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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

June 6, 2012

Mary asks…

how can i convince my parents to home-school me?

– I want to be home-schooled cause i just found out i have something wrong with me where stress makes me black out, pass out, memory loss, chance of temporary blindness (w/ chance of permitting), vomiting, extreme headaches, mini seizures, and a “brain tumor” (not cancer but is behind my eyes and grows w/stress). That i am slightly over weight and if i got to the right health i wouldn’t experience any of these. but i never have time to work out because my mom & dad have me go to a school 1 1/2 hrs away (i drive everyday) making me get home do a 1-2 hrs of homework (finishing around 8 o’clock). because of the gas $ everyday i cant afford to go to a gym and i live in MN and its -20 most the school year but if i was home-schooled my parents could afford a gym membership for me.
– problem is they think i want to be home-schooled because i want to be lazy i just want time to exercise, and they don’t listen to me and think im being over dramatic and faking when i get sick even though they know about this
-no one at my school knows i have something wrong with me they just think i put no effort in school (memory loss)

admin answers:

If it’s for medical reasons, then get your doctor involved in the conversation.

Homeschooling can be as flexible as you choose, but if your parents think it’s because you’re ‘lazy’ then they will want you to duplicate your school experience at home…which will be long hours at home. A few ideas-
here is a free, online curriculum that is available through most schools. Your school pays for it, it’s covered (well, nearly all schools, check;) it’s an online school, certified teachers check your work, you just stay home. Notices will be sent to parents if there is a problem, and they can check your work as well. All books are online. You can design your own out in between lessons, etc. You will have due dates, though.


have them look at this. When my 9yo wanted to go back to school, i gave it a trial run. You might ‘give it a trial run’, for the remainder of the year.’ are you really dedicated?
Then you may want to try and school through the summer. If you are dedicated, then going through summer instead of staying out and having fun should show them.

Hope this helps!! And these are if you start being ‘lazy’-place no doubt, the parents will get an email!!-your assignment was not turned it;)

Mandy asks…

How long will it take to correct my lazy eye.?

I’m currently 18. I noticed my lazy eye when I was 16. I have lazy eye in my right eye which looks up leftwards when I try to look left, but it kind of fine when I look right. I am doing eye exercises with both eyes(should I only train my right eye?) and I patch my good eye for around 3 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends. Starting now, how long will it take for my lazy eye to correct or how long until I see any sign of improvement?

admin answers:

What you’re describing is strabismus not “lazy eye”, these are two different things.

Highly unlikely that your crossed eye will become aligned with “exercises” or patching the eyes, which usually only works for kids under 8 or so.

Note: eyepatching procedure must be performed only by an optometrist, not by oneself.

Helen asks…

What can I do to fix my lazy eye in my right eye.?

I went to the eye doctor to get my eye checked, but they didn’t really seem concerned about my lazy eye in my right eye. I asked the doctor and he said that there “might” be a few tangled muscles or something like that, but that’s just a guess. He said that I need to see someone who specializes in eye surgeries. I don’t want to get a surgery since it is quite costly and since my family doesn’t have a lot of money, I don’t want to burden them. I am currently 18 (turned 18 last month) and started noticing my lazy eye when I was 16. It didn’t really bother me because I thought it would go away eventually. When I try to look left with my head straight, my left eye is fine, but my right eye looks left-upward. When I look right, everything is fine. I looked around and saw that there are easy and free ways to cure the lazy eye. I want to cure it permanently and as uncostly as possible. I also heard that it’s harder to cure lazy eye the older you are. Since this was noticed when I was 16 and I’m currently 18, is it too late for me? Is there any way to cure it without getting surgery? If yes, then what can I do to cure it?

**Summary for lazy people like me**

1) Lazy eye in right eye
2) Noticed at age 16
3) Currently 18
4) Right eye looks left upward/upward when looking anywhere left right head straight.
5) Do not want to get surgery
6) Want the best/easiest/cheapest way to cure it.
7) Is it too late? Is surgery my only option?

Specific training exercises and tips are highly asked of.

Thank you
When I close my left eye and use my right eye only, it works fine.

admin answers:

You can try patching. It’s simple and free. Just put a patch (or bandanna, etc.) over your good eye for a few hours a day, so your lazy eye is forced to focus like it’s supposed to. It should help strengthen the muscles. You can also try eye exercises. The ones on this page are good -

I would personally not do the ones that involve putting pressure on your eyes. And always do the palming after the exercises to relax your eyes. Relaxation is just as important as the exercises.

Not sure exactly how much they will help you, but they’re free, and they’re good for your eye health :)

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 18, 2012

Michael asks…

do eye exercises really work to fix short/near sightedness?

or is it just a scam to make your eyes worse?

if true then what kind of exercises work?


admin answers:

Some exercises really do work, while some others do absolutely nothing.
In the worst case, they’re a scam because they take your money in exchange for something that doesn’t work, but they won’t make your eyesight worse. It simply will stay the same.
It’s actually quite easy to detect a scam. Just look at the way they’re advertised: if they promise to fix your vision problem quickly and without effort, they’re a scam. If they’re overly enthusiastic and it looks like they’re advertising the latest miracle diet-pill, it’s a scam. If it costs a lot, it’s surely a scam.
Since most methods have those characteristics or are a hundred years old (like the Bates method), I’ve never really thought of starting a visual training method. But one day a found a book that despite a horrible and pretentious title (“The secret of perfect vision”) was actually very serious and contained a lot of explanations not only about the exercises, but also about how the eyes work, the causes of nearsightedness and other important physiological aspects which are extremely important to know. I decided to try it and so far I’ve improved my nearsightedness a lot, from -3.75 to -1, and I’m not finished yet.
The big problem of this or of any other method that really works, is that it takes a long time and great patience, while most people want immediate results without any effort. Of course it’s much easier and quick if you’re only mildly nearsighted, but in any case you can’t expect to fix your eyesight in a month.
Here’s the book:

Nancy asks…

Is it true that you can eliminate the need for glasses through doing eye exercises?

Like many people my age I have had to wear reading glasses for some time and I hate doing so.

In recent years I have seen advertisements for training courses which classes which claim that they can teach you to do away with your glasses.

Has anyone done such a course and if so how was it ?

admin answers:

No, 66% of the eyes power comes from the cornea, which is rigid and cannot be altered. The other 33% comes from the crystalline lens which over the period of our life continues to grow and eventually inhibits our ability to see near objects (presbyopia).

Hence it is impossible to correct your vision problems by means of “exercises”

EDIT: Rajinder, no offense but you are talking absolute rubbish. There is no way that eye movement exercises, nor homoeopathic methods such as drinking your own tears will change your vision. In fact in regards to the latter, tears are drained through the nasolacrimal duct into the posterior of the nasal cavity and subsequently the throat. So everyone in effect are “drinking” there tears constantly for the duration of their lives.

I fail to see how you can discount information that is common knowledge in the optometric profession on the whim of personal experience. Optometrists & Ophthalmologists have made countless studies into this and have come up with nothing. In fact the most comprehensive study on this matter stated:

“Small controlled trials and a large number of cases support the treatment of convergence insufficiency. Less robust, but believable, evidence indicates visual training may be useful in developing fine stereoscopic skills and improving visual field remnants after brain damage.”

This implies that eye exercises have been proved to improve the motility of the eye, not the refractive error. Henceforth re-enforcing my argument.

Also if you are going to take so much time to correct me, please take the time to spell my name correctly.

Sandra asks…

Does doing eye exercises really help your vision?

I am nearsighted and was wondering if they’d work.

admin answers:

Not for nearsightedness. Nearsightedness is caused by the shape of the front of your eye and/or how long your eye is. Exercises can’t change those things, sorry. :)

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

March 20, 2012

Susan asks…

What are some eye exercises I can do to help my eye work together?

I started having double vision and I was wondering if there are any type of exercises or anything I can do to help my eyes work together.
K I will try that with the qtip and floss. Also I’m going to see my Optometrist on Nov 1 and I’m going to see what he tells me.
Can this help too maybe?

admin answers:

See the eye doctor.

Exercises are great. Any exercise is great.

However, if there is a reason to wear glasses or contacts ? No amount of exercise will fix that.

It is genetic.


Thomas asks…

What are some eye exercises I can do?

I want to improve my eyesight and try to repair some of the damage done by computer screens. What are some daily exercises I can do for about 10 minutes or so?
I was actually looking for something that’s NOT bad for my eyes… Video games are. I frankly don’t want to stare at something for a long time again.

admin answers:

You could read books, shoot a target, get those DS games that exercise your eyes dang I can’t remember what it is called, Also this may sound stupid but playing a video games, because your eyes look for anything that moves same way in a movie.

Betty asks…

Are Brandt Daroff head and eye exercises good for anxiety and depression?

A nurse who works as a social worker told me to do these exercises daily as a cure for anxiety

Have any of you done so?

admin answers:

It is not designed for treatment of anxiety and depression, it is actually used to combat dizziness and vertigo. It’s effectiveness is disputed but as with all alternative therapies, it will help some and not others.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

February 9, 2012

Mandy asks…

is their treatment for myopia?

i read somewhere that you can do eye exercises to fix myopia. so i was wondering if anyone out there has done these and saw results, and if so maybe you can give me some pointers and tell me which worked best. please don’t post anything from ehow or a similar website unless its worked for you or others you know. any help to fix this will be very appriciated since i need 20/20 for a job, thank you.
I meant in a natural way not by the obvious artificial helpers like the glasses, contacts, and the lasik surgery.

admin answers:

Glasses, contacts, lasik

Lisa asks…

Eye exercises? Help with vision improvement.?

I have a mild case of myopia, though not on glasses yet. In 6 months I might be…
I want to know about eye exercises. Its not like there’s any risk, right?
I admit, I may seem very, very vain, but I value my senses more then most things, vision, hearing and tactile the absolute most. Personally I think everyone should have perfect senses* but that’s obviously not the case.
I do NOT want LASIK or any other laser eye surgery. Far to risky.
I don’t really care how long the exercises take (though I would like for them to have effects before 6 months).

I would also apreciate knowing HOW they work.

*Blindness is well documented, and so is deafness. Now think of what it would be like if a person could not feel…

admin answers:

No, there is no risk in doing ” eye exercises” , but then again , they aren’t of any help either.

HOW they work can be explained in two words…they don’t.

Most of the ” exercises ” are just repeating the same movements our eyes are doing all day, everyday anyway. What’s an extra 10 minutes of rolling your eyes around going to do. It’s all utter nonsense.

Rolling the eyes sideways , then up and down are only moving the external muscles that control eye movement and have nothing to do with how vision works. Those muscles don’t need exercise, we are moving our eyes all the time.

Then there are others like focusing on a pencil a few inches away from your nose then bringing it closer then farther out several times…what difference is that to the hundreds of times a day our eye accommodate for near vision every time we look at something less than 20 inches away ? Another 10 minutes of forcing accommodation won’t make any difference either.

If exercises actually worked to reverse myopia, there would be new clinics open in every city and town with thousands of people signed up to learn how ,and do it in group sessions….but there aren’t any for obvious reasons.

Sooo, you just have to suck it up and get glasses if it gets to that point, like, millions of others have.

Jenny asks…

Questions about myopia?

Hi, I developed myopia a couple of months ago and doing research online always tells me different things which is so stupid.

For example some sources say that prolonged near work makes people myopic while others say this hasn’t been proven etc

Can anyone tell me for why I have developed myopia – I know it is caused by an elongated eye or one with a big curvature, but WHY is my eye gone like this? How can I make my eyesight better – and don’t say eye exercises which are total bolonga. Does wearing glasses weaken your eyes?

I developed myopia at 16 by the way, about 5 months ago, and I don’t wear my glasses because I don’t want to look like a big dork.
Hi thanks for you answer Rebecca Its good that I’ve not been wearing my glasses then because you say they make your eyes worse, I haven’t tried eye exercises because I asked my optician when I was first prescribed and she said they didn’t work and also all the eye exercises online you seem to have to pay for is there any way I can get the package free? I doubt my parents would let me pay for something that’s unlikely to work. But I want to try it now because you say it does work.
Hi thanks for you answer Rebecca Its good that I’ve not been wearing my glasses then because you say they make your eyes worse on your website, I haven’t tried eye exercises because I asked my optician when I was first prescribed and she said they didn’t work and also all the eye exercises online you seem to have to pay for is there any way I can get the package free? I doubt my parents would let me pay for something that’s unlikely to work. But I want to try it now because you say it does work.
Crap I didn’t realise you can’t delete the extra details. :/
Hi, thanks for your answer. My eyesight is -1.25 in my left eye and -0.75 in my right, I know these aren’t terrible prescriptions but they still do affect me and make it hard to see the board at school so I’m sitting near the front in most of my glasses so can see it clearly. I don’t wear my glasses right now. Are my eyes gone too bad to be restored? and what do you mean unlearn these incorrect vision habits. What can I do to improve my eyesight? People always seem to say different things even looking at this page the answer above is basically the opposite of what you’re saying. You seem to know what your talking about so please helpppp…

admin answers:

We get blurry vision because we learn incorrect vision habits. We can unlearn these incorrect vision habits and return to natural perfect eyesight.

Eye exercises are very bad. They take people in the wrong direction. They don’t do harm, but they have nothing to do with natural perfect eyesight. Occasionally a person with a mild prescription and not very strong blurry vision habits will learn that they can change they way they use their eyes and improve their eyesight. Our eye muscles don’t act upon anything externally, so they are many times stronger than they need to be and don’t need to be exercised.

Eye exercises prey upon people’s intuition that vision changes and sometimes is better. When most people do eye exercises they don’t get any improvement and they get bored very quickly. Then they assume that their eye doctor was correct and that natural perfect eyesight is not possible. Eye exercises have wasted many people’s time and helped continue the deception that natural perfect eyesight is not possible.

It is important to be able to see the blackboard at school and it is required by law to have 20/40 eyesight for driving, so we don’t want to interfere with this. We can sit closer to the chalkboard and we can take our glasses off when we don’t need them. Its also not fun to have blurrier vision than 20/40 when watching shows or during social activities. 20/40 vision allows us enough space to practice the correct vision habits and get back to 20/20 eyesight, then we can get another reduced 20/40 prescription.

I have had direct experience in trying eye exercises myself and in my field I have come across many others who have wasted their time with them and failed.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

January 28, 2012

Donald asks…

can you tell me what eye exercises to improve vision and some vegs or fruits be serious and how long it takes.?

admin answers:

Eat carrots, take vitamin supplements, not sure of any exercises but staring at computer screens probably doesn’t help

David asks…

Is there any way you can improve eye vision without having to spend money?

i kinda have bad eye vision for a teen, so is there a way to improve your eye vision without spending money?
btw, do those eye exercises on the internet work?

admin answers:

Yes and not for eye exercise, if people just use eye exercise it won’t work, just like our body if we keep exercising and never stop to rest, it will not be good for you

eye exercise works if you use it correctly and know which one to use for the problem you have, if you use a wrong exercise it will not help your condition

another things is. You must be committed, i mean 100% committed no half hearted, you have to do your best to not wear glasses, only wear it when there is a life or death situation, other condition you don’t need it.

Here’s the websites –
or if you want to spend money use eyerelax, eyepower from japan, eye exercise device from china or accommotrac – –

good luck it’s free and it works, it worked on me, so you must try and see

Steven asks…

Can eye exercises improve eyesight? Did anybody ever try, and improve their eyesight?

I was wondering because my 12 year old sister cant see far, and i wanted to know if some eye exercises will improve her vision. Did anybody ever try eye exercising and actually have their eyesight improved?

admin answers:

Wow sumbody actually asked. Yes it does work. After only two months my doctor saw a significant improvement. My eyes go a little worse but he said the results were amazing! Since i am still a preteen, most myopic kids my age would have had almost added half of their already existing prescription. But i have a theory of why my eyes did not improve. Last year, i was check with -3.15 . However, i was at that stage when i hated wearing glasses because of my ugly look. So i went completely without my glasses for the whole summer. When i was checked in september 05, my doctor had said i had strained my eyes so much. After two months of eye exercises, my myopia had improved from my state of strain in the summer to what i am now even though it is still a little worse than my prescription 2 yrs ago

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