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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

December 8, 2011

Mary asks…

Improving Eyesight Question?

I was looking at ways to improve eyesight naturally and i came across a lot of websites restricting myself to wearing glasses, or wear them as little as possible. The thing is though, i have to wear my glasses. My eyesight is so poor that i do have to wear them at all times. Is this theory true that wearing glasses makes your eyesight worse and any advice? :)

admin answers:

Do a search for eyesight improving vitamins and supplements. Cant remember exactly which they are, but google should suffice. They do exist, though probably wont get rid of the glasses. Poor sight is physical like the eyes being too oval or something.

Thomas asks…

can we improve my eyesight naturally?

I have bad eye sight (far sight) and its in my genes…n i can no longer bear wearing these glasses…they make me look like a nerd!! is there any way to change it naturally…like diet or exersising…and yeah…i’m in 7th grade…wearing glasses since kindergarten

admin answers:

Unfortunately, there is nothing “natural” that can make your eyesight better. If there was, everyone would be doing it. Some things are indicated to help prevent eye disease like lutein and beta carotene but at your age, taking these supplements is counter-indicated. Try contacts then you won’t have to wear glasses. Just remember to take care of them and wear them as directed otherwise something like this – could happen.

Good luck to you

Ken asks…

Eyesight Questions?

Okay, two question:

1.) Is there any way to naturally improve eyesight?


2.) What is the strongest pescription available for contacts or glasses? (What’s the blind point?)

admin answers:

1) Exercising your eyes won’t improve your vision. Eye exercises are often prescribed by eye doctors for other eye problems, such as strengthening the ability of the two eyes to work together. “Exercising your focus” will not do anything but take up your time and tire you out.

2) There may or may not be an actual blind point. Prescriptions have been known to go up to -40.00 or greater. You probably wouldn’t be able to get that into a contact lens, but glasses could be designed.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

November 3, 2011

Sandy asks…

How do you improve your eye vision, especially for reading purposes?Any good eye exercise that really works?

admin answers:

First of all, it depends on what is causing your vision problems. If you are between the age of 40-50, you just need reading glasses, this is inevitable, the more birthdays you have, the more the lens in your eye hardens, taking away your ability to focus. If you have an eye disease, your doctor would be the best one to ask, sadly, there may not be much help depending on your condition, other than having someone read to you.

No exercise exists to strengthen sight. It is just the way your eye made, the light that is focused into the back of your eye should come to a stop at the right spot, if your eye is mis-shapen (everyone who wears glasses before the age of 30ish has a mis-shapen eye)the light can not meet where it is supposed to.

So, Make sure lighting is adequate, also, it has been proven that people who read a lot or use a computer a lot blink much, much less than they would during other activities. You can try an artificial tears before reading to help moisten your eye. Almost anything over the counter will work, just make sure the label says “lubricating eye drop” on it. Your eye doctor can recommend one for you.

Lisa asks…

is there a site providing free information on how to exercise your eyes for better vision ?

admin answers:

There are plenty of websites but unfortunately, most are there to sell you a book or instructions. Just basically take your money. That improve eyesite with exercise scam was around when I was a kid.

There is a type of hard or semi-hard contact lense that you can get from a doctor that somewhat improves mild nearsightedness over time. You would need to contact an optometrist.

Nancy asks…

How to have better vision?

I am 16 years old.
How to have better vision?
Pls don’t say eye-surgery!
And if someone that can send link for eye exercises that are free. :)
I play basketball and I am from Montenegro.
I have problems with glasses when I play.
THANKS and Happy New Year!

admin answers:

My advice is to try and prevent the myopia progressing if thats possible. Myopia progression means the need for a new pair of glasses and more profit in the eyes of a glasses salesman but in terms of your health it carries more risks of complications such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment and lacquer cracks.

You might qualify for laser eye surgery. They actually claim sometimes it can provide better eyesight than the best pair of glasses. However some people complain of dry eyes and worse night vision. Also there is no guarantee that if you have the surgery today in one years time you dont end up with myopia again. The changes in eyeball shape are not stopped or helped by having laser eye surgery.

Personally i think if you have trouble with distressed unnatural thinking, an inability to consider other peoples positions, trouble understanding the need sometimes to retreat/walk away from something are all issues that need addressing (if they exist.)

Also if you are unwilling to use your peripheral vision and/or dont like moving your eyes around the socket you might want to look into that area because many people find thats linked to bad eyesight. Its a similiar problem to not being able to lock your eyes on one point in front of you and tilt your head around keeping your gaze directed at that object.

Personally i found being able to slow down the mind, not get mad at people, pick up the need to retreat/walk out of certain situations and using my peripheral vision really helped to avoid my eyesight worsening and made it better. Other little things are breathing. It should be something that happens with no outside interruption but the breathing mechanism can get very vulnerable during stress and if you can just exhale nice and deeply (and slowly) once you should be able to get it bakc to normal.

Spending some time out of the house is important too. This is something most people want to do. Nobody likes to feel they are trapped inside a prison. But believe me some people can easily stay inside their room/house all day everyday. In china there have been stories of teenagers so addicted to the internet that they spend YEARS inside their house. (uncut long hair, no shower, long beard!)
So i was saying its a good idea to avoid strange things happening with your choice of how you go about your day

Avoid staring at people. Its sad but in many countries theres this thing about targetting people. You either target people out of anger or hate….or target women for sex/rape. Women sometimes like attention from others and try to make themselves out to be a target. This is very ignorant and narrowminded and the eyesight quality of many people is badly effected by this.
The joy of seeing just isn’t possible in this kind of world.
Also I recommend acitivating your peripheral vision. Its better doing that than only seeing a tiny part of your vision with everything else black around it. The human eyes can pick up such a wide area around us. Peripheral vision in primates has been found to be a signal to the eye to change shape to correct any defocus of vision. So allow your peripheral vision and enjoy having good vision thats corrected by your autofocusing eye mechanism

If you want to try videos try these (for the haters out there these videos help people who have stress and/or lack peripheral vision. If you never experienced stress or never had myopia then you wont have a clue about about something you have no personal experience in.)

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Protect Your Eyes With Carnosine Eye Drops

October 30, 2011

If there is one thing that men and women take for granted quite a bit, it’s their vision. This is why there are people who tend to abuse their eyesight by doing things to harm it like reading in the dark, reading in the vehicle, watching far too much TV or spending far too much time in front of the computer. As a person ages his vision will also decline and a good number of the elderly develop cataracts. There continues to be a lot of research done on the right way to remedy this debilitating disease that affects the eyesight. Among the latest medical breakthroughs is the use of carnosine eye drops.

Carnosine eye drops first came about when the US based firm working in Russia named Innovative Vision Products, or IVP, ultimately finished their study which required several years. They discovered that a new type of carnosine known as the N-acetylcarnocine or NAC is important in the treatment and potential protection against cataracts. IVP is accountable for developing a system of making pure NAC which is a suitable ophthalmic drug so that people with cataracts do not need to go through surgical treatment anymore. Their study also demonstrated that NAC exhibits high efficacy in addition to very good physiological tolerance.

Just what are the benefits of carnosine eye drops? First of all, this solution has been established to lessen the onset and also the growth of senile cataracts. Studies have additionally shown that this solution has the ability to lessen the level of intraocular pressure that is connected to the onset of glaucoma. Apart from these, it’s also very beneficial for people who are suffering from contact lens problems and corneal problems. It will help various other eye ailments like eye strain, computer vision syndrome, and dry eye syndrome.

There are different brands of this product readily available in the market at this time. One of them is CAN-C Eyedrops which utilizes the original unadulterated carnosine eydrops formula that was used in the IVP clinical trials. The makers of this particular product assure results in just a matter of a month. To be certain that it will be effective, users will need to apply it twice per day for a time period of three to five months. CAN-C may be necessary on a regular basis in order to help maintain the eye’s natural antioxidant defenses as well as to help in stopping the reappearance of senile cataracts and other degenerative eye problems.

An additional brand that offers this solution is the Vision Clarity eye drops. These eye drops include purified 1% NAC which is very effective for treating cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye conditions. The benefit of using this product is that it is made with really low pH levels so that it doesn’t cause the eyes to sting.

And so if you’re on the lookout for a great product that can safeguard your eyes from disorders and ailments while you grow older you’ll want to try eye drops that contain NAC. Apart from that, make certain to take good care of your eyes simply because having great eyesight is essential to be able to function effectively in your every day activities.

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New Studies Show That Cross-Linking Helps Keratoconus

October 23, 2011

Unfortunately one in every thousand people suffers from Keratoconus, a progressive degenerative eye disorder which results in the cornea thinning out into a curve instead of its original cone shape. However, now a successful brand new system called cross-linking helps keratoconus by halting the regression of the disorder.

Affecting the patients vision, symptoms typically show themselves by sensitivity to light, seeing multiple images, and blurring or streaking of the eyesight. As it is often diagnosed in the earlier years of life, usually during eye examinations, it unfortunately, until now, gradually but progressively worsens with each passing decade.

If it affects both eyes then this can have a serious effect on the quality for the sufferers life having adverse outcome such as the ability to drive or read. In most of the cases, especially if the patient only has the condition in one eye, contact lenses, or corneal ring segments are sufficient enough to address the problem short term, although if the condition becomes worse than surgery will be the only option.

Now for the first time ever there is hope in the form of Corneal Collagen Cross-linking which slows and even halts the progression of this disabling condition.

The procedure itself is quick and simple. It uses a special light known as UVA which reacts with a solution of Riboflavin to produce new stronger collagen strands in the stroma. A topical anaesthetic is enough to carry out the operation in about an hour. The solution of Riboflavin is dropped into the eyeball after the cornea has been gently scratched to allow faster absorption. The UVA light is then shone directly into the eye which begins the process. It is reported to be painless although there is the same sensation as having a foreign body inside the eye and the eyeball itself can become a little red and sore.

After antibiotic ointment is applied the corneal surface heals very quickly. The patient needs to wear an eye pad overnight but any mild discomfort only lasts for 1-2 days and can be managed easily by over the counter pain relief.

Studies have all shown that cross-linking helps keratoconus and that it halts the decline of the cornea. With this positive news, corneal transplantation surgery might become a thing of the past.

Rajesh Khanna, M.D. has more interesting articles on keratoconus treatments, checkout his keratoconus help site and checkout Lasik correction at Khanna Institute


Exercising for Healthy Eyes

September 9, 2011

Exercising for Healthy Eyes

Article by Hillary Glaser

Exercise is a known solution for perfect health of body and mind; yet few know that exercise also works to keep eye disease and degeneration at bay. Learn how exercise can improve your vision. Body, mind and vision – three integral elements to our every thought and action, as well as three elements that can be strengthened and kept healthy with enough exercise. What