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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

March 15, 2012

Carol asks…

Mono vision @ -2.50 what happens when it gets beyond this level?

I’m a 45 years old contact lense wearer and my contacts are -3 and -2.50. This year my optician suggested mono vision as I was having problems with small print and reduced my prescription by -1.50 in one eye. I can already tell that the close up vision is not as good as it was when I first started the mono vision exercise.

My question is what happens if my near prescription gets more than 2.50, will I still be able to do monovision? I really don’t want to have to wear reading glasses – the reason I wear contacts is because I’d rather not wear glasses afterall.

Is this normal for someone of my age and is there an average ‘add’ for someone of 45 years of age?

admin answers:

Yes-It’s normal for your age. Holding small print at about 14 to 15 inches from the eye a 45 year old would normally need an add of about +1.25.

Monovision works with any strength realizing the non dominant eye will have trouble adjusting because you will have trouble suppressing the dominant eye.and will want to use the dominant eye for everything. Normally it’s best therefore to use the dominant eye for distance for safer driving at the expense of close vision which will be using the non dominant eye.

Mark asks…

Should I ditch my normal prescription glasses and only use reading glasses when I need to see something?

I’ve been wearing prescription glasses pretty much all day, every day of my life since I was 7. I am now 21, and I am sure that my vision has gotten much worse, since glasses and contact lenses are nothing but bandages, making your eyes more dependable them and worsening your vision. I’m sick of wearing them, 13 years is too long, and I look much better without them. I am seriously considering getting a system to repair my vision naturally using eye exercises, but in the meantime, I am also thinking of ditching my glasses (since it’s not like I can’t see where I am going) and only using basic reading glasses for reading music, hard to see signs, and such. It can’t hurt.

admin answers:

That is untrue. Contact lenses can actually slow down vision changes; i myself am proof of that. Since getting contacts i have been able to see almost 20/20 and my vision has not changed in quite a while.

It really depends on how bad your vision is. If you can pass the vision test without them, then go ahead and ditch them. But if you see blurry at all you should keep wearing them! Especially if you’re driving!

I’ve never heard of repairing eyes naturally, but it sounds like a hoax to me. I would get laser eye surgery, which is proven to work and has an excellent success rate with the right doctors.

James asks…

i really need help ):?

i’ve been taking off my glasses now for about half a week and i play computer all day and try to see, but i have to look closer to see better. i do eye exercises everyday and i eat healthy. i’m just so sad that my vision takes soo long to improve, i just want to find something better to do than computer because my parents just watch tv all day, can anyone help? i’m very sad and am i doing the right thing by taking off my glasses?
play a game with my parents? no, i don’t think so! they never play with me or do anything with me! i’m soo sad right now, sometimes i wish i was adopted.

admin answers:

Well,the bad part is to put your eyes infront of the screen because that will make you blind.If you want to do something else than use the computer why don’t you call some friends to meet outside with or go take a walk.She could nicely ask your parents if they would like to do something with you like play with a 500 piece-puzzle,a board game like monoply… Just try to not keep your eyes staring at one thing.Did you ever ask your parents if they can enroll you to play a sport?You can’t sit like that at home doing nothing while your parents don’t pay attention.(especially now because it’s vacation)Tell them how you feel and they’ve got to listen because they have to take good care of you…

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