Is there a natural way to improve my vision?

admin answers:

Yes you can and hope for the best, if you are determined you sure can improve it, i will give free support and advice on how to improve your sight,

here’s the websites –
or if you want to spend money use eyerelax, eyepower from japan, eye exercise device from china or accommotrac – –

there’s so many ways to improve your vision,

since you are shortsighted, you will be surprised by improving your near vision will also improve your far vision, with -5.25D and 5.75D you are very likely to put a book close to your eye to read it, so by putting book further that what you can see and try reading it (not to far, meaning completely blur out) force your eye to focus and rest your eye, keep doing it, and once your can see the distance you place put it further, you will be very surprise your distance vision improved too.
(read fine prints as much as possible) download a fine print eye chart, hand held one and a long distance chart to

or similar one’s

good luck, ask if you have question

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